Top 10 Best Tennis Strings Reviews and Buying Guide

Tennis strings are one of the key things to consider when purchasing a new tennis racket. There are several factors to look for in order to find the perfect string for your game. This guide will teach you about all of the different kinds of tennis strings on the market, as well as how to choose the right string for your game. This is merely an introductory guide designed to get you familiar with tennis strings. For more information and resources, click on our links throughout this article.

Here are the best tennis strings on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Tennis Strings

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Solinco Confidential Tennis String (16)

Solinco Confidential Tennis String (16)

WILSON Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 - Yellow Tennis String - 16 gauge set

WILSON Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 - Yellow Tennis String - 16 gauge set

Solinco Hyper-G (16-1.30mm) Tennis String Reel (660ft/200m)

Solinco Hyper-G (16-1.30mm) Tennis String Reel (660ft/200m)

Luxilon Element 130 Tennis String

Luxilon Element 130 Tennis String

Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 18g Set Maximum Spin Polyester Tennis String

Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 18g Set Maximum Spin Polyester Tennis String


Best Tennis Strings In 2022

1. Solinco Confidential Tennis String

Solinco Confidential Tennis String (16)

  • Improved Tension Maintenance
  • It`s finally here, Solinco Confidential Tennis String is a newly developed, versatile co-polyester string.
  • Shaped for Spin
  • Size - (16) | Color - (Silver)
  • Maximum Power

Solinco Confidential Tennis String is finally here! We think Confidential is one of the best strings we have ever put in our play testers’ racquets. With amazing control, spin, and string movement over conventional co-polyester strings, Confidential offers an improved feel. By using a unique four-sided construction, Confidential provides a surprising amount of power while also maintaining tension throughout the play.

Control And Spin

Solinco Confidential Tennis String is a great choice for the player that needs control and spin. The new co-polyester string provides both. Offering low tension, this string is ideal for heavier hitters that like to swing big.

Maximized Spin And A Modified Diameter

The Solinco Confidential Tennis String is designed with an optimal balance between power, control, and tension maintenance. This string has been engineered for a maximized spin and a modified diameter that makes it play like a feeling gut.

Proprietary Spin Feel Technology

The Solinco Confidential is an exciting new string line that allows you to get more power, spin and comfort out of your strung racquet. Made with a very soft 19 x 20 core and featuring our proprietary Spin Feel Technology, this string has been designed from the ground up to give you maximum versatility in your game.  

2. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String Set

WILSON Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 - Yellow Tennis String - 16 gauge set

  • Classic synthetic gut construction features solid core
  • 16 gauge set
  • Bi-directional Nomex X-Bands provide responsive energy return
  • Lends itself to a variety of playing styles
  • Yellow

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String Set is great for the player who wants a natural gut feel and precise control. Classic synthetic gut construction features solid core construction to reduce weight by 25% when compared to traditional string patterns while providing all of the comfort, spin and durability you have come to expect from the synthetic gut.

Championship-caliber Products

For more than a century, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has committed to the creation and distribution of products that ignite the potential for tennis players worldwide, no matter the stage. An integral part of more than 500 Grand Slams, Wilson pushes the limits of innovation to equip athletes with championship-caliber products and a winning mentality.

Wilson Produces Tennis Equipment

With unwavering passion, Wilson produces tennis equipment for players of all ages, styles, and abilities. Above all else, Wilson chooses to be more about just products. This brand exists to create and be a part of memories that people cherish forever.

Gut Power Tennis String

Wilson’s Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String Set is a great option for beginners to intermediate players looking for a softer stringbed with a good ball bite. These strings boast excellent comfort and offer both powerful hitting and control. The Nomex outer wrap provides added durability, while Bi-directional X-Bands delivers responsive energy return for enhanced playability. Built for durability, this string will continue to perform well even after frequent use.

