Best Water Bottle for 2-Year old Kids

Kids who are 2 years old need to drink plenty of water every day to help them grow up healthy. But there’s a problem, they don’t know how to use an ordinary glass properly. Most kids have no idea how to hold and drink water, which is why they spill it at a very high rate. There is a simple solution to this problem that most parents don’t realize. The option is the best water bottle for 2-year old kids.

Are you looking for the best water bottle for 2-year old kids? If so, you’ve come to the right place. There are many types of water bottles for kids but we will talk about the best one that is BPA-free, chlorine-resistant and your kids will love.

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Top 10 Best Water Bottle for 2-Year old Kids Reviews- 2022

1. Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Simple Modern Summit Kids Metal Water Bottle 14oz – Summit Collection. Made from high-quality, durable stainless steel to keep your drink at the perfect temperature. It’s BPA-free and doesn’t retain any odors or flavors. The straw lid is made from 100% BPA-free Tritan material, and the screw on lid is leakproof when closed. This bottle is a clean, modern design that’s easy for everyday use, and a perfect addition to school supplies or a great gift idea!

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

Vacuum Insulated: The Summit Water Bottle will keep your favorite drink at its ideal temperature for hours thanks to its double-wall and vacuum insulated design. The bottle’s double walls are made of high-grade stainless steel, giving you the perfect container for any beverage. It’s perfect for whatever adventure you decide to take whether that’s a backpacking trip to the Rockies or an afternoon at the beach with friends.

Summit Straw Lid: The Summit Straw Lid features a new soft silicone straw that is one-piece and easy to clean. Compatible with 10oz and 12oz kids’ water bottles, the Soft Straw Lid is a great way to keep the kids hydrated while they’re on the go. Summit Straw’s BPA-Free Summit Straw lid prevents leaks when the nozzle is closed and comes with a cap that keeps the nozzle clean. With a carry handle on the cap, your kid can conveniently take their lid wherever they go. The handle fits over the loop on the water bottle so they can carry the lid with them wherever they go.

Remarkable Value: Simple Modern is built on serving you, our customer. This product offers remarkable value, giving more than 10% of profit to charity and providing products that are high quality and stylish. We believe in a sustainable lifestyle, and we strive to bring you products that are both eco-friendly and innovative.

2. CamelBak eddy Kids BPA Free Water Bottle

The all new eddy is the spill-proof water bottle that rules them all—and it’s here to make drinking fun! The eddy is completely free of BPA, BPS, and BPF. It’s also made from great materials and is 100 percent free of phthalates and lead. Easy to fill up and clean, the BPA-free, top-rack dishwasher safe eddy features a wide mouth opening for easy filling and pouring. The patented twist ‘n seal technology on the Eddy makes it spill-resistant since accidents happen when you’re having fun.

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

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Easy to Use: The CamelBak Eddy Kids’ Water Bottle is specifically designed for smaller hands to use. It features easy to use parts and is made from high quality, safe, and easy to clean materials. The simplified stem and straw are child-safe yet easily removed for cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe (top rack only). Just the right bite: This water bottle for kids combines the patented CamelBak Big Bite Valve with a stem tube and shut-off valve; This detachable one-piece component is simple for kids to use and simple for parents to clean

Patented design: CamelBak’s Water Bottle for Kids features a patented Big Bite Valve as well as a stem tube and shut-off valve. This easy-to-clean component detaches in one piece for easy cleaning for parents and for children to manage. There are no extra parts or pieces, and no spouts to lose. The Water Bottle for Kids fits in most bike racks and cup holders is dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime guarantee.

BPA free Materials: CamelBak’s eddy kids water bottle is designed with a spill-resistant design and vibrant graphics to keep your children occupied and happy. The simplified straw is easy for kids to use, and the size makes it ideal for packing in bags and lunchboxes. The CamelBak eddy 14-ounce water bottle is made from durable Tritan plastic, is BPA-free, dishwasher safe (top rack only), and comes in a spill-resistant design that’s great for active children. Additionally, it comes with a simple straw to help keep kids hydrated.

3. Tommee Tippee Insulated Sportee Toddler Sports Water Bottle

This kids cup helps teach your baby or toddler to drink from a regular cup, vs. a sippy cup. It’s made from high quality, safe, and easy to clean materials, and BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalate, and Nitrosamine free! It comes with a no-spill silicone spout that allows toddlers to drink from any angle. The unique leak-proof valve technology was awarded a patent in the US for its anti-leak innovation. A great alternative to sippy cups. Great for preschool-aged children or anyone who wants access to water during an exercise class, sports games, basketball practice at school, etc.

