Brother MFC-J895DW Review

Brother really makes good printers with all in one feature. The ease of use, speed, and print quality really shine if you own their ink and keep it stocked. Over the years, Brother has developed special features and accessories to help you be more productive and efficient. Brother has made a reputation for producing reliable, high-quality wireless printers with innovative features that are easy to take advantage of. Their latest model, the Brother MFC-J895DW is no different. The quick and easy installation process provides you with a working printer in minutes that can be shared with other computers on your network without any problems. The ability for the printer to automatically connect to your preferred networks is another feature that makes this device a winner.

Would you like to purchase or upgrade to a wireless all in one printer? If so, you might want to take a look at the MFC-J895DW by Brother. This is an all-in-one printer that can print, scan, copy, and fax. It has NFC, which means you can wirelessly connect your mobile device with the printer. It also has Amazon Dash replenishment which means you can easily get ink delivery when needed!

This is an unbiased Brother MFC-J895DW review. You will find here all the real opinions about this multifunctional printer. We’ve researched this printer for over 6 months, and we are ready to share our findings with you. We hope that after finishing this article, you won’t be left with any questions about the product or its operation. So keep reading!

Brother MFC-J895DW Review

Everyone at some point, will require a reliable printer. Whether this is to print important information or the latest design piece you’ve been working on, you will want something that is reliable and easy to use. The all-in-one Brother MFC-J895DW fits exactly into this category. It has been created with ease of use in mind. The Brother MFC-J895DW is an all-in-one wireless printer that can print, scan, copy, and fax documents, photos, and graphics. It features a touchscreen plus photo lab quality from a 4-ink cartridge system, which delivers smooth images and detailed photos for both you and your home.

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The Brother MFC-J895DW wireless all in one Inkjet printer is the ultimate home office solution combining print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities in a compact wireless design. With easy NFC one touch to connect mobile printing and Amazon Dash Replenishment enabled, this printer will help you work smarter without compromising on features.

Build & Design Quality: Our Score 7.5 Out of 10

Built and designed well, the printer is an excellent product. It feels solid even though it’s mostly plastic; the input tray at the back is the only thing that’s thin. Although the ink cartridge is easy to access, and there’s only one way to access the paper jam, it’s not complicated and doesn’t require too many steps. If you need to scan thicker or larger documents or books, you can extend the scanner lid’s hinges.

A drawback to the design is that the power cable is non-removable, so you will have to replace the whole printer if it becomes damaged. The USB port and ethernet port are located on the bottom of the scanning mat. They are oriented towards the middle of the printer. Therefore, the cable is effectively shortened by one foot, so you must adjust it accordingly.

Display: Our Score 8.5 Out of 10

using printers touch screen

With its 2.7″ touchscreen display console, the Brother MFC-J895DW provides excellent performance. Its good vertical viewing angles and tilting capabilities make it easy to view whether you are standing or sitting. The touchscreen is responsive and touch-sensitive. After a certain amount of time, the lamp dims. You can allow it to remain on for up to five minutes.

Print Quality: Our Score 9.0 Out of 10

Printing sharp text on the Work Smart model is comparable to that of the best inkjet printers. Despite some lumps on the edges of letters, it’s a dark, sharp-looking print. They’re not laser printer quality, but it’s better than you’d get from a laser printer. However, with the duplexer, the text was heavier, and the edges of the documents seemed speckly, more like a draft mode.

We printed graphics that looked good. There was a good amount of saturation, accuracy, smooth textures, and sharp details. Unlike text documents, the quality of graphics on duplex printing was only slightly affected. In spite of some colors being slightly lighter, the graphics looked good overall.

We printed our photographs on glossy paper, and they came out true to life and saturated. They had plenty of fine details, and the textures looked good too. It was easy to read and copy the text and graphics with precise colors and fine details. We got slick, black and white copies of magazine pages and expressed the tonal range of the color graphics well with smooth transitions. On plain paper, glossy photos looked a lot darker, and colors didn’t look as bright.

With a 1200 DPI scanning resolution, the Brother MFC-J895DW offers excellent scanning features. When scanned in PDF format, black and white graphics and text appeared crisp and accurate. Thanks to its automatic document feeder, it can scan a large number of pages quickly. Still, it is not capable of duplex scanning, and its scanning resolution is limited to 600 DPI.

Speed: Our Score 8 Out of 10

According to Brother, you can print 12 black PPM & 10 color PPM. Despite being 1ppm slower than the Canon Pixma, 2ppm slower than the Brother MFC-J775DW, and about 1ppm slower than other printers in its class, it belongs to a very crowded group. The printer produced the best results when printing snapshots on photo paper, making it a top photo printer and a top card stock printer.

Cartridge: Our Score 5.5 Out of 10

cartridges cover opened

If you print frequently, you must replace the ink frequently, which gives the Brother MFC-J895DW the label of having a defective cartridge system. If a cartridge runs out of ink, the printer does not continue printing, even if the color is not necessary for the print job.

