Best Way To Hang A Bike

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The bike has become a daily companion for most of us. But keeping a bike requires some other services too. Mostly the big house owners buy and use bikes mostly. But even owners of small apartments can find a place to store two-wheeled friends. Providing a place for storage will help hooks, brackets; you can make horizontal and vertical mounts for the bike on the wall with your own hands at the wheel, for the frame. Interesting suggestions, ideas, ways to implement them are collected in this article. Storing a bike at home is a challenge, especially when there are several.

How do you hang your bike?

Bicycle mounts can save the day. Hanging a bicycle is a great idea in small, cluttered apartments. Placed on the floor, it blocks aisles, makes it difficult to move around the apartment, soils the floor, and leaves marks on the white walls.

A practical solution to avoid many troubles is bike racks. This is the least complicated way to store a bicycle in the apartment. Usually, a bracket is installed to attach the bike to the wall, but sometimes they are put on the ceiling and on the door. Thanks to the fasteners, you can hang the bicycle equipment close to the wall, it does not take up much space.

There are several types of bike mounting hooks:

  • by the wheel to the wall;
  • by the wheel to the ceiling;
  • by the frame to the wall;
  • by the frame to the ceiling;
  • And to the door.

Even clean wheels can stain, scratch the wall, so it’s worth painting these areas with darker paint or choosing a surface that is resistant to damage. See what models are recommended by experts, check if the apartment matches them.

A wall-mounted wheel mount is a popular option that saves space on the floor. Simply mount the holder by the front wheel on the wall. The attachment requires the use of force when hanging, removing the bicycle, especially if it is not ultra-light equipment. The device is suitable if it is planned to place the two-wheeled horse in the corner of the room. Suspension can be done by hooks placed on the wall.

The second option is a combined amount for storing the bike on the wall, which includes: If you need a solution that performs a fixing function and is attractive in appearance, it is worth looking for colorful designer brackets that decorate the apartment. You can even hang a bicycle over a bed, a sofa. A more practical option is to hang it in the hallway, closer to the exit, protecting the wall, for example, and washable wallpaper.

Brackets for hanging on the frame

  • A simple, cheap way – 2 hooks of appropriate length, strength. Install the hooks should be at a distance from the wall so that the pedals do not scratch the wallpaper, paint. Before screwing in the hooks, you need to make sure that the chosen wall has the appropriate load capacity.
  • Hangers with a frame – The advantage of hangers is the ability to fold them after removing the bike, saving space. The shoulder or length that needs to be adapted to the bike is important. Often hangers have adjustable spacing, making them more versatile. Folding hangers save space. Their quality is important; the hinges must be sturdy so they don’t break with heavy use.
  • Mounting to the ceiling – If the walls are already occupied, there is no hallway, the free floor is a luxury, and it is worth fixing the bicycle friend to the ceiling. In practice, it is a hook, on it hangs the front wheels or 2 hooks, from which 2 cables protrude, ending with two smaller hooks.

There are 2 hanging options:

  • Horizontally by the wheel, frame, seat, steering wheel;
  • Vertically by the wheel.

The first option involves hanging it by Then it will hang vertically to the ceiling, which works in apartments with high ceilings or when you want to hang it from a small piece of furniture – a shoe closet in the hallway, a door. You can place the bike horizontally to the ceiling, but we need to think about whether we want to place it thereafter each ride, it can be problematic.

On cables, hooks hang equipment behind the front wheel, saddle. There are systems that pull up under the ceiling with a cable, completely freeing up space below. Before you buy, make sure the cables are long enough. The bike should not hang too high, sometimes it is enough to hang it above furniture level.

The ceiling, as well as the wall, should be covered with paint that is resistant to dirt, damage.

The smallest holder

The apartment, decorated in a minimalist style, has too large objects, hooks will not decorate. There is a compact solution – the smallest screw holder will take only a few centimeters. The mount is U-shaped, made of durable material, available in many colors. The holder looks interesting, modern, you can choose a variant for different sizes – it works for several wheel sizes.

The attachment is great, simple – one small bracket is enough to attach the bike vertically. You just have to “slip” the front wheel into the mount, and the bike stands against the wall. The holder can also be attached to the floor. Stands or stands or stands are an interesting, non-standard solution. A service stand allows you to hide the bike in a hard-to-reach place. The option is suitable for people who take care of their own two wheels for repair. The fixture allows you to comfortably repair breakdowns.

