Best Vitamin K Cream Reviews And Buying Guide

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Vitamin K is known as an essential vitamin that is needed by the human body to perform several tasks. Vitamin K plays an important role in blood clotting and helps protect against osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Vitamin K is not produced in the human body and must be obtained through diet or supplements. The best vitamin K creams contain a mixture of vitamins that work together to heal skin, promote healthier, younger looking skin, and reduce unwanted wrinkles.

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Best Vitamin K Cream Reviews

1. SKINTENSIVE Highest Purity Organic Vitamin K Cream 

SKINTENSIVE Highest Purity Organic Arnica Plant-Based Bruise Cream for Thin Skin - Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Healing, and Fading Scar Lotion, Vitamin K C and E, Skin Renewal
  • MORE THAN JUST BRUISE HEALING. Restore lost moisture, encourage collagen production, and address wound, burn, or post-surgery scars with a scientifically formulated cream that really works. For best results, use on new bruises and new scars after they healed up at least 1 week.
  • SUPERCHARGED with MORE ARNICA and VITAMIN K! Bruises, purpura, cuts, new scars, new stretch marks, and skin cracks - from cuticle repair or anti aging to sun damage relief, Skintensive's non-greasy formula gives your skin the loving attention it deserves.
  • DEVELOPED BY HARVARD-TRAINED DERMATOLOGISTS. Advanced strength prevention designed by two Harvard trained dermatologists. This topical salve offers the very best therapeutic care, made in the USA from top quality components.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS are at the core of this soothing moisturizer, which features organic Arnica along with Vitamins K, C, and E in an organic coconut oil base. Never tested on animals; paraben and phthalate free.
  • TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME on damaged skin across hands, arms, legs, body or face - with no residue. Skintensive is comfortable and effective for fragile and thin skin as well as scar- and bruise-afflicted skin. Looking for the original formula? Check out our Skintensive Daily Moisturizing Cream!
Item FormCream
Use forWhole Body
Specific Uses For ProductScars, Stretch Mark, Aging
Skin TypeMature

At Skintensive, we understand that it takes extra care to keep skin healthy and resilient as the years go by. That’s why we craft our products specially for maturing skin, whether you’re in your 30s or your 70s. Each formula is packed with vitamins and antioxidants sourced from potent natural ingredients and backed by the latest science. No matter your age, healthier skin is here.


We infused Skintensive with all-natural ingredients that bring a new life to your skin. The organic Arnica acts as an anti-bruising ingredient, directly targeting existing bruises and helping prevent bruising in people that are prone to develop them. Vitamins C and E promote collagen regeneration. Lastly, the organic coconut oil base restores and relieves the lost moisture in your skin.

Dermatologist Developed

Formulated by two Harvard trained dermatologists to address bruising, dry and sensitive skin, new scars or new stretch marks, and UV damage.

Dermatologist Developed

Formulated by two Harvard trained dermatologists to address bruising, dry and sensitive skin, new scars or new stretch marks, and UV damage.

Intense moisture

The organic coconut oil base of Skintensive infuses your skin with complete moisturization without leaving a greasy residue.

2. Swanson Vitamin K Cream

Swanson Vitamin K Cream with Menaquinone-7 2 fl Ounce (59 ml) Cream
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:Our natural topical cream offers solutions for enhanced skin health using only the purest ingredients. For maximum benefit, apply two times per day to pre-moistened skin.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:At Swanson, we guarantee that every health product is made from the purest, freshest nutrients. If you aren't satisfied with any product(s) purchased within the last 30 days, return the unused portion to us for a full refund.
  • NOURISHING VITAMIN K CREAM:Swanson's natural vitamin K cream is a luxurious brightening cream formulated to help minimize the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Our natural cream will help rejuvenate using ingredients you can trust!
  • OUR QUALITY COMMITMENT:For nearly 50 years, Swanson has delivered science-backed health products worldwide. Each wellness supplement is made in our GMP certified facilities, and our purity and potency testing includes independent third-party labs.
  • POWERFUL BLEND:Our natural eye skin cream helps sooth, nourish, and moisturize the skin with a unique blend of vitamin K, aloe vera, cocoa butter and essential oils. Our dark circle cream is free of parabens for a gentle cream you can trust.
Item FormCream
Use forEyes
Specific Uses For ProductDark Circle
Age Range (Description)Adult

An outstanding topical rejuvenator for skin, our newly reformulated Vitamin K Cream from Swanson Premium is a soothing blend of vitamin K, aloe vera, cocoa butter and essential oils. Try this new paraben-free formula and experience the luxury for yourself.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Health & Vitality

Our goal is to provide you with science-backed, simplified health and wellness solutions to nurture your wellness journey every day.

