Best Welder Extension Cords Reviews 2022

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Finding good quality technical instruments for professional use is always a hard job. Mostly because there is a lot of misinformation and false representation of the products.

But driving to the store in your busy schedule will be a tough nut to crack. Because people with tools have things to fix.

So, here we are to help you find the best welder extension cord. You will find all the details of the product and the reasons for calling them the best. We have also included a buying guide and other resourceful topics to better equip you for the purchase.

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The Best Welder Extension Cord Reviews

Comparing the extension cord is actually a very hard job. There is not a lot of information online. It also requires some technical knowledge and experience.

But you have nothing to worry about. Here are the reviews of the top eight welder extension cords.

Kosmo Supply 50′ 220 Volt Welder Extension Cord MIG TIG Plasma

Kosmo Supply 50' 220 Volt 50 Amp Heavy Duty 8/3 Welder Extension Cord MIG TIG Plasma

This is one of the most versatile cards available in the market that can support your welder in many of its operations. MIG welding, TIG welding, or plasma, this cord can supply the power for all of these processes.

It is a 220v extension cord but works with up to 250 volts. This will increase your reach to 50 feet more making it perfect for your workshop. You can do all kinds of sophisticated work with this extension cord.

This is an 8 gauge 3 conductor cord. Good quality 8 gauge cords are really hard to find, but here you have one. This 50apm cord is compatible with almost all of the welders in the market. It has the standard NEMA 6-50C and 6-50P ends.

It is mainly built for outdoor use though you can easily use it in indoor applications. A very interesting feature we loved about this unit is the end lights. Lastly, this cord is unbreakable and resists abrasion better than most other cords in the market.


Q: What is the jacket material?

A: The material is PVC plastic.

Q: What is the operating temperature?

A: It is -40°C to 90°C (-40°F to 194°F).

  • Versatile
  • 8 gauge
  • 50 feet
  • Compatible with extreme temperature
  • Hard to roll up

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Southwire 19178806 8/3 Heavy-Duty STW 40-Amp/250-Volt, 25-feet Welder Extension Cord

Southwire 19178806 8/3 Heavy-Duty STW 40-Amp/250-Volt Nema 6-50 Blue Welder Extension Cord, 25- Feet, 8-Gauge, STW jacket for Superior Performance, Rated at 40 Amps, 250 Volts and 10,000 Watts

It is hard to imagine that a tool like an extension cord can be so famous. And herein, Southwire proved it that quality brings value.

This is a 25 feet cord with a 250v extension rated at 40amps. It is an 8 gauge 3 wire cord. More so, you will have a NEMA 6-50 blue configuration in this cord. So you can already have an idea of its premium quality.

You can be as rough as you want with this tool. It has an STW jacket for superior performance, and there is no risk of rust or abrasion here. These features altogether give it a long life and make the cord, even more, purchase worthy.

This cord is easily customizable. If you have enough experience, go for it and you can attach it with your welder directly. The tool is also very versatile. Other than welders, this can also be used in other heavy-duty electric work.

Not to mention, this unit comes from one of the best wire manufacturers of North America. Its molded ends and rubberized joints keep you safe from all kinds of hazards.


Q: Does it have indicator lights?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Will it work with my heater?

A: Yes, it will.

  • Versatile
  • 8/3 extension cord
  • STW jacket
  • Premium brand value
  • High safety
  • Receptacle end is very tight
  • You might find it a little stiff

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MaxWorks 80703 Heavy Duty 40 Foot 6-50 Nema R Plug Lighted Welding Cord

MaxWorks 80703 Heavy Duty 40 Foot 8 AWG/3C 6-50 Nema R Plug Lighted Welding Cord with ETL Approved

This is another of our premium picks to support your professional tools. Its compatibility and versatility make it perfect for your workshop or garage.

The cable is in 6-50 NEMA configuration. There are 3 full copper 8 American gauge wires. Good thing is, this grade of wires is very good for professional use as the long strands of copper increase its adaptability.

