7 Best Washable Markers- Let Kids Do Fun Coloring

Playing with coloring markers piques the interest of children. However, they frequently leave stains on shirts, skins, clothing, and other surfaces. Solution? With the best washable markers, young brains can explore endless possibilities.

But it’s not that simple! We spent a long time searching for the best equipment for your youngster. Finally, we chose the top seven washable markers available on the market. They’re the greatest when it comes to washability, ink quality, the convenience of use, superior design, and vibrant color variety, among other things. Furthermore, all of the markers are non-toxic and suitable for use by toddlers. Continue reading to see our top selections.

What is the best overall? Set of dab and dot markers from Doodle Hog. It’s a one-of-a-kind set with a premium design, excellent washability, and practicality.

Editor’s Pick: Washable Markers

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Top 7 Washable Markers- Buying Guide

Out of the hundreds of possibilities available on the market, our researcher has chosen seven favorites. Continue reading to find out which pen set best meets your needs.

1. Crayola Super Tips Bulk Marker Set

If you’re searching for a versatile washable marker set, head to Crayola super tip markers. Its hundred pieces are not only suitable for 3+ kids and a fantastic art solution for adult artists. It brings vivid hues to coloring projects, art books, and many more! 


Color: Art is a practical form of imagination. And, to create the perfect shade (that clicks in your mind) in the paper, you need an appropriate color selection. Here Crayola has done a great job.

They come with a hundred markers of different colors so that you don’t lack even a single shade while drawing. 

Yes, you heard right! 100 different colors, not any single color repeat here. 

Super Tips: The tips of the markers are “Super Tips” in nature and conical in shape. Measures about 0.16″. You can draw thin lines by holding the point of the tip. And, you can switch to thick lines just by gripping the tip at an angle.

Washable Markers: These are washable markers for walls, most household furniture, clothes, and skin. 


  • Hundred different colors ensure a full spectrum of complexion
  • Affordable price 
  • No tendency of bleeding 
  • Conical super tips can draw thin and thick lines 


  • Identifying the color of the marker is quite confusing as they’re not labeled
  • Cap does not stay on 

2. Doodle Hog Dab And Dot Marker Set 

Do you crave an ingenious way to develop your kids’ artistic minds? Head to Doodle Hog dab and dot marker. They’re non-toxic, zero harmful for families and children. Grab a set, and you’ll get 200+ printable sheets for free. Moreover, it comes with a lot of tempting features. Let’s see what’s waiting! 


Ergonomic Design: The design of the Doddle Hog Dab and Dot marker stands out from the rest. Apart from typical bullet tips, they come with a round sponge (Creatology dot markers have similar nib). This certain tip design holds more drawing ink at a time. So, when a little art star tries to draw but puts a slight dabbing. Only a gentle press results in highly pigmented color. 

Plus, the simple twist-off cap keeps the marker secured. And prevent ink from drying quickly. 

Easy Grip: Since toddlers or preschoolers have adorable little hands, they need stuff that grips. So they can grasp it easily and make art more fun. Doodle Hog covers it.  

Washability: Chances that a kid shows his creative mind in fabric, skin, walls, or any surface! What’s next? Don’t worry! You can clean and wash stains of these markers from almost every surface a toddler uses. Just with a baby wipe, you can remove scribbles completely and within minutes.


  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy-grip to fit any toddlers hand 
  • Vivid colors 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Caps are twist-off designed to prevent ink drying
  • Printable sheets are of bonus 


  • When ink is left unused for long periods, it requires some shaking to activate it
  • May bleed in thin papers 

3. Chalkola Dot Marker Set With Activity Book

Since Dot markers improve kids’ fine motor skills and help them with creative ideas, we’re back with another Dot marker set. Chalkola washable markers are a great set to sail your child’s artistic world. Take a pen, shake it, open the cap, and let your kid press the sponge on a paper! Too simple but too fun! 


