Top 7 Best Zink Printer – Buying Guide

Many of us have become bored of using ordinary printers to give normal prints. But now, some extraordinary innovations like zink printers have taken printing processes to the next level. Sequentially, you will not have to use any ink cartridge even if you have the best zink printer in your hand.

The question is how to figure out which zink printer can be our true friend while capturing different memories.

For this reason, I have enlisted some superb zink printers leading in the market. Besides, each product appears to convey its features, pros, and cons.

Therefore, matching your requirements accurately will be easier for you.

So, let us not delay anymore and get straight to some amazing zink printers below.

Our Favorite Best Zink Printer

Comparison Table 

Products Features 
Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer1. Fits easily into pockets
2. Owns a reliable connection 
3. Highly compatible with Android and iOS 
4. Stands first in quality 
KODAK Step Wireless Printer1. Instantly captures photos through prints 
2. Provides detailed prints
3. Best for photo-loving influencers, crafters, etc
HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer1. More effective than the original one
2. Takes no time to print
3. Resistant to tears, smudges, and water
4. Gets connected to multiple devices easily
Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer1. Prints within only 50 seconds 
2. Suits perfectly with Android and iOS
3. Easy to carry anywhere
4. Captures genuine photos without needing any effort
Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mini Printer1. Eliminates the requirements of pricy ink cartridges 
2. Papers are smudge proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant
3. Compatible enough with Android and iOS 
KODAK Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer1. Captures memories genuinely through prints
2. A compact and durable product
3. It Does not demand any films or messy inks
Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer1. Brings thrilling photos to life
2. Best for traveling and other ventures 
3. Removes the need for expensive toners

Top 7 Best Zink Printer- Buying Guide

1. Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer

Those looking for the best Zink printer can rely on Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer. The reason is, Canon’s printer comes in a very small size, i.e., 2″ ×3″. Hence, fitting it in your pocket will not be a troublesome fact at all. Moreover, using Canon Mini Printer can perform by connecting with its Canon Ivy Mini photo printer app.

Just make sure the connection is reliable via Bluetooth. Thereupon, you can print from Bluetooth or any social media.

By printing from here, anyone can add extra textures, too, such as collage print, tile print, text, filters, stickers, frames, and many more. Since Canon IVY is a superb home printer, you can print your professional documents without worrying about anything.



We know a good resolution is very important in any printer. Similarly, Canon Photo Printer ensures fine quality with its 314×400 resolution in dots per inch. As a result, getting beautiful, professional, and high-quality images would be a cakewalk for you.


If you are stressing that the Canon IVY printer will not be compatible with your device, you are wrong because this zink printer goes well with Android, iOS, and almost every device. 


As mentioned before, Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer always stands first in quality. Likewise, this product stimulates important standards like- smudge-proof, tear-proof, and waterproof.

Image quality 

Consumers have been praising the image quality of Canon IVY photo printers a lot. Besides that, getting amazing bullet journaling of 2×3 prints will be your daily task.


  • Size is small and portable
  • Fits easily into pockets
  • Owns a reliable connection 
  • Highly compatible with Android and iOS 
  • Stands first in quality 


  • Pictures come with small lines sometimes

2. KODAK Step Wireless Printer

KODAK Step is a great Zink instant printer you can ever have. Besides, you will not have to wait for the next day to get authentic prints. Just connect your tablet, smartphone, or iOS with KODAK Printer and see what magic it does within a few moments. Anyways, be ready with an NFC or Bluetooth connection so that no barriers come while connecting your KODAK Wireless Printer

Nonetheless, capturing pics and getting them through prints will be a cakewalk for you instantly. Also, it will be simpler for those who love making their images and media posts turn into physical photos.


Ink technology 

From now, we will not have to depend on any pricy toners, ink cartridges, or ribbons if KODAK Printer is in our hands. Go with a 2″x3″ sticky black paper with dye crystals. And you will see how detailed the prints come out. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about durability and affordability. Again, all prints here stay away from smudges, tears, rips, and moisture. 

Editing suite

With the help of a Kodak App, KODAK Step Wireless Printer works efficiently. As a result, this printer can provide personalized flair, funny text, cool stickers, interesting borders, stunning filters, and so on.


Especially the photo-loving influencers shall look on KODAK Step Printer to acquire more skill levels. Alongside, it is a very lightweight product and easy to carry anywhere. And because of its built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this printer will last longer, i.e., 25 photos on a full charge. 