3. Solinco Hyper-G Tennis String Reel

Solinco Hyper-G (16-1.30mm) Tennis String Reel (660ft/200m)

  • Swing without overhitting
  • Solinco Hyper G is the string you should be looking for in you`re in need of huge amounts of spin thanks to its square profile.
  • Size - (16G) | Color - (See Description)
  • Huge amounts of spin; Square shape
  • Top 50 ATP player string choice

Solinco Hyper G is the string you should be looking for if you`re in need of huge amounts of spin thanks to its square profile. This dynamic co-polyester string uses the latest in materials and design to give players the winning edge. The string has a unique square-shaped profile. This results in the exceptional bite on the ball for off the charts spin generation. Solinco made this string for a Top 50 ATP player looking for a string that wasn`t too firm and wasn`t too soft, yet was still able to take massive swings at the ball without overhitting.

Huge Amounts Of Spin

Solinco Hyper G is the string you should be looking for in your next string job. With its square profile, you`ll get huge amounts of spin and tons of control at the same time. If you want to take your game to the next level and are looking to increase your arsenal then this is definitely a great option.

Hyper-g Tennis String

Experience unparalleled spin with the Hyper-G tennis string from Solinco. This square-shaped string offers huge amounts of spin, with the added benefit of increased ball control. The Hyper-G is the choice of top 50 ATP player Kevin Anderson and features Solinco’s signature multi-dimensional construction.

Patented Hyper Technology

HYPER G tennis string uses a revolutionary, patented Hyper technology. This technology makes the string play with incredible power and control, but without the shock-loading on the arm and elbow. To quantify the performance difference between standard synthetic strings and HYPER G, our engineers measured the “Effective String Mass” (ESM) of each set.

Force The Ball Sees

ESM measures how much actual mass is being put into motion by the player during a swing; it’s a measure of how much force you are applying to a shot versus how much force the ball sees when hit by your racquet head.

4. Luxilon Element Tennis String


Luxilon Element 130 Tennis String

  • Set
  • Most comfortable polyester string
  • Combines multi-mono technology with a unique Luxilon polymer for ultimate touch and feel
  • Reduces vibrations on every shot for arm-friendly comfort
  • Predecessors: M2 Pro & M2 Plus

Sporting tradition and performance excellence come together in the Wilson ELEMENT TENNIS STRING, a premium string that features a high-strength monofilament core, the same technology used in Wilson’s Pro Staff line. The result is an exceptionally durable string with excellent tensile strength and feel, perfect for today’s players on a variety of playing surfaces.

Soft Texture Perfect For Players

Featuring multi-mono technology for additional touch and feel, the Luxilon Element comprises a soft texture perfect for players with fast, big swings who dislike harsh vibrations caused by stiffer polyester strings. Ranking at or near the top for Luxilon in both softness and comfort, this string delivers remarkable precision and spin in the absence of vibrations.

Creation And Distribution Of Products

For more than a century, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has committed to the creation and distribution of products that ignite the potential for tennis players worldwide, no matter the stage. An integral part of more than 500 Grand Slams, Wilson pushes the limits of innovation to equip athletes with championship-caliber products and a winning mentality.

Tennis Equipment For Players

With unwavering passion, Wilson produces tennis equipment for players of all ages, styles, and abilities. Above all else, Wilson chooses to be more about just products. This brand exists to create and be a part of memories that people cherish forever.

5. Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough Maximum Spin Polyester Tennis String

Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 18g Set Maximum Spin Polyester Tennis String

  • 40 Foot Set
  • German engineered and made with the latest most advanced polyester blends so the string is soft for a poly, yet crisp and durable.
  • Blue Rough playtests ranked it top 5 for spin out of all the strings ever tested per the Racquet Sports Industry playtests. Also ranked #2 as the Best Poly Overall.
  • Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough is a soft, yet powerful co-poly tennis string, that delivers maximum spin and power
  • Made with 5 sharp edges and then twisted to really grab the ball and impart massive spin

All Tourna strings are crafted with the latest technology and are second to none in performance. The above award chart demonstrates excellence in both Poly strings as well as arm-friendly multifilament.

Advanced Materials And Including Polyether

Tourna’s Polyester strings are all made in Germany using advanced materials and including polyether, to help deliver a softer string that absorbs shock and increases comfort, while retaining incredible durability, power, resistance to movement, and tension maintenance. This blend of poly materials make it a true co-poly.

