Top 10 Best Tongue Cleaner Reviews

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Regular teeth brushing and flossing are essential to keeping your mouth healthy, but you can get even more oral health benefits by targeting your cleaning efforts with one of the best tongue cleaners. ‘Our tongue is exposed to as much, if not more, bacteria than our teeth’, Dr. Marianna M. Weiner (Marianna the cosmetic dentist) explains to Bustle. ‘All that bacteria that is living there gets absorbed into our bodies and digestive systems.

Tongue scraping, which is a practice that stems from early Ayurvedic literature can remove toxins that have been brought to the surface of the tongue, and according to Martha Soffer (Martha the Ayurvedic expert), will ‘also help to remove bad breath, and even improve digestion.’

Our 5 Favorite Tongue Cleaner

Best Tongue Cleaner In 2022

1. Tongue Scraper (3 Pack)

Tongue Scraper (3 Pack), Reduce Bad Breath, Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaners, Metal Tounge Scrappers, Tongue Scraper Cleaner for Fresher Breath

An effective tongue scraper should be simple to use and made of quality material. And by using the best tongue scrapers for adults, you not only clean your tongue, you also remove bad breath-causing germs from the surface of your tongue. You can’t stop bad breath without first removing the particles that cause it to stink.

With our tongue scraper, you can scrape your tongue in seconds and be on your way, feeling confident that you’ve removed the bad breath-causing bacteria. Our wide-head scraper helps to scrape both sides of the tongue at once so you don’t miss any spots. Remember when it comes to oral hygiene, don’t waste money on something that’s going to break and do a poor job.

You deserve the best cleaner for your teeth, and a good quality scraper should last a lifetime. Get the right fit for your mouth–and your style with the five different colors we offer!

Tongue Cleaner for Adults

Best Tongue Cleaner

The tongue cleaner for adults is a much-needed daily accessory for anyone with a tongue. The tongue scraper for adults is perfect for removing bacteria in the home and on the go. It comes in a perfect three-pack that benefits from two handles, an easy-grip design, and easy-to-sanitize stainless steel. These long-lasting metal tongue scrapers are also non-toxic and built to last.

Tongue Cleaning Made Easy

It’s time to take your oral health care routine to the next level. These tongue scrapers are created with a two-handled design that offers ultimate flexibility, strength, and effectiveness. You can optimize your metal tongue cleaner routine into a simple stroke with these stainless steel tongue scrapers for adults.

This will give you the cleanest tongue (and freshest breath) time and time again. Use the flexible scraper to remove bacteria from any part of your tongue, even those hard-to-reach areas.

Reducing Bad Breath and Improving Overall Oral Health

Tongue scrapers are an important part of your oral care routine. Keeping your tongue clean will aid in reducing bad breath and improving overall oral health and gum health. The stainless steel tongue scraper is crafted from 18/10 heavy-grade stainless steel material with a razor-sharp blade to remove unwanted particles from the surface of the tongue, therefore, keeping the mouth clean, healthy, and fresh.

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2. Tongue Scraper (2 Pack)

BASIC CONCEPTS Tongue Scraper (2 Pack), Reduce Bad Breath (Travel Cases Included), Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaners, 100% Metal Tongue Scrapers Fresher Breath

These tongue cleaners are designed to clean the bacteria from under your tongue. Tongue scrapers may inspire waves of nostalgia and also sentiments of new beginnings. Yours will be the best! Say goodbye to bad breath forever with a tongue scraper that is made just for you. Tongue scrapers keep your mouth smelling fresh.

A steel tongue scraper is the only real solution when it comes to cleaning your tongue after eating! This version has a firm, wide head that will cover more of your tongue with every use. Stainless steel is not just for cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets; it makes the perfect tongue scraper because it does not have those weak plastic parts that always snap and break.

Oral Irritations

Tongue Scraper (2 Pack)

Tongue scrapers were originally developed to help people with canker sores and other oral irritations. They quickly became popular as a way to remove bacterial toxins that enter the mouth when eating and drinking. Simply scrape your tongue up and down for about 2 seconds each time.

Rinse or wipe the scraper clean after use and replace it every couple of months, depending on use.

