Best Thick Paper Printer – Buying Guide

We can easily find a printer to print using regular paper. But sometimes, we wish to print anything on thick paper or cardstock. This is especially important for artists or crafters. Nowadays, many online sellers use thick paper prints for various products they sell. Besides, a thick paper will provide a fantastic printed picture or template on a greeting card, photos, posters, etc.

The problem occurs as the thick paper can’t be used on the paper tray and will need more ink. So, we will need a special printer for these purposes. Such printers will have all the features for printing on thick paper. But since they aren’t like regular ones, it might not be easy to get one. In addition, we need to know the factors necessary for getting such products. So, here we have researched and listed some of the best thick paper printers to handle thick papers.  

Our Favorite Best Thick Paper Printer

Top 7 Best Thick Paper Printer- Buying Guide

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is a revolutionary printer for official tasks. It has exclusive features to carry out innovative tasks and provide color prints. You get touchscreen options to function. It also has the best security and a strong Wi-Fi connection. It connects fast and smoothly using wireless connectivity. The user receives around 20 pages to print per minute on thick paper. Besides, you can also copy, scan, or fax using the printer. 

The device also connects directly to online programs like QuickBooks, Google Drive, etc., with Smart Tasks to help organize our documents. The ink has a good capacity, but we can quickly replace toners when needed. You can use the smart app to access everything on the printer to know about the ink levels. This printer is also very easy to set up and get started. Overall, this is one of the best hp printers for 300gsm paper for various purposes.  

Key Features

  • Print Capacity

This printer has a high printing speed, with 20ppm for black and 10ppm for color. It also offers automatic double-sided printing. We can easily get more than two hundred prints in black and sixty sheets with color printing. The ink capacity for this is high and comes with optional high-yield cartridges. 

  • Connectivity

We get a high-speed and powerful Wi-Fi connection, as well as an Ethernet option. The wireless connection works with a three-stage process for stable networking. This offers direct printing from any smart devices and apps and online software. We can get a secured internet connection.

  • Versatility 

Similar to many smart printers, this one also offers multiple functions and printing. We can easily fax, scan, or copy with this device. This helps to do office tasks quickly and efficiently. Besides, the printer also has a second tray and smart operating feature. 


  • High-resolution printing output
  • Fast and powerful wireless network
  • Allows various tasks efficiently
  • High capacity ink supply and output
  • Secured and fast printer


  • The network may drop at times

2. Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Thick Paper Printer

PIXMA iX6820 Wireless Inkjet Business Printer has a wide range of printing options with different sizes of spreadsheets. We can easily make a chart presentation with this printer with high-quality output. This is because of the 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution. In addition, it has five ink tanks to get different color options and easily replace them when the ink runs out. For crafters, this will help to make easy and colorful templates. 

We also get a My Image Garden that helps with Special Filters, Full HD Movie Prints, etc., for HD printing. So, it also gets easy to organize the photos and documents. The rear document feed allows thick paper or cardstock printing. We can easily scan or copy other than print. By using strong wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or a USB, printing gets easier and faster from any different apps and device. The best part is, the printer has good compatibility with different Windows programs. 

Key Features

  • Printing Capacity

The speed for printing is very high as it can print any documents or photos at 14.5 images per minute for black and 10.4 images per minute for color. Any images can be printed at around 

36 seconds. We get different color options and five ink tanks with this printer. 

  • Connectivity

The printer can easily scan and print with fast wireless connectivity using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Other printing includes AirPrint for Apple devices and Google Cloud Print for direct printing from online programs. In addition, the USB connection helps with fast data transfer.

  • Versatility 

Apart from printing, we can scan files with this printer. This is also possible with different online programs for direct and faster printing. It also has other printing software for various types of color printing with files, photos, templates. All the outputs will come in high resolution. 


  • High ink supply for long-term printing
  • Faster and easier wireless connection
  • High quality of output
  • Easy to operate the printer
  • Good compatibility


  • No copier option

3. Canon TS9521C Thick Paper Printer

Canon TS9521C Crafting Printer is an excellent choice for art and crafts lovers. This has various fun features with color printing pictures for scrapbooks, school projects, or cards with 12”x12” borderless printing. We can place any thick paper for printing. In addition, the network connection with Wi-Fi offers AirPrint, Morea Print Service, Cloud Print, Voice-recognition with Alexa, and many others. This direct connection is fast and easy and helps with simple printing from any device. 

It also has an SD card slot for good storage. Using the automatic feeder, we can print, copy, and scan documents or photos. Another great feature of Canon is its easy photo editing apps for making different templates. The color and ink quality is very high and can easily provide sharp prints of very old images. This is further enhanced by the five ink tanks that come with it. Undoubtedly, with all the functionality and outstanding output, this is the best printer for a 300gsm card.