It gives you 40 amps of electric flow at 250v pressure. But you will also have a 50 amp plug which ensures added safety. Like most other extension cords, this has a right-angle prong plug with 3 sockets and 3 prongs.

You can also opt for a 20 feet cord if 40 seems too long for you. This is perfect for portable welders. Insulated with an STW jacket, it will be up for the heavy-duty challenge.

The ends have professional-looking neon lighting. This tells you if it is life or not. All in all, this is a perfect match for any workshop.


Q: What is the wattage of this cord?

A: It gives you 10,000 watts.

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: It is about 10 pounds.

  • Two sizes
  • 8 gauge
  • Heavy duty
  • Easily customizable
  • It might feel a little tight in the beginning
  • Tough to unplug

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VEVOR Welding Extension Cord 50ft MIG TIG Plasma Welding Cord

VEVOR Extension Cord, 50ft 250 Volt, 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Outdoor Welder Extension Cord with 10 Awg 3 Prong, 50 Amp Power Extension for Welding Machines, NEMA 6-50 Plug, ETL Approved, Black

This is a product that had most of our attention when we were on the research thing. We knew it would make it to our toppers list and it did with style.

It scores the most in versatility. You can do MIG welding, TIG welding, or even raise the bar to plasma with this cord. Although it is primarily made for industrial welding, weekend DIY warriors can also make good use of it.

This is a 10 gauge extension cord that gives you 30 amps of power at 220 volts; an ideal choice for workshops.

The heavy-duty construction makes it the toughest tool in your arsenal. With a length of 50 feet, you will have no problem with the reach.

It is insulated with STW jacket with a thickness of 0.04 inches, and the sheath thickness is 0.06 inches. Like all other cords, it is a 3 plug and 3 socket extension cords.


Q: What is Sheath?

A: It is the protective cover around the cable.

Q: Is it hard to store?

A: You can easily roll it up to the store.

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Good insulation
  • Heavy-duty cord
  • The female end might feel a little small in the beginning

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ABN Welding Cable 20′ Feet 8 AWG 40A with STW Jacket

ABN Welding Cable 20ft 8 AWG 40A with STW Jacket

This is one of the smaller cables for small workshops and garages. But don’t think that it is small in its performance. The 20 feet cord is able to give you 40 amps of power. And this power comes at 250 volts giving you 10,000 watts. So we have a pretty strong tool here.

Adding to that power is its amazing durability. Furthermore, this ABN unit features an STW jacket that is water-resistant. Though it is marketed as STW, we have also found it to be oil resistant. It will not burn in fire and there is zero chance of abrasion or rust as the tool is fully insulated.

The tool also features molded ends. This characteristic makes it a very convenient choice for professionals. But its prime goal is to increase the safety of the cord.

ABN is a very strong family-owned business in America. You will find all kinds of products from them all over the country, especially the mid-west. This enhances its versatility.

In short, this is a 6 gauge cable that goes fine with 220v outlets. Flexibility is top-notch and it is specialized for industrial use.


Q: What is the weight of the item?

A: It is about 4 pounds.

Q: What can I do with the issue of plug tolerance?

A: You can pry it apart to loosen its grip.

  • Premium industrial tool
  • Very durable
  • Oil and fire resistant
  • Versatile
  • Good for indoor use
  • The female end is very tight

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Parkworld 885323 Welder 50A Plug 3-Prong NEMA 6-50 Extension Cord

Parkworld Welder Extension Cord, Welding 3-Prong NEMA 6-50 Extension Cord (15FT)

If I had to describe this cord in one word, it would be durable.

It features a strong 100% PVC jacket along with a 100% copper conductor. The jacket is very thick and the ends are also covered in thick rubber. Only the prongs are not covered in any kind of visible protective material.

This is a NEMA 6-50A extension cord for welders which means, this is your general straight blade non-locking plug. Moreover, the NEMA notation also implies that this 250-volt extension cord will give you 50 amps resulting in a total power output of 10,000 watts.

