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Our easy DIY Christmas decoration idea will add more magic to the season this year. Adding a warm glow to the exterior and interior of your home is easy with flameless Christmas window candles. The convenience of battery-operated candles with features like timers and sensors can bring you a touch of extra glow without much effort. It takes just minutes to install them, and the price starts at less than $2 per candle.

Here are the best window candles on the market.

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Best Window Candles Reviews In 2023

1. Vermont Battery Operated LED Window Candles

Freshen up a room, patio, or entryway with our amber flame LED window candles! These battery-operated flameless window candles feature a dynamic flickering flame technology that looks and feels like real wax. With automatic timers that provide up to 60 days of consistent on/off settings, you’ll be able to set and forget them. They won’t heat up and are safe to touch, making them excellent decorative accent pieces for weddings, parties, or any other occasion where you want a soft glow in the home or your business.

Enchanting Decor

Give your space a warm, romantic touch with these flameless LED candles. Fitted with amber LEDs that flicker just like the real thing, they replicate the classic beauty of actual candles without creating a fire hazard. Use them for Christmas decorations, that romantic dinner, or just to give your home a warm, cozy feeling year-round.

Experience the Convenience

No more having to manually turn on your candles every day; no dealing with the unpredictability of ambient light sensors. We’ve kept things reliable with a built-in daily timer, which automatically turns on the candle for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. To set the timer, simply install the batteries when you want it to go on. The Candle will turn on for 6 hours and then off for 18 hours. The cycle repeats daily.

Design to Impress

Part of our Tier I Collection, these flameless battery-operated candles are a great value for the quality. Made from durable plastic to resist breakage. Features an elegant base available in 2 colors, pewter (silver) or antique bronze (black). Flame features a realistic flickering action that looks just like the real thing.

2. Set of 10 Flameless Ivory Window Candles

These hand-crafted battery-operated flameless candles have been designed to be beautiful on and off, blending with your surrounding decor any time of the day while eliminating the risk of smoke, open flames, and hot wax. These unique lights flicker gently like conventional candles, featuring a soft ambient glow. Since they are remotely controlled, you don’t have to worry about where to put them on your windows without suction cups because you can activate them with the remote control. Just relax and enjoy the night. This is a simple and elegant way to decorate your home with minimal investment and maintenance costs over time.

It runs for hundreds of hours

These candles are designed to last hundreds of hours on 2 AA batteries per candle, which are included with your original purchase. Batteries will last for the entire holiday season.

Use them anywhere without worry.

It’s easy to display these candles on your windows, fireplace, dining table or living area using its included suction cups or candle stands.

Perfect bulk pack for wedding or event planners

This bulk pack of 10 flameless candles is perfect for wedding or event planners or anyone needing a large number of flameless candles.

Removable silver bases

It comes with 10 elegant silver bases. The candles can also be removed from the silver bases and used in any candle holder.

3. Window Candles, Ronxs LED Taper Candles with Timer

These battery-operated led candles are an attractive option in any space; they are made of safe and non-toxic plastic, with a realistic flickering flame that gives off no heat. Perfect for weddings, dining table decor, parties, and birthday celebrations.

It runs for hundreds of hours.

These candles are designed to last hundreds of hours on 2 AA Batteries. Batteries will last for the entire holiday season.

Perfect bulk pack for wedding or event planners

This bulk pack of flameless candles is perfect for wedding or event planners or anyone needing a large number of flameless candles.

Perfect decorations for your home

Using these candles on your windows, fireplace, dining table, bathroom, or living area provides a romantic atmosphere without any worry or hassle of fire. These high-quality LED candles flicker cleanly and do not drip or create a mess.

Use them anywhere without worry.

The remote control is easy to set up time daily; press the “2,4, 6, or 8-hour timer” button at the time of day that you want the candles to work every day.

4. Flameless Window Taper Candles

Our candles are made of plastic with real wax outside wrapped, and when you turn on the candles, their 3D wick will light up and yellow light glows. You can use the remote to set the Candle or Lighting mode.