Sports Industry Magazine Playtests

Tourna Big Hitter Poly’s hold 3 of the top 5 slots for spin potential per the Racquet Sports Industry Magazine playtests. Black 7, Silver 7 Tour, and Blue Rough are in the top 5, with Black 7 as the best in spin of all strings ever tested, and still tops the charts to date. Silver 7 Tour is Black 7’s stiffer counterpart and has been awarded the “Best Tension Maintenance Poly” EVER by Tennis Warehouse University Labs. Silver 7 Tour is also #3 in spin from the RSI playtests.

Arm Friendly Strings

Tourna also makes arm friendly multifilaments that have been awarded as some of the most comfortable arm friendly strings on the market.

Arm Friendly Strings

With the money you’ll save c compared to more expensive brands, you’ll be able to afford a new racquet and new shoes every couple months!!!! Play with Tourna strings with confidence and save money at the same time.

Shaped Polys

Many poly strings are shaped like the one above. Silver 7 Tour and Black 7 have seven sharp edges that bite into the ball upon impact and impart massive spin. These strings are both top 3 for Spin potential. Other shaped polys include Big Hitter Blue Rough and Big Hitter Silver Rough which have 8 sharp edges and then twisted. Tourna Grit is more of a textured poly that feels like sand paper and can really grab the ball upon impact. These Tourna polys are known for their control, low power, and spin.

Round Polys

Round poly strings are smooth and un-textured. The round nature of the string helps “snap back”, which is the movement of strings upon impact. More snap back imparts more spin on the ball. Big Hitter Deuce, as shown above, is the first multi-colored infused poly giving you the best of both worlds of power and comfort.

Smooth polys also are a favorite with synthetic gut and multifilaments because they don’t wear the softer string down as quickly. Other round Tourna poly’s include Black Zone, Big Red, Big Hitter Blue, and Big Hitter Silver. All of these Tourna Polys are meant to be softer more powerful, and easier on the arm than traditional poly strings.

Soft Synthtetic Strings

Multifilaments and Synthetic gut strings are the softest and most powerful tennis strings. Multifilaments are meant to mimic the elasticity, softness, and feel of natural gut. A favorite among players with tennis elbow. They are made with thousands of fibers, twisted together, and then dipped in a polyurethane to bond the fibers. 

Quasi Gut is extremely close to the feel of gut and soft on the arm. Quasi Gut Armor has tiny polyester wraps to help its durability. Synthetic Gut Armor is one of the best all around strings on the market for playability.

6. Kirschbaum Reel Synthetic Gut Tennis String

Kirschbaum Reel Synthetic Gut Tennis String, Natural, 1.30mm/16-Gauge

  • Great for the frequent stringer
  • Quality synthetic gut
  • Ideal for Hybrids with other Kirschbaum Poly's

Designed for the player that values comfort, feel and durability at a competitive price, Kirschbaum’s Synthetic Gut is ideal for any player looking for a good balance of power, control and comfort. This synthetic gut is made from the highest quality materials with technical refinements to achieve greater playability and durability than ever before.

Unique Construction Helps Provide

Kirschbaum Reel Synthetic Gut Tennis String has been the go-to string for generations of players. This popular gut offers superior durability and feel, while maintaining a crisp and lively response. The unique construction helps provide exceptional tension maintenance throughout the life of the string, making it a great choice for frequent string breakers who want to prolong playability and save money on string costs. 

Stringing A Breeze And Provides

Kirschbaum Reel is great for the frequent stringer. This pre-wound reel makes stringing a breeze and provides you with some savings. Kirschbaum Reel is constructed of monofilament nylon and has a diameter of 1.27mm to 1.34mm. This string helps players improve their game by having more control over their shots while also increasing spin, especially when paired with polyester strings in this same line from Kirschbaum.

The Kirschbaum Reel Synthetic Gut Tennis String is perfect for a hybrid with a racquet that has a strong string bed. This product would be suitable for 2-3 players looking for an arm-friendly string without the expense of sipping the expensive monofilament strings.

