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Looking for the best taco sauce? You’ve come to the right place! This is the best taco sauce recipe you will ever find. It is so good, you will be making it again and again.

This sauce is perfect for tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more. It is also great as a dipping sauce or on its own. So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking!

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Top 10 Best Taco Sauce Reviews

1. Ortega Taco Sauce

Ortega Taco Sauce: the perfect match to any taco. Whether it’s on traditional tacos, burritos, pizza or baked potatoes, Ortega Taco Sauce will help you create your own fun and unique Mexican dishes.

It all started with chili peppers! The Ortega Chile Packaging Company was born in late 1800’s when Emilio, the son of Maria Conception Jacinta Dominguez Ortega, moved to California and founded the first commercial food operation to preserve and package chile peppers, seeds for which he brought with him from New Mexico.

Just like Mama Ortega, Emilio took great pride in the food he prepared and focused on providing the highest quality peppers to create the very best salsas and chiles.

Zesty Garlic Mixed

Nothing beats waking up to that first taco. Ortega Taco Sauce gives you the ultimate flavor in every bite. Its savory blend of zesty garlic mixed with herbs and spices, including oregano, parsley and freshly ground black pepper, creates the perfect balance for tacos.

Enhance The Flavor

The Ortega Taco. The universal sauce you never knew you needed, but now that you have it, you can’t imagine living without.

Ortega Taco Sauce is a versatile, flavorful condiment that enhances the flavor of chicken, burgers, vegetables and your favorite sauces, soups and salads without adding salt. Kick up the flavor of your next taco night with Ortega Taco Sauce

2. Ortega Street Taco Sauces

Ortega Street sauces are the perfect way to add authentic taco flavor and a kick of spice to your next Mexican meal.

These bold, flavorful sauces are ready to eat right out of the jar and let’s be honest there’s no additional work needed on your part! Just tell yourself it’s a make-yourself-comfortable night and enjoy.

3. Ortega Flavor Craver Taco Sauce

From the kitchens of Ventura, California comes 100% pure chile pepper sauce made by the Ortega family.

Emilio Ortega was a master at cooking with chiles, as well as packing and canning them. First he created his famous salsa, then he started its own brand of taco sauce. Try some today!

Best Selling Taco Sauce In America!

Ortega Flavor Craver Taco Sauce is the #1 Best Selling Taco Sauce in America! You can’t get any closer to the flavor of a fresh taco without the fuss.

Ortega Flavor Craver Taco Seasoning Tacos come in 14 different varieties and each jar has a unique taste. Enjoy our Chili Lime Seasoning, Chipotle, Habanero, Cheddar Cheese, and more!.

A Delicious Addition To Any Meal

Right now, you can enjoy the bold Mexican and Southwestern flavors of this Ortega Flavor Craver Taco Sauce.

It’s a delicious addition to any meal that can be used as a dip or a topping. Try it on tacos, nachos, enchiladas, burritos and much more.

4. SKY VALLEY Taco Sauce

Get a taste of South America when you fire up your favorite Mexican dish using Sky Valley’s South American Taco Sauce.

This all-natural, clean ingredients starter sauce will add a punch of flavor to any taco. Sweet and spicy, our taco sauce was inspired by the flavors of South America to give authentic Mexican dishes a boost. Drizzle over roast vegetables, Tater Tots or crackers for a homegrown taste sensation!

International Sauces

Sky Valley Foods proudly presents the Sky Valley Taco Sauce! This specialty taco sauce is inspired by the flavors of South America and is the perfect accompaniment to traditional Mexican food.


Made with real ingredients and no GMO ingredients, our taco sauce is all-natural, vegan and gluten-free. The savory blend of tomatoes, cayenne peppers, onions and spices gives this non-GMO taco sauce a rich and tangy taste that’s sure to turn heads.

5. Red Duck Approachably Mild Organic Taco Sauce

We believe that all condiments are created equal, but some are more equal than others. Red Duck offers a line of ultra-authentic artisan sauces inspired by our founder’s extensive world cuisine experience.

We designed our products with our customers in mind, relying on simple recipes and ingredients as an alternative to mass-produced sauce lines. Our goal is to provide great tasting, super easy condiment options that everyone enjoys.

Organic And All Natural

Don’t let the name fool you! Red Duck Mild Taco Sauce is the perfect sauce for all kinds of Mexican-inspired dishes. Tomato, onion and garlic give this sauce its authentic flavor, while chipotle peppers add just a hint of heat.

We use only the freshest non-GMO and organic ingredients, including tomatoes which go from farm to puree in less than 4 hours.

Unique Flavor

Red Duck’s approachably mild organic taco sauce is the perfect finishing touch for your favorite tacos. This tomato-based sauce is brightly balanced with very little heat, so it’s perfect for the whole family!

6. Simply Organic Mild Taco Simmer Sauce

Meet your new saucy best friend. The Red Duck Approachably Mild Organic Taco Sauce brings all the flavor of authentic tacos in a perfectly approachable, mild sauce.

