Best Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

The United States throws away more than 60 million plastic bottles every day. It is a good thing, then, that there is now a range of stylish and practical reusable water bottles available on the market to combat this horrible amount of waste. Once you quit using disposable bottles and began carrying a recyclable container—well done!—you may have noticed that it needs to be cleaned periodically.

Fortunately, this task does not have to be a dreaded one. Fortunately, it can be done relatively quickly and painlessly with a special bottle cleaning brush. The handy tool features a long handle that allows you to access all areas of your water bottle and a bristle head that removes bacteria and germs. As these nasties tend to flourish in humid environments, this is especially important.

In this article, we review 10 of the most popular Water Bottle Cleaning brushes on Amazon to ensure your containers remain clean.

1. Holikme 5 Pack Bottle Brush Cleaning Set

Make sure you are the host with the most, bring the Holikme 5 Pack Bottle Brush Cleaning Set to your next event! This set comes with 5 brushes in different colors to help you clean a variety of bottles and narrow necked vessels, from win decanters to beer bottles. The long handle on each brush allows you to reach into even the deepest corners of a bottle or serve as an extension of your arm when washing larger vessels that can’t fit into your sink.

Why Choose it?

bottle brushbottle brushbottle brushbottle brush

5 PACK BOTTLE CLEANING BRUSHES – Made of high-quality nylon bristles and stainless steel handle, it is durable for long-term use. Each brush has a different purpose for cleaning the inside of water bottles, baby bottles, sippy cups, travel mugs, straws, and more!

MULTIPLE USES – 16″ long handle beer bottle brush, 14″ sports water bottle brush, 10″ multifunction sponge brush, 4.3″ spout cleaning brush, 12.6″ straw brush. You can hang them on a hook for drying and storage.

SAFE & HEALTHY – FDA-approved nylon bristles are safe to use on any delicate surface and will not scratch your water bottles or tumblers. A non-slip ergonomic handle provides you a comfortable hold feeling while using deep inside or narrow neck bottles.

SAVE YOUR TIME – This set of bottle brushes is designed to save your time and make the cleaning process easier than ever. The long handle gives you enough length to get the bottom of the bottle without getting your hands dirty in hard-to-reach places.

REMOVE STUBBORN STAINS – It’s the perfect tool to help you clean any water bottle, coffee cup, or travel mug in just a few minutes. It has firm bristles on one end and a sponge on the other, so you can easily scrub away any stubborn stains and then wipe them away with the sponge. And it comes with an extendable handle for those hard-to-reach spots inside your bottles.

2. Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush

Munchkin’s two-piece Bottle Brush set has everything you need to clean all of your baby’s bottles, nipples and sippy cups. This 2-in-1 brush features a durable nylon nipple/sippy cup brush, as well as a soft rubber baby bottle brush that is gentle on all parts. Its upright design makes it convenient for storing when not in use. All Munchkin bottle brushes are BPA-free, top rack dishwasher safe and include a 100% guarantee.  Munchkin products have been safety tested and are approved by parents, along with being certified by the FDA and the consumer product safety commission to ensure they are completely BPA free.

Why Choose it?

bottle brush

BPA-FREE: Includes (2) BPA-free bottle brushes that stand upright and off of counters, keeping all parts dry and away from bacteria. These brushes are top rack dishwasher safe and have durable bristles, making them perfect for scrubbing baby bottles, sports bottles or sippy cups. The scrub brush also includes a nipple cleaner to reach the smallest spaces! This brush set is perfect to add to your registry as a baby shower gift or as a gift for new parents.

NYLON BRISTLES: The bristles on this brush are crafted from a durable nylon material that is both scratch-free and soft. This means that you can use the brush for all of your pots, pans, and dishes, without worrying about scratching or damaging them. The soft bristles will also soak up any soap suds and water from the sink, so that you can focus on scrubbing without worrying about making a mess.

SOFT RUBBER NIPPLE: One of the biggest challenges in cleaning small parts is finding a brush that’s gentle enough that it won’t damage your items, yet tough enough to get them clean. Luckily, we’ve got just the right tool for the job—it’s our soft rubber nipple brush! The bristles are made of super-fine, flexible rubber that gently cleans without scratching or damaging your parts, and this brush is also great for cleaning.

