How to Choose the Best Tablet for Note Taking In 2023

Even in this modern era, many people use analog pen and paper for note-taking, while many plan to use modern technology to take notes. There are different apps for taking notes on both android and iOS devices, but they are not good enough to take notes. So here comes the tablets with big screens to take notes efficiently. There are tons of features on a tablet, but not everything is necessary. On the other hand, not every tablet is efficient for taking notes. This article will help you choose the best tablet for note taking and take you through a buying guide. 

Comparison Table

Product NameDisplay SizeOne-tap EraseStylus deck
1. NEWYES LCD Writing Tablet8.5 inchYesYes
2. Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet10 inchNoNo
3. Boogie Board Blackboard Reusable Notebook11 inchYesNo
4. Paperlike Tablet for iPad Pro12.9 inchNoNo
5. Royole RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Notebook9.5″NoYes
6. ISTOURI  LCD 8.5″ writing Tablet8.5″YesYes
7. Boogie Board Blackboard Smart Notebook7.25″NoNo
8. ISTOURI 10″ LCD Writing Tablet10″YesYes
9. GKIDOER 13.5″ LCD Writing Tablet13.5″YesNo
10. GKIDOER 10″ LCD Writing Tablet10″YesYes

Our Favorite Best Tablet for Note Taking

Top 10 Best Tablet for Note Taking Buyer’s Guide

1. NEWYES LCD Writing Tablet

NEWYES LCD Writing Tablet is the best tablet for note taking if you want an excellent class note-taker, a best friend from elementary school to university. This NEWYES LCD Writing Tablet is designed with students in mind! It is easy to carry around due to its compact size, making it suitable for school, college, and university.

It comes with a stylus to make it easy for you to take your notes on the screen without having to press hard or use an eraser. The tablet’s keyboard is protected with a locking function that effectively prevents accidental pressing while not in use. 


  • Locking Function: You can lock the touchscreen to avoid accidentally pressing any keys when in your backpack or bag.
  • Anti-Slip Design: The NewYES LCD Writing Tablet has a subtle texture to enhance grip. It also comes with an anti-slip lanyard to prevent accidents.
  • Easy Operation: This writing tablet comes equipped with a stylus that makes it easier to take notes and write using the screen keyboard.
  • Charging Time: It only needs a little over 3 hours to charge for a full battery. You can use it continuously for at least 4 hours with one fully charged battery.
  • Stylus Protection: The stylus is easy to carry and won’t be misplaced due to the attached lanyard. It also prevents scratching of the screen, as well as the keyboard.


  • Stylus for writing on the screen
  • Locking the keyboard to prevent accidental pressing.
  • Anti-slip design prevents slip accidents.
  • Easy to carry 
  • Comes in 3 different colors 


  • Some users are not satisfied with the brightness of the display.

2. Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet

The Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet is a perfect choice for getting the best digital note-taking device in the class with many extraordinary features. The 10.1 IPS HD Display and Micro HDMI provide a great note-taking experience, while the 2GB RAM and 16GB Storage allow it to be multi-tasking friendly. On top of that, it’s built with a 5G Wi-Fi and a quad-core processor, in which the 64 bit android 9.0 pie operating system and Android Things OS make it a smooth and fast user experience.


  • Strong and Powerful Performance: The Notepad K10 has a 5G WiFi and a quad-core processor to assure a strong performance.
  • Android 9.0 Pie: The Android 9.0 Pie provides an upgrade from the security standpoint for this tablet, bringing in privacy features that you won’t find on most other tablets in this price range.
  • 5G WiFi: High Speed Wireless Connection It also has a 5G WiFi connection to allow for a faster, more reliable internet experience.
  • 10.1 Inch IPS HD Display: The 10.1 Inch IPS HD Display delivers crisp and vivid images as well as sharp text at any angle from nearly anywhere in the room.


  • Slim and easy to carry
  • Excellent Display Quality
  • Incredibly Fast Processor
  • Good Battery Life


  • Doesn’t Support External Storage Card

3. Boogie Board Blackboard Reusable Notebook

If you’re looking for a tablet that allows you to write, draw, erase, and save your ideas instantly, Boogie Board Blackboard Reusable Notebook is a perfect choice. It comes with a stylus for drawing or writing on the screen, features an instant-erase surface that lets you easily wipe away mistakes without deleting them one by one. You can line up your writing or drawings with the grid on the screen printed with actual page frames.


