Top 5 Best Tooth Desensitizer Reviews

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Dentin hypersensitivity (DH) can be frustrating for patients. Many of your patients will likely experience pain from acidic foods, cold food, hot food, and even sweets. They may also avoid certain types of food altogether. This can be frustrating for both parties involved.

Overall, the lack of a proper diet can increase the likelihood that your patients develop dental decay, periodontal disease, and health concerns as a whole. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best tooth desensitizers available to treat DH so you can better help your patients overcome their pain.

Our 5 Favorite Tooth Desensitizer

Best Tooth Desensitizer Reviews In 2022

1.House Brand CE310 Desensitizer 7ml

House Brand CE310 Desensitizer 7ml
Brand NameHouse Brand
Item Weight0.480 ounces
Number of Items1
Part NumberCE310

House Brand Professional 5% NaOCl Gel 7ml is used by all dental professionals. Our exclusive syringe design delivers a much stronger dosage than comparable products. Reliable and easy to use, the gel comes in an optimized syringe tip that allows for thorough application to sensitive areas of teeth and gums.

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2. Kulzer KU-65872354 Gluma Desensitizer, Standard, 5Ml

Kulzer KU-65872354 Gluma Desensitizer, Standard, 5Ml
Brand NameKulzer
Item Depthinches
Item Volume5.0 milliliters
Item Weight1.00 pounds

Gluma desensitizer is used to stop and prevent hypersensitivity problems. This product features one bottle of Gluma desensitizer gel and one bottle of Gluma applicator tips, 50 tips per bottle.

They have been in the market for more than 20 years and have been used in more than 50 million restorations worldwide to stop and prevent hypersensitivity. The result is fast and effective, with no mixing, curing or repetitive steps.

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3. Dental Universal Desensitizer Agent (One)

Dental Universal Desensitizer Agent (One)
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableSeptember 4, 2017
Manufacturer Mydent

The desensitizer agent is a newly developed class for anti-dental hypersensitivity, highlighting the concept of comprehensive treatment and prevention of recurrence to solve the problem of recurrence.

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4. Dengen Desensitizer Dental Product

Dengen Desensitizer Dental Product
Item model number34142354

A clinically proven, universal desensitizer that combines unsurpassed benefits in one formula. Gluma is the leading choice of dentists and has been used successfully in more than 50 million restorations worldwide to stop and prevent hypersensitivity.

One drop of glue is all you need and the result is fast and effective. No mixing, no curing, and no repetitive steps.

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Buying Guides About Tooth Desensitizer

Long-term Effect

Products with longer effects will require less maintenance from you. A long-lasting tooth desensitizer will keep your patient painless for longer.

Desensitizing Power

You want a product that will effectively fill in the dentinal tubules and prevent the triggering of nerve endings. You want a product that will deliver the effects it promises.

Application Ease

Simple, seamless application is always preferred. This factor will also depend on which technique you are most familiar and comfortable with.


Your patients want products that don’t stain their teeth. Look for products that provide stainless results.


You want a product that matches your budget while delivering high quality desensitizing power

How Does Tooth Desensitizer Work?

Professional tooth desensitizer seals small cracks or holes in the tooth’s enamel, either by forming a barrier or by filling in the small holes. The calcium phosphate slurry forms a barrier. Arginine-based tooth desensitizer helps to deposit calcium and phosphate into a tooth’s small holes. Tooth desensitizer using NovaMin seals the holes and forms a barrier.

In addition to treating tooth sensitivity, tooth desensitizing is sometimes used as a proactive dental treatment before tooth whitening. For vulnerable teeth, tooth desensitizer may be applied when preparing the tooth for a filling or other dental restoration.

Where is the Desensitizer Placement?

Desensitizer placement varies from patient to patient and even among dentists. Some dentists take a whole-mouth approach and uses tooth desensitizer on every tooth when a patient comes in with hypersensitivity. Some only do a portion of the mouth.

Regardless of where the sensitivity occurs in the mouth, tooth desensitizer is generally placed over open dentin tubules (the small holes in the enamel) and wherever enamel is thinning or cracked. For most people, this is near the tooth roots at the gumline.

Frequently Asking Question

How Long Does Desensitizer Last?

GLUMA Desensitizer and GLUMA Desensitizer PowerGel have demonstrated their long-term effectiveness of up to 18 months in various clinical studies10. Both GLUMA Desensitizers are fast and non-invasive. They should only be applied by dentists, though, as they are not intended for use by the patients.

Also Question Is, How Long Does Desensitizer Last On Teeth?

Although the above careful treatment of teeth is recommended, this type of tooth desensitizer can stand up to abrasive toothpastes and whitening treatments, lasting up to three years.

Furthermore, How Does A Dentist Desensitize A Tooth?

Sometimes you need the assistance of your dental professional to desensitize your teeth. Your dentist can apply a thin layer of a fluoride gel or another type of desensitizing agent to strengthen your enamel which will help reduce teeth sensitivity and stop the transmissions to your nerves causing pain.

Also Know, What Is A Dental Desensitizer?

Teethmate Desensitizeris indicated to prevent a variety of dentinal sensitivity challenges, such as cervical sensitivity (exposed dentin), before/after bleaching, scaling or root planning and underneath restorations. Teethmate Desensitizer is highly biocompatible.

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