We believe in health and vitality at every age, which is why our nutrition scientists and innovation experts continually search the globe for better ingredients and new scientific research findings to create vitamins, supplements and wellness products that fit easily into your modern life.

Innovation & Research

At Swanson, we get it! Nutrition and exercise needs can change due to lifestyle, environment, work, illness, age and more.

Our products are inspired by clinical research backed by scientific consensus. Each is formulated to deliver the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact. Our nutritional supplements and wellness products are trusted by healthcare practitioners and consumers worldwide


Strong Heritage

Our story began in Fargo, North Dakota, when a man with a passion for golf was looking to lessen his joint pain. His research into the benefits of vitamins and supplements nurtured a deep commitment to wellness at every age and a desire to share his findings with others. In 1969, our first product was vitamin E to support cardiovascular health and antioxidant activity to neutralize free radicals.* Today, we offer thousands of innovative, science-backed wellness solutions and nutritional supplements that help people live SIMPLY HEALTHIER TOGETHER.

3. Vitamin K2 and K1 by Garden of Life

Vitamin K2 and K1 by Garden of Life, Vitamin Code Vegan K Complex Vitamin for Bone Strength and Heart Health, Vitamin K1 and K2, Omega Rich Flax Seed Oil, Trace Minerals, Probiotics, 60 Day Supply
  • VEGAN VITAMIN K: One bottle contains a 2 month supply of Vitamin K—simply take 1 Vitamin Code vitamin K capsule daily with food; capsules may also be opened and the contents mixed with water or juice
  • PROBIOTICS FOR HEALTHY DIGESTION: Our vegan vitamin K supplement includes a 500 Million CFU Raw Probiotic blend of live probiotics for digestive support, including L. bulgaricus and L. plantarum
  • VITAMIN K2: This K vitamin contains 120mcg of Vitamin K (as K1)—100 percent of the daily value—plus 100mcg Raw Vitamin K2 as MK7 and 10mcg K2 as MK4, for a healthy heart, healthy blood clotting and coagulation and bone strength
  • VITAMIN K SUPPLEMENTS FOR ADULTS: Our Whole Food K2 MK-7 supplement for women and men is Raw and Gluten Free, and contains no binders or fillers; it is also Third-Party certified Non-GMO, Vegan and Kosher
  • OMEGA-RICH: Fat-soluble Vitamin K is delivered in a whole food base of cold pressed Omega-rich Flax Seed Oil; 23 organically grown fruits & veggies and 75 alkalizing trace minerals add supporting antioxidants, vitamins and nutrient cofactors
BrandGarden of Life
Item FormCapsule
Age Range (Description)Adult
Diet TypeVegan

We are fanatical about food. We’re different that way. Whether we’re making a vitamin, or a probiotic, or a protein powder, we always start with real foods and these (foods) provide our formulas the power to be their best. We’re different that way, too. The synthetically created, chemical “breakthroughs” from huge commercial laboratories around the world are not for us.

As fanatical as we are over what goes into our products, we are even more obsessed about the things we keep out of them. We hate those synthetic chemicals that most companies use to make their products. This stuff makes machines work faster, and helps factories churn out super-sized containers at higher “efficiency.” Well, while the other guys spend their time preoccupied with their efficiency, we’re uncompromising about your health. Slow it down, make it by hand, grow it in rich organic non-GMO soil with enough sun, air, water and time for it to be its best. Harvest it when ready. Treat it with care. Turn it into a power-packed nutritious food supplement. That’s what we are about.

The Science of Whole Food

Your body was created to eat, process, and derive its nutrition from food—real, healthy food. So, when we create our products, we start by looking at food. What is the “good stuff” in the highest quality food that we are missing in our diets? Which of those foods have the greatest potential to impact—and empower—extraordinary health?

Clean is healthy

We start with what goes IN our products—true, whole food ingredients. But we don’t stop there. We also pay very close attention to what we keep OUT of them. And once again, we look at food—real nutrition food. When is the last time you picked up an apple, turned to read the ingredients, and saw a list of chemicals? If it’s not in your food, then we don’t want it in our supplements.


Traceability is key to what makes Garden of Life’s products so special. Traceability starts with knowing where each and every ingredient in our products comes from and getting to know each and every source: where it’s grown; the farming practices; how they pay and treat the farm workers—everything. That’s why it’s so important to start with Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified fruits and vegetables that are grown without these chemicals. We want to get the good stuff from foods that are grown without any of the bad stuff.

