Best Teeth Whitening Trays

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Our mission is your smile. To find the most effective at-home teeth whitening products, including options for sensitive teeth, we asked a handful of dentists what the best teeth whitening trays are for a brighter smile ASAP. We took into consideration options for sensitive teeth and gummies and other buying factors. We tested many of their suggestions, as well as leading brands on the market, and combed through research and ratings. Each of the teeth whitening kits below is effective, easy to use, and less likely to irritate your teeth or gums.
You’ll need to read reviews, but you’ll soon find an option that’s right for you.

Best Teeth Whitening Trays Reviews:

1. NovaWhite Teeth Whitening Trays

NovaWhite Teeth Whitening Trays - Moldable, Trimmable, Custom Fit, Comfortable, BPA FREE, Latex Free, Dental Grade Guard - (4) Mouth Trays, Hygienic Case – Easy to Mold, Mouth Tray for Tooth Whitening

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NovaWhite Whitening Trays by Kokoro is a must have tool when it comes to teeth whitening. Our at-home teeth whitening trays are designed for the perfect fit and make an excellent choice for anyone who wants professional teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost! Best of all, you can do it from your home! Easy and comfortable to use, these trays allow your mouth to be comfortably closed during each whitening treatment. Durable short depth trays that prevent gagging and tray whitening prevent the whitening gel from leaving your teeth and being swallowed. Teeth whitening trays are designed with soft flexible sides to ensure a secure fit and soft feel. Get professional results in the comfort of your own home with NovaWhite® Whitening Trays by Kokoro.



Each mouth whitening tray is made from quality materials in an FDA registered facility. Dental grade silicone is BPA free, latex-free, odor free, and has no color additive. Our gel trays are the best dental trays for whitening the upper and lower teeth. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.


Easiest teeth trays to mold that perfect custom fit. Thermoform mouth trays use the boil and bite process, where only after being in boiling water for 5 seconds, the trays can be molded to your teeth. Sensitive teeth whitening trays are the most comfortable due to the thin moldable and flexible silicone allowing for a perfect fit and easily trimmed if necessary.


The mouth tray is designed with a durable bottom to be long lasting, soft flexible sides to ensure a secure fit and soft feel, and shorter depth to prevent gagging. Tray whitening prevents the whitening gel from leaving your teeth and being swallowed. The tooth whitener tray holds the gel in place to ensure better coverage and better whitening results.


Whitening your teeth has never been this convenient in the comfort of your own home. Home Teeth Whitening is only possible with the tooth whitening gel tray. At home teeth whitening trays allow your mouth to be comfortably closed during each whitening treatment. Most whitening treatments are 30 minutes or longer so make it an enjoyable one with our mouth trays. No Whitening Gel included.


When using the thermoforming trays for whitening, the boiled teeth trays should be cleaned after each treatment. The only way to keep trays clean and sanitized is by storing them in the sanitizer case. The sanitizer case keeps the dentist tray away from exposure to dust, mold, and germs. Travel case allows enough space for 2 tooth trays to be stored and kept clean.

2. Whiter Smile Labs Teeth Whitening Trays

Whiter Smile Labs Teeth Whitening Trays - BPA Free - Thin Moldable Mouth Trays Form Perfectly to Each Tooth (4 Trays)

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Teeth Whitening Trays and Free case! Whiter Smile Labs’ unique trays easily fit close to your teeth allowing you to apply the whitening gel to the trays and they slide on and fit around your teeth perfectly.

Our Thin series trays are not bulky and are comfortable. Includes a set of upper and lower bleaching trays, storage case, Includes extra whitening trays (total of 4), and complete easy instructions.


  • Whiter Smile Labs – 4 DIY Thin Teeth Whitening Trays and Case. 4 Mouth Trays Included
  • Comfortable, Custom Fit Upper and Lower Teeth / Tooth Bleaching Gel Trays for Whitening Your Teeth at Home.
  • BPA Free thermoform teeth trays are not too thin and not too thick.

3. OzDenta 2X Teeth Whitening Trays

Premium Teeth Whitening Trays and 1x Orthodontic Retainer Case - BPA Free - Moldable Perfectly to Your Teeth

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Teeth Whitening Trays and Free case! Whiter unique trays easily fit close to your teeth allowing you to apply a whitening gel to the trays and they slide on and fit around your teeth perfectly. Our Thin series trays are not bulky and are comfortable. Includes a set of upper and lower bleaching trays, 1 dental mouth guard case, Includes extra whitening trays (total of 2), and complete easy instructions.


