Canon Megatank Vs. Epson Ecotank

Like many products, there’s a large assortment of printers from various manufacturers out in the market today. It can be pretty confusing for someone who isn’t an expert to know which printer would best suit their needs. In this article, we are going to discuss Canon Megatank Vs Epson Ecotank.

Printers are designed with different purposes in mind. One type may have been made specifically for business use, while another may have been created as a hobbyist tool. It depends on what kind of printing job you’re looking to get done. If you need something simple, then perhaps one of those standard inkjet printers should do the trick just fine.

This article compares the two most popular inkjet printers currently available on the market. We’ll start by introducing you to what these types of printers do before getting into more detail about how well they perform in some specific areas. Let’s begin with the basics…

What is an Ink Tank Printer?

The term “ink tank” refers to the device used to store your ink cartridges inside. This system has long since become very common among consumer-level printers due to its low cost and simplicity. Most people find them convenient because they don’t need any additional equipment besides a cartridge holder.

If you want to add new ink, you’ll refill instead of buying a new cartridge. This feature differentiates ink tanks from ink cartridges. As a result, ink tank printers are more efficient and economical in the long term, despite their relatively higher cost than the ink cartridge counterpart; after all, buying refills is much lower than buying cartridges.

Ink tank printers are superior for printing without drying the ink, as the airtight tube design. Enabled The tubes to prevent evaporation or loss of ink when not being printed upon. As a result, the printer uses less ink and prints faster, thus conserving ink and time resources.

Canon Megatank

Canon Megatank printer
Canon Megatank

Canon Megatank printer is a type of ink tank printer named for the amount of ink stored within each unit. These units come in both color and black models, allowing users to choose between color and monochrome prints depending on their preferences.

These printers are great when you only require small amounts of ink, but you also need to save money. They are explicitly designed for ink efficiency, not speed/volume. Many shops sell this model at highly discounted prices, making it affordable for everyone.

Canon Megatanks are priced competitively enough to make them good value for money. Despite having fewer features, these devices provide similar performance to pricier counterparts, especially considering the price difference. 

Epson Ecotank

Epson Ecotank printer
Epson Ecotank

Epson Ecotankers is arguably the most versatile of all types of ink tanks. Their versatility stems from the range of options offered by them. You can easily customize these printers according to your personal preference.

Their flexibility makes them ideal for businesses where multiple employees will share the same machine. There are plenty of choices such as paper size, media choice, number of pages per sheet, etc., allowing users to maximize productivity.

Epson Ecotank printers offer easy setup and operation thanks to the user-friendly touchscreen interface. Printing speeds are fast owing to their high page capacity. Users will enjoy the convenience given by the auto shut down mode whenever an idle period occurs.

Canon Megatank VS Epson Ecotank: Feature Comparison

With a basic insight into these two printers, it’s now time to get down to the nitty-gritty! Let’s compare the key features of both of these machines, including graphics quality and text, volume and speed, ink capacity, and cost. 

Comparison Based on Graphics Quality & Text 

It seems that both the printers have been equipped with an identical resolution setting which means that there won’t be any significant differences in terms of text and graphics quality. However, if you’re looking out for something else, then here are some things that differentiate them:

• The ecotank produces slightly sharper images overall. It doesn’t matter whether it’s photos or anything else; the results look crisp and clear, while those produced by the Megatank seem somewhat grainy. The latter appears almost blurry even though it’s pretty sharp. The Eco tanks photo resolution is 5670×1440 dpi plus a professional finish. 

• If you’ve got a budget, go for the EcoTank. Its glossy coating gives off a professional feel to everything you put up on the screen. Even photographs taken using the camera appear beautiful. On the other hand, I would suggest trying out the cheaper version before opting for the Ecotank if you plan to use the printer for business purposes. But if you want to have fun with photography, the EcoTank may still suit you well.