  • Instantly captures photos through prints
  • Makes us free from using pricy ink cartridges 
  • Provides detailed prints
  • Best for photo-loving influencers, crafters, etc
  • Lasts longer in one charge 


  • Frequently prevails washed photos

3. HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket 2nd edition Printer is a commendable object for making memories and sharing them instantly. As a Zink print details, HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer got a lot of thumbs-ups due to its first-class qualities. If you see, this pocket-size photo printer works more effectively than its original one. 

Again, HP Sprocket allows you to click and print full-color photographs taking no time at all. Therefore, we can add genuine textures to our scrapbooks, cards, journals, and art projects. All you need to make sure of is a paper of 2″x3″. Consequently, printing from your smartphone and social media will seem very regular.

Zero iOne great thing about this printer is that it never depends on any expensive ribbon or toner. Similarly, its glossy, sticky back photo paper contains numerous colors inside. In the same way, all these colors are resistant to tears, smudges, and water.


Filters and frames

Since HP Sprocket Printer comes with exceptional filters, filling your prints with unique filters and frames will be easier. Also, you will get cool editing tools, especially on its Free HP App. In addition, HP Zink Printer offers sharing albums, emojis, borders, applying stickers, and so on.

Portable design

Yet, HP Instant Printer has slim and portable size, of course. Indeed, this printer is completely wireless and easy to carry in our pockets, purses, or backpacks.


By connecting to multiple devices, Sprocket Zink Printer does an outstanding job. However, it prints different photos smoothly that is instantly shareable. 


  • A commendable object for making memories 
  • More effective than the original one
  • Takes no time to print
  • It is resistant to tears, smudges, and water
  • Gets connected to multiple devices easily


  • Not compatible with latest iOS devices

4. Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer

Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer is an estimable one you can have among the polaroid Zink printer details. When it comes to Polaroid’s printer, you need to Find It, Print It, and Stick It. For now, you have to customize your images and print them using mobile devices to maintain high quality. Particularly, business cards of 2″x3″ will work incredibly with this Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer.

As your prints will be smaller, you can stick them anywhere to recall different memories. You need to know that Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer suits only Polaroid Hi-Print Paper. On the other hand, Polaroid Zink Paper does not give any good results when used with the Hi-Print series. Now let us go through some of its key features below.


Dye-sub technology 

Because of the dye-sub technology, the Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket printer prevails vibrant photos in only 50 seconds. Anyways, this innovative dye-sub cartridge technology results in genuine photos without taking any effort.

Wireless printing 

This product does not have difficulties connecting with the Polaroid Hi-Print mobile app. Yet, Polaroid Hi-Print Printer suits perfectly with Android and iOS by having a Bluetooth connection throughout. 


This printer has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which allows it to print for a long time. Additionally, Hi-Print’s printer is small and makes it easy to carry with us anywhere.


Now and then, the Polaroid zink printer conveys different features of customizing and editing our photos and contents. Such as texts, filters, frames, and many more. 


  • Gives vibrant photos
  • Takes only 50 seconds to print
  • Suits perfectly with Android and iOS
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Requires no effort to capture genuine photos


  • The cartridge is not so good

5. Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mini Printer

If you are looking for the best Zink camera, Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mini Printer is a reliable one to have. Anyways, this printer leaves no stone unturned to make our smartphone memories turn realistic through photo prints. To use the Zink Polaroid ZIP Printer, you need to connect your tablet or smartphone via wifi. Henceforth, you will see your social media photos, portrait selfies, and other digital images turn into physical pictures without taking any time. Now let us look at some of the traits of the Zink Polaroid printer.


Vibrant prints

All in all, Zink Polaroid Printer owns a Zink zero ink printing technology which helps to eliminate the requirements of ribbons, toners, ink cartridges, and so on. Undoubtingly, its 2″ × 3″ sticky peel-back papers are colorful, bold, and lifelike. Alongside, these papers are dry, smudge-proof, tear-resistant, and water-resistant. 

Free app 

If you want to capture some wonderful photos as prints, nothing can be better than a Zink Polaroid Mini Printer. Just remember to download the Free Polaroid app quickly in just 60 seconds. Furthermore, this printer is highly compatible with Android and iOS. 


Nonetheless, the Zink Polaroid Zip printer has a mini, compact, and pocket-sized design. Especially for those who love to travel a lot and capture every moment through prints, they can give a shot to Zink Zip Printer.


One great thing about the Zink printer is that there is no computer connection requirement here. Sequentially, you will have to download the zink app and unlock all editing features that are adjustable and customizable. 