IDEAL: This brush is ideal for cleaning most standard glass and plastic baby bottles. The brush features a soft, lightweight handle that makes it easy to hold and maneuver while cleaning. It’s also designed with a durable nylon bristle head that is perfect for getting into the hard-to-reach edges of your bottles and other baby gear. The brush has a convenient hanging loop at the end so you can hang it to dry after use.

3. OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

The long, flexible neck of the OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush allows you to get a handle on hard-to-reach areas. The flexible neck reaches tight spaces and is ideal for cleaning bottles, pitchers and carafes. Bristles are gentle enough to clean delicate crystal and wine glasses without scratching. Good Grips Bottle Brush also has stiff blue bristles that reach into corners and give tough-to-clean surfaces a serious scrub. Its compact designed is ideal for storing in a kitchen caddy or hanging from a hook.

The OXO Bottles Brush is your go-to tool for cleaning any shape bottle or glass. Its stiff blue bristles are tough on baked-on grime, while the soft white bristles are gentle enough to clean wine glasses and crystal without scratching. Thanks to its flexible neck, it can reach into the deepest corners and crevices of pitchers, carafes and vases. And when you’re done scrubbing, its long handle gets your hand out of the way so you can rinse with ease. Dishwasher safe.

Why Choose it?

OXO Good Grip Bottle Brush
OXO Good Grip Bottle BrushOXO Good Grip Bottle BrushOXO Good Grip Bottle Brush

EASY TO USE: The flexible neck of this brush reaches way down into the hard-to-clean, narrow corners of bottles, carafes, and pitchers. Use it to clean your drinking glasses, coffee mugs and vases too! Reinforced polypropylene bristles resist stains, odors and bacteria. The durable plastic handle is comfortable to hold while you scrub away dirt, debris and grime. Made in the USA. BPA free. Dishwasher safe.

GENTLE CLEAN: The Blue & White All Purpose Brush is designed to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks. The stiff blue bristles give hard-to-reach corners a serious scrub, while the white bristles are gentle enough to clean wine glasses and crystals without scratching. The brush has an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable to use and makes cleaning easy.

EASILY STORED: This brush is easy to store and easy to keep clean! It can be easily stored in a kitchen caddy or hung from a hook when not in use. Its compact size makes it ideal for reaching into smaller bottles, like baby bottles and sports bottles, as well as larger water bottles. It fits well into water filter pitchers and is perfect for cleaning coffee mugs, too. When you’re ready to wash it, simply place the brush on the top rack of your dishwasher.

4. Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

This multi-use Boon Cacti brush set comes with four brushes for cleaning all of your baby’s gear, from bottles and sippy cups to pump parts. It contains a bottle brush with firm bristles that remove milk residue and are designed to reach the bottom of even narrow bottles. The cleverly designed vase keeps the brushes contained, with drainage holes that protect delicate pump components from getting wet and rusting. The brush set also includes a straw brush for cleaning baby’s bottles and sippy cups. Use it to get rid of dried milk and other foods so you can thoroughly sanitize all hard-to-clean spaces. 

Why Choose it?


IDEAL: Stop dropping your water bottle cleaning brush into the bottom of your sink! This brush is designed to stand up on its own, so you can set it down without having to worry about it falling into the bottom of the sink. The extended handle also makes it easier to reach inside tall bottles, like water bottles and travel mugs. No more using your hand to try and scrub those hard-to-reach spots!

BUILT TO LAST: All brushes have durable nylon bristles, and a long wire handle with a looped end for easy hanging. The handles are constructed from rust-proof stainless steel. We also added a brush protector seal at the bottom of each brush to keep the bristles protected during transportation or storage. This is something you don’t see on our competitors’ brushes.

DURABLE BRISTLES: are designed to be flexible so they can get into bottle openings of all sizes. They will not scratch your bottles or cups like cheaper models do. The bristle trim length is about half an inch (1.3 cm). The longest brush is a full 11 inches in length, with a diameter of 0.5 inches (12 mm), so it can clean deep inside large bottles, pitchers and jars as well as smaller bottles and cups.

5. Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush

Have you ever had one of those days when your water bottle was extra dirty? In case you have, this is our solution! With the Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush, you will be able to clean your glassware, flasks and vacuum insulated bottles. No more struggling with tough dirt particles clogged at the bottom of your bottles! Thanks to its compact size, this bottle brush fits easily into any space – even in narrow neck containers. Enjoying a drink from your favorite flask or water bottle has never been that easy with Kitchiny’s Mini Bottle Cleaner Brush.

Why Choose it?

GENTLE CLEANING: For the purpose of cleaning bottles, a non-scratch bottle brush is recommended. Brush bristles can scratch and wear away at the inside of containers, which can lead to mold growth over time. This silicone bottle brush is the perfect solution for gently scrubbing all your bottles and containers. Its soft silicone bristles are extremely bendy and flexible, which allows the brush to twist around in your bottles without applying too much pressure.

PERFECT BLEND: Kitchiny’s Silicone Bottle Brush is a perfect blend of performance and durability that will be your go-to tool for cleaning those narrow containers your hands can’t reach. This brush is safe to use and will not scratch any glass or plastic surfaces. Its bristles are made from nylon, which allows them to be strong enough to scrub away stubborn stains and dirt but is soft enough that it does not damage your containers.

AFFORDABLE: One of the best ways to save money on kitchen supplies is by buying items that are durable and will last a long time. A great example of this is the silicone bottle brush. Most sponges require regular replacing—and when they get smelly or worn out, they can be pretty gross. A high-quality silicone bottle brush won’t have these issues. What’s more, silicone bottle brushes are typically much more affordable than other options on the market today, such as bottle brushes made from metal.

NON-SCRATCHING BRISTLES: Stainless steel bristles are great for scrubbing away the toughest grime from the inside of your water bottles, but they can be a little too rigorous for your favorite vase or that baby bottle you need to bring with you on the go. But silicone bottle brush has just the right balance of firmness and flexibility to clean all your delicate glassware without leaving a single scratch. This water bottle cleaning brush features non-scratching bristles, ensuring that your glassware, vases, and baby bottles are never scratched.

6. OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set

The OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set brushes and bottle brush are made of nylon for hard scrubbing action in the kitchen. This set includes a long bottle brush to clean inside of any size bottles from narrow-necked wine bottles to gallon-sized water jugs, soft side bristles to clean bottle walls without scratching, and a shorter, firm bristle head to clean the bottom of bottles without letting sponge or brush touch the liquid. The Handle Caddy clips onto faucets or cabinets and holds everything in place so it’s within easy reach when your hands are wet. 

Why Choose it?

OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set
OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning SetOXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning SetOXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set

Features & Benefits:

  • Long Bottle Brush: The perfect tool for cleaning bottles with narrow necks and narrow interiors
  • Long Straw Brush: Perfect for reaching inside reusable straws, such as those used on iced coffee mugs or sports water bottles
  • Detail Cleaner: An excellent way to clean threads and crevices around caps
  • Bristles: The bristles are made of nylon to keep their shape. The short, firm bristles thoroughly clean the bottom of the bottles, while the soft side bristles clean the wall of the bottles.
  • Comfort: The grips are comfortable and non-slip, even in moist conditions
  • Storage: The three brushes are stored on the same ring and can be easily removed

7. ddLUCK Silicone Bottle Cleaning Brush

Cleaning a baby bottle can be challenging, especially the tiny nipples that are hard to reach. Make life a little easier with this long-handled silicone cleaning brush. This bottle cleaning brush has soft silicone bristles that safely clean small openings and narrow creases inside of most bottles, including baby bottles, drinking glasses, adult sports bottles, and more. It also cleans glassware, vases and any other household item with small openings. The versatility of this product makes it an ideal gift for new parents.

Why Choose it?

baby bottle brushes for cleaningbaby bottle cleanerswell bottle brush cleanerkitchen brush

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: These silicone bottle brushes are made of 100% BPA free food grade silicone. It is free of contamination and completely environment-friendly. These brushes are safe to use on all types of bottles, including baby bottles, glass bottles, plastic water bottles, etc. The design of these brushes is such that they can reach into each and every corner of the bottle for thorough cleaning. These brushes come with a long handle for easy grip so that you can clean bottles with ease. They also have a loop at one end for hanging them easily.