Ink: First of all, we love its ink, both quality and quantity. Youngsters love to expend a huge amount of ink while drawing art. So to offer steady ink flow, each of these markers contains a huge amount of ink (60ml)! 

Plus, inks are water-based, quick-drying,  and of superior quality. They don’t bleed or leak, not causing ink pooling at any time. 

Design: The chunky markers are made to love! Not too weighty, easy to handle. An ergonomic sculpt at the end of the marker made it handy and easy to grip. A 2-year kid can also hold it comfortably. 

Activity Book: Chalkola Dot marker set comes with a 50-page bonus activity book right in the box. This free item made the Dot marker set a great learning tool. It includes sheets including ABCs, numbers, and shapes. So kids can start learning when they open the box.  


  • Contains a huge amount of ink (60ml)
  • No issues about bleeding or leaking 
  • Non Slip grip so comfortable to handle 
  • Ink dries quickly that allows layering and bending 


  • Not washable from carpets, walls, or glass surfaces easily

4. Sargent Art Fine Tip Washable Markers

Chances you’re seeking the best washable markers that can be used for both children’s and adults’ art projects. If so, a Sargent Art fine tip pen set would be worth investing in. They’re durable and dependable. We guarantee that if you purchase this pen set, you will receive excellent value for your money if you purchase this pen set.


Incredible Color Selection: Sargent Art pens come in fifty various hues, with no two colors being the same. Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black are all included in the set. Plus many more colors in between them. Because the more color there is, the more a child’s imagination can develop.

Fine Tips: The pens have fine tips at the end. It allows you to draw fine and detailed lines on chalkboards, whiteboards, and many more. It can be ideal to use for daily marker usage. 

Comfortable Grip: Though these markers mimic the size of an average pen, you can easily grasp them in your hand. 


  • Fine tips for covering small areas of writing or drawing 
  • All fifty markers are filled with plenty of inks 
  • Washable from skin and most clothes with soap and water easily 
  • Affordable price 
  • AP certified 


  • Tendency to bleed through paper 
  • Cap colors are not the same as the ink color 

5. Crayola Bulk Broad Line Washable Markers

Crayola, the brand name, could be the deal maker. However, if you want to cross-check, we added a brief description of the premium features they offer. Crayola’s bulk class pack washable marker is a great value for money. 


Bulk Set: The pen set contains a subtotal of 200 pieces. 25 for each of eight classic colors. It is similar to color swell markers that also come in a bulk set. 

Kids love to draw with their friends. So, in the case of group coloring projects or the classroom, it would be a fantastic marker set for kids to love. 

Again, buying in bulk saves extra money. Plus, it helps you to replace single dried-out markers without adding 7 more to get dried out. 

Broad Line Tip: The wedge tip of the marker is perfect for coloring large areas. Plus, thick washable markers allow kids to have more fun in coloring by creating a ribbon effect with lines that taper from thick to thin lines. 

Ultra Clean: Crayola uses the ultra-clean formula, and they’re incredibly washable. They do wash off very easily, especially when a kid ends up with ink stains on his hands, clothes, or even painted walls. 


  • The bulk class pack contains plenty of vibrant markers 
  • Easily wash off from most surfaces 
  • Spare caps included if kids misplace the original one 
  • Organized tidily in a sturdy case 


  • Unfortunately, pink color isn’t included 

6. KIDDYCOLOR Conical Tip Washable Marker

Kids love the versatility. Kiddycolor is to satisfy them. 36 different colors can upgrade a child’s ability to learn and grow. So, let’s see what exclusive features they offer. 


Number of Color: Kiddycolor offers a wide set of color collections. In terms of versatility, it could be unbeatable. A total of 36 different colors of markers are included here. And, the whole marker set is within a reasonable price! 

Nib Design: The tip of the marker is tapered in such a way that you can control the width of the line. Fine, medium and thick lines can be drawn using different angles of the nib. 

Non-Toxic: Since kids use markers carelessly, Kiddycolor focuses on making harmless products. The whole set, including the tip and pen holder, is made from premium quality material, non-toxic, acid-free, and tagged with eco friendly. So not injurious to a child’s health! 

