[Updated] Best Tachometer For Small Engines-A Complete Guide

The tachometer is derived from two Greek terms, tachos and metron, which mean speed and measure, respectively. Hence, the word “tachometer” is etymologically related to speed measurement. Well, literally speaking, tachometers measure the rotational speed of a disk or shaft, so their etymology explains what they measure. 

A traditional analog tachometer measures revolutions per minute (RPM) on a dial. Although digital tachometers are increasingly common, analog dials still dominate the market. In addition to being called a tachometer, a revolution gauge, rev counter, or speedometer, the tachometer is also known as a rev counter.

A tachometer can measure any rotating shaft, which indicates the rotational or angular speed. Occasionally, the term is only used for devices that show pure instantaneous RPM values without indicating average values over a given period.

Here are the best tachometer for small engines on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Tachometer For Small Engines

Best Tachometer For Small Engines Reviews In 2023

1. Runleader Small Engine Hour Meter

RunLeader Small Engine Hour Meter is designed for small engines such as chain saws, snowblowers, generators, and more. This meter contains a tachometer and hour meter with service timers. When the engine is off, the display shows the total run time of the engine and remains visible. Total hours can reset to 0.1 hours accuracy.

Engine Or Replace

The Programmable Maintenance Interval Service Timer(SERVICE )is designed to help you remember when it is time to service the engine or replace the oil. The timer can be set with intervals of 25 hours or 100 hours, or in any combination thereof. When the maintenance time arrives, the service warning icon flashes to remind you to perform your maintenance.

Accurately Record

Run leader Small Engine Hour Meter is designed to accurately record your RPM when the engine is running. Help adjust engine idle and provide a better understanding of your engine performance. It can be programmed for different firing patterns.

2. NEIKO 20713A Digital Tachometer

An automotive tachometer is used to measure the rpm of a revolving shaft, as with the driveshaft of an automobile. While a digital speedometer will read a vehicle’s current speed, this automotive tachometer is used for measuring the rpm of a revolving shaft, as with the driveshaft of an automobile.

Accurate and Dependable

The margin of error is only +/-0.05% and can measure up to a distance of 20 inches. The intuitive and easy-to-use functions allow you to store the minimum and maximum measurements with an auto-zero function.

Instant Readings

The digital tachometer is great for applications dealing with motors, machine parts, lathes, and other non-contact diagnostic operations.

3. Tachometer for Small Engine

Looking for a programmable and resettable tachometer and hour meter for RC toys, lawnmower, garden tractor, riding mower, leaf blower, pressure washer, chainsaw, snowblower, scrubber, brush mower, line trimmer, string trimmer, portable inverter, generator, motorcycle, bicycle, dirtbike, ATV, UTV, scooter, paramotor, Harley dual-sport bike, golf cart, outboard Jet ski, pontoon boat, Mercury race boat, hovercraft, etc. Timor rpm meter works for most types of gasoline engines, 2-stroke or 4-stroke gas engines, such as outdoor power equipment, generators, agriculture, construction machinery, vehicles, boats, and Marine.

Engine Is A Great Tool

This tachometer for the small engine is a great tool for those who want to keep track of their fuel consumption; many people have problems diagnosing electrical system problems after an accident or a collision. This light-weighted digital hour meter can be easily mounted on various engines and vehicles; it also has a red warning light that will flash when your set maintenance time is reached.

Wrap The Included

The tiny tach is a small, portable, accurate tachometer you can install in minutes. Simply wrap the included wire around your spark plug, turn it at least five times to ensure it’s tight, then hold it against the face of your engine until it stops spinning completely. With this tiny tach on board, you’ll know exactly how many revolutions per minute (rpm) are being created by your engine.

4. Runleader Digital Hour Meter Tachometer

Great for race-car builders, auto mechanics, and anyone who wants to protect their engine and engine service hours. Run Leader digital hour meters track the total run time of the engine with 0.1-hour accuracy. When the engine is off, the display shows the total run time of your engine and remains visible even when it’s turned off. Your engine will also be protected from over-use as you can set a maximum allowable running time per day or month, and once that’s reached, the engine will not start until you change that setting in your app. Additionally, we have anti-theft features built around our app interface, so you can rest assured knowing your data and fuel tank are protected.

