Canon Pixma Pro-100 Review

When it comes to the best, Canon is considered one of the most reliable brands when it comes to high-quality printer, copier, and scanner products. Canon PIXMA PRO-100 is a popular Inkjet Printer manufactured by Canon. Suppose you are looking for a reliable and capable photo printer for your home or business. In that case, the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 is an ideal choice because it combines outstanding color quality, quick print speeds, and advanced features for producing professional quality results every time. With advances in printing technology, you can enjoy the freedom of printing photos directly from your home or office.

The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is the ultimate photo printer for anyone looking to work with the highest quality photo prints. Several features make this printer a good option. This Canon PIXMA Pro 100 review will take you through the features and specifications of this printer and reveal whether it meets the needs of photo enthusiasts and businesses.

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Review

The PIXMA Pro-100 is a color inkjet printer that delivers professional-looking documents and lab-quality photos. The printer has high speed 4800 x 2400 dpi print resolution for excellent quality, ensuring even the finest details are printed accurately and with superb color accuracy. This photo printer can print up to 13×19 inch borderless photo prints which are perfect for high-quality photo printing right at home. The built-in AirPrint capability lets you print wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone. It also includes Wi-Fi Direct Printing for compatible mobile devices and PictBridge for direct printing from your camera or camcorder.

This is a professional-level printer perfect for anyone who needs to print beautiful quality photos. Color printers are generally more expensive than their black and white counterparts, but the Canon Pixma Pro-100 has a color inkjet printer price that’s comparable to most monochrome inkjet printers.

Print Quality

In our tests, the PIXMA PRO-100 produced good prints for both the smaller 4 x 6 photo size and the larger 8.5 x 11 size, as you would expect from a large-format photo printer of this grade. As a whole, the prints had excellent color quality, crisp detail, and no errors.

In our testing, we never noticed a difference between printers with a higher resolution and the printer with a 4800 x 2400 resolution.

It is important to note that glossy paper’s print quality is much better than matte paper’s because dye-based inks are used. In order to ensure that pigment inks work well on matte paper, we recommend investing a bit more in a Canon using pigment ink or choosing one of the cheaper Epson models. In spite of the Pro 100’s decent results, the colors seem a bit washed out on matte than you might expect.


Basically, it prints 3 sheets per minute (8.5″ x 11″ photo paper), which is typical for most professional-grade photo printers. Though it might seem slow to some, photo printers have always been pretty slow. High-resolution prints are part of the reason. Get the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 if you just care about speed.

Advanced Features

Canon Pixma Pro-100 review

Canon’s wireless photo printer has Wi-Fi, so that makes sense. Moreover, it has AirPrint capability. Alternatively, you can use an Android device to print photos using Canon Easy-PhotoPrint. If you don’t plan on using any of these features, it makes no sense to spend more than $900 on this printer. You should opt for the Canon Pixma iX6820 since it is cheaper.

With the software, you can print on fine art papers and photo papers with different finishing options such as semi-matte, luster, glossy, semi-glossy, and matte. As with other large-format photo printers, it offers borderless printing paper up to 13 inches wide and 19 inches long.

For network connectivity, it is equipped with various options, as well as Ethernet and WiFi. Moreover, the USB port allows direct connection to a PC, and both wired and wireless PictBridge supports straight printing from a camera.

Running Costs and Cartridges

Canon uses 8 ink cartridges for the Pro 100, the usual four colors plus cyan, magenta, grey, and light grey. Adding additional colors to the printing process increases the possible color gamut, which is great for printing quality. The Pixma Pro-1 has four fewer cartridges, but the print quality is so similar that this model has no real difference.

As you can see, these lower-capacity ink cartridges only come in 13ml capacities, a lot less than the higher capacity ink cartridges of 36ml. The result is slightly higher printing costs over time and more frequent ink cartridge replacements.

With the Canon Pro 100 printer, you will have a natural glossy finish on your prints since the cartridges are dye-based. The benefit of this is that a Chroma optimizer cartridge is not required, which reduces expenses, but it does somewhat affect prints on matte surfaces.

According to Canon’s estimate of page yields, running costs are about 2.1p per page, but this depends on how big your picture is and what colors they contain.


Pro 100 features several advanced connectivity options; network connectivity features include Ethernet and WIFI, and you can also connect your device to the printer via USB connection. The printer is also compatible with AirPrint. You can wirelessly print from your iPhone or iPad. It comes with PictBridge support for printing images directly from the cameras. The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app allows printing photos from your android devices. However, it has the disadvantage that it doesn’t receive any device updates via WiFi. Updates are only available if the printer is connected to a computer via USB.

Compatibility with Media

A variety of print media is compatible with the Canon Pixma Pro 100. There are glossy and semi-glossy photo papers, satin, matte, and semi-matte photo papers, and fine-art papers available for printing. Furthermore, the printer comes with a CD tray and CD printing capabilities. Be sure to use special media coatings for printing on DVDs and CDs. Canvas printing is not supported, but you can print on 20 mil canvas paper. Print borderless large-format photos up to 19 inches long and 13 inches wide with this large-format photo printer.

Warranty and Pricing

With its high-quality features, Canon Pixma Pro-100 is not an inexpensive product. Additionally, dye-based inks have a tendency to fade more quickly than pigment-based inks. The Ultra Canon inks promise up to 100 years of permanence. There is an average cost of $1.31 per milliliter for the ink. For printers, the standard warranty period is one year with Canon. Additionally, the company offers more robust support than many other manufacturers. Additionally, Tech support staff can be contacted by live chat, email, web, and phone.

You need to know that it is not cheap or small, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of buying it. Nonetheless, it gives home users professional-quality prints. One of the best printers on the market is Canon Pixma Pro-100, with its fewer or limited standalone printing options.


This Canon Pixma Pro-100 camera offers a lot of features at a fantastic price that should appeal to photography enthusiasts. Despite our only nitpick, the Canon store has pretty good customer service, so if you experience problems within the warranty period, they will be able to assist.

What We Like

  • Up to 13 x 19 inches maximum print size
  • Produces gallery-quality images
  • It was relatively fast
  • It is possible to print on optical discs
  • Wireless technology makes it easy to operate

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no display
  • Printed colors are a bit muted

Note: If you’re looking for a new printer and your main goal is one of exceptional quality, then the Canon Pixma Pro-100 may be the right fit for you. The photo quality on the printer is absolutely stunning!

Final Word

If you are an advanced photo enthusiast and looking for a printer for your photography and commercial use, then this printer is the one to have in mind. The Canon Pixma Pro-100 has wireless capability, very easy to connect. It is best suitable for professionals who need a printing solution that is both fast and high quality.  We’d like to thank you again for reading this Canon Pixma Pro 100 review, and we hope you found it useful to your needs. Thanks for reading!

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