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If you’re driving with a load of all-terrain vehicles or a boat on the roof, and you begin to worry about the way it is attached to your vehicle, you’ve made another wise decision by searching for the best ratchet strap to make sure it stays in place over the long haul. With one of these handy straps attached to your ATV carriers, cargo skids, or boat trailer, you’ll be able to enjoy your ride without worrying about whether your load will stay put. These handy straps wrap, hook, or clip to your vehicle’s roof or truck bed and tighten with a ratcheting mechanism, allowing you to apply enough force over an item to hold it in place for the long haul.

Here are the best tie down straps on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Tie Down Straps

Best Tie Down Straps Reviews In 2023

1. AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps 

The 4 pack of AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Strap with 15 feet of length can help you secure your gear and prevent it from moving around. Each strap has a maximum load capacity of 3000 lbs, making them ideal for securing heavier items. They can be coupled together to make longer straps, and being ratchet, they will automatically tighten when weight is applied.

Premium Ergonomic Handles

Soft, easy-grip ratchets pull the straps taut, securing gear of all shapes and sizes. Rubber coated ‘s’ hooks, with secure safety lock, wrangle any size bundle without scratching the attached surfaces.

Ultra Durable Stitching

Straps Offer Maximum Security And Superior Strength For Stress-free Ratcheting.

2. STANLEY S1007 Black/Yellow 1.5″ x 16′ Ratchet Tie Down Straps

The Stanley 2-Pack Ratchet Tie-Down Kit is perfect for heavy cargo hauling, including motorcycle, medium-sized industrial UTV, small tractor, or machinery, or agricultural equipment in a truck bed or trailer. Safely secure loads to your car roof like a canoe or kayak, or smaller items in the back of the car. These 1″ by 16′ weather-resistant webbed straps feature an ergonomically designed handle with angular grip and durable ratcheting component to easily and safely secure cargo and keep loads from shifting.

Items Secure And Protected

Stanley S1007 16′ Ratchet Tie Down Straps are to help keep your items secure and protected. These straps are constructed with a durable polyester material jacket, vinyl coated J-hooks, a 1.5 in. wide x 16 ft. length, and a highly visible Stanley yellow strap to promote high visibility and visual connection of the tie down strap to the fastener or cargo area where there may be limited space parking lots, etc.

Ergonomic Ratchet Handle

Tie down ratchet straps safely secure heavy loads with just one click. The ergonomic ratchet handle is easy to use and provides a large release lever that works under pressure, minimizing fumbling and maximizing safety. The ratchet connector is designed to lock into place when the strap is at full extension, ensuring that the load is secure. And with a load limit of 1,100 lbs., these straps are designed for tough jobs.

3. Vehiclex Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Built to last, these 1-inch wide cargo straps are made from durable polyester webbing that has a break strength of 2200 lbs. They come with heavy duty ratcheting mechanisms and deep S-hooks designed for durability and reliable performance. The webbing is weather resistant to keep your cargo secure even in bad weather conditions.

A road-tested cargo tie down straps provides reliable control over your loads. We designed a safe and more efficient alternative to cheap ratcheting straps, ropes and other methods of securing cargo. Use the heavy duty multipurpose Vehiclex RATCHET STRAPS to safely secure small or large cargo or equipment during transport even on rough, bumpy roads.

The pack includes 4 tie-down loops as a bonus. They are widely used with motorcycles and other motorized vehicles. These soft loops prevent scratches and damage to vehicle frames by the strap hook end. They also let you use your tie-down strap with applications where the hook will not fit.

Ergonomic Ratchet Handle

Ratchet incorporates comfort with ergonomic rubber grip handle and has a lockable spring-loaded release mechanism which protects the ratchet against accidental opening.

Full bent closed S-hook

Full bent closed S-hook prevents slipping from the anchor point when assembling your load. Vinyl-coated hooks are highly durable and won’t rust or mar painted surfaces.

Reinforced stitch pattern

Webbing x-stitch pattern is reinforced by extra zigzag stitching. This increases joint strength and gives you an extra safety margin to account for any additional forces and strains on the strap.

4. XSTRAP STANDARD Ratchet Tie Down Straps

XSTRAP STANDARD have over 500 workers and a 32300 square feet factory. We engineer our products with functional common-sense benefits that truly satisfy our customers’ needs.

Standard Ratchet Tie Downs

Tie down straps are ideal for a variety of uses, and you’ll find that our Standard ratchet tie downs are among the strongest. Their heavy duty construction makes them the best on the market, and they’re easy to use. Loaded with features like coated handles and a release lever for ease in operation and release, this 8 pack will be your go-to ratchet tie down straps as you move heavy loads around your warehouse.

