Best Wood Bed Frame (2023 Update)

A wooden bed frame provides an elegant foundation for your mattress, but some metal frames are more durable than others. Some wood bed frames feature built-in supports that eliminate the need for a box spring, while others must be combined with a foundation to avoid sagging. With the right type of wood, a wooden bed frame can last a lifetime. We’ll detail some of the best wood options, types of wooden bed frames available and share our recommendations.

Here are the best wood bed frame on the market.

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Best Wood Bed Frame Reviews In 2023

1. ZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed Frame

We’re committed to helping everyone bring happiness home. Zinus products are easy to understand, assemble, and enjoy. We design tiny reminders that life is good. In 1979 our founder, Youn Jae Lee, started his business building tents in South Korea. Eventually, he moved Zinus into the home, providing places to relax for more than 18 million sleepers and sitters.

As far as supportive and classic foundations go, the Mia Platform Bed Frame couldn’t be more quintessential. Reliable steel structure? Check. Ultra-convenient under-bed storage space? Check. Dependable mattress platform that holds its own? Definite check. Rest your mattress directly on Mia’s trusty wood platform (that’s right, no box spring needed) for incomparable support that helps your mattress last longer. This gem is a practical minimalist’s dream with a foot of space under the frame for stowing away your extra storage bins and boxes.

It’s also crafted with openings on two legs that allow you to attach your headboard for a personal touch. And you’ll be further amazed by its compact packaging and simple assembly, made even simpler thanks to the tools and clear instructions we provide with it. We’ve also included a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind. More functional than it looks, the Mia Platform Bed Frame has everything it takes to bring you years of impeccable support and pleasant dreams.

Plenty of Storage

With 12” of clearance space under the bed, you’ll have plenty of room to tuck away extra bedding, storage bins, or just about anything else you need to get out of the way.

Strong and Supportive

Mia’s wooden slat foundation provides excellent support for your foam, latex, spring, or hybrid mattress all by itself. The slats are evenly spaced (3″ apart for twin and full, 3.4″ apart for queen and king) so your mattress won’t sag between.

2. ZINUS Tricia Wood Platform Bed Frame

The Tricia Platform Bed Frame combines the ideal mattress support with the lovely, rustic character of the wood. This exquisitely carved foundation is made of solid wood, and its exquisitely detailed headboard, which showcases the natural wood grain, will steal the show in any room. Additionally, the headboard can be assembled to three heights, allowing you to fit a taller mattress and design a bed that suits your preferences. The sturdy steel framework and wood slats of this foundation replace the typical box spring to support your mattress and keep it from sagging for years to come.

Box Along With The Tricia Platform Bed

All the parts and instructions you’ll need to put together the Tricia Platform Bed in under an hour are neatly packaged into one economic box along with the Tricia Platform Bed. Additionally, we’ve included a 5-year worry-free warranty for your complete peace of mind on top of everything else you’ll need to finish the job and start enjoying your gorgeous new bed right away. This finely constructed centerpiece will raise the bar for dreamy in your bedroom.

Wood Mattress Platform

Closely spaced wooden slats provide exceptional support for your mattress without needing a box spring. We’re committed to helping everyone bring happiness home. Zinus products are easy to understand, assemble, and enjoy. We design tiny reminders that life is good. In 1979 our founder, Youn Jae Lee, started his business building tents in South Korea. Eventually, he moved Zinus into the home, providing places to relax for more than 18 million sleepers and sitters.

3. Acacia Aurora 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed

Sometimes, having a comfortable bed to rest your shoulders on every night can make a positive difference in your daily activities. But the bed is not just about the mattresses, cloth, pillows, and blankets. It’s about the bed frame as well! With Acacia Platform Bed, you’re guaranteed a relaxing, cozy, pleasant sleeping experience after a hard day’s work.

Mattress With Its Unique Design

Made of heavy-duty, solid Acacia wood construction, Acacia Platform Bed is one of the sturdiest, highest-quality bed frames on the market! The bed frame encloses the mattress with its unique design and ergonomic size. It fits it in easily to prevent slipping while at the same time also providing ample under-bed space for easy cleaning or other usages. The wooden rubber slats are carefully spaced and positioned with padded tapes for more stability and to keep the mattresses from falling off accidentally.

Rustic Appearance

Furthermore, with regards to color options, you have two unique choices to pick from: The chocolate platform bed frames are distressed for a weathered, rustic appearance, suitable for those who want to make their bedrooms look vintage; The caramel bed frames are made from natural hardwoods that have a nice, clean look with smooth surface, a great aesthetic addition to the modern home. So you can be satisfied and stylish simultaneously, what’s not to like?

4. Giantex 14 Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

We Giantex are specialized in researching and developing high-quality and exquisite home furniture since our brand was established. Making customers’ daily life convenient and efficient is given the top priority. Every corner of the home & office cannot do without your elaborately decorating and picking up decent furniture for them. In Giantex, you can find almost any item you want!

Material Without Chemical Paint

Sturdy and solid wood platform bed frame made of 100% eco-friendly material without chemical paint, safe and reliable for your health. Solid wood with a natural oil coat and smooth finishing makes the bed frame durable and stable. 4 strong legs in the middle of the bed and the other 6 support legs in the side ensure stableness. 14 thickened bed boards are on the top, which can arrange the weight of the mattress evenly, which reduce the risk of collapse under heavy load as well as protect your mattress more effectively.