Container: Kiddycolor can realize 36 pieces which is a huge number, and storing them can be a difficult task. So they give you a cute storage box that can store all the markers conveniently. 


  • Wide selection of 36 different colors 
  • Tapered tip design offers versatile draw 
  • Consistent ink flow 
  • Storage box to store and carry markers comfortably 
  • Washable from skin 


  • They won’t wash from wooden desk perfectly 
  • May leave a permanent vague mark on clothes 

7. Faber-Castell Duo Tip Washable Markers

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still give a washable marker set for your lovely child. Thanks, Faber-Castell, for bringing the product at such a low price! However, low price does not necessarily mean bad quality. Believe it or not, they come with the best quality features. 


Duo Tip Marker: First impression about Faber-Castell washable marker? We were fascinated with their double-tip pens. Duo tip means each piece has two tips on two sides and of different colors. Therefore, a twelve-piece set offers 24 vibrant, bright colors to double coloring fun! 

Rehydratable: When any of the markers dry out, you can easily rehydrate them. I heard you asking how. Okay, just dip the tip in water, and it will rejuvenate instantly. 

Safe For Kids: Faber-Castell has existed in the art industry since 1761, and they go on to manufacture non-toxic, acid-free materials. This one is also the same. Also, these markers conform to ASTM D-4236, which means you’re informed about all potentially hazardous material used here. So, you can take the necessary precautions. 


  • Very low price 
  • 12 piece duo tip marker offer 24 vivid color 
  • Do not bleed or leaks 
  • Conform to ASTM D-4236 
  • Suitable for 4+ kids as well as adults 


  • Ink runs out quickly 

Best Washable Markers- Buying Guide 

Best Washable Markers

You must consider the following crucial elements when purchasing a pen set for your children. Otherwise, you risk purchasing a set that may not meet your child’s demands.

Color Selection And Ink Quality

The primary target of these markers is to expand preschoolers’ creative minds. So, don’t restrict their productivity by a limited number of colors. A wide spectrum of vibrant hues will excite them. The more the shades, the more they can unravel their creativity. 

Ink quality is also another deal maker. Quick-drying inks are best because they permit messy free coloring, layering, and blending. Moreover, ink shouldn’t bleed through papers. 


When you’re buying a marker set for kids, washability is a significant factor. Kids are not careful about drawing, and they can’t restrict themselves to papers only. They enjoy leaving marks on their skin, clothes, and walls. As a result, enhanced washability is anticipated.

You may check whether the markers are washable from skins, fabrics, walls, furniture, desks, or other surface types. 

Some ultra-clean markers fully remove stains from surfaces. On the other hand, others may wash out readily yet leave behind some faint stains. Some products, however, are not easily washable and are not suggested for children.

Non-Toxic, Safe For Kids

To keep your baby safe, opt for markers that are free from potentially hazardous material. The good news is we incorporated only the non-toxic washable markers available in the market. However, some brands adhere to the safety and health criteria through the AP seal or certification.

A vented cap, on the other hand, a vented cap could be another life-saving safety element.

Ease of Use And Ergonomic Design

Though the target market for washable markers is toddlers and preschoolers, the comfortable grip should be focused. An easy-grip marker will be handy for a child. Therefore, the little fingers can hold it easily and do their best in art. 

Next, the design of the marker itself, especially the cap design, can enhance its acceptability. Some brands come with twist-off cap designs. Kids can easily open and seal these types of pens. Plus, caps should be designed in a way that prevents drying out of inks, protects the tips from fraying and other potential damages. 

How To Get Washable Markers Off Skin?

If your kids are using any of the washable markers for skin, you can easily clean the stain by household methods. Washable markers are primarily water-based inks. So they are dissolved when they come into contact with water. However, to fasten the cleaning process, the following equipment can be used to fasten the cleaning process. 