Meter Ensures Accuracy

This Digital Hour Meter ensures accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. The unit features a programmable maintenance interval service timer(SERVICE ), Countdown tracking service reminder time; When the maintenance time arrives, the service warning icon flashes to remind the user that it needs servicing. The digital hour meter is ideal for engine repair and maintenance.


Digital Hour Meter Tachometer is designed to accurately record an engine’s RPMs when the engine is running. It can be configured for different firing patterns. This digital hour meter also doubles as a tachometer that can track gear changes and assist in setting up proper idle speed and timing.

5. Runleader Hour Meter Tachometer

The Runleader Hour Meter is a multifunctional device that can display RPM meter, hour meter, service timers, and job counter. Precisely record the engine’s working condition, including vehicle events such as emergency stop, acceleration, braking, etc., and provide you with useful information to monitor the vehicle’s running status.

Easy-to-use Digital

Run leader hour meter is a simple, easy-to-use digital incident trip meter that can help track your run hours. When the engine is off, the display still shows the total run time of the engine, which remains visible. The TOT hours are non-resettable with 0.1 hours accuracy, allowing the user to preset initial total hours to replace the old meter.

Professional Runner

The runner hour meter is designed to meet the needs of the professional runner. It provides a simple and easy way to keep track of maintenance intervals and is an ideal time management tool. The device can also be used when performing systematic troubleshooting.

6. Runleader Backlight Hour Meter Tachometer

Run leader Backlight Hour Meter Tachometer is designed to help you track how many hours you put on your engine. When the engine is off, the display shows the total run time of the engine. The programmable initial hours for old meter replacement ensures that the hour meter displays the correct number of hours for that engine’s life expectancy upon installation. Total hours can be reset within 1 H and 0.1 hours accuracy.

Service Reminder Time

Programmable maintenance interval service timer, Countdown tracking service reminder time; When the maintenance time arrives, the service warning icon flashes, and the backlight flashes to remind you that you need to change the oil.

Backlight Hour Meter

Run leader Backlight Hour Meter Tachometer accurately records your RPMs when the engine is running, helping you adjust engine idle; It can be programmed for different engine firing patterns.

7. Small Digital Engine Tachometer Hour Meter

Small Digital Engine Tachometer Hour Meter is designed for maintenance of any 2 or 4-stroke gasoline engine, maintenance timing (1-2000H can be set), and speed detection (MAX RPM 25000). An excellent tachometer hour meter can save you lots of money while maintaining your engines. This tachometer hour meter is suitable for small gasoline engines such as lawn mowers, chain saws, and many other applications where simple horsepower measurement is required.

Vehicle Speed

This small tachometer can be used to measure engine rpm, vehicle speed, and time. Maintenance intervals make it easy to program the time you need. When the time is reached, the LCD screen will flash a reminder. Perfect for automotive technicians and handymen in the garage or for household projects where precision timing is needed.

Strong Anti-seismic

The small engine tachometer has a strong anti-seismic function and can be used in different high-speed environments. It’s a high accuracy, low error and shock resistance, etc. So it is widely used in automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, workshops, oil fields, and other industries.

8. Runleader Digital Tach Hour Meter

This Digital Tach Hour Meter works with gas engines and allows you to monitor the total run time, single working hours, and service intervals. When you reach the recommended intervals for oil changes or other maintenance, it will alert you so that you can perform the work on schedule to be sure your engine is in great shape. It also has a built-in clock, making it a useful and versatile tool for any hobbyist or mechanic.

Display The Real-time Rpm

Run leader Digital Tach Hour Meter can display the real-time RPM readout by variable engine firing patterns setting to adjust the idle speed and have a reminder channel for exceeding revolve. The highest revolution since the engine started is viewable at any time with this product.

Prevents Bending

A digital tachometer hour meter with a probe sensor that prevents bending. Equipped with setup and calibration, no need to spend more time. The meter is easily switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature measurements.

9. Mahaishangmao Digital Chainsaw Tachometer

This is a digital tachometer speedometer pulse meter for table saw, miter saw, and various motors. This is the perfect device to help you measure the speed of a chainsaw. The speedometer also records data such as time, distance, and average speed, making it easy to track your progress and make adjustments over time. This product has a battery, and the display may vary from the pictures.

Tachometer Accurately Measures

This Digital Tachometer is essential for the safe operation of a chainsaw. This tachometer accurately measures engine speed, allowing the user to determine when the best time to change gear is during an idle with no load and to make sure they always cut with the throttle wide open. The tach reduces the chances of over-revving your chainsaw by giving accurate readings regarding your RPMs, letting you know how fast or slow you’re running at any given time.