Crafted To Last A Lifetime

Modern and clean design, with natural solid wood, crafted to last a lifetime. The components of our bed are tightly connected, providing a stable foundation that is quiet when you turn over on it in the middle of the night. This bed will match well with any room’s style.

5. IMUsee Full-Size Bed Frame with Wood Headboard and Footboard Platform

The under-bed storage of this full-size bed frame can store various items such as blankets, foam mattress toppers, remote controls, magazines, books, etc. The square reinforced metal frame is durable and solid enough to place whatever you want under the bed for convenient use. The height of 12 inches can help you keep quite some space around the room at ease.

Evenly-spaced Slats Designed

This platform-style bed includes a series of durable, evenly-spaced slats designed to support your existing mattress directly; no box spring is required. Assemble the wood headboard and footboard, then place the included steel slats in any desired configuration. The firmness and flexibility of this unit make it a great choice for use with adjustable beds or those requiring additional space under the bed frame.

Easy To Install

This bed frame has a wood footboard and headboard. It is easy to install with the accessories and instructions included. The packaging will be smartly packed in 1 box, and the delivery time will be fast. Musee Team always lets you know about any problems during the purchase, installation, or use process.

How To Choose The Best Wood Bed Frame When Purchasing

The enormous assortment of hardwood bed frames may seem intimidating if you’re just beginning your search. You can, however, better comprehend what you’re looking for with a little research.

Wooden Bed Frame

Your requirements and tastes will determine the best wood bed frame for you. Customers typically pay attention to the broad characteristics of bed frame style, price, and size. The design, color selections, material type, ease of installation, and noise potential can all be considered after you’ve decided on the main style of bed frame you desire.

Good Materials

Pine, oak, maple, or walnut are just a few of the various wood varieties used to make bed frames. Additionally, some producers employ composite woods like plywood or fiberboard. A bed frame may have different benefits, such as being stronger, lighter, more resilient, or less prone to breaking, depending on the wood used. To strengthen their structure, wood bed frames frequently include parts made of other materials, such as steel.


The bulk of wood bed frames cost between $300 and $1,000, making them slightly more expensive on average than their metal counterparts. A wood bed frame’s cost might change depending on how it is made, how well it works, and what materials are used. Less expensive than luxury frames made of expensive materials are often frames with simpler designs.


The bed frame style should complement the space’s interior decor. Many wood bed frames have timeless designs that complement any interior design scheme. Others have more ornate patterns to be the bedroom’s center of attention.


The weight of wooden bed frames varies based on their design and the type of wood used in their construction. While heavier, more intricate wood frames may seem sturdy, simple designs typically weigh less and may be easier to transport. When assessing the frame’s weight, take into account your priorities and bear in mind that heavier frames can be able to withstand a larger weight restriction.

Assembly is Simple.

The simplicity of assembly is crucial for folks with restricted mobility or those who move around frequently. While some models may be put together quickly and without the need of any tools, others are more complicated and could need assistance from a second person. Some manufacturers charge extra for in-home installation for versions of bed frames that are particularly complex or heavy.


The tendency of wood to expand and contract in response to changes in temperature and humidity may cause sleepers to hear creaking sounds coming from their wood bed frame eventually. Wooden bed frames may be less noisy because they are less likely to have weak points or areas of friction when they are constructed with thicker woodcuts and fewer metal components.


Choose a wood bed frame that fits your bedroom and is the same size as your mattress. Before making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to measure your mattress and contrast it with the frame’s dimensions as published on the manufacturer’s website because they can occasionally change slightly.


More complex variants are available in addition to the typical platform-style wood bed frame. The most popular kinds of wood bed frames are panel beds that can be paired with a box spring or foundation, sleigh bed frames with a curved headboard and footboard, and bunk bed frames with two or more beds placed on top of each other. Many choices are available, regardless of whether a minimalist design or something fancier best suits your room.

Frequently Asked Question

How long do wooden bed frames last?

The frame and the materials used to create it determine this. Harder woods, like oak and maple, are often more resilient than softer woods and, with proper maintenance, can last for decades.

How do I clean a wooden bed frame?

Consult your warranty and the manufacturer’s instructions for detailed details on how to take care of your bed frame. Most wooden furniture can be cleaned with a diluted solution of water and mild dish detergent after being dusted with a soft cloth. Before usage, perform a spot test with the solution in a discrete location.

What is the most comfortable type of bed frame?

Divans with spring edges are thought to be the most comfortable and opulent. The frame of this bed type has an open-coil or pocket-spring unit that functions as a sizable shock absorber. Since the mattress is placed on top, it is more flexible and durable.

What is a stronger, metal, or wood bed frame?

Wooden bed frames have a cozy, timeless appearance that complements practically any type of interior design. Wooden bed frames seem stronger and more durable than metal ones, with heavier, thicker legs, as long as you stay away from fragile ones.

Which is the best material for a bed frame?

Metal bed frames are unquestionably the most durable material because they are incredibly sturdy and will last a lifetime. Metal bed frames come in various designs, so they go with many different types of interior decor.


Whether you’re an ordinary consumer or an expert, there is a bed frame for everyone. By taking the time to research different options and read reviews by other users, you can find the best bed frame for you — one that matches your design sensibilities and requirements. With the help of comparison tables like the one above, you should have no problem locating a quality product at a reasonable price.

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