Featuring A Rubberized

Strap your heavy load safely with these 10 ft tie down straps. Featuring a rubberized “S” hook, they prevent your cargo and vehicle from getting scratched. These heavy duty tie down straps feature a sturdy plastic ratchet hand crank with a 6,000 lbs break strength.

5. Ayaport Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps

Done right, tie down straps can keep your gear secure, allowing you to travel with confidence. When you’re using our Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps, you’ll be able to confidently strap in almost anything without having to worry about airborne accidents. Plus, our cam buckle straps are made of features brine yarn that offers a rich appearance and corrosion resistance.

Heavy Duty Woven Nylon Webbing

Yaport Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps is made of heavy duty woven nylon webbing and the ends are fitted with solid brass plated cams. These cam straps can be used as tie downs to secure your motorcycle, ATV or dirt bike, or any other recreational vehicle.

Lift Your Motorcycle Onto A Trailer

A fitting grip tie down that is easy to use, the Ayaport cam buckle tie down straps will keep your bike safe and secure. These strap make it easy to lift your motorcycle onto a trailer, but also securely anchor it in place during transport. The cam buckle makes it easy to adjust the length at a moment’s notice, while the soft loop straps protect any parts of your bike that might be vulnerable (such as handlebars/saddlebags) from getting scratched by the straps themselves.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Tie Down Straps


The essential component that actually joins the tie downs to the bike and trailer is the hook. Since there is direct contact, the hook’s design is crucial to prevent scuffs or other surface damage while the strap is in use. The most common kind of hooks to prevent this kind of damage are those with a rubber coating. S-hooks and double J-hooks are the two primary varieties of hooks. When transporting your bike on a truck, open S-hooks with a 45-degree angle are easier to hook onto your bike and perform better. When your bike is on a trailer, however, closed and 90-degree hooks are preferred since they are thought to be more secure.


The strap makes up the majority of a tie down’s weight. Different strap materials, available in a range of lengths, are frequently employed to support various weights. To ensure you have enough strap to work with when tying your motorcycle to your trailer, it’s crucial to get the proper length. The most widely used strap material is nylon because it is less expensive. It isn’t as robust as polyester, though. Polyester straps are more expensive up front, but they are guaranteed to hold up well even when exposed to UV radiation and inclement weather. They are not as prone to stretching as nylon.


If there is no method to really tension the tie down strap, it will not operate. Cam buckle or ratchet designs are employed in the tensioner. The ratchet holds the tension with each turn providing a more complete hold compared to the basic buckle, which depends on physical strength.

Length and Width of Strap

The strap must extend far enough between a portion of the motorcycle and the trailer. Additionally, extra length is typically needed to have enough to secure the strap using tension. Longer versions are also available for larger trailers; nevertheless, the majority of straps are two to eight feet long. That doesn’t imply that the longest option is always the best one, though. You won’t need very long straps if you’re hauling your bike on a tiny trailer or truck bed. You must tie the straps if they are too long to prevent them from flapping in the wind while you are driving. A broader strap is another crucial component to consider because it provides better tension and is more sturdy.

Maximum Weight

For safe use, it’s crucial to stay within a strap’s weight restriction; otherwise, the tie down could fail in some other way during transit. Between load capacity and breaking strength, there is a distinction. Breaking strength is the point at which the straps will fail, whereas load capacity is the safe working weight limit. The maximum weight for securing your bike should never exceed the breaking point limit.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the easiest tie-down straps?

The FlipTite is, without a doubt, the easiest tie-down strap the world has ever known. Designed to be simple enough for a 10-year-old to operate, but strong enough to secure loads like canoes, lumber, appliances, furniture, or anything similar.

What is better than ratchet straps?

Ratchet Straps are stronger but Cam Buckles are easier to use. Those are just the facts. But sometimes either tie-down will work just fine. That is when it comes down to personal preference.

How do I choose a tie-down strap?

To get the right straps, you need to know the weight of your cargo and the total number of straps you will use to tie it down. The weight capacity of a tie-down strap is designated by its safe working load limit (WLL), which is a measure of the maximum weight the strap can safely handle.

How do I stop my ratchet straps from slipping?

Pull the ratchet back and forth to tighten the strap, once it feels taut – check the strap to ensure it feels secure. Lock the strap securely by flipping the ratchet back into the closed position.

How long do tie down straps last?

Typically you can expect any tie-down strap to last between 2-5 years on average depending on how heavily used they are and if they were cared for. The older the straps the more you should consider replacing them as they can weaken over time and could be dangerous using older ratchet straps.


If you decide to purchase our premium pick, be sure to make room in your budget for pick-up or delivery. This strap is two feet longer than the Stanley strap, so it needs a larger truck bed. It would be too heavy to carry after securing it in place. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and check with the manufacturer about specific weight ratings for your equipment before making a final selection.

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