Brush Lettering Alphabet Ideas

Brush lettering is a lettering technique that involves using a very broad pen or brush to produce nice thick and thin strokes that form worlds. Designers use brush pens for beautiful typefaces, logo designs, and more. Brush lettering is really simple yet tricky if you want to produce nice typography. You could start practicing by drawing some letters and comparing them with others. There are many brush lettering alphabets and brush calligraphy alphabet sets all over the web. We’ve gathered 22 brush lettering alphabet ideas that you can download and start with right away!

This collection of 22 brush lettering alphabet ideas is perfect for practice. Each letter has a different style and features a different type of stroke. So once you’ve practiced these, you’ll have no problem at all writing your name in brush lettering.

22 Brush Lettering Alphabet Ideas

Brush lettering has never been as popular as it is today. Dozens of brush lettering kits, brushes, and applications have come out over the past year, making it much easier for people to learn brush lettering. Brush lettered projects appear all over the internet, from wedding invitations to T-shirts to book covers.

The brush lettering alphabet has a special place in people’s hearts who love art and creativity. With brush lettering, it is not just about writing something. You can use brush lettering to evoke feelings, create visual rhythms, decorate your home, and so much more.

1. Leafy Brush Lettering Alphabet

Leafy is an all uppercase brush typeface. Leafy’s main goal is to be a reliable font with a smooth and handcrafted look. Its special features come from the subtle texture of the shapes and the irregularity of their strokes. Leafy brush font is perfect for logos, headlines, and any design that needs a handmade impression.

2. Harthenlie Brush Script Font

Many typefaces can be challenging to write with, even though they may look great on a page. Harthenlie is a natural brush font that comes with features that make it flow naturally and evenly across the page. Simple letterforms make Harthenlie a fun and easy to brush lettering alphabet.

3. Lestari Brush Font

Lestari Brush font is a brush style hand lettering type in script style and looks very fresh, modern, simple, and stylish. Hand-drawn brushes are making their way back to the fashion scene. Brush Letters is a full alphabet with numbers that can use for personal and commercial project usage. Lestari is a premium brush lettering alphabet, ideal for your wedding invitation, quote poster, branding, packaging design, and any display typography.

4. Sunday Freedom Brush Alphabet

Sunday Freedom is a handmade brush font with a quirky style. It’s a stylish font that contains a lot of alternates, especially for the lower and uppercase letters to match your design needs. This is a handwritten font based on brush lettering or calligraphy. Sunday Freedom has a sketchy yet elegant style which makes it versatile. It works well on both logos and body text.

5. Brusher Brush Alphabet

Brusher Brush font is for everyone who loves hand-lettering and unique brush fonts. This typeface contains everything you need to create modern, clean, and professional, bold designs. Whether you’re looking for a stylish new font, a realistic brush font, or simply want to improve your lettering with a few new tricks, you’ll find all that and more in the Brusher brush alphabet.

6. Dreamers Brush Font Alphabet

The font has a welcoming, warm, and positive feel without being overly dramatic or embellished. A vintage, hand-made appeal is super important when designing personal invites, greeting cards, packaging, and even stationary. Dreamers Brush can make your design pop with its gorgeous font letters.

7. Rustico Bold Brush Font

Rustico is all caps brush font in modern calligraphy style. But it’s not just calligraphy. Rustico is a real hand drawn font with a unique, authentic brush texture. It works great for lettering quotes on wedding invitations, branding projects, print designs, headlines, and other marketing materials.

8. Chrusher Stone Alphabet

Crusher Stone’s funky, modern-handwritten look offers an instant classic vibe to anything you choose. It can use for everything from titles, headlines, logos, and banners to all-caps typography and quotes. An elegant wedding invitation would look great with its natural textures and chic charm.

9. Amazoone Brush Font Alphabet

Inspired by the stunning retro vibes of 1960s design and hand-lettered movie posters, a beautiful brush font makes for something truly amazing. Amazoone Font is a lettering font packed with handwriting and brushstroke effect, and each style allows you to write naturally or make some unique hand-drawn styles. It’s perfect for logos, branding, social media posts, fashion, apparel design.

10. Amigate Endgame Brush Font

Amigate Endgame font is a modern brush font with different type styles. It is specially designed for wedding designs, photo frames, quotes, and any projects that need some elegant style. Amigate Endgame is a fun, decorative brush typeface that is happy to work with texts and invites you to be creative and add a human touch to your design projects.