  • Eliminates the requirements of pricy ink cartridges 
  • Papers are smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant
  • Highly compatible with Android and iOS 
  • Unlocks all editing features nicely 


  • Does not maintain quality every time

6. KODAK Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer

KODAK Smile Instant Digital Printer is a flawless product you can have for printing, editing, and sharing photos from tablets and smartphones. However, KODAK Instant Printer utilizes an innovative ink technology of Zero Ink which helps in prevailing veritable photos. Particularly, the sticky-backed paper of 2″x3″ will work like magic by capturing all memories at a glance. Once you acquire this Digital printer, you will not need to buy ink since the picture paper is the ink itself.



Well, KODAK Smile Instant Printer owns a trendy pop-open design. Alongside, it reveals an output photo slot which is hardly seen in any bulky printers. No doubt, this printer is compact overall and durable as well. The reason is that KODAK Zink Printer contains a poly resin protective case that maintains its lifespan.

Wireless connection 

Since KODAK Digital Printer has wireless Bluetooth connectivity, you can use your mobile phone for it. As a result, doing several mobile printings will become one of your regular jobs. Again, KODAK Instant Printer goes fine with different devices like- Android phones, iPad, iPhones, etc. 


From now on, taking pictures instantly and turning them into physical photos will not be a difficult task at all. The reason is, Kodak Smile Printer only requires a smile app and thus adds filters, adjusts lighting, corrects color, applies fun effects, and many more.


Although KODAK Digital Printer is slim and small, it does not demand any film or messy inks. Furthermore, this zink printer is a rechargeable product that ensures long-term utilization. 


  • Prevails veritable photos simply
  • Captures memories genuinely through prints
  • A compact and durable product
  • Ensures a long time utilization 
  • Does not demand any films or messy inks


  • Photo quality tends to vary sometimes

7. Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer

Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer is mostly famous for its on-the-go design. In particular, Lifeprint’s zink printer is 19mm thick, being sleek and ultra-slim. Alongside, this portable printer can bring your thrilling photos of Android and iOS to life. Therefore, you can take it in your travels and other places, wherever you want. Indeed, you will have to use a Free Lifeprint Editing App to run Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer precisely. Social networks and other sources can convey realistic prints with this outstanding product.



By accumulating 2″ × 3″ sticky papers, Lifeprint printer presents genuine photos maintaining a good quality throughout. Again, this printer can print HD images too. Henceforth, getting impeccable detail, beautiful contrast, and full color will become easier for you.


Nevertheless, Lifeprint Slim Printer has a Hyperphoto technology that embeds videos, including a starter pack. And the best thing about Lifeprint’s product is, it does not need any expensive toners or messy inks. Thereupon, you can save a lot of money and get your tasks done smoothly. 

Wireless print

Just like you send texts to your friends, Lifeprint Ultra Printer facilitates sending pics in the same way. You can share your pics to your social media and print directly on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Editing suite

Lifeprint Slim printer offers different features. Such as adding filters, adjusting brightness, and so on. And by printing your photos, you can stick the prints anywhere to recall your memories.


  • Design is sleek and ultra-slim
  • Brings thrilling photos to life
  • Best for traveling and other ventures 
  • Removes the need for expensive toners 
  • Allows to print Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat directly 


  • Not fine for all purposes

Best Zink Printer Buying Guide

best zink printer

Choosing the best zink printer is not a hard task unless we know all the important traits. Nevertheless, size, gesture, connectivity matter a lot. Instead of such substitutes, I have described some points to make your acquisition more worthy.


Size matters a lot while buying a zink printer for our printing works. And if we can take it to parties and trips, that would be a cherry on top for us. For such merits, a portable zink printer can be a good one to have. Or, if you want your printer to remain in one place, then a massive machine will not be a bad choice at all.

Power Options

A battery-powered zink printer is a reliable printer if you do not want to rely on any electricity connection and others. Henceforth, capturing every moment anywhere will be a cakewalk for us. Yet, do not forget to check the charging capacity of your printer. Also, remember to check how many prints can be apparent from each charge. 

App Features and Compatibility

Firstly, what you need to consider is what type of phone you have. Nonetheless, some inkless photo printers are good alternatives for printing from smartphones. Besides, utilizing an app is inevitable here to make a connection. 

Most importantly, the app’s features need to be considered if they hold options for editing and other elements. 

For instance, some printers come with different tools for making a free collage, filters, etc. As a result, you can spice up your experience of using a new printer.


