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It is important to take care of your dentures if you wish to maintain good oral health. Denture cleaning can be done in many ways, but there are a few most efficient and safe methods to use.

Jacuzzis are what your body is to your dentures and ultrasonic dental cleaners are to your body. Cleansing your dentures with sonic technology removes dirt, bacteria, and accumulated microorganisms with a bubbling sonic solution.

So, it provides the most effective method for cleaning dentures and ensuring that they are safe for use. Even so, as there are likely hundreds of brands advertising their denture cleaning products, we have reviewed the very best ultrasonic denture cleaners available today in order to make your decision easier.

Our Favorite Best Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

Top 7 Best Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner Reviews- 2022

1. iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Denture/Aligner/Retainer Cleaner for all dental and sleep apnea appliances, 110V 20W (tank no longer removable) , White , 0.4Pt/0.2L

This ultrasonic denture cleaner with sleeping apnea appliance function is designed for home use and is great for killing bacteria in your mouthguard, smile box, and sleep apnea appliances. The powerful 20-watt ultrasonic cleaning power removes tough stains in minutes without any harmful chemicals, but with water only. All you need are 2 drops of liquid dishwashing detergent and tap water, no toothpaste is needed. The detachable drying rack is helpful to drip drying your dentures, aligners or night guards.

Why Choose this Cleaner?

Ultimate Denture Cleaning System

iSonic F3900 is the most popular and the most effective ultrasonic denture cleaner on the market. AC powered, 110V 20W, 42,000 Hz true ultrasonic cleaner. Not a AA or AAA powered battery operated vibrator which is sometimes with false claims as ultrasonic but it’s not ultrasonic at all. It’s also the smallest ultrasonic denture/retainer cleaner on the market. Combined with iSonic White Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning Powder CSDW01, it is the Ultimate Denture Cleaning System for home use.

Best Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

It cleaned a 25-year old denture in 15 minutes. Try yours for 5 minutes? 5-minute auto shutoff. One button to push and easy to operate. It fits a pair of regular-sized upper and lower dentures, partials, retainers such as Invisalign, night guards, mouth guards, etc. For extra large pair of dentures or joined appliances, use model DS180. For multiple patients’ dentures in a dental office, using model DS400B with a disposable PET cup is the best approach.

How does it work?

iSonic Ultrasonic Denture/Retainer Cleaner F3900 has a transducer that generates ultrasound which in turn generates cavitations in the liquid. Cavitations are millions of tiny air bubbles which collapse and create mini vacuums that suck off debris. In a simple analogy, it cleans like a brush but reaches places such as crevices and holes where a brush can’t reach. It also avoids possible costly damages by physical brushing. It makes cleaning of dentures and other dental appliances easy.

Combined with iSonic Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning Powder, it gives professional results often better than what you can get from a dental office. Note: An ultrasonic denture with water only will not remove stains. Combined with iSonic White Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning Powder CSDW01, iSonic F3900 will remove stains from tobacco, coffee, food etc. The cleaning powder is good for daily disinfection as well.

Old Denture was Cleaned

This 25-year old denture was never cleaned professionally before. Half of it was cleaned for 15 minutes in F3900 with the solution at full strength (1 teaspoon iSonic White Denture Cleaning Powder in 1 cup of tap water). Half of it was left uncleaned. The result was so amazing that surprised the third party dental lab which did the test. The lab calls it the best result they have ever seen.

A 25-year old denture was cleaned with this system
For a more portable model, choose model DS180 or DS180-B.

DS180 is a new model and can hold a pair of extra-large dentures or joined appliances. It’s very portable with AC100-240V or DC12V for worldwide use, with an adapter that is very easy to plug and unplug. DS180-B has a rechargeable battery which makes it even more portable. This is the first ultrasonic cleaner with DC battery over 20W. It also has sweeping full wave frequencies between 36-41K, 25W so its cleaning efficiency is twice better than F3900.

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2. SmileDirectClub Smile Spa Ultrasonic and UV Cleaning Machine

SmileDirectClub Smile Spa Ultrasonic and UV Cleaning Machine for Aligners, Retainers, Toothbrush Heads, and More

Keep your aligners, retainers, and toothbrush heads in pristine condition with Smile Spa – the world’s first fully automated cleaning machine. The Smile Spa is designed to use ultra-violet rays and ultrasonic technology to clean everything from your SmileDirectClub aligners and retainers to any mouth appliance, toothbrush head, jewelry, or other small personal items. Specially formulated detergent is included to help keep your smile sparkling and fresh.

