5 Best TIG Torch Reviews 2022- Water Cooled & Air Cooled

For any welding project, you need good welding equipment, it is essential to select the proper device for welding to be perfect.

Among all the available welding methods, TIG welding is one of the most popular ones and requires a TIG torch.

When you look into the market for the best TIG torch, you’ll find too many options which claim to be the best, and it can be very confusing for you to choose. For this reason, I’ll provide you the expert recommendations and buying guidance which will give you an idea about which one to buy.

So, let’s get to work!

Top Picks of TIG Torch Listing

Characteristics of TIG welding torches

cooling typeMax AC/DC Amps*Duty Cycle PercentageCapacity Ø tungsten electrodeAdvantages and strengths
air (gas)90 /110A60%0.5 to 1.6mmEasy handling, light weight, little support surface
air (gas)125 /140A60%0.5 to 2.4mmstandard model
air (gas)200 / 240A60%0.5 to 3mmProfessional
Liquid200 / 220A100%0.5 to 3.2mmCapacity, space requirement, weight/power ratio
Liquid210 to 330A100%0.5 to 4mmFor intensive work

5 Best TIG Welding Torch Reviews

Like I said before, there are a lot of options available in the market, which can be overwhelming for you. But you are in luck because I have compiled the best top 5 TIG torch reviews below.

1. WeldCraft 366-WP-20-25 WP-20-25 WP-20 Water Cooled TIG Torch Kit

WeldCraft 366-WP-20-25 WP-20-25 WP-20 Water Cooled TIG Torch Kit, Angled Head, 3/4' Handle, 25' Vinyl Cable
Height0.5 inches
Included ComponentsTig Torches & Torch Bodies
Installation Typetig-welding
Item Weight8.0 ounces
Length0.5 inches
Measurement SystemUS
Model Number366-WP-20-25
Number of Items1
Part NumberWP-20-25
UNSPSC Code31000000
Warranty DescriptionManufacturer
Width0.5 inches

When it comes to welding equipment, the first name that comes to my mind is WeldCraft as they supply some of the best high-quality welding tools. The TIG torch is one of them. Although I admit that this one is expensive, it is worth every penny.

The best part about this TIG torch is its cooling system which is water controlled, and I don’t see any reason not to own a water-cooled TIG torch over any other torch.

Moreover, the smooth handle of the torch makes it user-friendly. The torch is very durable, and the amperage is up to 250 amp both in AC and DC, making it perfect for more prolonged use.

Also, the lengths of the hoses are long enough to work correctly around different projects and short enough not to get them tangled. One of the three vinyl made hoses are for argon, and the other two are for water.

Despite the fact that the torch doesn’t get heated efficiently over long use, some users have complained about the hoses becoming too hot after using the torch for a long time.

  • Durable
  • Connections are standard
  • Convenient to use
  • Great performance
  • Expensive
  • The hose gets hot when used for a long time

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2. WP-17F SR-17F TIG Welding Torch

RIVERWELD WP-17 SR-17 TIG Welding Torch Head Body 150Amp Air-Cooled (17F Flexible Top)
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.02 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches

Anyone looking for a TIG torch that is exceptional and affordable at the same time should seriously consider having this torch.

It is manufactured by the Riverweld Company, which is another great name in the welding world. This air-cooled torch is perfect for lighter indoor projects that don’t require a high amperage of current.

The flexibility is the most significant feature of this torch, which makes it stand out among the ones available in the market. This allows the torch to work without being too stiff to move. Moreover, the grip of the torch is also satisfactory to most of its users.

Unlike other air-cooled TIG torches available in the market, this is much lighter and portable, which makes the welding projects easier.

One of the drawbacks of this torch is its durability. Some customers seem to have issues with its durability and complained of gas leaks. One should remember, this is just a torch body, not a complete ready-made TIG torch. So, in order to use it, you need to buy some additional welding tools as well.

  • Comes at a low price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Have durability issues
  • Incomplete welding torch

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3. WeldingCity Water-Cooled TIG Welding Torch

WeldingCity 350-amp Water-cooled WP-18-25R TIG Welding Torch Package with 25-ft Power Cable, Water/Gas Hoses and Accessory Kit


  • Water-cooled and silicone-insulated.
  • Front WP-20 consumables fit WP-9 and WP-25.
  • Accessories kit (collets/collet bodies, ceramic cups, rear cap) and water/gas hoses are provided.
  • American hardware and welder Excellent technical and customer service.

If you’re planning to work on heavy-duty projects, then this TIG torch by WeldingCity is the one for you.

This device comes with all the essential accessories to start with. Unlike other water-cooled TIG torches, it is affordable. Also, the torch is perfect for high amperage work, as it can accommodate up to 350 amp.

