Best Torpedo Level [2022 Guide]

Working in a construction site can be challenging, and the last thing you need is to be worried about your level. Will it work, right? Will it hold up to the test of time? Will it last throughout the day? These valid questions can only be answered by spending time and money testing various models. The best way to test them is to read reviews like this one!

We’ve gathered some of the top models currently on the market, put them through rigorous tests, and written our honest opinions on each so you can make an informed decision. This blog post will help guide you through the process of finding the right torpedo level for your needs! We’ve done the research for you in hopes that you don’t have to spend hours making an exhaustive list of different models.

Here are the best torpedo level on the market.

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Best Torpedo Level Reviews In 2023

1. CRAFTSMAN Torpedo Level

The Craftsman Torpedo Level is a professional-level tool. Made of aluminum, this level is durable and has a vial that indicates accuracy as small as 0.0005-inch/ft.. (0.5mm/meter). This level includes a vial that indicates accuracy as small as 0.0005-inch/ft.. (0.5mm/meter) for the most accurate measurement possible. This level is excellent for home improvement projects, such as hanging cabinets and crown molding, laying flooring, or setting wall baseboards.

The Craftsman Torpedo Level has shock-absorbing end caps that hold up to heavy use. Two vials on opposite sides of the torpedo level measure plumb or range with a built-in bubble level. This adjustable laser level is ideal for many projects, including picture hanging and installing wall cabinets.

Perform all construction, building, decorating and home improvement projects confidently, knowing your levels are protected from bumps and blows. Torpedo Level’s over-molded rubber end caps protect against marring, making this level ideal for use by contractors and DIYers alike.

2. Swanson TL043M 9-Inch Savage Magnetic Torpedo Level

The 9-inch TL043M Savage Magnetic Torpedo Level features four powerful neodymium magnets up to 30X stronger than standard magnets. This allows you to position the torpedo level vertically in tight spaces and hold it securely. The magnetic strength of this torpedo level allows you to use it for other tasks, such as holding screws or keeping your little jigs precisely placed at an angle.

The Savage TL043M is a premium torpedo level with a magnetic marker and quick-read bubble vial. Made with solid billet aluminum and precision laser measurement, this torpedo level is 3x stronger than competitors’ levels. It has a lifetime warranty against defects that other companies do not offer.

The Savage TL043M 9-Inch Torpedo Magnetic Level with Brightview Vial Surrounds provides increased visibility and durability making it a perfect choice for professionals who work in close quarters. The level is made with brightview vial surrounds to provide improved visibility, even in low light, and has 4 vials including 30 degrees. It also has patented level tips for added durability and easier re-calibration.

3. Klein Tools 935RB Level, 8-Inch Torpedo Level with Rare Earth Magnet and Tapered Nose

The patented magnet track prevents powerful Rare-Earth magnets from falling out, while the tapered nose is durable enough to withstand impacts. The large, easy-to-read high-visibility vials at 4 angles (level, 90, 45 and 30 degrees) make it easy to set up as soon as you open the box. It even includes dual lens engineering: a patent-pending dual lens window lets you view your tool’s front and back with one glance.

The Klein Tools 935RB Level, 8-Inch Torpedo Level with Rare Earth Magnet and Tapered Nose is a handy way to get accurate measurements at the Jobsite. The tapered nose design is built to fit into tight spaces. A large, top-view vial window enables easy readability from multiple angles and a high-visibility orange body is easy to see on conduit and at the job site. The V-Groove fits the contour of the conduit and pipe for reliable performance at every angle.

Klein Tools 8-Inch Torpedo Level with Rare Earth Magnet and Tapered Nose is designed to perform in a variety of professional applications. The tapered nose easily pushes into pockets and narrow spaces, making it ideal for leveling pipes, crowns, and tile pieces. The Rare Earth magnet provides strength and durability to the tool. The 1/2-inch diameter beam is made from high-impact anodized aluminum for long-lasting use. Each level includes a hang hole for quick attachment on a nail or screw for easy storage.

4. IRWIN Tools 150 Magnetic Torpedo Level

The IRWIN Tools 150 Magnetic Torpedo Level has a heavy-duty aluminum frame and composite body, making it incredibly durable. It offers a clear, easy-to-read level bubble that lets you quickly see if your project is perfectly level. This torpedo level also comes with rare earth magnetized back that allows it to stick securely to any metal surface while still being able to lay flat.

The IRWIN Tools 150 Magnetic Torpedo Level is a good choice for any toolbox. The torpedo level’s body is made of stainless steel and comes with a v-groove edge that makes the leveling pipe easy and efficient. The locking dial vial has precise markings to give you a quick and easy way to read angles.

Magnetic torpedo level with rare-earth magnets. This level is ideal for steel construction and metalworking projects, where a hands-free solution is needed to work safely on both vertical and overhead surfaces.

5. RONGPRO 9 Inch Torpedo Level, Magnetic Box Level 

This small torpedo level is portable enough to make your measuring work easy. Easily fit on your tool belt and make sure that everything you measure is level, plumb, or square. It’s also perfect for hanging a picture straight so its a great addition for any carpenter toolbox or home improver kit.

