Canon Pixma TS6420 Review

An all in one printer is great because you don’t have to buy various like a separate printer, scanner, and copier. The price for these can be very high, but you can use them all at once if you own just an all-in-one printer. Canon is a Japanese company and is one of the most well known printers in the world today. They make a wide variety of highly-rated all in one printers, but which one is best? Canon Pixma TS6420 is one of their popular all-in-one wireless, portable printers. It prints, scans, and copies all in one portable machine. You can achieve high-quality prints while printing in a very small amount of space at the same time.

This Canon Pixma TS6420 review article will provide you with a full review of this printer, including detailed information on print speeds and page yield as well as a comparison against similar printers. It comes equipped with built-in wireless support, so you won’t have to connect it with wires to your computer. The device can print, scan, and copy, plus it has a powerful ink system that will provide high-quality printouts every time. We will review all features below. This printer has some great features and will save you time, money, and energy in the end.

Canon Pixma TS6420 Review

The PIXMA TS6420 wireless all in one takes out the fuss and stress of everyday printing, copying, and scanning. It’s so easy to set up that you can get right to work on your projects – even if you’ve never used a printer before. The Canon TS6420 also supports PictBridge, allowing users to directly print their digital photos without a PC using Canon’s unique Auto Photo Fix II technology. Besides, it also supports borderless printing. Plus, various paper handling options let you create high quality documents easily.

You can print at home or anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection by simply connecting wirelessly from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. So if you just got back from that trip abroad, no problem! Just pack your camera in its case and take it with you while you head to the airport terminal – then connect once you’re on board so you can start printing out all those great photos right away!


If you have a small space issue, it can be challenging, especially when you need to bring in new devices. A small footprint and compact build make the PIXMA TS6420 ideal for small homes or small offices. You can use this printer whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

With dimensions of 15.9 x 12.5 x 5.9 inches and a weight of 13.8 pounds, this model is both compact and functional. When printing documents, photos, or creative projects, choose to position paper in the front cassette or rear tray.

There are two variants of the stylish printer: black and white. These two options appeal to me personally, as their neutral colors will easily complement any concept in a home office. The manufacturer concentrated the controls on the front lid along with body features. The LED status bar and 1.44-inch OLED display are clearly visible, with the lid adjusted at different angles.

Printing Speed

This Pixma has an impressive monochrome print speed of 13 pages per minute (ppm) and a color print speed of 7.8ppm. You may think six seconds is not very long, but it seems like an eternity when you’re waiting for a dozen pages to print.

On our standard Windows 10 Pro PC with an Intel Core i5 processor, we tested the TS6420 over USB. The printer can print up to 13.2 pages per minute, about a half-second faster than its rating. On average, that was a good score among the others.

Then we printed several documents in full color containing business graphics and embedded photos, including charts and graphs. As a result, we combined our results from printing the 12-page Word document with those from printing our full suite of test documents to calculate an overall score. The TS6420 managed a plodding 4.5ppm here, which is about average for these other printers.

At an average print speed of 39 seconds, the TS6420 produced our colorful, highly detailed 4”x6” snapshots. In comparison, the TS6320 takes just 20 seconds per snapshot, nearly twice as long.

Print Quality

The Pixma TS6420 prints quite well, as it has with every Pixma we have researched over the past few years. The output is amazing. Even at point sizes as low as 8 points, the text was crisp and well-formed. This printer produces excellent prints when printing photos. Overall, the colors are well-toned with good detail. Grayscale is almost colorless, but the black tone does reveal a small amount of green. Text output from this all-in-one printer is suitable for most business and family documents and student reports.


This entry-level inkjet printer uses two cartridges consisting of Black and Tri-Color, just like other entry-level inkjets. Black PG-260 ink guarantees clear, crisp text, while color CL-261 ink provides beautiful, vibrant color for your photos and images.

In addition to standard-size cartridges, the manufacturer provides XL replacements as well. You can save more money by using the XL cartridges.