Halloween Flameless Window Candles

Realistic led flameless window taper candles match your various Halloween home decorations; beautiful appearance flameless candlesticks a great addition to your Halloween night lights.

Thanksgiving LED Window Candles

These led flickering window candles are widely used as your dining table, bedroom, fireplace, bathroom, nightstand, and chandelier to add your Thanksgiving Day atmosphere in your home.

Christmas Flameless Window Candles

Regular size long taper candles allow you can use them for mostly candle holders and candelabras. The yellow light glows makes you feel warm every winter night, a great Christmas gift idea to your friends.

5. RONXS Window Candles, Flameless Taper Candles with Timer

RONXS LED candles are constructed with a translucent outer body, realistic flicker, and flame to create the most realistic wax candle you’ve ever seen. Their durable plastic construction stands up to any season, while the timer automatically allows you to program when they turn on and off.

Night Lights With Votive Holders

The candle is a unique gift box that is perfect as a holiday gift. The flickering flameless LED candle can be used for decorations or as a set of mood lights or night lights with votive holders or other holders like glass cups. You can put them on a table or in other places in restaurants, home and garden weddings, parties, or festival decorations.

Realistic Look Of A Candle

The Lexonx Flameless Taper Candles will make your holiday and evening celebration memorable. This set has 12 white tapers that are flameless but will create the realistic look of a candle. These can be used for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. No worries about fire hazards, smoke, messy dripping wax, or stained tablecloth.

6. Vermont Battery Operated LED Taper Window Candles 

At 612 Vermont, we have partnered with leaders in the window candle market to bring you a plethora of high-quality options. Many of our candles, including this one, feature a patented flame that distinguishes them from the run-of-the-mill window candle.

Realistic Flickering Flame

Our patented flame features one LED at the base that provides a steady light. The other LED at the tip of the flame flickers on and off at different speeds to produce a realistic-looking flame.

Set it and Forget it

Simply insert the 3 AA batteries into the candlestick and screw on the cap. The auto timer will start by turning the candle on for 6 hours and then off for 18 hours. The cycle will repeat every day. To reset the timer, simply unscrew the cap to the candlestick and re-tighten it when you want the 24-hour cycle to start.

Weighted Base Prevents Tipping

We have added weight inside the base of the candle to lower the center of gravity. This weight dramatically reduces the chance of the candle tipping over. If the candle were to tip over for some reason, its all plastic construction would prevent any damage. Despite being made of plastic, the candle has an aesthetically pleasing look that looks good on windowsills, tabletops, console tables, etc.

7. Flameless Taper Candles Flickering with Remote

This is FPOO. As a company integrating design, production, and sales, we continue to innovate and improve our flameless candle products to meet customers’ needs.

We innovatively added 6 LED lamp beads to the LED window candles, which makes these candle lights flicker as vividly as the real candle flames blowing in the wind.

Suction Cups

Our led candle comes with 4 suction cups; these candle lamp suction cups are the perfect mounting tools for implementing such a heartwarming ambiance. With these durable yet flexible, clear, translucent ptastic holders, display most any of your special battery-operated, old-fashioned-inspired welcome candles at your windows, or on any glass surface!

Push the suction cups firmly against a window or other glass, and carefully place your electric candle lamps in their attached round-shaped holders.

Removable Candlesticks

We added a sponge base to the 4 brand-new candlesticks so that it can be placed more stably on your desktop.

And the candlesticks of these window taper candles can be detachable, So you can put the candle into a different candle holder. Suitable for different decoration scenes.

8. Ultra-Bright LED Window Candles with Timer

This is the best window candle you can find, sending out over 10,000 lumens of bright white LED light! This product will last 30 days on one set of batteries and is adjustable to your desired height. The base diameter is 2-5/16 inches with a total height of 11″ or 13″. And as a bonus, this item is included in any bulk pricing order (when added with a minimum number of other items).

Spark Compliments

Our patented LEDs stand out from the pack with a dual intensity LED that shines as bright as an electric candle, while shining softly to the inside of your home. Unlike traditional LED window candles that can be quite dim inside your home, ours will inspire compliments from across the street without being a distraction indoors.