This level is the most advanced tool for professional leveling work. The long magnetic edge uses advanced technology to enhance the magnetic force. It’s convenient enough to freely attach the level measuring tool to the magnetic spot. You don’t have to worry about it falling.

RING PRO 9 Inch Torpedo Level is designed for professionals. The level is made of a durable material designed to take a beating. The viewing window on top makes it easy to read from any position. The high contrast bubbles and top window make it easy to measure the object more accurately. The V-groove at the bottom working edge fits onto the conduit or pipe.

6. WORKPRO 8-Inch Magnetic Torpedo Level

The bottom of the torpedo level is designed with four strong magnets holding iron materials. This allows users to keep both hands free when measuring the angle, so they can easily hold the surface where they are working and make accurate measurements.

The Lazer level is super simple; it has 4 high visibility vials for angles at 45°, 0°, 90°, and 30° and maximum accuracy of 0.5mm/m. Thanks to its transparent acrylic glass with smooth inner contours and bright fluorescent liquid inside, you can use this torpedo level in any workspace or job site. With a built-in top vial view window its easy to see the bubble in narrow spaces giving you more accurate measurements every time.

The WORKPRO 8-Inch Magnetic Torpedo Level is made of aluminum and provides a sturdy, lightweight construction ideal for all construction and machining applications. With its integrated ruler and metric/imperial measurements, this torpedo level makes it easy to find any angle or make precise measurements.

How To Consider The Best Torpedo Level When Choosing


Torpedo levels are often quite basic tools, but a respectable selection is still available. Because not all are made equal, it’s critical to know what qualities to search for.


Not all vials are created equal. The substance utilized may be acrylic, glass, or plastic. Glass is one of the greatest options because it is durable and unlikely to leak, shatter, or fog over. Glass will hold up better if you’re seeking for something that will last for a long time. Some businesses make use of UV-resistant vials. If you work outside a lot, this is crucial.

It denotes that neither the material nor the coloring in the liquid will be harmed by exposure to sunlight. The level will go on longer and perform just as well. The liquid is placed inside the vials, usually diluted ethanol. You read the angle by looking at an air bubble that moves when the level is adjusted. Although most levels fill the vials with a bright greenish-yellow liquid, others try to make the bubble more noticeable. There are several that include LED lighting as well.


Torpedo levels are designed to work in more demanding conditions. The material of the frame is crucial when it comes to durability. They are often constructed of an aluminum alloy or ABS plastic. Although each of these materials is strong and lightweight, there are some distinctions. Most importantly, plastic is unaffected by heat or cold and can be molded into almost any shape. Depending on the ambient temperature, aluminum will be either hot or cold.


Get a torpedo level with magnets if you work with metal. One of the most useful features allows you to use the level hands-free. Although rare earth magnets are stronger and more popular than strip magnets, strip magnets are still readily available.


In essence, a V-groove is a tool that may be used to properly and swiftly guide pipes and conduits into position. It’s a fairly straightforward idea. The level has a V-shaped side on one side. More control is provided by the way the material fits into the groove. It facilitates the task and aids in material stabilization.

Finger Screw

If you’re working with conduits, thumb screws are a need. The level is secured to a piece of the conduit by the thumb screw, allowing you to use it while bending. The thumb screw is optional if you don’t want to bend any conduit. Please be aware that if you don’t plan to use the thumb screw, it won’t get in the way.


Anyone who has trouble interpreting the measurements from vials should use digital torpedo levels. These levels typically have a sizable screen that shows the angle. Others go so far as to incorporate additional metrics such as inches per foot, millimeters per meter, or even slope.

You’ll value the digital level if you frequently use levels or if you’re the type who enjoys gadgets and likes to have the most recent technology. They function well and are pleasant to use, although low-tech torpedo levels still outperform them.

Frequently Asked Question

Are torpedo levels accurate?

A torpedo level is a tool that is designed to do just that. It can accurately measure the angle of a surface with liquid vials or precise lasers — which is why it’s such a valuable tool to have in the toolbox.

How high should a torpedo level be?

Typically nine inches long and tapered at the ends, the torpedo level is sometimes also known as a canoe or boat-shaped level. The body of the level contains two or three spirit tubes. The torpedo level is the handiest when working in tight quarters.

What is the screw on a torpedo level for?

The screw at the end allows you to attach the level to the end of a pipe firmly, and it will give you the angle. The choices are level, 45 degrees, 30 degrees, or 90 degrees. It has holes in the top that allow you to see the level, 45 degrees or 30 degrees from above.

Why is it called torpedo level?

It should be no surprise that most torpedo levels are tapered or torpedo-shaped. What is surprising is how many uses people find for them. A torpedo level is small—6 inches to 12 inches in length—and have vials that indicate the plumb, level, and, sometimes, 45 degrees.

What is the best type of level?

DeWalt DW088LG Green Cross Line Laser Level. Best on a budget: Empire True Blue Professional Torpedo Level. Best beam level: Stanley FatMax 72-Inch Non-Magnetic Level. Best auto-leveling: Black & Decker BullsEye Auto-Leveling Laser Level.


The best torpedo level will vary according to your needs as a carpenter or a marine housing developer. The key is to figure out what features, such as the material of the torpedo, you need to complete your project. Then go through this list and find the torpedo that meets those requirements. There’s no doubt that the best can be found here.

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