Moreover, as the cooling system is water-based, it is ideal for light indoor works. This is one of the best features of this torch, which keeps the welding temperature low and allows the user to use the machine for hours.

Although it is optional, there is a power switch on the handle instead of a footswitch in the device, which makes it easier to control the welding work. Also, some of the customers complained about the switch is defective.

However, those who are beginners or amateurs in weld works might find it difficult to operate this kind of TIG torch.

  • Cheaper than other air-cooled TIG torch
  • Includes the necessary tools to start with
  • Great for heavy projects
  • Isn’t the best option for beginners

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4. CK Worldwide CK20-25 Standard Series Water-Cooled TIG Torch, Black

CK Worldwide CK20-25 Standard Series Water Cooled TIG Torch, Black

There is nothing new to say about the excellence of CK Worldwide. They always meet the expectations of the consumers regarding everything one looks for in a TIG torch.

If you are looking for a welding torch to work on high amperage (around 250 amp) with great flexibility and comfort, then you can go with this one. It is one of the most top-recommended water-cooled torches by the weld operators.

The connections are standard, and the handgrips are comfortable for the user’s hand. Also, the grip, along with the cooling system enables the operator to use the torch for a long time.

Moreover, for industrial uses, the hose length of this torch is ideal as well. However, some of the users have complained about the hoses becoming too hot after using it for an extended period.

Apart from the hose problem, this torch is more than perfect to use. The hose heating problem can be easily overcome by using a cover.

  • Flexible
  • Standard size for industry use
  • Handgrips are comfortable
  • Can be used for an extended duration
  • Expensive

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5. Weldflame WP-17FV-12R 12-ft Air-Cooled TIG Welding Complete Torch

Weldflame WP-17FV-25R 25ft 150Amp Air-Cooled TIG Welding Torch (Gas Valve/Flex Head) Package

For any light outdoor woks, Weldflame provides the air-cooled TIG torch, which is a complete and ready-to-use torch.

This model is one of the most popular items, known for its high quality at a lower price. Unlike other air-cooled torches, this one is capable of working for a long duration without getting overheated, thanks to its nylon-made cable.

The best part of this torch is the gas control system and its flexibility. Although the torch is a bit heavy to use, it will not disappoint you with the work quality. Moreover, the company provides 30 days refund for defects.

For any low amperage light work (up to 150 amp), this torch is perfect, and you don’t even have to spend money on buying any expensive water-cooled TIG torch.

Even though the product is standard for most projects, many users have issues with its durability. Some complained about the gas leak as well. Nowadays, this one is not available in the market so you might need to order yours online.

  • Has a gas control system
  • Great performance
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Heavy to use
  • Durability issues

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Things to Consider Before You Buy Best Tig Torch

After learning from the reviews, you also need a buying guide because you have to be sure that it will serve your purpose and requirements.

This buying guide will ensure that you make the right choice by selecting the most excellent TIG torch for your welding projects For this reason, I will be discussing the traits which you should consider in a TIG torch before buying it.

Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled

It is essential to see if a torch is air-cooled or water-cooled in order to work correctly on your welding projects. These two types of torch have different features, benefits, and drawbacks.

The air-cooled torches are ideal for outdoor works and projects that require small amperage. On the other hand, the water-cooled torches are best fitted for indoor jobs and for working on thicker materials.

I have given the details about them in the ‘types of TIG torch’ portion of this article. It will help you choose the torch with a cooling system that matches your type of work.


Selecting a TIG torch with the optimum power is essential for welding. The required power of the TIG torch will vary according to your welding area. If you are buying one for simple, light works in your home or indoors, then you need a low-powered TIG torch which will not be more than 200 amp.

On the other hand, if you are planning for heavy-duty works to do in your workshop, or outdoors, then you’ll need a TIG torch with a higher power of more than 250 amp.

Hose Length

No one wants to squabble around and lift a hefty welding apparatus while working on different items. For this reason, you need to buy a TIG torch with a hose length, which is compatible enough to handle your project.

Hose Length

If you are working with a smaller TIG torch, then you can consider using a hose of shorter length. The length of hoses varies up to 144 inches in length.


The flexibility of a TIG torch depends on the fixity of its joints. Choosing a TIG torch with complete flexibility depends on the types of projects you will be working on.

If you work on many different kinds of projects, it is necessary for your TIG torch to be more flexible than usual. A standard TIG torch will be enough for working on a big surface, whereas you need more of a specific type of TIG torch to work on narrow and difficult areas.

Handle Controls

The welding procedure is very tricky and can never be done on your own. While you hold the TIG torch in one hand, the other one needs to operate the filler metal as well. This process can be overwhelming.