It is an 8 gauge cord that makes it safe and durable for heavy-duty welding. UL & cUL also approved it as a heavy-duty cord. Besides, the STW jacket makes it heat and weather-resistant.

I almost forgot to mention the most important factor, the length. You have four length options here. There are 15 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, and 75 feet extension cords of the same model.


Q: Is it compatible with 6-50P?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Are there LED lights on the receiving end?

A: Yes, there are LED lights on the receptor.

  • Durable
  • Heat and weather resistant
  • 4 length options
  • Can take heavy work load
  • It will be stiff for the first few days

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Happybuy Heavy Duty Welding Cord 30 Amp 50 Foot Welding Extension Cord

Happybuy Heavy Duty Welding Cord 30 Amp 50 Foot Welding Extension Cord 10 Awg Welding Machine Cord MIG TIG Plasma(30A)

This cord gives you 50 feet of durable extension. It is strong and flexible, perfect for all kinds of welding. You can carry this 13.7-pound cord around with you without any problem.

The thermoplastic jacket makes it heat resistant and the cord can also stay flexible in temperatures well below freezing. Thus making it a complete weather resistant tool.

Furthermore, it is rust and abrasion-proof. You never have to think about corrosion with this heavy-duty welder extension. It features an STW jacket made with ABS plastic.

Its 30 amps of power will come from 3 conductors of American standard 8 gauge wires. Like most other power cords in America, it also has three plugs and sockets.

There is a neon light built in the cord that glows when the cord is live. The insulation thickness is 0.04 inches and the sheath thickness is 0.06 inches. So it clearly stands up to the safety standards. So, you can use it indoors also. But this is primarily built for heavy-duty industrial work.


Q: Why are people saying that marketers misrepresent the product?

A: If you do a little bit of research yourself, you will find that there is no misrepresentation but the reviews of these products are pretty misleading. Perhaps, you should find honest and diligent reviewers.

Q: What type of welding can I do with it?

A: You can do all kinds of welding with this heavy-duty cord including MIG, TIG, and plasma welding.

  • Heavy duty
  • Safe
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Low brand value

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US Wire and Cable 65100, 100ft

US Wire and Cable 65100 SJTW General Purpose Extension Cord, 100ft, Orange

As the name suggests, this is a 100 feet welding extension cord. If you wanna have a long extension in your welding shop then this is your thing. But if you want, you can also have 50 feet or 25 feet of the same material.

But that is not its only virtue. It is really flexible and weighs just 13.2 pounds. This is amazing because a lot of 100 feet cords are too heavy to carry around. Although the protection is above average, you have to understand that manufacturers are trading a little bit of thickness for the low weight here.

However, the cord is insulated with conductors. It also has solid molded plugs. Moreover, this cord is rust and abrasion resistant. You can use it both indoors and outdoor.

Yes, it’s not going to be as durable as other extension cords in our review. But this is the best you can get from the market if you are looking for a 100 feet cord.

Compared to its value, it is really low priced. Being made in china is the primary reason for that. But the technology is from our beloved USA as the case with most other labor-intensive products.

This is a low amp model giving you around 15 amps; a 12 gauge 3 wire extension cord. The warranty and after-sale services are also very lucrative.


Q: Can it be run underground?

A: You should not do that.

Q: Can it be used with other tools other than welding machines?

A: You can use it with all kinds of tools.

  • Best 100 feet cord
  • Low price
  • Non-marring jacket
  • Less weight
  • Not very durable
  • Low amp model

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What To Consider Before Buying a Welder Extension Cord

You can be a master of electrical extension cords following the checklist below. Here are the features that you need to look for when buying your extension cord.

  • Length

This is why you buy extension cords. There are no tricks here. Buy the one that suits your functions.

You will find cords from 15 feet to 100 feet in the market. The price doesn’t vary much with the length. But that doesn’t mean that you are gonna go for the longest one. Long cords in small places can be a big mess. Moreover, they will also be quite heavy.