While these two printers are pretty good for graphics and text, they both lack certain essential functions available in laser printers. Therefore, if you need advanced functionality, you’ll have to choose between buying one of these models. 

Comparison Based on Volume & Speed 

You might think that volume and speed cannot possibly differ significantly between these two printers. After all, one can produce hundreds of sheets, whereas the other can churn through thousands of pages per hour. Well.. actually, Yes. The Ecotank happens to be superior over the Megatank. 

The difference storms from the background of these printers. While the canon Megatank is designed for ink efficiency and occasional printing needs, the ecotank variety is best suited for regular business needs; thus, it’s created to produce high speeds and volume. 

A glance at the statistics reveals that Megatanks can handle only a few hundred pages per month while Eco tanks boast of their ability to handle large volumes(thousands per month) effortlessly. This is done by providing more than enough space inside so that no wastage takes place at any point during production. 

As far as speed goes, the ecotank does not disappoint either. It prints at 20ppm or more while the Megatank manages 10ppm on average. So what about your job satisfaction levels? Do they match? As expected, the ecotank delivers higher printouts within minutes compared to the Megatank. You’ll find yourself satisfied after a long day’s work.

Comparison Based on Ink Capacity 

If you’re planning to buy a printer for home purposes, choosing the right capacity will play a vital role when purchasing. Both these printers offer almost equal capacities, but the Ecotank comes with a much bigger tank.

The ink capacity of a printer is determined by the number of pages it could produce per month. The difference between the ecotank and Megatank is quite noticeable. Although each has an impressive amount, the Ecotank offers almost twice the amount ink capacity.

So what does this mean? On average, an ecotank printer has an ink capacity equal to 5000-20,000 pages on a single refill. This means that when printing 500 pages per month, you can go up to 4 years while using an ecotank.

Noteworthy, some more advanced models of the ecotank can print 30,000- 40,000 pages. This means 1000 pages per month for four years. That’s quite impressive. Right?  

On the other hand, a Megatank can print 18,000 pages, translating to 3 years of printing 500 pages/month. In short, the ecotank lasts longer than its counterpart.

The comparison between the two models also depends upon how often the user refills them. But generally, the ecotank is better when viewed from this perspective.

Comparison Based Cost 

Printers come in different price ranges depending upon their features, capabilities, and quality level. When talking about the costs involved, there is always a range where the prices meet. However, a lot depends on how many people will use the printer and whether it will get used regularly or rarely. 

This brings us back to our discussion regarding the price differences. We’ve already established that the Ecotank is better equipped than the Megatank. But on price? It loses tremendously to its competitor.

An Epson ecotank printer can cost thrice as much as a canon Megatank printer. While there are low-priced, or rather more affordable models of the ecotank, they are still much expensive, maybe twice as expensive as the Megatank printers. 

It’s not about the initial price only; it’s also the maintenance and other costs involved. For instance, the cost of replacing ecotank cartridges or even simply refilling the ink tanks is higher than that of the Megatanks. 

But let me remind you that although the ecotank may be slightly expensive, it helps you save money over time because it lasts longer. Also, most Epson products are compatible with all others, so it won’t affect any other product if one fails. 

Canon Megatank VS Epson Ecotank: What We Like? 

There isn’t anything extraordinary about the ecotank compared to the Megatank. They both have almost similar characteristics and advantages. Both these printers can handle your everyday tasks without trouble. And since they’re both capable of handling color prints, they’ll serve well for those who want something basic yet powerful. 

If you’re the keen-to-detail kind of person, you might want to take greater consideration to the features we have discussed above. If you need high volumes and relatively better quality, then you could opt for ecotank. Conversely, if you need a higher return on your investment and less financial hassle, and you prefer simplicity and affordability, then you should stick with the Megatank.


Canon Megatank vs Epson ecotank have remarkable similarities but differ significantly in terms of capabilities and performance levels. The difference lies primarily in how each performs and the pros and cons of using either of these printers. So here is my final verdict – buy whichever device works best for you.

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