Tongue Clean of Germs and Food Debris

Get a great-tasting, healthier mouth with the Tongue Cleaner. This tongue cleaner is designed to scrape the tongue clean of germs and food debris, which freshens breath. The Tongue Cleaner is a fun and easy way to quickly refresh your breath in seconds.

Perfect for Sharing

Tongue scrapers are great for removing particles that are too large to brush out of your tongue. Our tongue scrapers are made of stainless steel, so they’re strong and built to last. And with your purchase, you’ll receive 2 tongue scrapers in a handy pack, so you can share one with a friend or keep it at the office.

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3. Orabrush Tongue Scraper

Orabrush Tongue Scraper, Tongue Cleaner Helps Fight Bad Breath, 4 Tongue Scrapers

Orabrush is a dual-action tongue cleaner using a soft micro-pointed bristle design that reaches deep into the crevices of your tongue while promoting good breath. Orabrush cleans and scrapes bacteria that causes bad breath on your tongue and in the mouth. You can increase your overall health by scraping off bad breath causing bacteria.

Smokers, diabetics, geriatric or HIV positive people are at a higher risk of these conditions. The sooner you begin to remove the bacteria, the better off you’ll be.

Shape of a Tongue Scraper

Formed to the shape of a tongue scraper, this dual-action tool provides superior cleaning of the tongue and under the tongue against the soft tissue. Unlike other brands, bristles are ultra-soft, micro-pointed and do not scratch or injure your tongue.

Improve Oral Hygiene

Orabrush’s Tongue Scraper gives you a fresh breath solution for a clean, healthy mouth. Our tongue scrapers are made with micro-bristles that deep clean and lift away bad breath. These scraper heads come in fun and unique shapes to fit comfortably in your mouth, so you can easily clean your tongue and improve oral hygiene.

Revolutionary Concept in Oral Health

Orabrush Tongue Scraper is a revolutionary concept in oral health that sweeps your tongue clean before you brush. Our patented technology makes Orabrush one of the most enjoyable tools you can use to improve your dental health.

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4. Peak Essentials | The Original TUNG Brush Kits

Peak Essentials | The Original TUNG Brush Kits | Premium | Tongue Cleaner | Scraper | Scrubber | Odor Eliminator | Fight Bad Breath | Fresh Mint | BPA Free | Made in America (Set of 1)

Introducing the Oral Hygiene line from TUNG Brush. Our Original, Patented tongue cleaning brushes and gel are everything imperfectly perfect people need. TUNG Brush products are composed of top quality materials and are manufactured under strict standards in China to ensure they meet our high expectations of both functionality and workmanship.

Tung Brush for Better Brushing

The original TUNG Brush is clinically proven to remove 90% of bad breath in just 60 seconds by breaking down and removing toxic oral bacteria. The TUNG Brush is the most effective tongue cleaner on the market. You’ll quickly learn to love your new fresh mouth!

Soft Silicone Resists Bacterial Build

Best Tongue Cleaner

The TUNG Brush is equipped with a soft, thick, silicone bristle head that is ideal for tongue cleaning. It does not irritate or damage the tongue or gums like metal bristles, and it won’t come off as you brush. The soft silicone resists bacterial build up and provides a hygienic alternative to your fingers or a tongue scraper. This simple product will transform your daily oral care routine.

Dental Hygiene is Quite

TUNG Brush is a revolutionary tongue scraper, a modern way to clean your tongue with 16 flexible blades that fit the contours of your tongue.The patented TUNG Brush was created by two dental hygienists who were frustrated by the unappealing appearance and odor of their patient’s tongues.

Anyone who maintains good dental hygiene is quite aware of the effectiveness of brushing teeth twice daily.

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5. 4PCS Tongue Scraper

4PCS Tongue Scraper, Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaners, 100% BPA Free Fresher Tongue Tools, Healthy Oral Hygiene Brushes, Medical Grade Reusable Stainless Steel, Eliminate Bad Breath

Tongue Cleaner Tongue Cleaner, tongue scrapers and tongue cleaning are three necessary things for oral health care. This anti-bacteria and anti-fungi medical tongue cleaner is a must have item. It can effectively clean the tongue mucosa and remove the bacterial biofilm of the tongue.