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

sippy cup spill proof sippy cups for baby 12 months bottle transition cups 12-18 months for babies
12 months bottle transition cups 12-18 months for babies tommie tippie leak proof
sippy cup for baby 12 months bottle transition cups 12-18 months for babies tommie tippie leak proof

Spill-proof: Learning to drink should be fun, but it doesn’t have to be messy. To help prevent messy spills, this toddler sippy has a two-piece, detachable non-spill valve. The easy-to-assemble and clean soft spout are designed to help little ones learn how to sip while still protecting against messes outside the cup. This spill-proof cup holds up to 9 oz of liquid and is made of durable Eastman Tritan plastic that’s BPA free. Plus, the built-in carry handle and wide neck make it easy to hold and fill with ice cubes and water.

Gentle on gums: The cup features the same spout as the NUK Learner Cup and is 100% leak-proof, spill-proof and break-proof guaranteed. The durable, long-lasting, one-piece spout is gentle on little mouths and tough enough to withstand tiny teeth. The soft spout is designed to be extra gentle on tender gums and new teeth. It’s also spill-proof so both you and baby can relax a bit more. This cup encourages your toddler to drink from a Spout – just like an adult cup – but with the no-mess assurance of a sippy cup.

Double-wall insulated: It has a relatively small capacity, so your child won’t have to carry around too much water. To encourage children to drink water while playing and to keep them cool while playing, the base is insulated to minimize condensation. It’s also leak-proof when closed, so it can be safely packed in a bag or lunchbox without the risk of spills.

BPA-free: The manufacturing process for many plastic products involves heating plastics to extremely high temperatures in order to mold them into their desired shape. The problem occurs during this process when certain chemicals, such as BPA, can be released from the plastic and into the product being manufactured. This is how items such as water can become contaminated with chemicals that may be harmful for human consumption.

Easy clean: Insulated Sportee bottles are easy to clean, and sterilizer and dishwasher safe. The wide mouth makes it easy to clean with a brush or drop a tablet inside for deep cleaning. To keep your bottle fresh and ready for your next adventure, recommend you to rinse it with hot water after each use. You can also add a mild soap or detergent if needed. Cleaning tablets work great too!

4. NCVI Rabbit Stainless Steel Water Bottles for boys and girls

NCVI Rabbit Stainless Steel Straw Cup is ideal for infants or kids and made using food-grade materials. Your child will love this spill-proof bottle that doesn’t break easily. The spout is made of anti-pull food grade soft silicone and the tip is designed as a V-type safety valve. This ensures that the liquid flows out quite easily but prevents liquids from flowing back into the cup or baby’s mouth when not in use. It’s also equipped with double-wall insulation that keeps liquids warm without having to overheat it in the microwave a lot of times. It can be sterilized through boiling if needed.

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

Double Insulation System: The cup body is made of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the outer layer is made of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel. The inner wall is vacuum insulated to keep heat or cold for 12 hours. It can be used as a cold water bottle, ice cream cup, and fruit juice cup in summer. It can also be used as a tea mug, fruit wine cup and hot milk cup in winter.

Safety Valve: There is a safety valve under the lid. The valve will open when you bite, and the normal state is closed. There is no need to worry about water leaking from the suction pipe after the cup is inverted. The cup body is made of food-grade PP material, which can be used with confidence.

Suitable: The sippy cup ergonomic double handle with no extra valves edges and corners, it won’t hurt your child. Which suits little handles to grip and is easy to use. Attached is the gravity ball design that will fit any position of baby drinking water. It can be used for many years, and will not fade or deform. To protect your baby from accidental scalding by hot water from the sippy cup.

Convenient to fill water: the wide mouth design is easy to fill water. The soft silicone spout is very comfortable for baby when drinking. The lid holds in place securely with a snap-on hook to prevent spills, also can be used as a travel mug and pacifier holder.

Easy to clean: the wide mouth design is easy to clean inside the cup, you just need to rinse it with water or put it in the dishwasher directly, don’t worry that it’s hard to clean the inner wall of the cup like other bottles have. The bottle itself is made of food-grade silicone, which won’t breed bacteria after long time using and can be boiled or microwaved if needed.