Experience the Convenience

No more having to manually turn on your candles every day; no dealing with the unpredictability of ambient light sensors. We’ve kept things reliable with a built-in daily timer, automatically turning on for 6 hours and then off for 18. Simply insert the batteries and screw on the bulb to set the time. Light will stay on for 6 hours and then turn off for 18 hours. The cycle repeats daily.

Spruce up Your Space

A sturdy metal base meets a white plastic candlestick and a glass bulb to create a window candle that exudes effortless class. Have multi-pane windows? You have the power to adjust the height to steer clear of those breaks in the glass. A candle can be adjusted between 11″ and 13″ in total height. LED light shines at 10″ and 12″ tall, respectively.

Buyers Guide

A first-time buyer of a new product must be cautious enough when purchasing something new.

Here is a complete buying guide for LED candles, which will provide you with all the points you need to consider before purchasing them.


As a result, every individual has a different requirement for a product’s size. There are led candles in small, medium, and large sizes that can function as lighting fixtures.

The size of the led candle is an essential feature of virtually every type of led product, so you must check this out before purchasing it. Every brand will offer different sizes, so be sure to choose wisely.


Considering that led candles are festive and decorative items, you should also consider that they come in various styles and looks.

The fall, Halloween, and Christmas seasons are perfect to light up with led or electric candles. From unique and modern to old-style and antique, there are various styles to choose from.

Consider the size and occasion of the window before getting these led candles. Choose a candle style for your window and buy it carefully.


When you spend money on a product, you want it to be good in quality too. It is important to consider the flickering effect, and various features, including the type of material used in the product.

To give the effect of a traditional wax candle, the maker might make it look like a led candle. Therefore, beware of led candles that look plasticky to give the effect of a natural wax candle.


You may wish to check the durability of the led candles you are planning to use for outdoor purposes and special occasions first.

These led candles often greet guests as a festive welcome at parties, birthday dinners, Halloween celebrations, and Christmas dinners.

You must also consider the durability and placement of your candles because people can knock them off accidentally or even smash them for fun if there are children present.


LED candles are essentially decorative items. Having an attractive appearance is key. For this reason, all decorative lighting, including Fairy String Lights, is a good choice. However, what should you look for beyond just being attractive?

Much depends on individual taste. The flickering flame, for example, makes many people feel real. On the other hand, flickering light makes some people ill. Is your main interest in realism or do you get queasy when you see flashing lights? Depending on your answer to that question, you should choose the right type of light.


The convenience of LED candles differentiates them from traditional candles in one respect. Lighting them, extinguishing them, and replacing them regularly is not necessary. Turn them on and off using an on/off switch at the start of the season. You can run smart power outlets on a schedule and skip that step altogether if you have smart power outlets. When the year is over, take them down.

When you’re buying, you’ll need to consider two things. Can the candle be mounted easily? You’re wasting a lot of time with tape, aren’t you? Second, can the batteries be replaced easily? Although they rarely do, batteries must be replaced when LED bulbs burn out. When the batteries run out, you must discard fully enclosed candles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between how my candle looks this time and last time?

There may be some differences in the colors or textures of our candles. It is common for variations in our product to be noted throughout the year since soy wax is an all-natural product. To guarantee the high quality of our candles, Evercoast Candles routinely tests them.

Does LED candlelight get hot on windows?

Because LED candles are cold to the touch, it depends on how the manufacturer creates different heating features.

A LED candle can be left burning all night in a window?

Batteries can also burn out if candles are left unattended.

Candles should be left burning for no longer than 8 hours, and turn them off when you are done with them.

How do you clean candles?

The batteries in these led candles make cleaning them with a wet cleaning product impossible. Therefore, you have to clean them with a microfiber cloth or towel. Using a soft cloth, the user can dust them lightly.

How do led candles work?

LED candles, also called flameless candles, can be an excellent alternative to traditional wax candles.

Final thought 

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because it all depends on your needs. The price is reasonable. Using, mounting, and controlling them is easy. Having the candles turn off when disturbed was a nice addition. It may not be realistic, but the plastic appearance is probably not for everyone.

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