Best Tape for Watercolor Paper: Top 10 Picks

Watercolor painting has come a long way. We thank the science behind the development of various quality masking tapes. Artwork hobbyists, crafters, and painters can now smile with a sigh of relief as their career path is getting smoother. However, you need to choose the best tape for watercolor paper that will not ruin your painting. 

Fortunately, this article gives you clear guidance to ensure you pick the correct option from the market. All the tapes for watercolor paper described here are affordable and have unique features to suit your individual needs. Before we came up with the below collection, we also considered user feedback by reading through tape for watercolor. 

Our Top Pick:

10 Best Tape for Watercolor Paper- Our Top Picks

1. Mr. Pen Masking Tape Roll 

Watercolor paintings using Mr.pen masking tape guarantee convenience and a clean job. Many artists use these rolls for labeling purposes because of their affinity to stick on various materials. For some good reasons, the versatile product can stick on multiple surfaces, be it plastic bottles, paper, wooden boards, concrete, etc.

When using most labeling stickers, users predominantly face a rough time when removing the tape. Fortunately, Mr. Pen roll is the solution as it makes a breeze peeling. Notably, even after removing the tape, you will not tell whether anything was stuck, and the artwork remains clean with no ugly residues.

Another advantage of using this masking tape over other adhesives available in the market, that; it has no acid gases emissions that would damage the paper over time. The tape is manufactured without harmful chemicals that cause discoloration and instead preserves our work. Masking with tape for watercolor paper prevents damage associated with smearing adhesives.

Key Features

  • Sold in 3 pack
  • 50 yards in length each roll
  • Acid-free formulated
  • Can be written on 


  • Formulated acid-free preventing discoloration over time
  • A reliable option for masking watercolor paper 
  • Can sticks on various surfaces like wood, plastic, paper, etc
  • It peels off easily without leaving ugly residues


  • Some users 0.6-inch width is pretty narrow 

2. Lukas Adhesive Tape

Are you looking for quality white adhesive tape? Lukas is the best tape for the watercolor paper that also enhances your art durability. You can only activate the power of this adhesive by wetting the back. Moreover, the tape sticks to the edges of watercolor paper, reducing buckling while doing watercolor washes or paper wetting.

Furthermore, the tape dimensions are 1.58″ inches wide and 50 meters long, making it an ideal option for watercolor painting. Gladly, the adhesive is designed versatile thus compatible with wood and paper. The product formula does not contain acids that would cause deteriorating effects, discoloration, and loss of paper texture over time.

Besides, Lukas adhesive will not leave ugly residues after cleaning or lifting it off the paper as a reliable artist’s tape. However, you should avoid leaving this immediate-use product on your sheets way too long for perfect performance. 

Key Features

  • Measures 1.58’’x4.7 yard
  • Compatible with wood and paper
  • Structured with paper material
  • Wetting activates the adhesive


  • Designed acid-free thus, watercolor painting reliable 
  • Quick use adhesive tape as you wet and apply
  • Ideal for painting both indoors and outdoors
  • Versatile designed to stick on various surfaces


  • Limited to only white color 

3. Nova Supply Pro-Grade Removable Painters Tape

Satisfying customer demands is the aim of every production. Bearing that in mind, Nova Supply offers two-width size options to cater to more users’ needs. Therefore, the masking tape comprises a 1-inch and 2-inch width option. Hence the consumers have the freedom to pick the type that will enable them to complete their work with minimal modification.

Besides, using the masking tape is just a breeze.  You can tear the tape into suitable sizes and shapes that fit your specific masking requirement with free hands. Moreover, pro-grade is a multipurpose and removable painter’s tape highly preferable option for commercial contractors, home and office day to day use. 

Want to save more money on your upcoming painting job? Whether a contractor or a DIY-lover, buying pro-grade tape supplies in bulk warrants you a quantity discount. Again, this best artist tape for watercolor paper has thinly coated surfaces to enable easy stretching.

Key Features

  • Available in 1-inch and 2-inch size option 
  • Removable coated crepe paper 
  • Drip-free painting 
  • Wide crepe paper rolls


  • Perfect for watercolor canvas and shinny photos
  • Crepe paper option for effortless stretching
  • Available in 1&2 width choice options
  • Reasonably priced and responsive customer support


  • Lacks color variety; only beige

4. ProTapes Artist Tape

If you are looking for top industrial-grade tape for quality artistic work, try ProTapes artist tape. The masking tape features a unique adhesive formula that guarantees next-level creation experiences. The product is manufactured versatile for use when labeling, color coding, and other purposes.

Moreover, the tape is among the few options available in the market that are printable with markers, flexo inks, pens, and pencils. Flexibility is another magnet attracting so many consumers to this masking tape for stretching watercolor paper. But how? Firstly, you can lift after application to reposition and clean removal without leaving disappointing residues.