Vibrant cilantro and lime notes are paired with saucy tomato, the perfect hint of warmth from 3 varieties of chilies, and aromatic onion and garlic to create the perfect, mild sauce for chicken or baja-style fish tacos.

7. Taco Bell Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Satisfy your cravings with Taco Bell Creamy Chipotle Sauce. Ideal for tacos, burritos, fajitas, salads and more, this bold chipotle sauce adds a kick of flavor to any meal.

Made with dried buttermilk, chipotle chili pepper purée and dried garlic, this taco sauce comes in a resealable bottle that helps lock in flavor.

The convenient squeeze bottle lets you pour the perfect amount of our sauce every time and make any night a Taco Bell night

Bold Flavor

Taco Bell Creamy Chipotle Sauce brings the bold flavor of Taco Bell to your table, so you can make everything taste like a Burrito Supreme.

Whether you’re adding some spice to tacos, burritos, or nachos, it’s sure to become a staple item in your pantry.


Get a bite of true southern heat with our Creamy Chipotle Sauce. Made from dried buttermilk, chili purée and roasted garlic and onion, this creamy chipotle sauce will add a delicious, smoky kick to your meals.

8. La Victoria Red Taco Sauce

Pour on the flavor with La Victoria’s Red Taco Sauce. Made with real tomatoes and spices, this delicious mild sauce is perfect for tacos, enchiladas, or anything else you want to put it on.

In fact, if it goes in a tortilla or is served alongside any delectable dish, try it with a splash of our favorite red taco sauce!

And don’t forget to read the label for special ingredients and tips on how to get the most out of your La Victoria Red Taco Sauce Mild.

9. Heinz Single Serve Taco Sauce

So you want to spice up your meal a little, but you don’t want to have too much fun with it. Heinz’s Single Serve Taco Sauce is just what you need!

This perfectly-portioned 40g dip contains just the right amount of tomato flavor, along with a dash of heat, making it great for those little things we call tacos or nachos. Now get out there and strut your stuff!

Great Flavor

Take your condiments with you wherever you go with our convenient single serve taco sauce packets. Great for on-the-go, these single serve taco sauce packets are sure to be a hit!

Easy & Convenient Portion Control Container

Jalapeno & garlic are fired up in this tasty taco sauce, perfect for a spicy meal. Easy and convenient portion control container makes it easy to get the right amount of sauce on just about anything for the whole family!

10. Herdez Taqueria Street Taco Sauce

Herdez Habanero Taqueria Street Sauce 9 oz – Made with real habanero chiles, this sauce will send a wake-up call to your taste buds.

Drizzle some on any taco as a secret ingredient – or let it take center stage in a classic coastal Mexican favorite like tacos de camarón.

HERDEZ Taqueria Street Sauces let you take those flavors home so you can enjoy the experience of your favorite taqueria, any time.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Taco Sauce

Purchasing the best taco sauce is not as straightforward as you may think. There are a few things you need to consider before you buy.


You will want to consider the flavor of the sauce. There are many different flavors available, so make sure you choose one that you will enjoy.


You will also want to consider the spiciness of the sauce. Some people like their sauce to be very spicy, while others do not.


Of course, you will want to consider the price of the sauce. There are many different brands and styles of sauce, so make sure you find one that you can afford.

The Ingredients

You will also want to consider the ingredients of the sauce. Some people prefer to use all natural ingredients, while others do not mind if there are some preservatives in the sauce.

Shelf Life

You will also want to consider the shelf life of the sauce. Some brands of sauce have a shorter shelf life than others.


You will also want to consider how you will store the sauce. Some people prefer to store their sauce in the refrigerator, while others like to keep it in a cool, dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taco Sauce

Q: What is the best taco sauce?

A: The best taco sauce is the one that satisfies your taste and preference. There are a lot of taco sauces available in the market, so you just have to choose the one that you like the best.

Q: How do I make taco sauce?

A: You can make taco sauce by mixing different ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, garlic, chili peppers, cumin, and oregano. You can also add other spices and herbs to make your own taco sauce recipe.

Q: What is in taco sauce?

A: The main ingredients in taco sauce are tomatoes, onions, garlic, chili peppers, cumin, and oregano. You can also add other spices and herbs to make your own taco sauce recipe.

Q: Is taco sauce healthy?

A: Taco sauce is generally healthy because it is made from natural ingredients. However, some taco sauces may contain high amounts of sodium and sugar, so you should read the label carefully before buying one.

Q: How long does taco sauce last?

A: Taco sauce can last for several months if it is stored properly. You should store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


If you’re looking for the best taco sauce, look no further than Ortega Taco Sauce. This delicious sauce is made with fresh tomatoes, onions, and a variety of spices, giving it a flavor that can’t be beat.

Whether you’re looking for a sauce to top your tacos or just to add some extra flavor to your dish, La Morena is the perfect choice.

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