The stand is ideal for service work: On the stand, you can freely pedal, so it is not difficult to adjust the rear, front derailleur, set the brake. The rack’s hooks should be covered with rubber treads, this will eliminate the risk of scratching the frame. The stand can have an adjustable height, angle of inclination. Adjustable height up to 145 cm and a 360-degree range of mounting the frame makes it an indispensable tool for repair, adjustment.

Rules for hanging the bike

Before you decide to buy, mount the brackets with your own hands, familiarize yourself with the rules of attachment:

  1. The height of the room is important. In apartments with high ceilings, you can hang the two-wheeled horse under the ceiling, in rooms with low ceilings wall mounts for bike storage will be useful.
  2. You need to choose a place that allows easy access to the bike. It weighs a lot, you will need force to get it off the hook, and you may need a stand. Hang seldom-used bikes (such as race bikes) at great heights.
  3. Look for brackets that have protection for hooks and protrusions to protect the equipment from damage. If the chosen model without protection, you need to buy it or make it yourself. In small apartments, where there is not enough space on the wall, you can think about a bracket that rises to the ceiling.
  4. It is necessary to choose a place so that sand, dirt falling from the wheels, fenders, do not contaminate the furniture. The height is important so that family members do not touch the tires with their heads.
  5. The weight capacity of the rack should match the weight of the bicycle. Pay special attention to the correct screwing of hooks, pins.

Caution: Do not hang your bicycle on the balcony. In our climate, a bicycle left outdoors will deteriorate quickly. Humidity and low temperatures can cause corrosion. If it is not possible to hang it in an apartment, you can do it in a basement or garage.

Convenient closet space

This is a suitable solution for families in which more than one person uses bicycles. It’s worth considering installing a small built-in closet in the hallway. It’s a good place to hide your bicycle equipment. Bicycles can be placed in a number of ways:

  • Vertically;
  • On hooks;
  • On hangers mounted on the walls.

Thanks to this, they take up less space, you can put several pieces next to each other. This solution is quite complex, but provides better conditions – the walls do not get dirty, placement is quick, easy. In the economical, less advanced version, it is enough to install a mount on the door in the apartment. You can use the existing niche – under the stairs, in the hallway, or create an additional “wall” of clothing closet. Sliding doors are easy to install, and we can adapt their size, color to the interior. It’s an interesting way to use small free space that we didn’t know about until now. Bicycles hang vertically, just like in built-in cabinets. It won’t take much space to safely store your equipment.

How about in a room?

If you can’t put your bike in the hallway or basement, you can store it in your living room. A simple way is to hide it behind a screen. You can easily choose a mounting model that combines with other elements of the interior, which will be an interesting addition. It is enough to buy a spectacular bracket, a suitable platform, lay a simple mat, thanks to which effectively protect the floor from possible damage, dirt.

The bicycle does not need to be considered as an element that reduces the area of the apartment. You can make it a decorative element. It should not interfere with daily activities. Ideals are:

  • A free fragment of the bedroom;
  • An empty wall in the hall;
  • A space above the fireplace;
  • An area of space under the stairs;
  • A niche next to the closet.

Then it does not bother us, while acting as an interesting addition to the interior. The solution is ideal for cycling enthusiasts who love to contemplate their two-wheeled friend.

Although the size of a bicycle is quite considerable, this does not mean that it cannot be stored in the apartment. Modern technical solutions come to the rescue:

  • All kinds of racks;
  • Brackets;
  • Hooks;

In addition to traditional holders immobilizing the bicycle wheel in a special rail, there are versions mounted on: They allow you to place equipment in different positions using the space available.

How to hang a bicycle on the wall?

best way to hang a bike

Most fans of outdoor activities do not use bicycles in the winter, and therefore often there is a problem – where to store a bicycle to the apartment, especially if it is not as spacious as we would like. The problem is exacerbated if the apartment does not have an insulated balcony where you could put the bike. Few people like to disassemble the bike every year and put everything in a box for the winter.

Therefore, the questions of where to store bikes in the apartment and how to hang a bike on the wall, are very relevant. In this article we will consider where in the apartment you can store your bike, what devices are sold for the convenient arrangement of the bike and how to hang the bike on the wall, making a shelf for the bike itself.


Furnishing a small apartment requires a lot of creativity, especially for cycling enthusiasts who have to look for additional storage space for their cycling equipment. Lack of storage space should not be a reason to give up walking, sports. There are many opportunities to incorporate the bike into the interior without interfering with everyday life. So how do you do it without turning your apartment into a garage? It will take a little ingenuity, free space, so that we can store the equipment unhindered during and after the cycling season. If it is not possible to find space for a classic bike, we can look in the direction of the folding model. Once folded, it is small enough to fit under a table, in a closet.

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