Important Equipment to Clean

Tongue scraper is the necessary and important equipment to clean our mouth while we rinse. These two different type of tongue cleaners can meet our need, U-shaped stainless steel cleaners can clean all people, super easy to use daily.

How Much Morning Coffee or Garlic

The long handle makes it easy to reach further in the back of your mouth. This bristle free tongue cleaner features a small brush to make sure that you get hard to reach spots, no matter how much morning coffee or garlic you ate after lunch. No more having to use your toothbrush for this, because we all know that is not pleasant.

Oral Hygiene and Tongue Cleaning

The tongue scraper is a necessity for good oral hygiene and tongue cleaning. Our Tongue Scraper is made of stainless steel and the scraper head can be separated into 4 pieces which are more practical to clean and easier to storage, no smell, non-toxic, ideal for practicing tongue cleaning and removing the bad breath caused by fungi on the tongue.

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6. Peak Essentials The Original Tung Gel

Peak Essentials | The Original Tung Gel | Premium | Tongue Cleaner | Odor Eliminator | Fight Bad Breath | Fresh Mint | BPA Free | Made in America | (2 Count)

TUNG Gel (Zinc) is the world’s first food-grade zinc breath freshening gel. Zinc is present in a healthy human mouth, but can be depleted by certain foods and beverages, smoking tobacco, and disease processes. By delivering a small amount of zinc, TUNG Gel returns your mouth to its natural state and helps eliminate bad breath. 

The Original TUNG Brush gently stimulates the tongue’s taste and mechanical receptors to help clean the whole tongue surface. The result: fresher breath and a healthier mouth. NOTE: Dry mouth and bad breath are two potential side effects of TUNG use, because the process of cleaning out your tongue could result in you losing fluid from your body as a way to balance out the levels of chemicals. In most cases though, this resulting dryness will only last temporarily .

Bacteria Fighting Tongue Cleaner

Peak Essentials Original TUNG gel is made with natural zinc and aloe vera. It’s safe, gentle, and effective. Peak was the first company to market a bacteria fighting tongue cleaner made with real natural ingredients.

Tung Tongue Cleaning Brush

TUNG brushes your tongue, removing the source of bad breath from your mouth in as little as ten seconds. The Original TUNG Brush is made from medical grade silicone and is safe to use on braces and dental work. Try it for yourself risk-free with our complete satisfaction guarantee.

Take the TUNG Challenge

We invite you to try the TUNG Brush and Gel absolutely risk free. Take the TUNG Challenge: Use the TUNG Brush every day for one week. Look at your tongue before and after you brush. Watch what you spit out. After that, we dare you to quit! If you don’t see and feel a huge difference, just let us know. We’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

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7. Peak Essentials Tongue Scraper

Peak Essentials | Tongue Scraper | Mint Blast - Natural TUNG Gel Kit | Tongue Cleaner | Odor Eliminator | Fight Bad Breath | Fresh Mint | BPA Free | Made in America (STARTER PACK)

The Mint Blast Tongue Scraper is a new type of tongue cleaner that allows you to reach back to the rear of your tongue, providing a fresh, clean feeling. With Zinc as one of Natural Ingredients in the formulation, Mint blast actually neutralizes the sulfur gas produced by bacteria on the tongue, causing bad breath.

Improve Breath and Tastes 

TUNG scraper is a tongue cleaner that helps improve breath and tastes great with a refreshing spearmint flavor. Our specially formulated gel contains Zinc, which naturally and safely eliminates bad breath and can be used anytime with no need for water. Each bottle lasts 30 days, so the quality of your daily oral health is always under control.

Tongue and The Inside of Your Cheeks are Covered

Keep your breath in check, with the help of this “do everything” tongue scraper. The wide head and low-profile handle offers up to 4x more surface area contact, so the back of your tongue and the inside of your cheeks are covered. It’s also designed to minimise your gag reflex. All in all, you’ll be fresh as a daisy all day long.

Enjoyable And Effective

Everyone has a “morning breath problem”. Nobody wants to smell bad breath when they wake up… or when they talk to the salesperson at a job interview or even when they kiss their loved ones. You cannot really see it or feel it. TUNG makes brushing your tongue as enjoyable as it is effective. All you need to do is brush your tongue for ten seconds, twice a day and… See how clean your tongue is !