5. Munchkin Flip and Go Tritan Straw Cup

The new Munchkin Flip and Go Tritan Straw Cup is the only cup your toddler will need. Designed to make on-the-go drinking easy, the push-button flip-top lid flips back just like a cap to expose a soft silicone straw that’s gentle on gums. The leak-proof cap ensures spills are contained, while the handy carrying loop helps little ones stay hydrated while they’re on the go. This adorable cup is made of durable Tritan material and is top-rack dishwasher safe, BPA free and leakproof, making it ideal for active toddlers.

Why Choose this Water Bottle?


Capacity: Keep drinks cool or hot with the 12 oz. Water Bottle by Zak. This BPA-free bottle is made of durable Tritan plastic and has a double-wall design that keeps liquids cool for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. The push-button flip-top lid makes it easy to drink, while the silicone straw is extra durable and leakproof. A carabineer clip allows you to attach this bottle to a backpack, purse, or other bags.

Valve-free and Spill-proof: It’s innovative design makes drinking water on the go incredibly easy. All you have to do is tip the bottle to your mouth and sip. No valves mean no leaks, no spills and no more worrying about getting water on your clothes or bag.

Soft Silicone: Provided soft silicone straw is gentle enough for kids and also perfect for adults who need a little extra hydration while on the move. And because our straw is valve-free, there’s no risk of mold buildup (which can happen with traditional valves) so you can be sure that every sip is clean and pure.

Built-in Handle: The Hydro Flask has a narrow mouth opening that makes it easy to drink from, but not so wide that you will spill if you tip it over or as you insert an ice cube into your drink. The flip lid has a hinge lock so that it stays locked in place while you are transporting it. The lid also has a built-in handle which makes carrying by hand easier, but also makes clipping it to a backpack easier as well.

Safe Materials: The Hydro Flask 12 oz meets all Food and Drug Administration standards so that you know your beverage is safe while inside of this bottle. It is made out of BPA-free polypropylene plastic which is durable enough to survive accidental drops. The powder coating on the outside of this bottle gives it added durability and makes it easy for your hands to grip when wet, dry, or sweaty.

6. Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Simple Modern Water Bottles are designed by moms for kids and toddlers. Made of stainless steel, these reusable water bottles for kids can be used for drinking water, juice, smoothies, or even bringing your favorite drink on the go! It features a special lid to prevent spills and accidental drips. This Kids Water Bottles come in many different fun colors and designs that boys or girls will love. These kid’s water bottles have a straw lid so they can sip their drinks with ease because we know how hard it is to drink out of a normal water bottle as a toddler! Best of all, Summit Collection kid’s water bottles are dishwasher safe making them super easy to clean!

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

Vacuum Insulated: Keep your drink cold for hours with the double-walled, insulated Summit water bottle. Made from stainless steel, this sleek and rugged sports water bottle is BPA-free and built to last. With its double-wall vacuum insulation, it keeps your beverages cold for 24 hours, while preventing condensation on the outside of the bottle.

Straw lid: The Summit Bottle is the perfect water bottle for active people, and the new straw lid makes it even better! The Summit has a double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel construction that keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours. It comes with a leakproof, BPA-free Summit Straw Lid that has a hinge lock to keep the straw in place and is top-rack dishwasher safe. It also includes a standard screw-on cap.

Durable: The Summit fits most cupholders, and it’s lightweight enough to take anywhere. And no matter if you’re in the great outdoors or your cubicle, condensation won’t be an issue thanks to its sweat free design which keeps water from collecting on the outside of the bottle.

Dishwasher Safe: Dishwashers can become contaminated and provide less than optimal cleaning performance. This is because the machines themselves can sometimes become breeding grounds for bacteria. Plus, soap residue and food particles can remain in the machine after each wash cycle, leading to foul odors.

7. Tommee Tippee Superstar Insulated Sportee Toddler Water Bottle

Tommee Tippee has designed and developed a range of products which are suitable for your child from birth and beyond. The new Superstar range of bottles and sippy cups are designed to help teach your child to drink from a cup, whilst feeling like they are still drinking from a bottle. The 100% leakproof valve is designed for the safety of your child. The premium soft silicone teat is flexible but strong, making it resistant to extreme temperature changes, and bite-resistant. Each product in the Superstar range is easy to clean, requiring only the addition of warm soapy water as opposed to fiddly parts and complex mechanisms.

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

Double-wall insulated: Double wall water bottles are made with the highest quality materials and some of the most advanced technologies available. Unlike other bottles, a double-walled bottle will keep your water cooler longer, and prevent condensation from forming on the outside of your bottle. Double wall insulated water bottles are also virtually unbreakable – they’re made to take a beating and still be ready to keep you hydrated.