  • DIY 2 Teeth Whitening Trays and 1 retainer case included
  • Comfortable, Custom Fit Upper and Lower Teeth / Tooth Bleaching Gel Trays for Whitening Your Teeth at Home
  • BPA Free thermoform teeth trays are not too thin and not too thick.
  • BEST FIT EVER – our innovative Bite Pattern pre-indents every mouthguard with the perfect outline for your teeth. You’ll quickly & easily mold a precise fit in less time. Re-moldable if needed
  • PREMIUM high quality dental grade materials that are BPA free, Latex free and phthalates free

4. PHOEBE Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light

Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light, 16x More Powerful Blue LED Light, Mouth Tray Teeth Whitening Enhancer Light Trays Connected with iPhone/Android/USB for Home Use

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PHOEBE at-home LED teeth whitening light makes it much more affordable than in-office teeth whitening at your dentist. While it may not last as long, at-home kits can still give great results.

There are plenty of at-home teeth whitening light that you buy to use at home in your own time. This means you can use it as a touch up for a last-minute arrangement, without waiting for an appointment time.

At-home teeth whitening light can be extremely successful when used correctly. They are easy to use and come with comprehensive instructions to help you. You can often see results straight away, and they should last a while.

The use of LED light as a catalyst instead of UV light, which has been previously used, is much safer. Unlike UV light, LED cannot cause mutations as it does not affect tissue on a cellular level.



PHOEBE Teeth Whitening Light contains 16-LED bulbs for brighter whitening, compared to low-quality competitor lights with a single bulb, enhance your teeth whitening process faster, make your smile brighter for longer


Our Tooth Whitening Light with 3 Adapters for iPhone, Android, and USB. You can connect with your phone anywhere, anytime. NO NEED for batteries or additional teeth whitening trays. Energy saving and environmental protection. Compatible with any commercial teeth whitening gel or teeth whitening strips, enhance your teeth whitening process faster.


PHOEBE teeth whitening accelerator light treatment applies high-intensity blue light as a catalyst to penetrate an appropriate amount of a whitening agent into the dentin through oxidation to remove the pigment. It’s known as a fast, safe, long-lasting, and effective method of teeth whitening treatment.


Just plug it into your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or USB port and use it with your whitening gel ( NOT Included The Whitening Gel ). Light is safe for at-home whitening and causes no negative side effects or tooth sensitivity. With a small storage case, whiten your teeth anywhere and anytime


We trust our products so much. If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, please contact us immediately, our service team will give you a FULL REFUND to apologize. Customer is the first

5. Opalescence Go – Prefilled Teeth Whitening Trays

Opalescence Go - Prefilled Teeth Whitening Trays - 15% Hydrogen Peroxide - Mint

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Remove tray from packaging. Position upper tray on teeth. Bite firmly, then suck on the tray for 2 seconds. Remove the colored outer tray, leaving the white inner tray on teeth. Repeat the process for the lower tray. After 15-20 minutes, remove whitening trays and brush your teeth.


Professional Whitening Made Easy

At Opalescence whitening, we design our products to give you the professional teeth whitening results you want with an easy, comfortable whitening experience.

UltraFit Trays

Since the disposable UltraFit trays conform to your smile, you don’t have to worry about the time or cost of having custom trays made. And the UltraFit trays are ready to wear right out of the box!

Easy to Use

It honestly doesn’t get easier than this. Simply wear the UltraFit tray for 30 to 60 minutes, then throw the tray away. That’s it!

Mint Flavor

You don’t have to worry about bad-tasting whitening gels anymore. Opalescence Go whitening is available in a delicious Mint flavor.

6. OLLM Tooth Whitening-Kit with 2 Tray

Teeth-Whitening-Kit-OLLM Tooth Whitener with 2 Tray - Professional Oral Beauty Products with Anti Sensitive Lights - 3 Packs Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Lightening Gel

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Don’t always be a shame to smile while your teeth look a little yellow. Don’t escape to show your confidence with a smile because of teeth problems. Our whitening system can quickly help remove deep discoloration and surface stains on teeth. Say goodbye to the yellow stains caused by tea, cigarettes, coffee, wine, and soda!

According to scientific research reports, a single blue light will have a bad effect on people with sensitive teeth. To solve this problem, we have launched a blue&red dual light whitening device, which is friendly to people with sensitive teeth. After 15 minutes of blue light mode treatment, and then use 15 minutes of blue&red light mode treatment. The tooth whitening lamp has been proven Helps whiten faster, and has been used in dental clinics across the country for decades. 

