Best Under Hood Led Work Light

The under hood led work light is one of the most important tools when replacing the battery. It provides us with a clear and well-lit view of the battery for repairing or replacing it. Without such a light, we may fail to connect the correct cables, which might lead to improper installation or errors during the repair. The wrong connections can be quite frustrating as they may quickly corrode and ruin the battery port, which requires a replacement.

Best Under Hood Led Work Light Reviews

1. Schumacher SL197U Rechargeable Magnetic Mount Work Light

The Schumacher SL197U Rechargeable Magnetic Mount Work Light is a great option for versatile and powerful lighting. Direct the light where you need it with two sliding magnetic brackets that attach the light to any metal surface and provide 180-degree rotation. The product’s 15 Super-Bright SMD LEDs offer high power for an hour, and the 2200mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery gives you ED indicators display when the charge levels are getting low, so you know when to recharge.

Multi-Position Work Light Mimics Daylight

The Schumacher SL136R Color Match LED Cordless Work Light is perfect for color matching and tasks that need daylight illumination. It features a color-rendering index (CRI) of 95, the closest match to daylight.


The SL136R’s ball joint has a 360°swivel and tilt motion for multi-angle positioning.


Use the SL136R without cords to get in the way or limit range thanks to an internal rechargeable lithium battery.


Position the work light almost anywhere with the hook attachment or magnetic base.


The LEDs will operate unplugged for approximately 150 minutes on high or 270 minutes on low.

2. Sunex REDLUH Underhood Light

Style: Underhood Light RCHRGBL 1K Lumens Sunex REDLUH underhood light, rechargeable, 1000 lumens, extendable, 360-degree rotating padded end clamps.

3. Nightstick – 801720 SLR-2120 LED Rechargeable Under Hood Work Light Black

The Bayco SLR-2120 under the hood light is purpose built as an all LED, hands-free floodlight for the automotive enthusiast. This rechargeable work light has an adjustable cradle with a pair of spring-loaded, foam-covered grippers that will extend 48 77 to fit on the underside of virtually any automobile hood. The light bar can then be rotated 360 degrees to place the lighting exactly where it’s needed. 2120 has a total of 36 LEDs.

The dual on/off buttons, one located on each of the two handles, operate in tandem with each other. One press of either button turns the light on in half-power mode, a second press and you’re in full-power mode, and then of course the third press of either button turns the light off. The light bar of 2120 has several unique hands-free features as well. First off, the light bar can easily be removed from the cradle. Each of the handles can independently rotate up or down through more than 200 degrees range of motion. The flat surface at the end of each HA

4. CRAFTSMAN V20 LED Work Light

This LED work light that can rotate 360 degrees for ease of use offers 2 lumen settings including 600 for maximum runtime and 1200 for maximum illumination. The anti-marring padded hooks extend to fit most SUV and truck hoods. LED rechargeable work lights have a folding feature to take up less storage space when not in use.

V20 Cordless LED Hood Light (Tool Only)

This LED Hood Light that can rotate 360 degrees for ease of use and offers 2 lumen settings—600 for maximum runtime and 1200 for maximum illumination. The anti-marring padded hooks extend to fit most SUVs and truck hoods. It also has a folding feature to take up less storage space when not in use.


  • 2 BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS: For extended runtime or greater brightness – 600 Lumens (low setting) and 1200 Lumens (high setting)
  • 360° ROTATING HOOKS: Rotating anti-marring padded hooks extend to fit most SUV and truck hoods
  • EASILY STORED: Unit folds in half to 26 in. to maximize storage capability
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: 51 in. to 74 in. adjustable length to fit most hoods
  • V20 SYSTEM COMPATIBLE: Part of the V20 cordless power tool and outdoor equipment system giving you the Power to Do It All: Build. Repair. Restore. Maintain.

5. DEWALT DCL045B 12V/20V MAX* Cordless Hood Light

Get up to 1,700 lm of natural, white light to brighten up dark areas in your engine bay, undercarriage, and more with this 12V/20V MAX* Cordless Hood Light. Built to enhance your visibility as you work on your automobile, the Hood Light allows for precise control of the light while preserving battery life with toggleable high, low, and single-arm modes.