BETTER BRUSH: When you’re using a sponge or nylon brush, the residue from your soapy solution can easily get stuck in the holes and on the bristles. Not only does this make your brush stinky and dirty, but it also means that you’re putting those same bacteria-filled bristles into your bottles when you wash them. The silicone bottle brush is ideal since it repels unsightly odors, stains, and bacteria, helping you steer clear of nasty stains and build-up. And when you need to clean your silicone brush? Just throw it in the dishwasher!

MULTIPURPOSE: The bottle cleaning brush is designed to reach down into every corner of the bottles to properly clean them by cleaning residue. The bristles reach down into every corner of the bottle and clean on the inside and outside. You can use the silicone brush to keep your bottles, sports bottles, baby bottles, infusers, flasks, thermoses, tubes, breast pumps, kitchen appliances and more, sanitary clean. Designed with a flexible handle to easily get around corners and curves without scratching.

The bristles of this soft silicone brush are tough on gunk, yet flexible enough to clean your favorite vase, glass water bottle, pitcher, blender, and glassware without scratching them. This slim water bottle brush can clean any hard-to-reach area easily, thanks to its slim design. With a curved handle for optimal comfort and grip, you’ll be able to effortlessly clean all of your favorite glassware for years to come.

8. HIWARE 16″ Bottle Brush Cleaner for Water Bottle

Sweep away unsightly mold and mildew from your favorite drinking receptacles with this Bottle Brush Cleaner! Whether you’re washing and rinsing water bottles, hydro flasks, kombucha beer bottles or jugs, simple modern narrow neck sports bottles with an opening of less than 3 inches, you’ll love this handy bottle brush. Made of premium quality stainless steel that’s both durable and hypo-allergenic to clean all of your reusable bottles, the bristles are soft enough to remove all traces of dirt and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Why Choose it?

Bottle Cleaning Brush

LONG HANDLE: This long handled bottle brush is designed for cleaning narrow-necked water bottles, baby bottles and other hard-to-reach areas. BPA-free and FDA-approved, the bristles are soft enough to avoid scratching the inside of your bottles. It is lightweight and easy to hold for a comfortable scrubbing experience. A cleaning reach that extends more than 16″ allows you to clean even the tallest water bottles. This brush head with 8″ long bristles has bendable wire, making it easy to reach inside some curved parts of the bottles.

SAFE MATERIALS:  It is so important that you use only materials that are BPA-free like those found in the products. It is also important to note that our products are made of food-grade polypropylene and are free of foreign smells. This keeps them safe and healthy. The last thing you want to do is to put your health at risk by using a product that could be harmful to you.

EASY TO USE: The handle is super sturdy and heavy-duty, unlike some scrubbers with thin wire handles that feel flimsy and uncomfortable to hold. This one feels good in your hand and makes the job easier. The head is thick enough to let you get a good grip on it when you’re scrubbing but flexible enough to get into crevices and tight spots. It comes with a hook so you can hang it up for drying or storage, keeping it away from countertops where it might pick up germs or mildew when wet.

SUITABLE: Suitable is a multi-purpose cork and silicone lid that is suitable for all bottles, but most importantly, it is also suitable for all occasions. Whether you’re looking to preserve your wine, infuse some flavor in your vodka or even just pour yourself a glass of water from the tap, Suitable is perfect for all of those needs. Suitable comes with three different lids, which are easily interchangeable. The first is a silicone plug for if you want to store your beverage or keep it at the perfect temperature.

9. ALINK 5-Pack Bottle Brush Cleaner

Whether you’re on the move, working out, or at home, being hydrated is key. But cleaning your favorite water bottle has never been so easy. The Alink Bottle Brush Cleaner is uniquely designed to fit into most slim-necked bottles (even bottles with measurements printed along the sides of the bottle), quickly and easily remove gunk and bacteria without damage to the bottle. No more struggling with plastic scrapers or brushes that don’t reach hard-to-clean spots — it’s your best cleaner for narrow neck baby/sports bottles, beer bottles, wine decanters, flasks, and more.”