Additionally, unwinding during application is easy as the premium flat paper tape has high edge tear resistance. Something else worth mentioning is hands tearable quality, short term, and high-temperature resistance capability. 

Key Features

  • Measures 1-inches width by 60yards length
  • Flatback paper backing material
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive material
  • 32-150 degrees F max temp range.
  • Multiple color designs 


  • Features short-term and high-temperature resistance
  • Use versatility when color-coding or labeling
  • Printable and repositionable
  • Easy to remove without leaving residues
  • 10 plus multiple color designs  for user preference


  • Costly relative to most industry alternatives

5. Pro Art White Artist Tape

Universality is priceless, and as such, pro art white masking tape is a haven. You can imagine the joy of acquiring a quality adhesive applicable to almost any surface you want to mask when labeling. Well, trust me, this best crafting paper for watercolor paper works like a charm. The product structure makes it adhere finely to display boards, woods, various types of papers, and much more.

Surprisingly, the tape performs ideally on dry art material media such a chalk and charcoal drawing. In such a case, the tape sticks so well and has no clean removal stress. Therefore, you will be correct to conclude that pro art ‘takes all forms of writing by storm.’ 

The product is recommendable for users looking for a quality option for watercolor paper. However, white color is not the limit as this masking tape is available in other color hues such as blue, red, yellow, black, etc. You have the freedom to pick the option that matches your tastes and preferences. 

Key Features

  • White artist adhesive tape
  • Measure 1-inch by 60-yard
  • Structured acid-free
  • Universal to all forms of writing


  • Strong glue makes it watercolor paper friendly
  • Applicable to dry media like charcoal and chalks
  • Available in multiple color options 
  • no acid thus maintain paper texture and coloring


  • expensive compared to many other alternatives available 

6. ProTapes Pro Masking Tape

You will rarely find a suitable masking tape that works well on oil and at the same time on watercolor painting needs. Fortunately, ProTapes Pro Masking Tape is formulated to satisfy that requirement. Moreover, the tape is ASTM certified and meets statutory standards set for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. Therefore, it is approved to qualify for quality use in masking and packaging needs. 

Further, the watercolor tape is tested, and indeed it can resist oils, water solvents, and high temperatures. For this reason, the item is a masking option perfect option that can prevent the seeping and leaking of colored paints. The tape is formulated to sustain a temporal hold onto the paper; removing and repositioning can work with ease. Finally, the users can choose the width size suited for their needs from 0.5, 0.75, to 1-inch ranges available. If you are reading through tape for watercolor paper feedback from consumers, it is precisely 180-foot long, thus reliable for more extended use.

Key Features

  • Available in varied width sizes 
  • 180-foot in length
  • Astm certified
  • Ideal for drafting and stationary trades


  • Assorted width sizes for user preference
  • Effortless removing and repositioning
  • Prevents paints from leaking or seeping
  • Resistance to solvents, oils, and high temperatures


  • Designed translucent while semitransparent is popularly preferably

7. WOD CFTC6 Console Artist Tape

Beginners can smile now with this CFTC6 Console Tape which is easy and safe to use without fear of unexpected accidents. Just hand tear and stick the tape to your target area on the paper, glass, or rubber when applying.  A great benefit is that you can remove it without fearing that the masking tape can rip off your paper while removing it. 

We regard this model as the best masking tape for watercolor because it gives a secure hold yet is easy to remove. Everyone can see and feel the worth of WODE Console tape that works magic, while by no chance will it ruin the texture or color of your artwork. 

Most artists, especially starters, are obsessed with color variations. Fortunately, the brand avails the product featuring a variety of color shades so that you can choose color hues that match your crafting. Some of these colors include white, light blue, red, orange, and yellow. 

Key Features

  • Multiple color options
  • Compatible with glass, paper, and rubber
  • Flatback paper coating and natural rubber adhesive material
  • 0.5 inches width and 60 yds long


  • Easy to apply and dispense 
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • The best option for crafting learners
  • Brand avails  multiple colors and sizes on request 
  • Highly responsive support via email


  • May lack thickness uniformity 

8. F|S FRAMERS Tape II Archival Grade

In most cases, thin adhesive tapes tend to shear more whenever you need to remove them, which may tear off your art or so. Another problem inducing more damages is that regular watercolor papers are made from wood fibers, thus absorbent and thin. On the contrary, Framer Tape II will stick well and detach easily without tearing or leaving stains when removing.

However, to successfully remove the tape from surfaces with ease, you use minimal heat. Multiple usages is another attractive quality to this best tape for watercolor papers. You can use it for reinforcing, mending, hinging, mounting, and other purposes.

To improve your framing tastes, the brand avails the tape in clear and white hues. Further, depending on the covering size of your work, you can choose either 0.75 inches or one-inch width or both. Globally, the USA-made adhesive has won the hearts of many experienced framers and artists.