In the case of third-party cartridges, the printer will not recognize them, but they will still function but will not detect their ink levels. Despite being functional, third-party cartridges will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

An old saying is that printer makers make more money selling the ink cartridges and the toner than on the actual printers. This printer and many others, such as the HP OfficeJet 3830, is some of these kinds. In terms of monochrome pages, the running costs can go up to six cents, and in terms of color pages to 16.5 cents.

Advanced Features: Our Score 8.0 Out of 10

In addition to supporting the printing of mobile devices from third-party software, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Brother iPrint Scan are all supported. With regard to Brother’s utility bundles, ControlCenter4 can be used to define scanning jobs, manage scanning jobs, and scan documents, while PaperPort 14 with OCR can be used to archive documents and locate them later.

As long as the network is up, the printer will connect to your wi-fi or use wifi direct if the network is down. In case your wireless network fails, a USB port is also available. There is a paper tray that can hold either 100 regular pages of paper or 20 premium photo sheets. Though the maximum capacity of the ADF is 20 sheets, it is impressive.

Fast and easy setup: Our Score 9.0 Out of 10

The first step in setting up your printer involves removing protective tape from different moving components, removing the shim from the ink compartment, and installing the ink. You will be guided through the process by convenient on-screen instructions.

Because of the flip-down cover that provides easy access, the installation of the ink cartridges is remarkably simple. The printer utilizes only four cartridges to print photos and text documents. Magenta, cyan, yellow, and black are the colors of these four cartridges.

The setup process for your computer or smartphone will vary, but using the Android app was easy for me. The Brother iPrint&Scan app and my Android phone enabled me to connect the printer to my network, which allowed me to print my first photos and documents just minutes after completing the installation of the ink cartridges.

Connectivity: Our Score 8.5 Out of 10

wireless printing using mobile

You can connect the Brother MFC-J895DW to your wireless network and use it for printing and scanning via AirPrint and Cloud Print. Furthermore, it supports Mopria, Wi-Fi direct, and the Brother iPrint&Scan application. Compatible devices may also be connected directly to the printer via NFC without additional setup.

In order to configure the Brother MFC-J895DW for wireless connection, we used the iPrint&Scan app. When I switched over to testing with my Windows PC rather than my phone, I was able to print and scan right from my phone thanks to the app, and once I connected my printer to my network, the setup process was even easier.

You can connect your printer to your router via Ethernet if you desire a wired connection for the reliability or if you are able to locate your printer near your router so that it can benefit from the cabled connection.

What We Like

  • Exceptional build quality.
  • High-quality photo printing.
  • Excellent mobile app.
  • Overall good quality output.
  • Ink delivery by the automated system.
  • User-friendly control panel & display.
  • Simple setup and easy device connection process.

What We Don’t Like

  • High running cost.
  • Out of ink cartridges interrupts the printing job.

Note: If you’re looking for a new printer that gives you loads of different functions at an affordable price point, check out the Brother MFC-J895DW all-in-one wireless printer. It delivers exceptional prints in all formats and boasts a load of different features.

FAQs: Brother MFC-J895DW Review

Is Brother printer a good brand?

Brother printers deliver high-quality prints at an affordable price, even though they’re not as well-known as HP, Epson, or Canon. Known for offering practical and efficient business solutions, Brother offers a broad range of printers. Their printers are usually well-built and have a high yield, and the cost of their inks or toners tends to be very affordable.

What is better brother or Epson?

Regarding cost-effectiveness, Brother printers offer greater value to the homeowner or small business owner than Epson products. The decision between Brother and Epson isn’t as difficult as you might think. Consider Epson for a high-quality inkjet printer that is reliable and reliable.

How do I scan on MFC J895DW?

Follow the instructions below to scan on brother MFC- J895DW:

  • You need to load your document.
  • Press the [Scan] button, then select [to PC], then select [to File].
  • Then press the computer’s name you’re sending data to if it’s connected over the network.
  • You can follow one of these steps:
  • You can change scan settings by clicking [Ok].
  • You can begin by clicking [Start].

Final Words

At the end of the Brother MFC-J895DW review, if you’re looking for an all-in-one wireless color printer that’s easy to use and capable of far more than just printing, then the Brother MFC-J895DW Wireless All-in-One Printer is a great choice. It can print, copy, scan, and fax, plus it connects wirelessly to any network. It’s also a good looking machine with a small footprint that can sit on just about any desk without dominating the space.

Adding to its resume is Amazon dash replenishment supported technology. This means that compatible Brother toner cartridges automatically order replacements when they run low while reducing your need to manually reorder supplies at the end of each month. There are some small drawbacks to consider, but overall, this printer has the makings of a great pick for anyone looking for a quality device at a low price.

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