Why Choose it?

ONE SET, MULTIFUNCTION: The longest brush in the set (17″) can be adjusted to 16″ by simply pushing the handles together. The second longest brush, the 15.3″ extra long straw brush is designed for cleaning deep inside of bottles and other hard-to-reach spots. The shortest brush in the set (10″) is designed for cleaning spouts, tubes and other small openings. The final tool in this set is the bottle lid detail cleaner which also serves as a nozzle extender for the shorter brushes.

BIG HOLE: This brush has a solid steel handle, with soft natural bristles that won’t scratch delicate glassware. The brush also has a wide, oval-shaped head making it perfect for cleaning plastic bottles and baby bottles. There are five brushes in the set. The brushes have a large hole that allows them to be hung for drying and storage. This is very useful and convenient.

DURABLE HANDLE: ALINK has just released a new model of the durable handle, which is designed with ergonomics and slip resistance in mind. It has a good grip that lets you feel comfortable to hold and use, making the cleaning job quick and easy. The handle design is simple but elegant and can fit most dustpans. The handle is long enough to keep you away from dirt and dust when cleaning up.

ENOUGH BRISTLES: The more bristles, the better the cleaning. The wide diameter of our brush can reach the bottom and clean all interior surfaces. Cleaning is like a game of hide-and-seek—the more effective your tools are, the easier it will be to find all those hard-to-reach spots. You’ll never be left with that sense of incompleteness that comes from knowing you missed something. Your cleaning will seem so much more thorough when you’re sure you’ve reached them all!

10. Amazer Bottle Brush Cleaner, Water Bottles Cleaner

This is a set of 2 bottle brushes for cleaning bottles and baby food jars, which includes a brush for cleaning around bottles and another brush for scrubbing the inside of bottles. These bottle brushes are really helpful in cleaning difficult spots, especially the corners and small portions. Durable and easy to use, these brushes come in handy to quickly scrub the inside of bottles prior to filling them with a drink or high-quality water – eliminating odors, debris, and mold that can cause health problems. Simply pinch the brush while submerged in water, pull it all the way through, and you’re done! You can also bend the bristles on one or both brushes as needed, making them perfect for reaching any spots inside bottles or cans.

Why Choose it?

NYLON BRISTLES: The brush is a kitchen necessity, and it is also very likely to breed mold. If you want to thoroughly clean the stains in hard-to-reach corners of the bottle, you can try the nylon brush. The bristles are made of nylon which makes them soft and durable, so they won’t scratch your bottles. The flat blue bristles are designed to be full contact with the bottom of the bottle, and we use heat to bend the bristles to the handle so they won’t fall off even when cleaning vigorously.

GOOD GRIPS: The Good Grips Bottle Brush is a cleaning brush designed for use by individuals with arthritis, grasping disabilities, or limited manual dexterity. This brush has a non-slip handle that stays secure even while wet. A small brush is hidden in the handle for cleaning lids, narrow openings, bottle nipples, or bottle inner mechanisms. The handle has a hole to facilitate hanging storage. 

LONG HANDLE: The bottle brush features a sturdy, molded-in handle that is long enough to reach deep into bottles, and strong enough to use for cleaning other types of containers as well. Its bristles are also made of sturdy plastic that won’t fall apart or fray like other bottle brushes, and they’re specially designed to be flexible and soft, so they won’t scratch surfaces.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Long handle design is more convenient for you to wash inside the wall of your kettle or coffee pot etc. This Bottle Scrubber is designed for easy gripping and control. The handle is made from thick PP material which is more durable than other brands on the market, and will not easily bend as others do.

Best Water Bottle Cleaning Brush Buying Guide

Best Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

It is possible to find water bottle brushes online, but it is vital to choose one that is practical, effective, and easy to use. Buying a cheap, ineffective brush is not the right choice. Additionally, when selecting a brush that can effectively remove dirt and grime, you should take into account various factors. This guide is intended to assist you with your quest for the ideal water bottle brush. To ensure that this purchase is as simple as possible for you, we have considered a number of factors.