Why Choose this Cleaner?

Smile Direct Club smile spa
Ultrasonic. Ultra clean.

Meet the smile spa – the first cleaning machine to combine ultrasonic and UV cleaning. Use it to clean all sorts of mouth gadgets, like aligners, retainers, sports mouthguards, nightguards, dentures, water flosser picks, toothbrush heads, and more. It kills 99% of odor-causing bacteria with two 5-minute cycles, and you can even clean multiple items at once. Use with a cleaning tablet for an even fresher clean.

smile spa opensmile spa alignerssmile spa compact
Combines UV and ultrasonic cleaning. We’ve tested it – the smile spa kills 99% of odor-causing bacteria, including S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, S. mutans, P. loesheii, and F. nucleatum. Just add water.Keep all your mouth gadgets clean. Use your smile spa to clean and sanitize aligners, retainers, mouthguards, dentures, toothbrush heads, water flosser picks, and more.Compact design. The compact design of the smile spa won’t take up all your counter space, but its durable, stainless-steel reservoir is still big enough to clean multiple items at once.

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3. BlumWay Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner Machine

Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner, BlumWay Profession Retainer/Aligner/Mouth Guard Cleaner Machine, SUS304 Material 5 Minute Quick Cleaning with Tablets

Maintain your oral health with the use of a denture cleaner machine. Made from SUS 304 stainless steel, it is durable and easy to clean. It is powered by electricity to effectively clean stains from your retainers and other dentures within five minutes. It has an ultrasonic cleaning function that makes it quiet during operation and keeps noisiness at a minimum for zero disturbance. It comes with a basket for holding the items you intend to clean. Simply put the items inside, add water and set the timer, then let the machine do its job. It is perfect for home use or in an office setting.

Why Choose this Cleaner?

Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner
Give A Deep Cleaning for Your Denture

BlumWay Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner produces power ultrasonic waves that thoroughly remove the denture plaque and residue without damaging, extending the service life of your denture, retainer, aligner and mouthguard.

5 Mins Quick Cleaning
  • Auto-touch Button(One-key Function)
  • Automatically Stop in 5 Mins
  • Comes with high-tech dentures cleaning revolution
  • Eliminates stains deeply and thoroughly
ultrasonic denture cleaner
  • 1 * Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner
  • 1 * Power Cable
  • 1 * User Manual
  • Product weight: 1.41lb (640g)
  • Product size: 7.5x 5.6×2.8inches
ultrasonic denture cleanerultrasonic denture cleaner1
Highly Protect Denture: Penetrative deep cleaning and prevent cross-infection, this sonic cleaner can brighten your denture as well as new. Use for teeth stain, coffee stain, dental plaque, and all-pervasive residueAll-around Cleaning: Through a 360° no dead angle cleaning, this ultrasonic denture cleaner only takes 5 mins to rapidly remove stains totally.Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology Principle: With 40KHZ high-frequency vibration to penetrate crevices and cavities can effectively remove particulates and smudges with 360° no dead angle from the denture, retainer, and mouthguard.
Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel: Made from SUS304 food-grade material groove with corrosion-resistance and heat-resistance feature, High quality and high-cost performance denture cleaner for your choice.5 Mins Quick Cleaning: One-touch start, automatic stop after 5 minutes, more efficient cleaning of dentures or Retainer/Aligner/Mouth Guard.Best Gift for Your Teeth: With PSE certified power line, separated machine, and power adapter, it can use under a low voltage and a low voice. This sonic cleaner is more convenient and comfortable to use. Fresh smell breath, get closer to someone you love. The best gift for the elder.
Cleaning Procedure

Note: When the machine works the temperature of the liquid in the tank will be 1-3 degrees above room temperature at most, it is safe to use and won’t do damage to your denture or retainer

  • Open the lid and place the cork base.
  • Put the dentures on the cork base and pour cleaning solution on it
  • Press the automatically clean button
  • The dental plaque and residues on the surface of dentures will be removed completely

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4. GTSONIC Detachable Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner,Detachable Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner with Special Denture Tray&Handle,40kHz Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with 5min Auto Shut-Off for Denture Jewelry Necklaces Rings Glasses Watches

GTSONIC Ultrasonic Cleaner is a perfect solution to your home dental and jewelry cleaning. The ultrasonic dental cleaner has a removable stainless steel tray which can be used as a dental tray. The handle is also detachable, which can be used as a brush to clean your teeth. With 5 minutes auto shut-off,360°seamless welding technology, powerful transducer and advanced circuit design of ultrasonic cleaner make it one of the best ultrasonic cleaners on the market.