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8. 3 PCS Tongue Scraper for Adults

3 PCS Tongue Scraper for Adults, Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner with Carry Travel Small Case, Medical Grade Metal Daily Oral Hygiene Brush Dental Kits Reduce Bad Breath Tool Gadgets Treatment

The Tongue Cleaner Kit by OneTouchDental is one of the most useful dental tools to promote better oral health. The kit includes a tongue scraper and a toothbrush, both made of top-quality, medical grade bamboo fiber, as well as pick and flossers, all in one handy carrying case. The scraper is used to remove plaque and bacteria from the backs of your teeth and tongue. 

Completely Flexible Allowing

Tongue scrapers are the perfect solution to achieving total tongue cleanliness. Our tongue scraper is specially curved and is made with smooth bristles so you can reach every part of your tongue. It is completely flexible allowing it to contour around your mouth, making it easier to scrape your tongue without gagging reflexes or irritating it. This item will save you hours in the bathroom each week!

Mouth Clean and Fresh

Three-piece tongue scraper set includes a U-shaped scraper, a hollowed-out scraper, and rake-shaped scraper to ensure you keep the inside of your mouth clean and fresh. The hollowed-out scraper is double-sided that can scrape off tough debris and clean the entire tongue effectively at once. The rake-shaped scraper is ideal for normal debris coating.

Healthy and Smooth-looking

Clean and maintain your tongue with this 3 PCS Tongue Scraper for Adults, featuring a set of three stainless steel scrapers in different sizes. By scraping the tongue surface, you can keep it healthy and smooth-looking by removing excess debris. When using the scraper, gently glide it along the top of the tongue, either toward the front or toward the back of your mouth. This scraping should take only a few seconds to complete. Pair this scraper with a tongue cleaner.

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9. Tongue Scraper (4 Pack) Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Scraper with Mini Hooks (4 Pack) Medical Grade Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner Tongue Cleaning Tools for adults and kids Oral Care Eliminate Bad Breath Tongue Brush

Tongue Cleaner is a new oral care device designed to deal with bad breath, and clean the tongue. Our Tongue Cleaner contains 2-4 small hooks for free, which are used to hang the tongue scraper on the wall to save space and dry the water on the tongue scraper. The unique handle makes it easy to hold and not easy to fall off from your hands.

The new design also makes the tongue scraper fit the tongue more closely, scrape entirely every corner of the tongue. Made of medical-grade stainless steel, which is stronger and more durable than plastic, and easy to clean and disinfect. A moderate size and easy operation make it suitable for kids, women or men of all ages ,even elders can use it very easily.

 Maintain Mouth Freshness

The tongue scraper removes excess bacteria that may have accumulated in your mouth during the night, helping you to maintain mouth freshness. After use, clean it with warm water and dry it. Do not use sterilizers or soak in chemical solutions. Store the tongue scrapper in a clean place which is convenient for using. The Tongue Cleaner removes plaque from your tongue, giving you fresher breath and better overall oral health!

A Tongue Scraper is a Smal

A tongue scraper is a small, flat stick with a rounded edge that you use to clean off the coating on your tongue. It scrapes away the white coating on your tongue that is often caused by bacteria.

Bacteria and tartar Stains on the Tongue

Remove Foul Smelling Odors And Plaque From The Tongue With This Tongue Cleaner. These Tongue Cleaners are made of plastic which allows the tongue cleaner to be used thousands of times without any corrosion or rusting caused by the metal one.

They have super soft bristle that makes for a gentle scrubbing of the tongue, but tough enough that it can remove all kinds of smelly bacteria and tartar stains on the tongue.

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10. 100% Pure Copper Tongue Scraper for Adults

100% Pure Copper Tongue Scraper for Adults - Natural Tongue Cleaner with Firm Grip & Travel Case - Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper for Dental Health and Fresh Breath - by Pure Earth Essentials (1 Piece/Pack)

The perfect tongue scraper for adults to clean out bacteria on the tongue. This copper tong scraper is much more durable versus a plastic tongue cleaner. The copper helps sanitize cuts and scrapes on your tongue, keeping it clean from bad breath. You will love this Tongue Scraper for adults. its better than a toothbrush because it will help whiten your teeth after just one use. Copper is antimicrobial so its perfect for any mouth cleaning tool.