Bite-resistant: This durable, long-lasting, one-piece spout is gentle on little mouths and tough enough to withstand tiny teeth. The soft silicone spout is designed to be extra gentle on gums and emerging teeth, while the medical-grade silicone bite valve makes drinking easy at every stage of development.

Easy clean: The cup lids are leak-proof and easy to clean, but the bottles themselves can be a bit tough to get clean. We recommend washing them in hot water with some dishwashing detergent. The bottles aren’t dishwasher safe, but the lids are.

Safe Materials: The material of your water bottle is one of the most important factors to consider. For example, plastic water bottles are often made from polycarbonate, a type of plastic that can release BPA. Other plastics may also contain BPA as well as other chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Plastics can often be identified by their recycling codes (usually found on the bottom of the bottle).

8. Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle

Here’s a water bottle that’s perfect for young kids and handy dandy—the Simple Modern Summit Collection Kids Water Bottle. This reusable water bottle features a durable, BPA-free, 12oz plastic cup with a leakproof push down the lid. It is great for school, traveling, sports and anything else you can think up! Kids love the fun colors and parents love the fact that it’s plastic thermal insulated and spill-proof.  Also includes a silicone straw that is of good size for small mouths and comes in a different color than the rest of the bottle so it’s easy to find!

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

Durable and Lightweight: The BPA-Free Tritan Plastic used on Simple Modern kids water bottles makes them durable and lightweight. It’s dishwasher safe and shatter-resistant. The small opening is great for children’s little mouths and the stainless steel lid and insulated body mean your kids will be able to drink at their own pace without fear of the liquid getting warm.

Dishwasher Safe: All kid’s plastic cups, water bottles, and lids are dishwasher safe on the top rack. For more thorough cleaning, you can use a bottle brush to clean the inside of your bottles and add some warm soapy water to your cup before washing them in the dishwasher.

Cold Weather Care: In cold weather conditions, your bottles may become damaged if left in extremely cold temperatures for an extended period of time. Please be aware that we do not recommend leaving any water bottles in a car (or outside) overnight or for long periods of time during cold weather.

Cupholder Friendly: The kids summit water bottle is the perfect size for your child to take on the go. Fits most standard cupholders and can be carried by hand or using the included carrying loop. The kids summit water bottle is 100% BPA-free and made from durable Tritan plastic that helps withstand daily wear and tear. The flip-up straw provides a high flow of water for easier, one-handed drinking.

9. Vmini Kids Water Bottle – Insulated Water Bottle

The Vmini Kids Water Bottle with New Wide Handle Straw Lid is an innovative reusable insulated water bottle designed with a simple twist and flip up straw to sip from, keeping your little one hydrated on the go. The narrow bottom and clear wide mouth makes it extremely easy for drinking and adding ice cubes. It offers complete protection from Water Bacteria and Algae, is made of Stainless Steel that does not cause any metallic taste or leave any lingering odor in liquid, and is BPA free. 

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

Multiple Sizes: The Vmini Water Bottle has a wide mouth bottle, which can make it easy to fill with ice cubes, fruits or tea. It also fits in most cup holders and bicycle water bottle cases.

Safe & Healthy: Made of high-quality food-grade 18/304 stainless steel, this sports water bottle is 100% BPA-free and non-toxic, rust-proof, sweatproof, easy to wash and unbreakable.

Vacuum Insulated: With double-walled vacuum insulation, Vmini Water Bottle (wide mouth) can keep beverages cold for 24 hours, and hot for 8 hours. Perfect for outdoor activities, like camping, driving, beach and so on.

Portable & Lightweight: The Vmini Water Bottle (wide mouth) is designed to be portable and lightweight. It’s convenient to take it on the go or fit into your bag or backpack easily.

10. Simple Modern Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Water Bottle

Simple Modern’s Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Water Bottle & Summit Collection 14oz Reusable Insulated Stainless Steel Cup for School is BPA free. This water bottle for kids features a reusable insulated stainless steel cup that can be used on the go! This Disney Minnie Mouse water bottle comes with a straw lid and has an easy to carry handle. Great for school, sports, or on the go fun with Minnie’s family. This water bottle also features Summit Collection graphics making it ideal to use with other Simple Modern products.

Why Choose this Water Bottle?

