Best Canned Lentils Expert Picks For 2023

Lentils are a nutritious and tasty legume that can provide great health benefits. They are the perfect addition to any diet, providing plenty of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, many people find it difficult to cook lentils from scratch which is why purchasing canned lentils is often the best option. Canned lentils come pre-cooked and ready to use in a variety of dishes, making them an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy their health benefits without spending hours in the kitchen. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which brand of canned lentils is the best for you. To help you make the right decision, we have put together this comprehensive list of the 10 best canned lentils available today. We’ll discuss why you need the best canned lentils and how to choose them according to your needs and preferences. Finally, we’ll also provide delicious recipes so you can get started cooking with your new favorite ingredient!

What Are Canned Lentils?

Lentils are a type of legume that comes in many forms, including dry, canned and frozen. Canned lentils are pre-cooked and ready to eat right out of the can. They have a soft texture and mild flavor, making them an ideal addition to soups, salads, curries and other dishes.

Canned lentils come in several varieties, such as red lentils, green lentils and brown lentils. Red lentils are small and cook quickly compared to other types of lentils. They break down easily when cooked and create a creamy texture that is perfect for soups and stews. Green lentils have a slightly nuttier flavor than red lentils and hold their shape better when cooked. Brown or traditional brown-green lentils are larger but still require less cooking time than some other types of legumes.

Canned lentils also offer convenience since they don’t need to be soaked before use like dry versions do. All you need to do is open the can, rinse them off if desired, then heat them up or add them directly into your dish as part of meal prep time savings. Unlike dry beans that require hours of soaking before cooking, canned beans can be used right away saving time in the kitchen.

Canned lentil nutrition is comparable to the nutrition found in their dried counterparts with a few minor exceptions where the canned variety may lose some vitamins during processing. However, all types of canned legumes provide great sources of plant-based protein and fiber which makes them an excellent addition to any balanced diet plan or vegetarian lifestyle

Why You Need the Best Canned Lentils

Canned lentils are a convenient and nutritious addition to any meal. They come pre-cooked, so you don’t have to worry about soaking or cooking them, making them ideal for quick weeknight meals. The best canned lentils are free of additives and preservatives, so they retain their natural flavor and texture. In addition to being delicious, canned lentils are full of protein and fiber, making them a great source of nutrition for those who don’t have the time or resources to cook dry lentils from scratch.

Canned lentils can also be an incredibly cost-effective way to get the nutrients your body needs. As they come pre-cooked, you don’t need to invest in other ingredients like vegetables or herbs that might spoil before you have a chance to use them up. Additionally, because they come in cans rather than bags, they are less likely to go bad before you have a chance to prepare them.

Finally, canned lentils provide a healthy alternative to processed foods like frozen dinners or snack bars that often lack the same nutrition value that fresh ingredients offer. You can combine canned lentils with other healthy staples like cooked quinoa and vegetables for an easy, balanced meal on busy nights without sacrificing quality or taste.

List of 10 Best Canned Lentils

Lentils are a great source of protein and fiber, making them a popular addition to many recipes. Canned lentils offer an easy way to add nutrition and taste to your meals, without having to deal with the lengthy cooking times of dried lentils. But not all canned lentils are created equal. Here’s a list of some of the best canned lentils on the market today that can provide maximum flavor and nutrition for your next meal.