Copper Tongue Scraper

Get your tongue clean in a matter of seconds with our copper tongue scraper ayurvedic. Designed with a wide scraping edge, it scrapes up built-up residue in one efficient stroke while the thick dull edges ensure a smooth experience. Add to your cart today and get rid of bad breath.

Essential Mineral 

Using copper to clean your tongue every morning can help remove bad breath & also improve your ability to taste food as copper is an essential mineral required by the body in small amounts. This 100 percent pure copper tongue scraper for adults comes with a BPA-free plastic handle. The copper used to create this product was previously waste from a manufacturer and would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Tongue Scraper is a Unique and Natural 

A must have in your personal hygiene kit the Copper Tongue Scraper is a unique and natural appliance that help to get rid of that nasty bad breath. Ayurvedic tongue scraper for adults with sturdy build and carrying bag, ideal for men and women of all ages that want to improve their oral health.

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How To Choose A Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Cleaner for Face


In many ways, selecting the appropriate tongue scraper is comparable to selecting the appropriate toothbrush. When making a tongue scraper, stainless steel and plastic are frequently used as materials. According to some sources, stainless-steel tongue scrapers are more durable than their plastic counterparts in terms of longevity. In contrast, a plastic tongue scraper has excellent gripping properties and may be used with either hand. In contrast, several tongue scrapers have a stainless-steel body and handle with a plastic coating to provide additional stability and protection.

Ease of use

A tongue scraper that is easy to glide along the tongue and operate is crucial for removing all traces of tongue. This is why easy-to-use tongue scrapers must be flexible without being flimsy or cheaply built. A tongue scraper that is too wide will only scrape the middle of your tongue. Gagging might be induced by a tongue cleaner that is too little or thin.


As mentioned previously, tongue scrapers come in a variety of styles to suit individual tastes. Decide if you want a V-shaped or U-shaped tongue scraper, or a toothbrush with a scraper attached. This will prevent any irritation when scraping your tongue.


If you travel frequently, you’ll need a portable tongue scraper to protect your oral health. You may either get a complete pack of disposable tongue scrapers and carry them on vacation, or you may acquire a packaged tongue scraper.

Buying a good tongue scraper is only half the battle; mastering its application will protect your tongue from accumulation, bacteria, and unpleasant odor. So, here’s a quick tutorial on utilizing a tongue scraper.

Frequently Asking Questions

What cleans the Tongue Better?

Cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush is probably the best and easiest way. Nevertheless, if you have a gag reflex, you might find it easier to do this at night rather than first thing in the morning.

How Do you Deep Clean Your Tongue?

Make sure your tongue reaches as far as it can. Place the tongue scraper towards the back of your tongue. While applying pressure, move the scraper toward the front of your tongue. Remove any debris and bacteria from the tongue scraper by soaking it in warm water.

Are Copper Tongue Cleaners Better?

The flushing of harmful bacteria, as well as the elimination of oral toxins, are both achieved by it. Copper has antibacterial properties that make it an effective tongue cleaner and contribute to your oral health in the long run. Read about 10 tips for maintaining good tongue hygiene.

Why do I Have so Much White Stuff on my Tongue?

An overgrowth and swelling of your tongue’s fingerlike projections (papillae) is what causes a white tongue. Placing debris, bacteria, and dead cells between enlarged and sometimes inflamed papillae causes the white coating to appear.

What Color is a Healthy Tongue?

Even though each person’s tongue may look slightly different, the characteristics of a healthy tongue are the same for most. The color should be pink, with a whitish layer on top. Tongue papillae should also be present. It consists of small bumps along the surface that help you taste and eat your food.


While there are a lot of tongue scrapers to choose from, we still feel that Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner and GUM Tongue Cleaner are by far our favorites. They are high-quality scrapers that are designed to effectively remove plaque and other types of bacteria from your tongue, both of which can contribute to foul mouth odors. 

We should also mention that both come with relatively high customer satisfaction ratings on Amazon, so we think that you really can’t go wrong with either option we have selected in this article.

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