Having the Chromalife100 System means you can protect your photos and images from fading. Depending on how it is stored, the print can last up to 100 years inside an album, 30 years behind glass, or 20 years without those.

Printing Costs

TS6420 color prints cost 15.8 cents per color page and 6 cents per monochrome page. If you print fewer than a few hundred pages each month, or if you mostly print in color, you should consider this option. As a result of the fewer colors of ink, this printer has slightly lower running costs than the TS6320.

Paper Handling

The printer handles paper well, with front and rear feeding options. By using this feature, you can hold both front and rear trays of paper simultaneously. Take advantage of the PIXMA TS6420’s easy printing features and a feed tray that fits your space.

Up to 100 sheets can fit in the rear tray, and up to 100 sheets can fit in the front cassette. It means you can print up to 200 sheets using this product, which is enough for daily use. Alternatively, the rear tray can be used to hold up to 20 sheets of 4×6 photo paper or 10 sheets of 5 x 7.

As well as plain paper, this printer accepts matte, glossy, super high gloss, as well as adhesive photo paper, and transfer paper. What is the best part of this? In addition to stickers and photos for a scrapbook, you can do any creative project you wish.


The TS series Pixmas offer a connection type for just about every type of computing devices, such as Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. In addition to USB connections, the TS6420 can also be connected wirelessly to a wireless network or mobile device via Wi-Fi or to Canon cameras or PictBridge devices via PictBridge Wireless. You can use Bluetooth to print simultaneously from multiple mobile devices, which is a peer to peer networking protocol.

Most mobile devices are compatible with the TS6420. Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria are other mobile printing protocol options, as are various Canon mobile printing tools, such as Canon Print App and Canon Cloud Print. With Canon’s Message in Print feature, people can embed messages and links in their printed photos that they can then scan with their smartphones or tablets.

Additionally, this Canon printer comes with several software packages that can help you create and print creative projects. These include PosterArtist Lite and Easy-PhotoPrint Editor. You can also express yourself creatively with Canon Creative Park App.

What We Like

  • Printing in color provides good value.
  • Great photo printing quality.
  • The scanner is flatbed.
  • Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice-activated
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with Low Energy feature
  • There are two trays for paper input
  • The purchase price is relatively low

What We Don’t Like

  • No ADF
  • It does not support SD cards

Note: The Canon Pixma TS6420 is an all-in-one printer that makes it easier for you to print, copy, and scan. So if you are in the market for a good multifunctional printer, then this could be the machine for you.

FAQs: Canon Pixma TS6420 Review

Can a Canon TS6420 print photos?

Yes, Canon TS6420 prints photos with high color accuracy. The TS6420 is designed to fit any space with its compact, stylish design. The Front and Rear Paper Feeding feature allow you to feed plain paper into the front cassette while printing photo paper from the rear tray.

What is the difference between Canon TS and TR printers?

In fact, the TS series has been updated from the MG model. TR models have replaced MX models. With the TR models, you can scan and copy multiple pages with the automatic document feeder located on top.

What is the difference between Canon Pixma and Maxify?

MAXIFY produces a significantly higher number of color pages, prints more quickly, and prints color more accurately. In addition, it is capable of printing directly from USB drives and has a much better display and an ADF. In contrast, the PIXMA produces more detailed photos and has a lower cost per print.

What is Canon Pixma series?

Because of the variety of Canon PIXMA printer models on the market, PIXMA maybe Canon’s most popular printer line. These are great multi-purpose printers that are good for everyone from families to students to photographers to professionals.

Final Words

Canon Pixma TS6420 is the best in all of its classes so far. Its printing and copying quality will delight you. The printer has a lot of great features, as well as being a multi-functional printer that can print, scan and copy with good quality. If you are looking for a wireless all-in-one printer with a mobile printing facility that you can use at home, this is the perfect option for you. This printer is actually everything that you would want in a small home office printer. In reality, this printer has better functionality than almost all printers at a lower price range. We recommend this printer!

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