Finally, you can use the same LED light activation technology without paying a large fee at the dentist, And the whitening kit has two trays, which can be used by the whole family. The whitening device includes a built-in timer, which will turn off and beep in 15-minute intervals for your convenience. You can easily grasp the time during the whitening treatment without looking at the clock.



Teeth whitening machines help to remove stains from coffee, smoking, wine, soda, and food. Our dental white pen gel is with carbamide peroxide designed to minimize tooth sensitivity.


32x Blue&Red Dual LED-activated whitening technology accelerates your tooth whitening process. while the RED lights reduce the tooth sensitivity during the lightning treatment. No more pain or sensitivity. Integrated 15-minute timer lets you relax with a book or tackle other tasks without watching the clock.


Large capacity battery and Snaps on and off of the LED light unit. You also receive 3 syringes of whitening gel、2 moldable whitening trays Suitable for multi-person use by family or friends、and a plastic storage case to keep your LED whitening tray cleaning and protected in between uses.


Compared with a teeth whitening strip, Teeth Whitening Pen with a soft brusher works better on nooks of your teeth, Compact design is portable for you to use at home, in the office, while traveling, anytime and anywhere, Painless and effective, is an essential beauty product in life.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide 12 months after-sale service and friendly customer service such as within 24Hrs response E-mail support for troubleshooting, telephone customer service. OLLM is manufactured under strict quality standards to give our customers the best experience.

Best Teeth Whitening Trays You Should Consider


As always, you need to consider your budget before you start shopping for tooth whitening products. Pay attention to how many treatments are offered with each product and the number of treatments required overall for maximum results. Also, try and remember that compared to a trip to your dentist’s office, all of these treatments are a bargain—even the most expensive ones! 


Like Dr. Weiner mentioned, ingredients are the key to effectiveness in teeth whitening products. While hydrogen peroxide is the most popular ingredient in the genre, if you want to avoid it, there are other options including charcoal toothpaste and other products utilizing fluoride and natural ingredients instead. 


There are a number of other factors to consider before purchasing a teeth whitening product. One of them is how much time you are willing to invest in the process. Some products work to whiten teeth in days, while others—such as whitening toothpaste—will take months. Also, you need to consider any specific dental concerns. For example, if you have sensitive teeth or gums, you should use a more gentle product. Or, if you are averse to medicinal tasting products, veer toward those that are infused with mint.

FAQ’S: Best Teeth Whitening Trays

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, it is safe as long as you use a reputable product, says Kendra Zappia, DDS, an Albany, NY, dentist and New York State Dental Association member. But you want to first check with your dentist to make sure it’s safe for you in particular.
“We want to make sure that your teeth are healthy, that you don’t have any active decay and that you don’t have any active gum disease, gum loss, or bone loss,” Dr. Zappia says. “If we put bleach on top of that, we can do more harm than good and the patient can be in a lot of pain.
Also, make sure that you’re a good candidate for whitening and don’t have any dental work such as a crown bridge or implant that will not whiten.

Do you brush your teeth after whitening strips?

Dr. Zappia recommends that you brush and floss before to clear away any plaque that may interfere with the process, but that after whitening you wait a little bit before brushing again. “You might want to wait about 1/2 hour before brushing, the reasoning being that teeth have pores like your skin,” Dr. Zappia says. “When you bleach, you open those pores up so that you can break the stain down and it’s going to take a little bit of time for those pores to close back up.” If you brush too soon, your teeth may be a bit sensitive.

What foods should you eat after teeth whitening?

There are lots of foods to eat after whitening, as long as they don’t discolor your teeth. “We kind of call it the white diet,” Dr. Zappia says. “Anything that will not stain.” So, cheese, yogurt, fresh fruits with the exception of berries, vegetables, pasta, and other foods that won’t easily darken your teeth are all great choices.

How long does teeth whitening last?

For some people, it only lasts three or four months, and for other people, it can last up to a year or more,” Dr. Zappia says. “It depends on your habits and the health of your teeth.” So, if you’re someone who drinks a lot of coffee, tea, wine, or soda, which can all stain your teeth, be prepared for this not to last as long.

Final Verdict

To recap, if you’re looking for a fast and effective teeth whitening treatment, custom-fit teeth whitening trays are your best bet. They are more effective, more convenient, and longer lasting than over-the-counter treatments. And if you aren’t positive that custom-fit is the answer for you, don’t give up just yet. Look into other custom-fitted dental products like Impress Whitestrips and Opalescence Home Whitening Kits—they might be perfect for you.

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