11. Native Brush Font Alphabet

Native is a brush font creates to look great in big sizes and small details. The uniqueness of this brush lettering alphabet comes from the drawing process, when the brush pen was used to write each letter, creating every detail and little fudge necessary.

12. Dayden Batemisy Brush Script Font

Dayden batemisy brush script font combines the beauty of handwritten calligraphy with an elegant and fluid brush hair, creating a beautiful pattern that is ideal for all kinds of projects. The entire collection was created with the help of a brush pen, and it shows! Perfect for adding some handmade style to your designs!

13. Allston Brush Script Font

Allston is a beautiful brush font with initial swashes. This typeface has a contemporary look with brushed lettering. It will make your work gorgeous, elegant, and glamorous. This brush font will be a great choice for your wedding design, branding, logo, labels, poster, cards, and any other design related to the wedding or love concepts.

Rollink is a modern script font with simple, clean, and stylish handwritten forms. The unique and elegant letterforms of Rollink strive to be a beautiful and distinctive blend between calligraphic and original typographic styles. It will be perfect for web pages, t-shirts, logos, wedding invites, graffiti, and more.

15. Rusher Brush Script Font

Don’t look any further! You’ve found just what you need. Rusher is a professional brush script font crafted to give your headlines and logotype projects a stylish touch. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this font aims to help you break free from the traditional techniques of designing letters. This brush script font resembles bold and dynamic brush strokes that resemble bubble lettering. This font reads as strong and dynamic, giving your designs an elegant nostalgic touch at the same time!

16. Miyabon Textured Brush Font

Hand lettering is becoming increasingly popular with the steady rise of DIY projects, calligraphy, and also lettering workshops. It’s also very creative, relaxing and perfect for entertaining your friends and other people who haven’t tried it before. Have you ever wanted to get inspired by lettering? Look no further because you are already here. Miyabon is the perfect font that fills with unique and generous hand brushed alphabets.

17. Raustila Brush Font

When choosing a brush lettering alphabet for your next lettering design idea, Raustila is a perfect choice. It’s the ideal font for anyone who wants to add an air of sweetness and carefree charm to their lettering work. This trendy brush font is incredibly easy to use. You can effortlessly achieve masterful results with its smooth curves, delicate swashes, and ascenders that add a level of cuteness and appeal to your work.

18. Belac Orlan Modern Brush Font

Brush lettering is the youngest trend in digital lettering art. It was started by combining the hand styles with digital brushes. This combination gives an artistic twist to modern calligraphy.  Belac is a lovely handwritten font, full of swashes, alternates ligatures, and alternates. This font works best on display design. It can use for branding, wedding invitation designs, logos,  photography, social media posts, watermarks, etc.

19. Noyram Brush Script Font

Do you enjoy working with brush calligraphy? Then you’re going to love this typeface! Noyram is a decorative and very cool brush script font that perfectly fits your handwritten projects and beautifies your designs. It comes with a full set of uppercase + lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation and supports international languages. Just give it a try, brush lettering anything with Noyram, transform your works into something unique, handcrafted, and attractive.

20. Haigl Rapture Bold Script Font

The Haigl Rapture font is a unique and distinctive handwriting script that will give a luxurious and stylish feel to your designs. Haigl Rapture consists of beautiful upbeat handwritten letters, perfect for your titles and quotes.

21. Hessthicc Handbrush Script Font

This unique font comes from a stunning combination of hand brush and pencil, making it look strikingly beautiful! Quick, easy, and best of all, this handwritten alphabet is from a real sample of handwriting from the designer himself, making it seem more authentic and lively.

22. Elfa Brush Font

One of the best ways to create personalized brush lettering designs is by using a font made especially for creating brush lettering. One of the best options is the Elfa Brush font designed by Fittingline Type Supply and is unlike anything else on the market. The perfect brush lettering alphabet for your Instagram and blogging stories!

Final Words

There is a variety of different brush lettering alphabet ideas examples presented. We hope that you found some inspiration from this list. It’s obviously a lot more work to craft your own alphabet, but it’s the perfect way to make a unique brush lettering font. It is important to remember that practice makes perfect! No matter how many brush lettering alphabet ideas you find, it will take time and practice in order to improve your brush lettering. If you are new to brush lettering, these ideas can be a great place to start as they may help you build a better understanding of the basics.

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