7. Luxilon ALU Power 125 16L Silver tennis string

Luxilon ALU Power 125 16L Silver tennis string (330 foot, 100M reel)

  • Superior Power and Control
  • Tour level power
  • Most used on Pro Tour
  • Composed of Co-polymer nylon, Fluocarbon resin and aluminum fibers
  • Big banger string helps with control and durability for ultimate performance

LUXILON Big Banger strings offer tour level power, control and durability for ultimate performance. Wilson is the world’s leading manufacturer of ball sports equipment. Our core sports are tennis, baseball, American football, golf, basketball, softball, badminton and squash. The Wilson business is structured into three business areas: Racquet Sports, Team Sports and Golf.

Creation And Distribution Of Products

For more than a century, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has committed to the creation and distribution of products that ignite the potential for tennis players worldwide, no matter the stage. An integral part of more than 500 Grand Slams, Wilson pushes the limits of innovation to equip athletes with championship-caliber products and a winning mentality. With unwavering passion, Wilson produces tennis equipment for players of all ages, styles, and abilities. Above all else, Wilson chooses to be more about just products. This brand exists to create and be a part of memories that people cherish forever.

Power And Control As Well As Durability

The Luxilon ALU Power 125 16L Silver string is the forerunner in power and control as well as durability, making it the perfect string for all-round players who hit with incredible force. Featuring a low-friction coating, this tennis string provides superior ball bite and spin to help you put pressure on your opponent. The high strength of this tennis string also means that it won’t tangle or break easily – allowing you to maintain a comfortable grip on the paddle.

8. HEAD Unisex – Adult’s Lynx Tour Tennis String

HEAD Lynx Tour Tennis String, 17g, Orange

  • Color: Orange
  • Item #: 281790-17OR
  • Gauge: 17 (1.25mm)
  • Construction: Co-polymer Monofilament
  • Length: 40 ft

Designed for the advanced player who masters harder strokes, the unique 6-edge design of this co-polyester offers the ultimate blend of control and spin. A monofilament made from a new co-polymer blend that increases durability while still being comfortable to play.

An Excellent Ball Feel And Great Durability

The HEAD Lynx Tour string is a co-polyester that combines the best of both worlds – it has an excellent ball feel and great durability. The unique six-edge design allows for a broader stringbed surface, which creates an explosive feel.

Offering A Larger Sweet Spot

This string is designed to perform like the gut, offering a larger sweet spot and feel while still being very spin-friendly. It’s perfect for players who want the control and feel of the gut, but have slightly faster arm speeds to generate more power through their strokes.

9. Kirschbaum Reel Super Smash Tennis String


Kirschbaum Reel Orange 1.23 mm (17g) 660ft.

  • Package height: 23.4 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
  • Package width: 21.8 cm
  • Package length: 3.4 cm

The Kirschbaum Super Smash is the perfect polyester string for players who demand excellent ball feel, enhanced durability and great performance at a reasonable price point. It offers crisp feel with ample spin and precision to go along with its solid power. The Super Smash has been revisited by Kirschbaum using new materials and technology that allow it to perform even better than ever before.”

Tennis String Is A Multifilament

Super Smash Tennis String is a multifilament string designed for a good all-around performance. It combines good comfort and durability with solid power and good control. The string bed is softer than that of the other Kirschbaum Super Smash strings in its series, which results in slightly less feel, but greater comfort.

Tennis String Is Designed

KIRSCHBAUM Super Smash Tennis String is designed for players who want a spin that is lively with good control and playability. This string provides a powerful hitting performance on the ball with an excellent effect on the stroke speed and a visible higher launch angle than conventional natural gut strings.

10. Tier One Ghost Wire – Super Soft Co-Poly Tennis String

Tier One Ghost Wire Soft co-Polyester Tennis String (Set - White, 17 Gauge (1.22 mm) - 12,2 m Set)

  • KEY FEATURES: Super soft & arm-friendly, maximum durability with superb tension stability.
  • RECOMMENDED PLAYING LEVEL: All Playing levels (beginner - pro).
  • ONE OF THE SOFTEST CO-POLYESTER STRINGS ON THE MARKET (USRSA lab test)! Ghost Wire is designed for players who seek the benefits of a co-polyester string but at the same time look for an elevated soft, arm-friendly playing response. Its new-generation polyester compound ensures players of all levels ultimate durability, high tension stability and precise directional and depth control. Its round, slick surface makes it a superb choice for hybrid string setups!
  • LENGTHS: Sets: 12.2mm/40ft, Reels: 200m/656ft, COLORS: White.
  • GAUGES: 16g (1.27mm). 17g (1.22mm), 18g (1.17mm).