Vacuum Insulated: Whether you’re headed to the summit of your favorite mountain or just making it to the top of the stairs without being out of breath, hydration is key. The Summit Water Bottle has double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold (or hot) for hours. It is built with stainless steel for toughness that can withstand even the most severe abuse. The insulated screw-top lid stays secure and provides a loop for easy carrying or attaching to your pack.

LeakProof Straw Lid: The Summit Straw Lid is the perfect accessory for all Summit water bottles. It’s made from durable, dishwasher-safe Tritan plastic and features a soft-touch carry loop and flip-top straw. The BPA-free Summit Straw Lid is leak-proof when the nozzle is in the closed position; US Patent Pending.

Licensed Disney: The perfect gift for every Mickey and Minnie Mouse fan! This fun water bottle is perfect for school, sports and home use. The plastic water bottle features a screw-on lid with a flip-up straw. It is decorated with your favorite Disney character images.

Cupholder Friendly: Designed to fit in a standard cup holder, the Summit Kids Water Bottle is ready to go wherever you and your young ones do. The durable stainless steel construction and double-wall vacuum insulation ensure that their favorite beverage stays cold, while the powder coat finish protects it from dents and scratches. Available in a variety of colors, this bottle features a wide mouth opening for easy cleaning and filling, as well as a leakproof TripleHaul Cap so spills are never an issue.

How to Choose Best Water Bottles for 2-Year old Kids

Best Water Bottle for 2-Year old Kids

When choosing a water bottle for your kids, you should take a few things into consideration:


Stainless steel and glass are not suitable for water bottles for babies because they cannot lift them without assistance. Most babies prefer plastic bottles because they are lighter.


There is a reason why the price tag is so low on plastic bottles: they won’t last forever. Generally, aluminum only lasts about twice as long as plastic, but not as long as stainless steel or glass. It’s pretty obvious that you don’t want to give your kid glass bottles if he or she is rough on them.


A bottle with cartoon characters will attract the attention of your child, but it will also shorten its lifespan. It’s not uncommon for kids to change their tastes quickly, and they are less likely to use anything too babyish as they grow older.


The bottle you choose should be tall enough to hold more liquid if your child spends a lot of time in a vehicle or is outdoors a lot sweating. You can purchase water bottles that hold up to 32 ounces, although most water bottles for kids hold about 8 to 12 ounces of water. Keeping in mind that more water is in the bottle, the heavier it will be for your child to carry.


The softest straw spout will prevent your child from accidentally harming their teeth when teaching him or her how to use a water bottle. It’s also a good idea to use a softer spout if your child tends to walk around while drinking. The gums, the roof of their mouth, and their teeth will not be damaged by a soft spout if they trip and fall.

Those with harder spouts will last longer than those with softer spouts, as children who chew things will use them less.


It is expensive to buy bottles made of stainless steel or glass. Most plastic bottles are cheaper, but their durability is lower than stainless steel, and they often contain chemicals you wouldn’t find in glass bottles. Children tend to prefer water bottles that cost between $10 and $20.


How do I get my 2-year old off the bottle?

Eliminate one bottle a day and replace it with sippy cups filled with milk. Make sure your child drinks milk with meals, instead of carrying around a bottle. This will help him or she learn that milk is a part of meals. When they are old enough, allow them to drink small amounts of water during the day.

What does BPA mean?

A BPA-free water bottle must be checked when you are shopping for one. The chemical bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is found in some plastic bottles. 

Is this bottle safe for my child to use?

It is important to check whether your child has small parts, based on his or her age. When it comes to water bottles for newborns to three-year-olds, you shouldn’t put anything small or detachable in them. This age group has a very limited selection of bottles that are recommended. Small parts in a water bottle should also be avoided by children three to eight years of age. When your child reaches the age of eight, give them a water bottle with caution.

How can you tell if a water bottle is leakproof?

You should consider spills when purchasing a water bottle for your child. A good way to determine whether a product has a leakproof feature is to read the product description which usually describes the technology used to seal the product.

After you’ve become proficient with water bottles, you should check out the best water bottles for children and add them right to your basket.

Final Thoughts

Given the vast number of options available for kids’ water bottles, it can be challenging to settle on one that’s right for your family. As you review these best water bottles for 2 year-old kids, keep in mind the different features parents will wish to have with their children. Also factor in your personal preferences as well as the price range you have set aside to invest in this type of product. A good water bottle will provide a stable foundation to ensure your child enjoys hydration while living an active lifestyle outdoors. Whether on a field trip or sitting at home playing, this product will ensure safe storage and consumption of water.

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