Why Choose this Cleaner?


GTSONIC -U1 Dentures Ultrasonic Cleaner

GT-U1 is specifically made for dentures, provided with a special denture tray for clean and sanitary use. This unit is different from most of the ultrasonic cleaners on the market because of its detachable tank. This makes it very convenient to change water without the need to unplug the power cord each time.


A powerful cleaning machine for dental, hygiene, jewelry, and various other items, penetrates to remove particulates from crevices and cavities in minutes without damaging them. Provided with a special denture tray for clean and sanitary use.

Anti-overflow Design Tank for Safe Use:
1. One button operating, 5 minutes auto shut off.
2. Patented product.
3. Certificates: CE, FCC,RoHS
Low-Decibel Cleaning:

1. Only 5 minutes will make your loved jewelry brand new again and will not cause any scratches.
2. One Button Starts.
3. Below 75dB decibel brings a comfortable experience
40KHz Ultrasonic frequency:

The vibration of the ultrasonic waves generates numerous invisible fine bubbles in the water.

Strong energy is produced at the moment when the bubble pops, crushing dirt in minute gaps that cannot reach the hand and removing dirt that can not be wiped off by hand.
Small Size but Large Capacity:
1. Provided with a special denture tray for clean and sanitary use.
2. Detachable design for convenient use.
3. Ultrasonic physical cleaning, faster, deeper and more effective cleaning tooth gaps.

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5. sylintech Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner Denture

Ultrasonic Cleaner Denture/Aligner/Retainer Cleaner for All Dental Appliances, Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine for Jewelry, Diamonds, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses

This efficient sylintech tooth cleaner is a great addition to your oral care routine. It can remove stains and prevent gum disease, delivering professional dental cleaning services at home and so you can get the cleanest teeth and healthiest gums. And it can also be used as a sunglasses cleaner, eyeglass cleaner, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, oral appliances and cleaning denture, aligner, night guard, retainer and mouthguard.

Why Choose this Cleaner?

Sylintech ultrasonic denture cleaner

Ultrasonic Denture/Aligner/Retainer Cleaner for All Dental Appliances

A good tool for clean & storage of denture/aligner/retainer
  1. Denture/Aligner/Retainer can be cleaned at home in 3 minutes.
  2. Efficiently removes dirt. Automatic cleaning starts with the press of an automatic cleaning button for 3 minutes. It will stop automatically.
  3. Portable, light and small yet enough for dentures, very convenient for travel and home use.
  4. Escherichia coli disappears, preventing tooth decay and bad breath.
  5. Could be used also for many other small items, like glasses, keys, jewelries, small hardwares and so on.
Portable Ultrasonic cleaner

Generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for a powerful yet gentle clean that won’t harm your valuables.

what an ultrasonic denture cleaner does

CleaningEasy cleanComes with a holder for small items
Efficient cleaning and vibrating off dirt: As high as 42,000Hz ultrasonic vibration that efficiently removes dirt, automatic cleaning starts by pressing the automatic cleaning switch. Designed to stop automatically in 3 minutes, vibrates 42,000 times per 1 minuteEasy to operate, one-touch, no detergent needed: just put your denture into the cleaner, and fill it with water, then press the button, it will clean it for 3 minutes. No detergent is needed. This cleaner generates millions of bubbles that burst near the surface of the denture, constantly washing it.Comes with a holder for small items: Set the denture holder before cleaning to avoid damaging dentures and small items, like your watch, keys or jewelry. This Holder protects your denture cleaner’s tool from damage.

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6. Kowellsonic CE-2200 Professional Portable Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

CE-2200 Professional Portable Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner,Simple Efficient Cleaning Machine Remove Stain Cleaner for False Tooth,Braces,The Razor Head

The Kowellsonic CE-2200 Professional Portable Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner is a simple, efficient cleaning machine that will have your dentures and orthodontic appliances sparkling clean in minutes. Safely cleans without the use of harsh chemicals or messy pastes while helping to prevent gum disease by removing plaque, bacteria, and pollutants from hard-to-reach areas. Great for mouth guards, retainers and nightguards too!