Key Features

  • Printing Capacity

This printer has a good ink supply with five individual tanks. So, the ink won’t run out in the middle of a print. We can get around 15 pages per minute. The speed is high for color and black prints on any media, with the same resolution on each print. 

  • Connectivity

The Wi-Fi connection is fast and allows printing like AirPrint, Cloud Printing, etc. We can use any smart device to connect to the printer. Besides, there is an SD slot for using the memory cards on the printer. 

  • Versatility 

Other than printing, it allows scanning or copying easily. We can use the LCD screen to function the device. The automatic feeder allows continuous and double-sided printing to save time and paper. Due to good connectivity, it can easily print using any smart device.


  • Best quality ink for color prints
  • Fast and easy network connection
  • Allows various sizes of papers
  • Easy to make any fun prints
  • Good speed and ink capacity


  • It takes time to warm up

4. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Printer is created for creative people and increased productivity. It works fast with some exciting features like Smart Tasks. In addition, its wireless connection is fast and secure and doesn’t fluctuate. Each connection will be smooth with fast printing. Getting all these brilliant prints offers a good capacity paper tray for any size. We get a 4800 x 1200 dpi color high resolution on each print. 

These can also be provided with different finishes and vibrant colors. This printer lets you print cards, brochures, scrapbooks, and many others due to the double-sided printing feature. The Wi-Fi connection also helps print from Dropbox and Google Drive directly to organize and store files. The tray can allow about 250 sheets for a single printing session. Due to paper media’s high functionality and versatility, this hp printer for cardstock is a favorite among many users. 

Key Features

  • Printing Capacity

It can print 22 black papers per minute and 18 papers in color. Besides, the automatic double-sided printing feature allows 35 papers each time. We get four ink tanks to offer high-quality and continuous print with 250 sheets in the paper tray. 

  • Connectivity

The Wi-Fi connection is fast, secure, and stable like all modern printers. It also has an Ethernet option for cable connection. Besides, the easy wireless connection allows printing directly from any smart device and cloud printing. 

  • Versatility

We can easily function with the colorful display to scan, fax or copy with the device. HP Smart App also helps with this multi-functional feature. Besides, it can help to store and organize different documents from any source with fast and high-resolution printing. 


  • Simple to operate with a display
  • High resolution and paper capacity
  • Double-sided printing automatically
  • Powerful and secured wireless connectivity
  • Offers multiple functions and paper media


  • No second paper tray

5. imageCLASS MF445dw Thick Paper Printer

The Canon imageClass MF445dw is a fine model for small businesses and households. This can work great for those who wish to do business with crafts. The user can have speedy output but sharp and clear images on each paper. Apart from simple functionality with a touchscreen, it requires less maintenance. You can add a second paper tray if needed. The printing can be customized with the Application Library setting. 

Talking about the connections, you can have a fast Wi-Fi and hotspot option that allows quick connection with any smart device for direct printing. No matter the print type, be sure to get a reliable and high performance from the printer. Using the duplex document feeder, you can easily scan and make digital files for easy storage. You can print continuously with the automatic double-sided printing for a good number of sheets. In addition, the cartridge capacity is high enough to support various and large numbers of printing. 

Key Features

  • Printing Capacity

The printing speed is 40 ppm which is fast for bulk printing. Besides, the printer can support around 900 pages in a single printing session due to the high cartridge capacity and strong toner condition. 

  • Connectivity

It comes with a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection and a hotspot option for connecting with any smart device without any router. The connection remains secure and stable for long-term use. In addition, it allows good compatibility with various devices. 

  • Versatility

We can use this printer for scanning, copying, and faxing. This makes official work easier and tidier with a single device for all tasks. Moreover, the automatic feeder and double-sided printing save time and cost and help organize documents.


  • A multi-functional printer with easy operation
  • Strong wireless connectivity
  • High speed and cartridge capacity
  • Good compatibility with smart devices
  • Allows voice-recognition with Alexa


  • No color option

6. Brother MFC-J6930DW All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

Brother MFC-J6930DW Business Smart Pro Printer is a multi-functional printer for home and office users. It allows different types of paper handling to do various functions. Each print is of high quality and clear enough to read the details. The 500 sheet paper capacity is very large for compact size and double-sided printing. The automatic feeder has a capacity of 50 pages. These features allow a high yield and faster printing. We can add an optional 100 sheet tray for the thick papers. 

We can print from smart devices and online software like Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint & Scan, AirPrint, and Cortado Workplace using the Wi-Fi connection. You can also connect without a router using a hotspot and NFC. Use any cloud applications and work out with this printer easily with the touchscreen navigation. Moreover, this printer has a high cartridge capacity for black and color printing yields. So, this is an excellent choice for a commercial cardstock printer.

Key Features

  • Printing Capacity

This high-yield printer allows 500 sheets with double-sided printing in a session. The speed is around 22ppm. Besides, we can use as large as 11-inch papers on the tray. Due to the high cartridge capacity, the ink doesn’t need frequent replacement.