  • Gauge and Wire

Gauge is the measurement of the diameter of a wire. It shows how thick your wire is. The more the gauge measurement, the smaller your wire is. And smaller wires can carry less electricity. It also dictates the electric resistance and weight.

General gauge measurements start from zero and end in 30. The smaller the gauge number, the better it is for you. Your typical extension cord wires are the 8-12 gauge.

You will generally see gauge measurements are given in these formats, 8/3, 12/3, 8/4. The number before the slash is the gauge measurement. And the number after the slash is the number of wires inside the protective jacket. So an 8/3 extension cord has three 8 gauge wires.

Look for a cord that has more wires and less gauge measurement. 8/3 is the most common measurement among high-quality cords at a reasonable price.

  • Volts

This is the measurement of electrical potential. In easier terms, it is the electrical pressure your cord can take. Generally, American outlets are 120 volts.

Understanding volt measurement is important. Under volt can result in unnatural behavior from the welder and overvolt can damage your machine or have immediate damage like a meltdown or fire. The latter is very dangerous.

Like all electronics, electrical cords also have a voltage range. It will generally be around 100 volts to 220 volts. Normally, the upper limit is labeled. So look for a cord around 220 or 250 volts.

  • Amperage

Amperage is the measurement of the flow of electricity. It shows how fast the current is flowing in your cord.

Generally, extension cords are between 30-50 amps. Mismatch in the amperage will not cause much harm other than long term damage to the device.

  • Wattage

This is not that important. You will only find it useful when comparing a set of extension cords.

Wattage is the multiplication of voltage and amperage. So if you have 120 volts with a 50 amp current flow then the wattage will be 600.

Volt*Amps = watts

  • Protection

It is a big issue when it comes to welder extension cords.

The first tier of protection is your understanding of the product. Make sure the product is compatible with your outlet and welder.

Then there are some features in the cord that play a big role in making it safer. An ideal cord should be heat and weather resistant. It should be made with materials that don’t catch fire.

  • Flexibility

Make sure that the cord is flexible enough for you. A rigid cable can cause a lot of trouble in the workshop. Moreover, when you are taking your cord to the worksite, the lack of flexibility will mean a waste of working hours.

  • Portability

People generally look for welder extension cords for portable welders. So, if you are carrying your cord, you need to find a light one. Anything more than 20 pounds should be avoided.

  • End Lights

These are LED or neon lights at the ends of the cord. They show whether the cord is live or not. This makes a cord much safer.

  • Durability

A durable cord will have a thick protective jacket around the main wires. This jacket will keep the wires safe from external heat, moisture, and other hazards.

So, you can have a feel for the importance of this jacket. It has to be made with a special kind of plastic. Generally, ABS plastic is used for it.

This plastic makes the cord heat and weather resistant. Look for STW cords. There are some other types of cords like SEOW, STO, SVT, etc. These are some popular variants.

The cords need to be strongly bonded with the plugs and receptacles. Otherwise, it might come off. Though this is a rare occurrence, it can cause shocking problems.

  • Configuration

This is one of the most important factors when buying an extension cord. If the configuration of your outlet doesn’t match with the cord, it will cost you more time and money.

The configurations in the US are called NEMA configurations. These are a set of standards that signifies all the connector configurations in the country. This standard is set by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

You will generally see markings like NEMA 5-15, NEMA L5-15, NEMA 5-15R.

There are two basic types of connectors. They are the straight blade and twisted locking blade connectors. Twisted blades will have an L before the number preceding the hyphen and straight blades will have nothing in that place. NEMA L5-15 is a twisted locking blade connector.

You might also see the letter ‘R’ or ‘P’ at the end of the notation. The ‘R’ means the configuration is for a receptacle and the ‘P’ means the configuration is for plugs.

The number that comes after the hyphen shows the current flow of the cord. It basically shows the amperage amount.