High-tech Cleaning

With the latest washing technology, there is no need for a separate washing machine, one is sufficient. Ultrasonic technology utilizes 360 degrees of ultrasonic emission, intelligent timing, and an ultrasonic frequency of 40000 times per second. Clean in one step and enjoy the pleasant cleaning experience.

Simple Button Operation

The button is designed to be simple and easy to use. The first step is to turn on the power, then press the button. After that, you need to wait 3-5 minutes and it will stop automatically. During this time, you can add tooth cleaning tablets or effervescent tablets in clear water at 20-30 degrees Celsius to make it more effective.

high-tech cleaning dentures
ultrasonic denture cleaner machine
Mini Size & Light Weight

Mini size but high efficiency, you can clean your clothes anywhere anytime as you like such as travel, business trip, etc. It is easy to carry or just put on the table for space-saving purposes.

Stainless Steel Tank

The ultrasonic cleaner does not require any special setting or other devices, just press the button twice and it starts automatically for 5 minutes, which is enough for cleaning dentures or braces. During operation, the indicator on the upper right corner lights up. If you need to continue cleaning time, press the button again.

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7. AMTAST 110V 60HZ Denture Ultrasonic Cleaner

110V 60HZ Denture Ultrasonic Cleaner 150ml False Teeth Cleaning Machine, Very Safe Simple and Efficient Denture Cleaning Device for Old Parents Thoughtful Gifts

AMTAST Denture Ultrasonic Cleaner If your old parents have difficulty cleaning their false teeth, then you are getting them extremely thoughtful gifts. This ultrasonic cleaner is efficient and can complete the cleaning within a few minutes. It’s a great help and blessing to the elderly by using our dental retainer cleaner. This is a very suitable denture cleaner for older parents. This cleaning machine is specially designed for the elderly to clean false teeth, removable bridges, and retainers.


The water capacity is 150ml and the separated cleaning tray is specially designed for a denture (false teeth) cleaning. There are features includes:


This Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner has a special design for cleaning dentures (false teeth). It can be used to clean metal, plastic, and glass items. The ultrasonic sound waves penetrate the tiny pores of the object, then produce countless vacuum bubbles. When the bubbles burst, the sonic pressure will remove dirt effectively.

Power Consumption

This 110V 60HZ Denture Ultrasonic Cleaner uses tap water and a cleaning solution to clean your dentures. The tank has a capacity of 150 ml/ 5.07 fl. oz and it works with less power consumption and water. The ultrasonic waves eliminate residue and bacteria trapped in crevices that normal brushing cannot reach. It is an ideal device to use at home or on the go if you need to keep your dentures clean while traveling.

  • Very small with 150 ml capacity.
  • Easy to pour away clean water or a denture cleaning fluid.
  • It works with less power consumption and water.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Easy to use.
  • The ultrasonic cleaner can effectively improve the cleanliness of the denture.
  • The ultrasonic cleaner can get strong cleaning effects by cavitation, biological debris, bacterial debris, and biofilm on dentures are easily removed; your dentist will be more confident when helping you remove it.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying the Right Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

denture cleaner on the table

These eight amazing products are an excellent alternative for cleaning your dentures if you do not require professional assistance. Nonetheless, we are understanding if you wish to search outside of the list. We have outlined some of the factors and features that guided us in selecting the top eight ultrasonic dentures cleaners below in an effort to help you understand what to look for. These features include:

Moisture Control

Some ultrasonic denture cleaners have removable tanks while others have built-in tanks. In either case, you should ensure that the cleaner contains a mechanism for expelling moisture from it. The reason this is necessary is that if moisture or water is not expelled from the tank and the inner components remain moist, corrosion will occur. Your cleaner will be damaged by this condition.

Even though a detachable tank is preferred for maintaining the cleaner’s dryness and safety, built-in tanks are not without their benefits. All that matters is avoiding moisture buildup in the tank and keeping it dry. Additionally, make sure the buttons are moisture-proof or purchase a cleaner that has touch-sensing control.