4. Aroma Naturals Vitamin K plus A and C Omega-X Moisturizing Vitamin Cream

Aroma Naturals Vitamin K plus A and C Omega-X Moisturizing Vitamin Cream, 3.3 Ounce
  • Multi-Functional for all skin types, fast acting, all-natural & organic, preservative-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • Made with Cold pHusion in the USA, in our own factory in Southern California
  • Vitamins for the skin, activated with Organic Coconut Water, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Chamomile Tea, and our Omega-X complex
  • Our new Green Chemistry where little or no heat is applied to make our emulsions
  • Contains 1, 3.3oz bottle of Vitamin K Crème to help promote even skin tone
Item FormCream
BrandAroma Naturals
Use forWhole Body
Product BenefitsMoisturizing
Specific Uses For ProductFine Line

Aroma Naturals is proud to introduce the best of nature that is multi-beneficial to your skin’s health and texture. Our botanically-rich daily crèmes and lotions are fortified with Organic Coconut Water, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, and Tea for rapid hydration with synergistic Vitamins, combined with Cold pHusion.

The unique Cold pHusion process is our new green, sustainable manufacturing process, where little or no heat is applied to make our emulsions. The traditional method overheats the natural ingredients, robbing them of their essential phytonutrients. Our new process allows for the integrity of every ingredient to be preserved through to the finished product, offering unrecognized levels of performance from the exotic butters, oils and vitamins that aren’t possible when made the old-fashioned way.

Large wide mouth jars then expose the product to air and light, not friends of natural ingredients. Our airless bottles allow for preservative-free formulas and our finished pH is always skin friendly.

An original leader

Aroma Naturals was founded with the belief that pure plant and flower aromas enhance well-being, and are a vital pathway to a healthy lifestyle. 25-years later, our belief in natural as part of a healthy lifestyle is stronger than ever and we still blend the best natural ingredients by hand in our own factory.

Our commitment

Our dedication and commitment to sourcing the best natural ingredients available is shared amongst all of our products to provide the best natural and sustainable products available. We’re 100% committed to making sure each and every one of our products is a top performer while being good for both you and the environment.

The new natural

Developed with new philosophies, new technologies and new ingredients, we are proud to introduce you to our years of research and understanding of the bio-active nature or Organic butters and oils, fortified with our Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 complex plus nature’s anti-oxidants, botanicals, peptides, plant stem cells, vitamins and the wisdom of age old herbal remedies.

Authentic aromatherapy

We have gathered Pure Essential Oils from around the world for our Candles and Aromatic Mists from the very beginning. Our artisan candle makers blend the oils in small batches to ensure the freshness and integrity of each of our products.

5. Miracle Plus Arnica Bruise Cream

Miracle Plus Arnica Bruise Relief Cream Topical Lotion For Bruising, Swelling, & Discoloration On Skin, Natural Skin Care Homeopathic Arnica Lotion W/ Vitamin K & Horse Chestnut, 4 Ounce (Pack Of 1)
  • Our Promise to You – We’re here to help you attain a better, brighter, and fuller life. Your arnica bruise cream is backed by our commitment to your satisfaction, safety, and healthier skin.
  • Arnica’s Power – Don’t stop with the proven anti-inflammatory effects of the arnica montana flower. Your bruise cream gives you several building blocks to heal skin and muscle at the cellular level.
  • Bruise Relief – Heal better and feel better. Your dermatologist-tested arnica gel for bruising and swelling combats inflammation and infuses your skin with recovery-enhancing proteins and vitamins.
  • Pure, Potent, Proven – Trust in the clinically tested formula with a 15-year track record of success. Your paraben-free bruise cream is made in the U.S. under strict guidelines for quality and safety.
  • Stronger Skin – Your pain relieving cream restores tissue with L-Arginine amino acid and Vitamin K. Apply daily to see an increase in skin strength and glow, and a decrease in bruisability.
Item FormCream
BrandMiracle Plus
Use forWhole Body
Specific Uses For ProductInflammation
Skin TypeAll

Try Miracle Plus Arnica Cream for bruising and swelling to feel what happens when science and nature join forces. We found amazing natural ingredients to address bruises, bumps, and swelling, and put them all together just for you. One healing plant by itself is miraculous—our formula is Miraculous Plus.

Give your body the purest materials to rebuild with. All of your Miracle Plus products are made with non-toxic ingredients, cruelty-free respect for animals, and rigorous testing. Rest assured, your bruise cover up cream has nothing to hide.

Arnica Montana

Enjoy the soothing anti-inflammatory properties of arnica oil extract. It works fast on bruises and swelling. Apply your cream every day to reduce inflammation deep below your skin in overworked muscles or joints.