Soft and powerful, this round co-polyester string gives a nice feel on the ball with great spin and control. It has a high durability rating and a slick surface for great control when hitting topspin or slices. The round profile of this string will allow it to fit well in any racquet without compromising comfort, pop or durability.

Softly For Easy Handling And An Enhanced Feel

The Tier One Ghost Wire is a co-polyester string that plays softly for easy handling and an enhanced feel. Its arm-friendly nature allows for less shock to the elbow and shoulder, enhancing your comfort level during long and grueling battles on the court. Additionally, this string features advanced durability with tension stability that will keep your strings feeling crisp and consistent long after they were unboxed.

Accurate Playing Experience For Players

Tier One’s Ghost Wire offers a soft, yet accurate playing experience to players of all levels. This co-polyester features a full poly outer wrap with a monofilament core. The result is a string that offers durability and great all-around playability at a competitive price.

First High-tech Rope On The Market

The new Tier One GhostWire is the first high-tech rope on the market to be made from a co-polymer. By combining 2 monofilaments, we have created a unique hybrid string with the softness and durability of a multifilament and the tension maintenance of a synthetic. The strings are soft enough to provide incredible comfort, crisp enough for maximum power, and durable for long-lasting playability.

Best Tennis Strings Buying Guide

Tennis String For Control


Tennis strings are priced differently depending on the type of material used and the brand. Synthetic tennis strings typically cost between $5 and $15, whereas natural gut tennis strings cost between $25 and $50. The price can also be affected by factors such as the string gauge (thickness or thinness) and whether they are offered in individual sets or on a reel.


Tennis string durability refers to the strength of the strings and how long they survive before breaking. The more tennis string you have, the longer it will endure. Polyester seems to be the most durable tennis string material. The negative is that as string endurance improves, you lose more feeling from them, and they tend to transmit greater forces to your racquet and arm. String tension can also be lost after playing with the same ones for a long time, thus it’s necessary to check and maintain string tension on a regular basis.


Varied varieties of string have different recommended tensions, although manual adjustments are also possible. Lower tension gives you more power, but it also puts you at risk of string breakage.

Using a higher tension string will prevent this and offer you more control on the court, but higher tension strings tend to transmit more vibrations, which might cause tennis elbow.

The tension you choose in your strings is largely a personal option based on what you desire from your racquet. Which tension you choose depends on whether you desire more power or more control.


This relates to the flexibility and responsiveness of your strings. The more flexible they are, the more power they will give you in general. The flexibility of the strings can also give your shots a good feel, as they will spring back to their original position easier after hitting the ball. Nylon strings are recognized for being the most elastic, and if this suits your playing style, this may be the way to go.

String Gauge

String gauges in tennis range from the lightest (19) to the thickest (40). (15). Yes, it is inverted! The thicker the thread, the smaller the gauge! The gauge of your string has an impact on how your racquet performs and how you hit the ball. Tennis string gauges range from the thinnest (19) to the thickest (40). (40). (15). Yes, it’s backward! The narrower the gauge, the thicker the thread!

The gauge of your string has an impact on the performance of your racquet and how you strike the ball. Thinner strings produce more spin and feel, which increases the overall playability of the racquet. A thicker string will last longer and will give you more power. Strings that are thinner, in general, will break more easily since they are thinner. As with so many other aspects of the game, you must select a gauge depending on your personal preferences.

The Different String Types

Natural Gut

These are the original strings that racquet manufacturers used back in the day. They are still popular in modern times and are manufactured from natural materials like sheep gut. While some man-made strings come close to matching their attributes, nothing compares to the sensation of natural strings.

Natural gut strings are preferred by many professionals and tennis purists because of their combination of power, control, and spin. These traits are present in the natural material from which they are created, which explains why they are beneficial to your game. Wilson and Babolat are currently the greatest examples.