The number preceding the hyphen is the place where it gets tricky. Each of these numbers tells you a set of features about the outlet or cord. Like having a 5 would mean this has 120 volts. Where a 6 signifies a 240-volt outlet.

You have to have a lot of experience to understand all of this. We are providing an info-graphic illustration to help you out with that.

Don’t Go DIY Unless You Are An Expert

Doing things yourself is good. But not when it comes to things that require professional expertise. Let’s see why should not go DIY with welder extension cords.

  • Electrical cords are actually easy to build. But with the slightest mistakes, it can cause you big trouble. And there are some things that are just not in your hand. Like you will never get a well-insulated plug. It’s just not available in the market.
  • You will also not find any well-jacketed cord. There will always be a gap around your cord and plug joints. This gap will be sensitive to water and moisture. It also makes the construction very weak.
  • Durability is always uncertain whereas you have warranties from most of the cord manufacturers. Furthermore, the risk of faulty cords are too high.
  • Finally, store-bought cords are way cheaper than DIY cords. Yes, they are. Go check in our list above. You will be left dumbfounded. Cords in the stores actually cost 20-40 dollars less than homemade ones.

So, when DIY is causing you more money and trouble, there is no point in going through all the hustle. Unless you are in the woods.

Top Three Welder Extension Cords In Our List

Though we have made it very easy to have a quick research and pick the one that suits you best, you might also lack the time to do that.

But, don’t worry.

We have got you covered.

Here are the top three products that you can put your money on without the hustle of researching.

  • ABN Welding Cable 20′ Feet 8 AWG 40A with STW Jacket (for small shops, garage, and factories)
  • Park world 885323 Welder 50A Plug 3-Prong NEMA 6-50 Extension Cord
  • Southwire 19178806 8/3 Heavy-Duty STW 40-Amp/250-Volt, 25-feet Welder Extension Cord

Frequently Asked Questions

There are generally a lot of queries concerning electrical tools. Here are some of the commonly asked ones that might help you to solve your problems.

Q: What is AWG?

A: It stands for American Wire Gauge. This is the American standard of gauge that has a little different from the rest of the world.

Q: What is the meaning of 8/3 wire or cord?

A: The first number which is “8” in this case is the gauge measurement of wire. And the second number which is “3” in this case is the number of wires in a cord. So by 8/3, it means that there are 3 wires in the cord and their measurement is 8 gauges. You will also find 12/4, 10/3 wires, and other numbers.

Q: What is the STW jacket?

A: STW stands for service, thermoplastic, weather-resistant. It is a jacket that ensures high-quality service and resistance from heat and fire. These jackets are also durable and able to handle rain, moisture, snow, and other weather hazards.

Q: What are the types of portable thermoplastic cords?

A: They are of the following types;

  • SEOW
  • STW
  • STO
  • SVT
  • STOW
  • SPT-1 &2
  • SPT-1.5

Q: What is the NEMA connector?

A: It is the standard of plugs and receptacles set by the US National Electrical Manufacturers Association. It is not important here as all the connectors in North America follow this standard.

Q: Can welder extension cords be used with other machines?

A: Maybe not all of them. But most of them can be used with other heavy-duty machines. To be sure about that, match the electric requirements of your tool and the extension cord.

Q: Do I really need to dig so deep to buy my extension cord?

A: Actually, yes. A mismatch between your machine or outlet and the cord can cause you a lot of trouble. It’s more about convenience than money.

Q: Which configuration is the best for welder extension cords?

A: NEMA 6-20 or L6-20 are among the best. But it is actually a matter of matchmaking. Because you can’t change the outlet in your workplace. So you have to get a configuration that is compatible with your work environment.

Final Thoughts

And that was everything you need for purchasing yourself the best welder extension cord. We write for professionals. So the people who know their job will surely agree with us about our top picks.

However, if you are not that experienced, you can follow our buying guide. You will find everything there to make a purchase independently.

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