It is important that the water bottle brush be durable. So the brushes don’t come apart, high-quality materials are needed for the water bottle brush. Brushes are manufactured by some companies that break after one use and don’t last. It is always a good idea to read reviews of products so that you know how durable they are.


Quality materials should be used for the brush. Nylon and silicone are the ideal materials to use when making a bottle brush. If the brush you intend to purchase is made from one of these materials, you should not have any second thoughts about purchasing it.

Easy to use

An easy-to-use brush would be ideal. Make sure it has the appropriate length and width to make cleaning a snap. Soft bristles will make cleaning the grime from the bottle easier since they will prevent it from sticking to the brush.


Bottle brushes can be used for many different purposes. It would be beneficial if you looked for multipurpose brushes. In this manner, you will be able to clean a wide range of kitchenware with a single cleaning agent.

Which Features to Look for in the Best Water Bottle Cleaning Brush?


The length of the brush is a feature that should be looked into closely while making a purchase. The length of the brush must be long. The long length would allow the brush to go into depth inside the bottle for thorough cleaning.


The width of the brush also matters a lot. We recommend that the width should be as small as possible. In this way, the brush will quickly get into the narrow openings of the bottles. Make sure that the width is small while purchasing a brush.

Handle grip

The handle should be long enough to provide you with comfort while cleaning. Buy the one with a long ergonomic handle as it won’t be tiring for you. Moreover, make sure that the handle of a brush is non-slip.


The bristles of the brush should be soft. The harsh ones scratch the surface of the bottle and leave marks behind. Nobody wants their bottle to get marks while cleaning, so go for the soft bristles.

What Are the Benefits of the Water Bottle Cleaning Brush?

Removes tough grime

The use of water bottle brushes has proven successful in removing any old grease stains. Grease and grime from the inside of the bottle are easily removed with the bottle cleaning brush. Without a water bottle brush, many stains are impossible to remove.

Removes odor

It removes the fetid smell coming from the bottle. As the dirt is removed from the brushes, the odor associated with the dirt is also eliminated. So, you will always have a fresh and healthy water bottle with the water bottle brush.

Easy to use

It is extremely easy to use the bottle cleaning brushes. They can immediately be inserted into the bottle, moved around a little, and the entire bottle will be cleaned. The dishwashing machine safe design also makes them easy to clean.

Easy to store

These brushes come with a hanging ring so they can be easily stored. They can be hung in any room of the house if desired.


What is the easiest way to clean a water bottle?

Fill your reusable bottle with equal parts warm water and white vinegar, and soak it overnight for a less intense but still effective clean. Ensure there is no lingering vinegar taste by rinsing the bottle the next day, using a soapy brush to scrub for a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

Do you need a bottle cleaning brush?

In order to properly sterilize bottles, teats, and other feeding equipment, you should wash them in hot, soapy water immediately after use. To clean the insides of teats, use a small teat brush and a clean bottle brush (only use the bottle brush for cleaning bottles).

How often should I wash my water bottle?

The water bottles you use every day should be washed after each use, Sansori advises, or every time you refill them. The inside of the bottle may only hold water, but bacteria grow in damp, dark environments, such as on its surface.

How often should I replace my bottle brush?

The interval is usually between 30 and 45 days. The time between brush replacements depends on your style. If they use a sponge, they may have to be replaced on a regular basis, possibly every 30 to 45 days. Until the bristles are frayed or other signs of wear and tear, brush ones can last for a while. A silicone brush usually lasts the longest.

What happens if you don’t wash your water bottle?

Thus, it comes as no surprise that reusable water bottles can grow bacteria and attract particles of poop if left unwashed. It doesn’t matter if the bottle is metal or plastic, screw top or squeeze, if it isn’t cleaned after a few days, we’re more likely to ingest germs with each drink.


We hope that our review of the Best Water Bottle Cleaning Brush has proven helpful to you. From travel-friendly bottles to sturdy carabiner clips, these are the best options on the market for all your cleaning needs. Now you can enjoy clean water at an affordable price with any of these brushes. They come in a variety of styles, designs and sizes, with most priced under ten dollars so they are easy on your wallet as well.

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