Key Features

  • Available in two width sizes ;0.75’’ and 1-inch 
  • Made of quality mylar material
  • White and clear color options 
  • All rolls have 180ft length


  • Multiple-use convenience
  • Easy and safe to remove from surfaces 
  • Acid-free formulated tape
  • Ideal for first-time painters


  • Limited color variations

9. Tarvol Masking Tape

Painting projects are very delicate because a slight mistake can cost time and capital to repaint or correct. Therefore, diligent measures should be followed when executing the task.  The number one consideration is buying a  masking tape that is safe and user-friendly. Fortunately, with Tarvol Masking Tape, you can perform your painting without worries. 

Furthermore, the product is among the best crafting tape for watercolor paper approved for exterior or interior applications. What makes the tape ideal for outdoor projects is due to it resistance to ultraviolet and sunlight quality. It can also withstand kitchen applications despite the heat.

Multipurpose design is another reason behind the popularity of Tarvol Adhesive. You can use it on surfaces like doors, windows, walls, carpets, tiles, cabinets, vinyl floors, and others. Finally, with the brand offering responsive support and a lifetime money-back guarantee, you can trust that customer satisfaction is their top mission.

Key Features

  • Value 6 pack rolls
  • 0.75-inches width and 30 meters long each roll
  • Designed sunlight and UV rays resistance
  • Item weighs 11.7 ounces 


  • Brand offers a lifetime guarantee
  • Friendly and responsive customer support 
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to apply and remove


  • Lacks multiple color shades for user preferences 

10. OEMLZHZL 0.7″ Masking Tape

Have you been in dismay after a series of fruitless probes for perfect labeling tape? Well, with OEMLZHZL masking adhesive, your worries should end now, and no more despair. The product has proved to be an ideal companion for crafters and artists. You can choose between white or beige color options available.

Meanwhile, the best masking tape for watercolor paper is an integral tool for your art and crafting projects. The brand includes a value pack of 3 masking rolls that conveniently help you finish your painting task. Further, this premium adhesive sticks well and tears easily when painting. 

OEMLZHZL paper tape formulation is acid–free; thus, it will not cause discoloration to models applied. You can also position or remove it safely without worrying that it would leave ugly residues on the surface when painting. Good enough, the eggshell white drafting tape gives a prestigious illusion when utilized in party decorations and other ceremonies.

Key Features

  • Perfect paper surface compatibility
  • Premium crepe material 
  • Measures 0.7inch x50 yards
  • Eggshell white


  • Printable with pen, pencil, and markers
  • Removable with ease
  • Effortless tearing for painting
  • Acid-free formulation


  • Long wait after application before painting

Masking Tape for Watercolor Paper Buying Guide

The market is full of various adhesive tapes. However, as a buyer, you should seek quality tape compatible with the surface you want to apply. Adhesive tapes have unique features and formulations designed to specific painting needs. Before you make an order online or locally, check your preferred masking tape against the following factors. 


The length is a non-concern because you can have several adhesive tapes. However, length may influence price, where a shorter roll may cost lower than longer advise versa, mean exploitation. Some brands pack several rolls together while others develop one long. On the other hand, width is a very crucial consideration. Choose the type of tape with a width suited for your individual needs.


Use flexibility is something considerable when picking an outstanding masking tape. Firstly, the best artist tape for watercolor paper or canvas should have multiple applications. Watercolor paper tape usable on other needs like binding, packaging or sealing boxes, labeling cartons, and border covers can save money and time. ideal craft and artwork tapes should be versatile enough to be used for repairing, labeling, color coding binding, wrapping, etc

Removal Process

Although the removal process of masking tape partly depends on your painting medium and painting method, the product should not ruin or damage artwork. Similarly, tapes used for wrapping, sealing the moving boxes, or other papers should not shear the surfaces during removal. Also, make sure to buy adhesive tape that does not leave residues or discolor or ruin the textures of surfaces applied.


Quality is the key as far as the presentability of the work is concerned. You can imagine the disappointment when you are painting, and unfortunately, the masking tape gets soaked. This can cause the colors to spread on the wall damaging your work. The quality tape means it can mask the surface and leave no residues after removal.

Acid-free Nature

Reliable masking tape for watercolor papers and other purposes should have no acid traces on the manufacturing material. The acid can turn and fade over time, compromising the beauty of your crafting. Choose acid-free tapes as they are ideal for your painting job while will not either hurt the surface.


Painting is a universal passion. You will realize that everyone would want to try painting, whether talented or not. However, if you are a beginner artist or crafter, you will need the best tape for the watercolor paper to stir your painting career. So, to ease your search for quality masking tape, this collection describes ideal adhesive tapes in the market. 

Additionally, the buying guide above will help you narrow down the various products to a perfect masking tape for your needs. Most of the products listed in this article are unique in terms of features, color, mode of use, and presentation. Hence, depending on your needs and preference, pick the item that suits your artistic style.

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