Durability and Weight

A quality ABS plastic or insulated stainless steel thermometer is essential for an ultrasonic denture cleaner that will provide impressive results. Ultimately, you should purchase an ultrasonic denture cleaner that is made to last. The price of quality materials is usually not cheap, but in the long run, they are always worth it.

A quality item need not be heavy in order to be perceived as such. An ultrasonic denture cleaner should be lightweight and portable. Such a device should be readily available. Therefore, you should purchase anything weighing between one and three pounds.


Cheap quality denture cleaners are often found to make a significant amount of noise while in use. There are some dental cleaners that produce a slight buzzing sound, and there are others that are completely silent. There are noisy dental cleansers that are not necessarily bad, but they depend on your budget and level of tolerance for noise.

Mechanical Control

A variety of preset controls are available on some ultrasonic cleaning machines. A single preset may be enough to achieve satisfactory results on some machines. There are also other devices with multipurpose features that are capable of cleaning other objects.

There are multiple gifts included in these. Therefore, knowing the objective that you wish to achieve will enable you to determine whether a preset control cleaner will be sufficient to clean only your dentures. You might like preset options that can also handle other things if that is what you prefer. Alternatively, if you want multiple presets, you can choose one that spans ninety seconds to thirty minutes.

Size and Wattage

Does your denture come in a regular size, or do you have a number of dentures that you wish to have cleaned simultaneously? Your decision on whether to buy a small or large cleaning machine will be influenced by these factors. It is now considered too large to be a cleaner whose cup is more than five points. A portable ultrasonic that holds multiple dentures and other items simultaneously would be the largest of its kind.

Denture cleaners are available in a variety of wattages depending on the number of tanks. An example of a one-pint tank that would perform well is if it was powered by between thirty and sixty watts.

How to Clean Dentures With Ultrasonic Denture Cleaners

It is important to use your ultrasonic denture cleaner correctly to get the most from it. In order to ensure that your ultrasonic cleaner is properly used, it is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. The ultrasonic denture cleaner will ensure that your dentures are kept as clean as possible; however, there are a few things you must do to achieve this.

Step- 1: – Brush your dentures

Is it still fresh in your mind that different cleaning methods complement each other? In this case, brushing is an effective cleaning method. Remove large items from your dentures with your toothbrush, especially the dental-specific toothbrush, before using your ultrasonic denture cleaner.

Step- 2: – Place your denture in the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner

It is important that you take this step carefully. If you put your dentures directly in the tank, they might get jostled against the bottom and wall because of the ultrasonic action. The dentures may be damaged as a result. Ensure that a basket is first placed inside the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner before putting your denture inside.

Ultrasonic denture cleaners often include baskets, but not all of them do. Therefore, they must be purchased separately. However, if you find a basket that will accommodate your sink or whatever container you are using, it is advisable that you do so. This will ensure that the denture does not move around too much when cleaning it.

Step- 3: – Spray the cleaning solution

It may not seem like an important step, but if you follow it, your ultrasonic denture cleaner will function better. Adding ultrasonic cleaning solution or a few drops of denture cleaning solution, in addition to ultrasonic cleaning power, can usually help clean your denture. But, keep in mind that too much of anything is bad!

Step- 4: – Begin using the ultrasonic cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaner tank can now be closed and the machine turned on after your denture is inside and possibly a cleaning solution. It is recommended that you select the longest setting. This will help your denture receive the thorough cleaning it needs. A second cycle can be run if you are not happy with the result. However, it is not necessary to run a second cycle.

Step- 5:–  Soak and rinse your dentures

It is an important step to take. The denture should be rinsed when your ultrasonic denture cleaner completes its cycle. In this case, the third method of cleaning your denture is necessary. It is always recommended that you soak your dentures in a cleaning solution once a day. The ultrasonic cleaner would have given you a clean and safe denture, however, soaking the denture in cleaning tablets will produce a much cleaner and safer denture.

Final Thoughts

In short, an ultrasonic denture cleaner is a gadget you can use to clean your dentures. It will not make your teeth whiter, but it will clean off dirt and bacteria that might have collected in your dental appliance while wearing them allowing you to wear your teeth longer and more comfortably. Apparently, with regular cleaning of ultrasonic denture cleaner, you can extend the life of your dentures by years.

The best thing you can do is weigh the options and consider exactly what you need out of your sonic cleaner before making an informed decision. With the right information, you can feel secure in your purchase of a new ultrasonic denture cleaner.

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