One disadvantage of these strings is that they are not very sturdy and can easily snap. Simply said, you’ll have to spend more money on replacements and devote more effort to mending your racquet. These strings are also frequently the most expensive, which may be a factor for some players. Because money isn’t an issue for most professionals, they play with their instincts. It might not be worth it for the rest of us.

Gut substitute

These strings, as the name implies, are designed to mimic the feel of a natural gut but are composed of nylon instead. The Prince Synthetic Gut string, which is quite popular among frequent tennis players, is one of my favorite examples of this type. These are the best strings for most players since they provide your shots with a crisp feel and a lot of power. Synthetic Gut strings are one of the most popular string kinds, and you’ll normally find them pre-strung on racquets.

They’re also highly playable and comfortable, thanks to the work put in to make them as similar to the genuine gut as possible. Synthetic gut strings are also reasonably priced, which is a plus for the frugal musician. While they are stronger than natural gut, they are not as robust as polyester strings, and so break more easily. They come close, but they don’t have the same feel as a natural gut string.


Polyester tennis strings are extremely sturdy and stiff, making them suitable for players, especially pros, who frequently break strings with other materials. Polyester tennis strings also provide a lot of topspin for your shots, which is a terrific attribute. However, you will lose a certain level of feel in your play, which may be a significant issue for some players. They can also lose tension quickly, affecting the racquet’s performance if they are not tightened up again. Because they’re a little stiffer, they might be tough on the arm if you’re not careful.


Kevlar is the most recent advancement in tennis string technology. They were first popular among players who wanted to reduce match breakage and tension loss. They have gradually spread to amateur players who value the advantages they provide. These strings are wonderful for giving your game more power and control. Kevlar tennis strings provide a lot of spins and make it easier to incorporate them into your shots.

The durability of Kevlar tennis strings is the fundamental reason for their use. These are the strings that will eventually be able to keep up with you if you’re a serial string breaker. In comparison to other tennis strings, the price of these top tennis strings is ordinary.

Kevlar strings have the disadvantage of being quite harsh on the arm, making them unsuitable for junior players or anyone who utilizes a tennis elbow brace. Furthermore, the increased durability comes at the sacrifice of the racket’s touch and feel.


In some aspects, this is a mix of two separate strings on one racquet, rather than a single string. However, stringing your racquet in this manner might provide you with the advantages of each type of string to suit your performance. When stringing in this manner, one string runs horizontally and the other runs vertically, forming the cross and the main.

Typically, the main string would be more sturdy to reduce string breakage, while the cross string would be more natural for comfort. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it is costly, as each string requires approximately 20 feet. It’s also difficult and time-consuming to put on, so you might want to hire someone to do it for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Which String Is Best For Tennis?

Natural gut, nylon (multifilament), and polyester are used to make tennis strings (monofilament). Natural gut and nylon strings are preferable for beginning to intermediate players because of their power and comfort, and polyester strings are better for expert players because of their stiffer, control-oriented qualities.

What Is Roger Federer’s String?

Throughout his career, Federer has used a similar set of strings. Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L in the crosses and Wilson Natural Gut in the mains make up his hybrid string configuration. Wilson’s Champion’s Choice Duo is a set that includes both of these items.

What Tennis String Has The Most Power?

We recommend opting for the lowest gauge possible to get the most power out of these strings. A natural gut string with a diameter of 1.15-1.25mm will provide greater power than any other string type while also feeling the most natural and soft.

What Tension Does Nick Kyrgios Use?

While Nick Kyrgios promotes the Yonex EZONE 98, he presently practices and competes with the Yonex EZONE Xi 98. Yonex Poly Tour Pro is the string he uses on his racquet. This Yonex Poly Tour Pro is not for personal use and cannot be purchased.

Do Pro Tennis Players Use Dampeners?

Dampeners are used by several professional tennis players. However, dampeners are not used by all professional tennis players. Professionals typically employ relatively light rubber bands as dampeners. Whether or not a professional player uses a dampener is largely a matter of personal preference.


String technology is increasingly complicated, so make sure you don’t just go with the first set of strings that sounds great in the store. If you feel like you need to ask someone to help with stringing your racquet, then it may be worth doing so (make sure they are a credible source). But don’t rule out stringing your own racquet; this is a good way to learn more about strings, as well as having some fun along the way.

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