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Are you thinking of getting a new printer, but you’re trapped between a Brother MFC and a DCP? Worry no more because this article Brother MFC vs DCP aims to unveil each printer’s details to ease your dilemma.

A Brother MFC Printer cannot print on both sides of a paper, while a DCP Printer can. Let’s discover more about two hot series of brother printers. 

All About Brother Printers

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Brother Printers are best for quality prints and great value. They are reliable, and you can efficiently use them for starting up organizations, school projects, or even printing at home. They have a range of either A3 or A4, laser or inkjet, and color or mono. So you will have guaranteed satisfaction depending on the specific type you choose.

Ink Tank printers for small businesses and home offices with high print volume. Using the reusable ink tank system, you only have to get the right ink tank and high-yield ultra ink bottles to lower your cost per page.

Brother Printers also include inkjet printers. They offer reliability, efficiency, and excellent print quality through the whole variety. They have an A3 printing capability on the business range that is feature-packed as the options vary from the InkBenefit range with a class of the lowermost per page cost.

The laser printers have a space-saving footprint that is compact and offers high functionality. They come in dualistic colors, black and white, or color laser printers. Also, note that they are affordable since they use separate drum units and toners. Most of the range is accessible with Wi-Fi and duplex printing. Others include the 4-in one and 3-in one printer.

What Is the Variance of Brother MFC vs DCP Printers?

  • The DCP Printers are all-in-one printers similar to MFC Printers. But on the other hand, MFC Printers are the perfect choice to give you more than just one service. Consider the following differences;
  • DCP Printers are appropriate for thorough use, while MFC Printers are inappropriate
  • DCP Printers cannot fax while MFC Printers can fax
  • The printing speed is 36 ppm for DCP while the printing speed is 32 ppm by the time for MFC
  • The rate of copy is 36cpm for a DCP while an MFC is 32cpm
  • DCP’s maximum consumption power is 450W and 420W for MFC Printer
  • The input AC power is 120 VAC, 60 Hz for a DCP and  100 VAC, 60 Hz for an MCF Printer
  • DCP has the colored scanning feature while MFC has no colored scanning feature
  • The weight of a DCP Printer is 11.2 kgs, whereas MFC Printer weighs 11.4 kgs
  • DCP Printer is more expensive than MCF Brother Printer
  • DCP Printers are double-sided and can print on both sides of a piece of paper, while MFC cannot print on the double sides of a paper
  • DCP has two paper trays while MFC has one paper tray
  • DCP cannot print using card stock, envelope, and bond paper, while MFC can print using card stock, bond paper, and envelope
  • The capacity of the memory is 128 MB for DCP, whereas the size of the memory is 64 MB for MFC Printers
  • The cartridge yield is 700 pages for DCP, whereas the cartridge yield for MFC is 3,000 pages
  • DCP Printers handle envelopes, A6, B5, and B6 paper sizes, while MCF Printers do not handle them
  • The level of noise when working is 49db for DCP, while the level of noise when working is 48db for MFC

Which Is the Best Brother Printer for Office Use?

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, Compact Multifunction Printer and Copier, DCPL2550DW, Refresh Subscription and Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready, Black

DCP-L2550DW is the best Brother printer of its duplex printing feature. It has an automatic capacity of a 50-page feeder. Besides, its duplex printing feature also makes it very efficient. Please take a look at some of its specialties.

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Accommodates Your Needs Through its Dynamic Features

It handles legal-sized paper and letters while at the same time improving efficiency with the 250-sheet of paper capacity.

Wireless Printing

With the DCP Brother printer, you can print freely from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone and print wirelessly.

Genuine Savings from the Genuine Toner

It helps save printing costs from the genuine high yield replacement toner, conveying two more prints.

Fast Printing, Less Waiting

It can facsimile up to 36 pages per minute since it has increased efficiency.

Durable and Dependable Design

It will last longer and keep up with your busy schedule through its sturdy and robust construction.

Highly Productive

It has a multi-page copy and amp scan with a 50-page automatic capacity document feeder.

Cost-saving Features

It saves on toner expenses through the toner saving mode in the same way the two-sided printing saves on paper expenses.

Easy Connection

You can easily connect to a single computer using a USB interface and select from numerous connection alternatives with built-in wireless and Ethernet network interfaces and share with several users on your network.

How Do I Install Brother DCP-L2550DW?

You can install your DCP-L2550DW and use a wireless connection to scan, copy, and print at home. You can do this without a cord or pesky cable provided you have set up Wi-Fi. After tracking your modem router, you will need a wireless connection, then identify your network password and name. Proceed to the following steps:

  1. Turn on your Brother DCP-L2550DW printer
  2. Go to the Menu key
  3. Select network and press OK using the down arrow button on the control printer panel
  4. Select WLAN and press OK using the down arrow button on the control printer panel
  5. Select Setup Wizard and press OK using the down arrow button on the control printer panel
  6. Select on using down arrow button as the message WLAN Enable appears
  7. The printer will display available Network Names or SSIDs you can use after searching. Press OK and select your SSID or Network Name
  8. Press OK after entering the encrypted password or Network Key, or proceed to the next step if your network is unencrypted.
  9. Press Yes using the up arrow keys when you get the message Apply Settings?
  10. Your wireless network is now in connection to the Brother Printer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brother a Good Brand?

Brother is a familiar brand known for its efficient business solutions and the printers’ practicality. The toner cartridge or ink does not require frequent replacement, and they are affordable. The printers have high page yields as much as they are sturdy and of good quality. Furthermore, they are a genuine brand for sorting out all your printer needs.

Are Brother Laser Printers Any Good?

Of course, Brother Laser Printers have a good print quality considering page after page. Besides, the cost of printing is lower compared to costly inkjet printers. They are easy to use and have a fantastic speed in terms of efficiency. Nonetheless, operation costs are also affordable, and they cannot go unnoticeable due to their impeccable features.

What is DCP in Brother Printer?

DCP in Brother Printer is an intensive use all-in-one. It makes the models suitable for use at home or in the office. Alternatively, they vary in compactness for practical use at home and in the office. But a DCP in Brother Printer makes it stand out as an all-in-one laser printer.

What Does MFC Stand for Brother?

MFC stands for Multi-Function Center for Brother Printers. It combines a printer, fax, scanner, and a copier, making it an all-in-one laser printer. You can make use of it either at work or at home. It is recommended well due to its functions which provide you more than just the printing services. You can try it out for a fantastic printing experience.

What Toner Does Brother DCP-L2550DW Use?

If you are wondering, the Brother DCP-L2550DW uses one high yield TN760 black toner cartridge or one standard yield TN730 as a monochrome laser printer. It works well with an original brother cartridge and compatible replacements of toners. Please note that the available color for the printer is black since it is a monochrome type of printer.

How Long Should a Brother Printer Last?

A Brother Printer is very reliable even though it may not be too familiar like Canon, Epson, or Hp brands. It can serve you from 3-5 years as long as you maintain and service it well. It can even last longer than five years but will eventually require an upgrade after the long service under proper upkeep.


All Brother Printers satisfy the requirements of small businesses regardless of whether you are working from a small office or at home. Overall, they have an outstanding speed for short business reports and are among the best buys. Similarly, DCP and MFC Brother Printers are not an exception since they are efficient and trustworthy enough to provide quality work.

I hope you are now aware of the overall about Brother MFC vs DCP best printer that will suit your needs, as per this article’s precision and well-explained information. Carefully consider the differences between the two printers and ensure you are clear on the purpose of the necessity. Take your time and get the best Brother Printer for long-lasting service. Great shopping experience!

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