Lightweight And Compact Design

This great digital tachometer meter with a lightweight and compact design can help you measure your car’s wheel speed. It supports all sorts of motorcycles, scooters, and bikes. You can find out the best setting for your engine with this tachometer.

10. Jayron JR-HM011F Self Powered Digital Tachometer

The Jayron JR-HM011F Self-Powered Digital Tachometer allows you to keep track of the total hours your machine has run. The timing range is from zero to 999,999 hours, and the accuracy is 0.1/1H. When the user shutdown or the device turns off, the data is stored automatically, and readings are accumulated directly in the next cycle.

As A Maintenance Date

This digital tachometer can be used for all cars and trucks. When the service reminder comes, the red light flashes to remind you to maintain the car. You can set any time as a maintenance date according to your convenience.

Engine Is Running

The Jayron high-speed digital tachometer accurately records RPMs when the engine is running. This can help adjust engine idle speed, and it’s programmed for different engine firing patterns. The meter shows you your horsepower and torque, as well as vehicle speed, temperature, and fuel pressure.

How To Choose The Best Tachometer For Small Engines

Several factors will help you find the best tachometer in the market when you finally decide to buy a tachometer for your lawnmower. The features of your tachometer can, for example, indicate its effectiveness and the quality it needs to hold. We list a few of them below:

Availability of power

When choosing the best small engine tachometer, you should consider the power capacity. Usually, two types of batteries power the small engine’s tachometer. A lithium-powered battery is one of them, and a AAA battery is another.

Be sure to check that the battery can be changed if it is a replaceable one. A good product should have a long lifespan. It will be best to avoid all types other than the two listed here.

Item Quality

In addition to its power, the tachometer must be of high quality. The premium version could be considered when purchasing. A tachometer meter will show engine idle time when you install it. This surface is prone to accumulating dirt, debris, and other foreign particles. Rain, water, and sunlight should resist the cloth during the different seasons.

It is therefore important to choose a high-quality model made of good materials. For your machine to last long, it needs to be maintained properly. This is why you should purchase a model that requires little maintenance.


An engine’s RPM specifies the number of rotations it makes per minute when it works, such as in a gas mower. A tachometer determines a cylinder engine’s maximum speed, gas engine, or mower’s maximum rpm. The engine rotates at that speed. The maximum speed is usually 10000 rpm. Hence, the device’s range is called it. It is possible to have a range exceeding 10000rpm in some cases.

Digital Memory

Here’s an introduction to digital memory. This tachometer does not have a memory that records the total number of hours worked on previous duty. Instead, it will jot down a record of when it is actually doing its designated work. This device is similar to the service timer on your lawnmower.

Until your engine is turned off, your data will automatically be stored in the meter. After the power is cut by accident, your data does not need to be saved or erased manually. Given its enormous advantages, we should integrate it into our models rather than manually capturing the data.

FAQ: Best Tachometer For Small Engines

What is a handheld tachometer?

It can be used either optically or mechanically to measure revolutions in an industrial setting. Maintenance and calibration of moving machinery can be performed using a handheld tachometer. Tachometers can show rotational speed and speed.

Can you put a tach on a lawnmower?

Your lawnmower’s engine speed can be monitored by installing a tachometer that measures revolutions per minute (rpm). Dense grass can cause the engine to have trouble maintaining power. Using a tachometer, you can determine when the engine might not have enough power to cut thick grass.

What does a small engine tachometer do?

Tachometers are frequently used to measure the rotational speed of a disk or shaft inside a small engine. A tachometer measures the rotations per minute (RPM) of a vehicle. In keeping safe speeds while driving, motorists can utilize this information.

How do I know what RPM my snowblower is?

Engage the impeller or auger by locking the lever. Count the number of times the engine turns over for one full rotation of the auger while noting the auger’s starting position and the engine pulley’s position.

How does a vibration tachometer work?

In a vibration tachometer, the vibration frequency of the machine is measured by a series of tuned reeds.


The best tachometer for small engines is not an item you need to worry about. If your engine has a problem, it will tell you in no time with the help of this handy gadget! You won’t have trouble finding great deals on these devices because so many places sell them online and offline. It’s worth investing in one if you’re like me and prefer the peace of mind knowing I’m getting my money’s worth out of every purchase I make.

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