So, selecting a TIG torch with a handle that has different types of setting controls, especially heat control, can be very useful for the workers to work with ease.

Numbers and Letters

Generally, most of the TIG torches have numbers and letters for identification. In the case of numbers, the lower the number, the less is the amperage and the size of the torch and vice versa.

On the other hand, for letters, the letter F indicates that the torch includes a flex-head, and the letter V indicates that your TIG torch has a gas valve.

Look for these numbers and letters to get your desirable TIG torch.


Are you familiar with sore hands as a result of working for too long? If yes, then the TIG torch with grips can be very useful for you. The grips relieve the pressure on your hand and give them comfort.

Moreover, if you have a good grip, it will automatically enhance the precision of your work.


Make sure the TIG torch you buy is comfortable enough for you to work with. You can check the weight and the size of the TIG torch to see if it is fit for your work.

The larger TIG torches are made to work for a longer duration on thick metals at high temperatures.

On the other hand, smaller TIG torches are for doing precise works in remote, narrow areas.

Types of TIG Torch

Basically, there are two categories of TIG torch available, one is air-cooled, and the other is water-cooled. We have discussed the different types below.

Air-Cooled TIG Torch

As the name implies, this torch doesn’t require any kind of liquid to cool it down, when heated. The heat simply vaporizes in the air. Although this type of torch is ideal for both indoor and outdoor welding projects, it has some benefits and drawbacks.

It is preferable for smaller and lighter works at home, which don’t require much current. But, in the case of outdoor works, this type of torch is best where there’s no water source close by. Also, it is very cost-effective. Moreover, the torch is much easier to operate and work with as they are portable and less complicated.

Air-Cooled TIG Torch

In spite of these benefits, most of the workers choose the water-cooled TIG torch over air-cooled TIG torch either due to the advantages of the water-cooled torch or the drawbacks of the latter.

One of the flaws of an air-cooled TIG torch is it makes noises when in action. Also, they are heavy and oversized, which sometimes hampers their ambulation.

Furthermore, the heat control is not in the worker’s hand while working on bigger projects as the temperature of the torch suddenly rises. Also, as the cooling system completely relies on the air, it hampers the smoothness of the welding work.

Water Cooled TIG Torch

The operators working in weld shops always prefer water-cooled TIG torch. This TIG torch uses the liquid for its heat to cool down, hence the name.

Moreover, this type of torch is mostly used in smaller projects and projects which require a higher ampere of current. Unlike air-cooled TIG torch, it can easily be used for thicker welding materials.

It is best for the welding works, where you need to weld for a longer duration such as AC or DC (high amp) welding. So, you can use this type of torch comfortably without thinking when to stop as the cooling feature maintains its low temperature during longer use.

Water-Cooled TIG Torch

Additionally, this torch is very convenient to use, thanks to its small size. You can easily use it in areas that are small and not easily accessible. Due to the presence of smaller gauge wire, it can be operated around the welded parts effortlessly.

Although there are many benefits to this torch, you should consider the drawbacks as well before deciding to buy it. If you’re new to welding, then handling this torch can be complicated compared to the air-cooled TIG torch.

Furthermore, it is more costly than the previously mentioned torch. Also, this torch is not suitable for outdoor works where there is no water supply nearby, as the torch requires water to cool it down.

Overall, using a water-cooled TIG torch is time-saving and allows you to work smoothly and faster since you don’t have to worry about the heat of the torch. Both the torches are suitable for different purposes. So, look for the torch, according to the type of work you’re involved with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding TIG torches:

What is TIG welding?

A: TIG refers to inert tungsten gas as tungsten is used as an electrode in the torch.

Which gas is used for TIG welding?

A: An inert gas called argon is used here. Usually, pure 100% argon is used. Sometimes for better penetration or greater speed, helium can also be used.

What is the difference between MIG and TIG torches?

A: There are so many differences. In the case of the MIG torch, the electric current is carried by a wire. But in the case of a TIG torch, it is carried by the tungsten electrode. Also, there is a difference between the gases that are used in these two.

What metals can be welded with TIG?

A: TIG can weld metals like aluminum, copper, steel, titanium, etc.

Do I need a trailing shield cup for my TIG torch?

A: Trailing shield is used in the automated setups, where high speed is needed and also when greater gas coverage is required.

Which one is the most protective welding lens shade?

A: The darkest shade available is the #14 and thus the most protective one. It is suitable for any kind of weld work.

Final Words

Now that you know about the features of the top 5 best TIG torches that are available in the market, I hope the reviews and guidelines above will help you to choose easily and wisely. If you seem to have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section.

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