Use a pain relieving cream that gets to the root of the problem. Your restorative cream doesn’t just put a bandage on pain; it rebuilds you with amino acids. Feel your strength grow day by day as your tissues soak up the proteins.

Vitamin K

Your arnica and arginine combo have your skin and muscles feeling better, but what about your bones? Your bruise cream helps your skeleton repair hidden damage with vitamin K, an essential nutrient for bone growth and strength.

Horse Chestnut

Boost your confidence with a moisturizing bruise formula that cleans up your complexion. Your anti-inflammatory cream increases capillary circulation and reduces the appearance of varicose veins and age spots.

The Gift of Relief

Help your loved one conquer their bruising, inflammation, and swelling. Your supportive gift empowers them to do more, live more, and be more. Check out the entire Miracle Plus line for a variety of gifts that can be appreciated by anyone with active lifestyle and a taste for all-natural, cruelty-free products.

Before you buy vitamin K cream, here’s what you should know.


Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that aids in the production of proteins that support healthy bones, tissues, and blood clotting. Calcium is delivered to the bones, making them strong and durable.

Natural foods, such as berries and green vegetables, as well as supplements, provide this crucial mineral. Because it stimulates coagulation, it’s frequently prescribed to people who have health problems that affect their blood’s capacity to clot. Vitamin K is an antioxidant as well.

When applied topically, vitamin K’s blood benefits and antioxidant qualities imply that it may help the skin.

Advantages for the skin

Researchers have looked into the effects of vitamin K on the skin, but the findings aren’t conclusive. When used to address various skin issues, however, the nutrient in cream form may have the following effects:

  • Puffiness and dark circles beneath the eyes should be reduced.
  • At the skin’s surface, strengthen blood vessels and capillaries.
  • Improve the appearance of your skin
  • Dark stains should be faded.
  • Reduce the time it takes for injuries to heal
  • Skin will be moisturized and fine wrinkles will be plumped up.

Irritability potential

Because vitamin K cream rarely causes unpleasant reactions, it is suitable for most persons with sensitive skin. Aside from those who are allergic to vitamin K, the majority of users who apply it topically have reported no known negative effects.


When using vitamin K cream for a number of skin problems, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for dark under-eye circles, bruising, and other disorders to fade.

Even if you don’t get the desired outcomes after using vitamin K cream, you might not be completely unhappy. Creams with nourishing components are developed to bring moisture and a healthy-looking glow to the skin.

What to Look for in a Vitamin K Cream of Good Quality


The majority of vitamin K creams have a thick, creamy texture. This allows them to be applied to the skin without leaking.

Ingredients not listed

While some vitamin K creams have only a few components, others contain other vitamins that provide a variety of skin advantages. Vitamins C, A, and E, which nourish and brighten skin, arnica, which aids in bruise healing, hyaluronic acid and retinol, which reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, and other plant-based ingredients that soothe skin and alleviate inflammation are among the most popular vitamin K moisturizers.


Vitamin K cream comes in jars, tubes, and bottles with pumps, just like other moisturizers. Vitamin K creams are often packaged in tiny containers that hold up to 2 ounces of substance. Although it may not appear to be much, a little moisturizer can go a long way.


Vitamin K cream is a multipurpose skincare product that can be used on a daily basis. It can be used on different sections of the body as well as layered with other creams and beauty products. Some products are specifically designed to target specific locations, such as the under-eye area.

How much should you budget for a good vitamin K cream?

Vitamin K creams can cost anything from $20 to $80. Keep in mind that a greater price tag does not always imply a better product; in most cases, lower-cost solutions are of equivalent quality to those that are more expensive.


Does vitamin K cream work?

And thanks to its collagen-promoting and wound-healing capabilities, vitamin K could promote a smoother, more youthful glow, says Dr. Shah. “Applied topically, it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, counteracting both inflammation and free radicals (both of which promote aging),” she says.

What does vitamin K cream do for the skin?

Often used to help skin recover from surgery or cosmetic procedures like laser treatment, vitamin K is believed to help cuts, wounds and bruises heal considerably faster than usual. It’s also a star ingredient in many eye creams with studies showing it can help brighten dark circles and boost skin elasticity.

Is vitamin K cream good for thin skin?

Firmness improves the appearance of fine lines. Finally, Vitamin K can be used to help improve thin skin and fade discolorations. It is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients on the market.

Final Word

Thanks for reading this guide on vitamin k creams. We took a look at the ingredients present in most of these creams and noticed that some products are full of artificial things, which can be harmful to the environment. That is why we recommend natural products instead. We hope you find this article helpful!

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