Soap And Water

Bring the skin under running water. If the ink is fresh, it will remove spontaneously. Otherwise, scrub with soap. This is the easiest and most effective method to wash out. 

Baby Oil

Secondly, we suggest using baby oil (mineral oil), to remove permanent marker stains. Ink and oil stick together. Then, water can easily wash out stains with oil. 

Baby Wipe

A baby wipe is a safer alternative because skin stains from markers are typical in children’s situations. They can effectively remove stains. Baby wipes are gentle to the skin, don’t hurt your kid. 


Sanitizer (hand sanitizer) contains alcohol. This chemical can break down the hardest pigment of a permanent marker. Let alone a washable one. 

Simply apply a tiny amount of sanitizer to the stain. Then, using tissue, remove the ink and sanitizer. Once the washable ink has been entirely removed, rinse the area.

Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl, the chemical name of rubbing alcohol, is a robust material against marker stains. Soak a clean cloth with alcohol, then wipe the stained area. 

Makeup Remover

Finally, the last but not the least option is to use makeup remover. Apply the make-up remover to the stained skin in a circular motion with a cotton bud. If the stains do not come out, repeat the process.

We hope the ink stain will say sorry to you and run away. 

How To Make Washable Markers Permanent?

Unfortunately, you can’t make most of the water-based markers permanent to a whole extent. But you may try some steps to make them last longer. 

Here, we are going to show you the processes by which you can expect a sturdy performance from your washable marker set. 

  • Reinforce The Color of The Washable Marker By a Permanent Pen 

The idea here is to first draw and color the art with washable markers. Then, try to find out a permanent color that matches the washable one. Now, go over the previous one with a permanent marker once more. Alternatively, you may embroider them. 

Therefore, it may enhance longevity. But, it actually reduces the original appeal of artwork. 

  • Heat Setting 

Another option is to heat set the art. Heat settings can allow the ink to stay longer. 

  • Ironing 

Finally, you can iron the art. As a result, your drawing may last for a short while. 

However, none of the aforementioned methods can permanently protect the inks of washable markers. If washed, especially with detergent or soap, they must take off. The only real way is not to let them get wet. You may make it a wall hanging. 


What Are The Most Washable Markers?

Faber-Castell or Doodle Hog is likely to win the competition for the best marker brand. However, Crayola markers outperform all other brands thanks to their ultra-clean composition when it comes to washability. They wash off effortlessly, and their ultra-clean formula ensures that no lasting stain is left behind.

Are Washable Markers Really Washable?

Depending on different brands, the answer may vary accordingly. Few of them can be washed away from almost every surface, including skin, fabrics, walls, wooden desks, carpets, and many more. On the flip side, some brands are slightly down here, and they may take a harsh process to remove the stain completely.

How Do You Know If a Marker Is Washable?

Water-based ink is the foundation of washable markers. So, to determine if a marker is washable or not, you must first determine whether it is water-based or not. Water-soluble pigments are used to create water-based ink. As a result, when you scrub them with a wet brush or immerse them in water, they must runoff. If they don’t, they aren’t washable markers.

Can You Use Washable Markers on T-Shirts?

Washable markers can’t be used on fabrics like T-shirts. Because they easily run out of clothes when washed with detergent or soaps. Go for fabric markers to use on T-shirts. 

Can You Heat Set Washable Markers?

Yes, you can heat set normal washable markers to make them permanent. It may extend the life of the inks of a washable marker.

Before You Go! 

Let your kids unleash boundless possibilities with the best washable markers buying guide here. 

Because they are washable, there is no chance of a nasty, filthy situation. Again, it’s non-toxic, so it’s safe for little stars. The only outcome of purchasing a set will be that your child’s imagination will be expanded. In addition, their motor skills will improve.

The babies will have more fun coloring. Plus, you will get free time to do other things. So, what do you think about obtaining a bundle set of washable markers and giving them to your toddlers in the family? I’m sure they’ll be delighted to receive this.

Have fun coloring!

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