  1. Eden Organic Green Lentils: This variety of lentil has a rich green color and is packed full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It’s perfect for soups, salads or as an accompaniment to any dish.
  2. 365 Everyday Value Organic Lentil Soup: This pre-packaged soup contains organic red lentils, carrots and celery in a flavorful broth that is perfect for lunch or dinner.
  3. Amy’s Indian Dal Lentils: These ready-to-eat lentils feature a robust blend of spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric and mustard seeds that will give your meal an extra kick.
  4. Westbrae Natural Organic Lentil Stew: This hearty stew includes organic green lentils in tomato sauce with carrots, celery, onions and garlic for delicious plant-based comfort food in minutes.
  5. Biona Organic Green Lentil Curry: Spice up your dinner with this ready-made curry made with organic green lentils simmered in tomatoes, coconut milk and fragrant herbs like ginger and cilantro.
  6. Pacific Foods Organic Red Lentil Vegetable Soup: Loaded with organic red lentils and vegetables like carrots, kale and tomatoes in a savory vegetable broth base, this vegan soup is sure to please everyone at the table.
  7. Bob’s Red Mill French Green Lentils: These tender French Puy green lentils have a full-bodied flavor that makes them perfect for adding texture to salads or side dishes such as rice pilafs or grain bowls.
  8. Westbrae Natural Organic Garbanzo Beans & Green Lentil Soup: Enjoy all the goodness of garbanzo beans combined with earthy green lentils in this flavorful soup that’s ready to eat in minutes!
  9. Ancient Harvest Traditional Refried Lentils: Add protein-packed refried lentills to tacos or burritos for an extra dose of nutrition without compromising on taste!
  10. Tricolor Quinoa & Brown Rice With Red & Green Lentiles: Enjoy this blend of quinoa, brown rice and red & greenlentilles for a nutritious side dish full of complex carbohydrates, iron, fiber and protein!

How to Choose The Best Canned Lentils -5 Points

Choosing the best canned lentils is no easy task. With so many different brands and varieties available, it can be hard to narrow down your options. To make sure you get the most out of your lentils, here are five key points to consider when selecting your canned lentils:

  1. Quality: Look for cans that have clear labeling, such as stating the origin of the lentils and providing nutritional information. High-quality canned lentils should also have a bright, vibrant color and an intact texture without any signs of spoilage or damage.
  2. Variety: Depending on what you plan to use them for, you may want to choose from a variety of types of canned lentils including red split lentils, green split lentils, brown whole lentils and black beluga lentils. Try to buy a few different types so that you can experiment with different recipes and flavors.
  3. Size: Lentil sizes range from small (beluga) to medium (green) to large (red). Generally speaking, smaller sized lentils cook faster than larger ones, making them ideal for quick meals like soup or mashed potatoes. Larger sized ones take longer but retain their shape better when cooked in stews or salads.
  4. Price: While price should not be the only factor in determining which canned lentils you buy, it is important to consider it when making your decision. Generally speaking, pricier options come with higher quality ingredients or more convenience factors such as pre-cooked varieties for easier preparation time.
  5. Organic: Look for organic labels on your cans if possible as this indicates that they were grown without chemicals or pesticides. Organic canned lentils may cost more but they are better for both your health and the environment! By considering these five key points before selecting your next batch of canned lentils, you’ll be sure to get the most out of each purchase!

How to Eat Canned Lentils

Canned lentils are a convenient and nutritious way to get your daily dose of fiber, protein, and iron. Enjoying canned lentils is easy; they can be eaten as is or heated up in the microwave or on the stovetop. When preparing them, be sure to drain the liquid from the can before heating.

For those watching their sodium intake, it is important to note that canned lentils typically contain more salt than dry lentils. To reduce their sodium content, rinse them with cold water for at least 30 seconds before using. This will help remove some of the excess salt.

You can also add flavor to canned lentils by adding spices and herbs such as garlic powder, oregano, and cumin. For added texture and crunch, mix in diced tomatoes or bell peppers for a tasty side dish. Lentils can also be used in soups, chilis, salads, pastas and even baked goods such as muffins and breads.

When it comes to incorporating canned lentils into your diet, there are many delicious possibilities! Try replacing ground beef with mashed lentils when making tacos or burritos for a tasty vegetarian dish. You can also top salads with cooked lentils for a hearty meal that is full of vitamins and minerals.


To conclude, canned lentils are an excellent addition to any diet. They provide a nutritious source of protein, fiber and other essential nutrients. When shopping for canned lentils, it is important to look for the best brand available in order to get the most out of your purchase. Be sure to consider factors like price, taste, texture and nutritional value when selecting a variety of canned lentils. Additionally, there are several different ways to enjoy canned lentils; from salads and soups to rice dishes and stir-fries, these versatile legumes can be used in a variety of recipes. With all of this in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect canned lentil option that fits your dietary needs and preferences.

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