While looking for a good source of connectivity, we usually feel convenient with a smartphone. Likewise, zink printers perform more precisely if connected to wifi or Bluetooth. Whereas some zink printers also work efficiently from a USB cable.

How to Use Polaroid Zink Printer

 We will be seeing how to use a Polaroid Zink printer.

  • Firstly, open your box, and here you will get your printer with 10 sheets of Zink paper and a USB cord. The power button located on the side and the bottom is where the printed picture comes out. 
  • You can easily open the paper access area by simply pushing up from the arrow at the bottom and removing the cover to charge the zip printer for at least one and a half hours.
  • Just plug in the micro USB and a power supply. You’ll see the red charged light go on wireless charging. Then download the Polaroid zip app when the charge light turns green. 
  • You are ready to go to load the Zink photo paper. Accordingly, take off the cover and make sure to have the blue card facing down into the paper holder and place it back on your phone.
  • Go to your settings and make sure Bluetooth is on and look for the device to be paired. Now open your Polaroid app and click my zip and click device manager. Hence, you can turn on/off the auto exposure print mode. 
  • Next, click on a quick print and choose the camera.
  • Now come back to the quick printer again and choose the gallery. You can click on the number of prints or section out the picture. Then click on the Edit print and then gallery. 
  • You can flip your pictures around, change the contrast and the color and even change the style from sepia gray tone invert. Also, you can even draw on it using your finger with different colors and even erase it, or choose different frames and add emoticons. 

How to Set Up Polaroid Zip Printer

Most of us do not know exactly how to set up a Polaroid Zip Printer. For this reason, I will show you some peak points so that no hindrances arise while setting up your Zink printer.

Well, this small portable printer allows you to print directly from a mobile phone or

tablet by Bluetooth technology or NFC. So, this printer is inevitable to be compatible with the iPhone or Android. And by using the polaroid app, it prints on two two-by-three-inch zink paper, also known as zero ink. Besides, the polaroid zip comes in four different glossy colors, red aqua, blue, black, and white.

The box SHOWS, you get, of course, the printer, easy directions, 10 sheets of Zink paper, and a USB cord. Now let us see how to set up all these ingredients perfectly. 

  • First thing first, you will have to charge your printer. To do so, take your cable and plug it into a charge block, i.e., 1 amp. And of course, you need to plug the cable in your zink printer too.
  • Secondly, switch on your printer by pressing and holding the button on your printer’s side. And keep holding the button until your printer’s light flashes. 
  • Lastly, connect your mobile phone or the device you have with your zink printer. Afterward, download the prescribed app available in the play store. Then you will get some on-screen instructions. Following those traits, you can simply go through your Polaroid Zip Printer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the Best Zink Printer?

Here are some best zink printers you can ever have-

  • The Best Smartphone printer- HP Sprocket V2
  • Best Compact printer- HP Sprocket
  • The Best Photo printer- FujiFilm Instax Mini Link
  • Best value for the money printer- LifePrint
  • The Best budget printer- Polaroid Zip
  • Best Label printer- Brother VC-500W

How Long Do Zink Prints Last?

Usually, Zink printers start to fade quite faster as their dyes are not so UV resistant. However, they leave no stone unturned to minilab prints. Particularly, running a Kodak paper will take 10 to 30 years in Zink prints. On the other hand, Zink prints with Fuji last for up to 70 years. If you see, Zink printers are not different from small novelty printers, like Selphy and Fuji Instax.

Do Zink Printers Need Ink?

No, Zink printers do not require any prints and ink cartridges while a single pass. Indeed, Zink is a technology of full-color printing made for digital devices. And we know digital devices never demand ink cartridges. 

Why is My HP Sprocket Pictures of Bad Quality?

Generally, dirt and debris are found on path rollers of papers. As a result, print quality issues easily arise on printers. For this reason, HP sprocket pictures turn out to be of bad quality. 

Is it Worth Buying a Zink Printer?

Although zink printers are expensive compared to other printers, they are worth using. Nonetheless, zink printers contain added flexibility, making our printing tasks easier than ever. Moreover, the excellent lens of zink printers provides extraordinary features to print important documents. 


To sum up, we can say all the above the best Zink printer is hardly superior in their way. Also, none of them acquire any hard flaws that will hamper us while experiencing them. I would strongly suggest KODAK Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer and Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer if you want more recommendations. 

Nonetheless, these two products are one of the most top-ranked Zink printers. So, if quality comes first for you, go through these two printers. You will get to know which product is made for you. And, of course, do not leave any stone unturned to select the right printer for yourself. 

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