It packs the adaptability to fit most SUVs and trucks with the anti-marring, padded hooks which rotate 360° and stretch between 51 in. and 74 in. while protecting your vehicle’s finish. The lightweight Cordless Hood Light is super convenient to carry and stow at 26-1/2 in. folded and 6-3/4 lbs. The light is compatible with all of our 12V MAX*, 20V MAX*, and DEWALT FLEXVOLT® batteries (excluding DCB615).

6. STANLEY SAT3S Rechargeable 600 Lumen Lithium Ion LED Work Light with USB Power Charger

The STANLEY SAT3S is compact rechargeable work light. This ultra-bright LED delivers up to 600 lumens with 18 ultra-bright LEDs; allowing you to illuminate even the darkest of work areas, whether at home, in a vehicle, camping, or during a roadside emergency or power outage. Features 3 panels that fold and pivot to give off light where needed so you can spread out to the desired area or fold down to use as a flashlight.

Includes 5 different modes of lighting: high, low, area (3 light panels only), all (uses all LEDs), or flashing. With a runtime of up to 6 hours, the Lithium Ion battery stays charged for up to 12 months without recharging. This spotlight includes 3 ways to charge using the two-way USB port, 12 volt DC charging adapter, or 120 volt AC charging adapter; all capable of also acting as a portable power station with a USB port for small electronics such as a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or other electronic devices.

The STANLEY SAT3S also features a magnetic base that mounts to metal surfaces and stows away the hook, allowing hands-free use where it is needed; includes a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Features & Benefits:

– Ultra bright LED lights.

– 3 folding area light panels with 18 ultra bright LEDs.

– 1 Amp USB Port to power and charge personal electronic devices.

– Magnetic base to hold a light on metal surfaces.

– 5 Modes: High / Low / Area / All / Flash.

7. GEARWRENCH 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Wing Light

Item Weight5.07 Pounds
Item Package Quantity1
Head StyleC Shaped
Operation ModeBattery

The full line of GEARWRENCH professional rechargeable lighting includes products for every automotive and industrial application. Whether your job requires area lights, work lights, a headlight, a flashlight, or a penlight, GEARWRENCH has a high performance full featured professional level solution. With output ratings from 30-3,000 lumens, GEARWRENCH professional lighting products are built to last.

What to Think About When Purchasing an Underhood Work Light

When it comes to making the decision to purchase an underhood work light, a number of important factors are crucial. A detailed list of those elements is provided below. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to assess your needs in each area and then select the model that best meets those needs.

Lumens Scale

Every under-the-hood work light has a different light output rating, typically expressed in lumens. The lights on the aforementioned list have output ratings that fall between the respectable ranges of 800-2000 lumens. Any work light’s lumen count, which is the SI unit of luminous flux, indicates its intensity or brightness. Even in the darkest environments, a good underhood work light should have enough lumens to adequately light the engine bay.

Battery Capacity and Life

Every underhood work light on our list has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. A high-capacity battery can enable a good light to have a long enough running time, which is necessary. Generally speaking, a maximum running time of 4 hours is regarded as respectable. Some lights, however, provide a lot more.

The amount of time your battery needs to charge is another important consideration. It is important to choose a battery with a low charging time and a high run time because a high-capacity battery requires longer charging times.

Mounts Available

The freedom to use both hands is the sole reason to purchase an underhood work light. You must purchase a model with stable and flexible mounting if you want to achieve that goal. Models with mounting brackets that cross your car’s hood on either side are typically thought to be desirable and secure. Magnets, on the other hand, are powerful enough to support the weight of the light assembly if a light has them.

Damage to the vehicle is another issue to consider when choosing a mounting method. Underhood work lights mounted with a bracket design have a propensity to scratch the top surface of the hood. Therefore, check that the model you choose has smooth, soft contact points.

Settings for Light Intensity

Most lights have one or two dimming settings in addition to their maximum lumen rating. It is recommended to choose an underhood work light with the most brightness settings because you can expand the range of applications and increase versatility by doing so.


Best Under Hood LED Work Light – After careful consideration of these four products, it is clear that the best product to purchase is the Black+Decker HL16ATSC. Not only has this product more features than the rest, but they are features that are deemed important by consumers. We recommend this product because of its quality and customer feedback. The pricing could be better as is true for all of the products we reviewed though.

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