  • Connectivity

You can use both a high-speed Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection. This allows printing directly from any smart apps and devices and cloud printing like Google Cloud, AirPrint, and so on. Other Smart apps and Brother software allow easy organization of the documents. 

  • Versatility

As the name says, you can also scan, fax, or copy with this device easily with a highly efficient output. It also allows a range of paper sizes and types for printing. Use the second tray for more yield of various cardstock printing.


  • Allows both regular and cardstock printing
  • Includes different color inks
  • High-speed wireless connection and printing
  • Handles bulk printing
  • Good quality and capacity ink supply 


  • Noisy printing 

7. Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Wireless Wide-Format Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 provides HD quality color photos and graphics in each print. It doesn’t include any cartridges; instead, it comes with separate ink bottles that are easy to replace and use. This is useful for creative works, crafts, and cardstock printing. The printing is done on quite a large size of paper that is also borderless. It can handle the good thickness of paper for flexibility in printing. We can easily get different finishes and a yield of more than two thousand sheets per ink bottle. 

Apart from the efficiency, the printer also has excellent wireless connectivity similar to all others to offer printing from different devices and online programs. Monitor all functions using the touchscreen menu bar easily. It also allows you to scan different files. Get creative with this printer for various colorful projects. This is one of the best thick paper printers for people who love to make crafts.

Key Features

  • Paper Capacity

You can save ink with separate ink bottles and double-sided printing. This printer offers around 4800 dpi resolution for each color print. Besides, we can add a document feeder separately for better yields.

  • Connectivity

We can connect with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, or even an SD Card by using this printer. For this, we can print from any smart apps and device. In addition, the Epson SmartPanel App can print from anywhere with a direct and fast connection. 

  • Versatility

Like the printer, we also get a high-quality scanner that makes digital files with a high resolution. This feature also helps to organize different documents. We can have other color options for vibrant images by using this printer. 



  • Paper loading may cause troubles 

Best Thick Paper Printer Buying Guide 

best thick paper printer

Apart from the thick paper printer buying guide of different printers, we also need to remember some other aspects of buying a good printer.

Type of Printer

Most thick paper printers are inkjets, but some high-end ones are lasers. It is better to get a good quality inkjet printer for a reasonable price than opting for an expensive laser printer

Thickness Capacity 

Depending on the uses, the type of paper is used for the activity. But the printer should have flexible paper handling, with added tray options to allow different sizes and types of paper, regardless of the thickness. 


Since most thick paper printing is for images and cards, the resolution should be very high to make the output vibrant and sharp. So, check that the resolution is HD quality and offers the optimal range. 


All multi-functional and modern printers offer wireless connectivity. But check that it also has both cable and SD card options. In addition, the connection needs to be secure and stable with faster speed. 

Ink Supply

It is good to get printers that come with individual tanks for ink. In that way, the ink supply is generally higher for better yields. If you opt for cartridge-free ones, check the longevity and options for each color.


No matter the different features, we will want the printer to work fast and smoothly. This is more important for bulk printing in official tasks or businesses. The faster, the better the yield and capacity. 

Size and Versatility

Even if you get an all-in-one printer, ensure that it is compact and lightweight for easy storage. In addition, check that it can do other functions like scanning, copying, faxing, etc. This feature is necessary for office and sometimes household purposes.

FAQs: Best Thick Paper Printer

What Is the Thickest Paper You Can Use in a Printer?

About 70 to 90 gsm is the standard paper thickness for most printers. But more than 100 gsm is also used by different printers. But the thickest we can use in a printer is up to 200 gsm for cardstocks. 

Is Thicker Paper Better for Printing?

It is seen that the higher the gsm of the paper, the better quality is received. So, we will get sharp and clear prints on both sides for the thickest papers. This is why cardstocks have crisp images and letters.

Does the Thicker Paper Use More Ink?

Thicker papers will cause less ink bleed and dryer quality. But, this also means that the papers need more ink per sheet for each image or file. Hence, the ink supply needs to be higher for thick paper printers.

Does Paper Weight Affect Print Quality?

Although the weight of the paper does not affect the overall quality of the prints, it is better to use 20 pounds papers for a standard. Mainly, the size and thickness cause a difference in the output.

Can I Use Thicker Paper in My Printer?

Most people love to print on thick or matte papers like cardstocks for doing various creative works—the greater the thickness, the better the quality of printing. So, thick papers are more durable than regular ones.  

Final Verdict

Choose the best thick paper printer to get an efficient performance and effective yield, depending on your purpose. We have covered some of the best ones in the market as recommended by other users. So, you can easily find one that will suit your needs. But remember to check the important factors and specifications of a printer to see that it is worth your purchase. In addition, they should have a durable build and come with a good warranty policy.

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