  • Instant Erase Surface: It lets you easily wipe away mistakes without having to delete them one by one.
  • Erase-Lock: You can activate the erase-lock feature to prevent the accidental deletion of notes.
  • 8.5″ x 11″ Display: It comes with a letter-sized display that feels like real paper. 
  • Lithium Metal Battery: It comes with a lithium battery for efficient power usage.  


  • Comes with a stylus for drawing and writing.
  • You can erase your notes easily, just like how you erase things on the board.
  • Erase lock keeps it from erasing unintentionally.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Useful for teachers and students alike.


  • The stylus cannot be attached to the tablet.

4. Paperlike Tablet for iPad Pro 

The Paperlike Tablet for iPad Pro is a relatively new and exciting tablet on the market that has some intriguing features and specifications that will help you take your notes to new heights. Paperlike is the best tablet for taking handwritten notes that comes with a 12.9-inch display and allows you to write more of your notes with great clarity. 

It features a Polyethylene Terephthalate metal, an anti-glare screen protector, and an Apple Pencil. One of the most distinctive features of Paperlike is its Nanodots surface which allows you to take notes like a pro without worrying about your palm messing up what you are writing or drawing on the screen.


  • Anti-glare Display: Paperlike’s screen is made with an anti-glare surface that reduces the amount of glare your eyes will have to deal with while using your device, making it easier on them while also helping you see things more clearly.
  • Scratch-resistant: The Polyethylene Terephthalate metal of this best tablet for writing notes is scratch resistant, making sure that your device will remain to look great for a very long time.
  • Surface: The Nanodots surface of Paperlike Tablet for iPad Pro allows you to take notes like a pro without having to worry about smudging the screen with your palm.


  • 12.9 inch bigger display
  • Lightweight and scratch resistant
  • Nanodots surface allows you to take notes like a pro
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil


  • Installation process is complicated for new users

5. Royole RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Notebook 

If you want to get a traditional notebook to feel in a digital device, then the Royole RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Notebook will be your must-have device. Combining the modernity of digital devices with the classic, tactile feeling of a traditional notebook, the device has a super-fast operating system. You can use Google Drive or OneDrive as storage. 

Furthermore, the magnetic design of the stylus pen ensures you don’t get lost in your classroom or other workplaces. Moreover, it is compatible with iOS and Android.  There is also a feature that allows you to share your work with your friends on social media like Facebook and Instagram.  


  • Versatile Compatibility: It is the best tablet for notes that is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It also supports 12 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, etc. 
  • Multiple File Formats Support: Royole RoWrite 2 also has the feature of supporting multiple files. Some of the supported file formats are .doc, .xls, .pdf etc.
  • Share Your Work With Friends on Social Media: The device supports sharing work with your friends and family through its features like connect share, USB Port, etc. You can easily connect your device to a wireless network and share your work with friends on social media.


  • It supports a speedy operating system which gives you a smooth and consistent workflow.
  • Compatible with different file formats like .pdf, .doc etc.
  • Sync your files easily in cloud storage
  • Provides excellent accuracy to write using the stylus pen.


  • Slow processing speed in some cases.

6. ISTOURI LCD 8.5” writing Tablet

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a feature-rich note-taking tablet for you or your child, then the ISTOURI LCD Writing Tablet is the thing for you. It’s a great tablet that uses an LCD with a stylus for writing, drawing, and marking. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty and almost 2-years battery life. 

Besides, you can put the stylus in the built-in stylus dock to avoid losing it. Furthermore, the ISTOURI LCD Writing Tablet allows users to write, draw, doodle, and scribble on the writing tablet. They can also do Math exercises super easily. 


  • Built-in Dock for Stylus Pen: The tablet lets you keep the stylus pen right in front of you. Its compact design to hold the stylus pen keeps your pen always with you.  
  • LCD Writing Screen Display: It uses an LCD display with a high definition screen to make sure your writing works are sharp and clear. It’s a pleasant experience to write on an LCD screen; that is why user feedback has been positive.
  • Easy Erase: The ISTOURI LCD Writing Tablet comes with an easy erase feature, ensuring you can enjoy free handwriting and marking experience without leaving any permanent mark. 


  • Stylus pen has a comfortable grip handle
  • This is an affordable product with all the necessary features
  • easy erase function
  • allows you to correct your mistakes quickly and easily
  • 2 years battery life


  • Some users aren’t satisfied with the tablets’ color. 

7. Boogie Board Blackboard Smart Notebook

The Boogie Board Smart Notebook is the best tablet to take notes that allows users to quickly and easily write notes, take down quick sketches, and share content via an app. The smart notebook saves your work immediately after you type to avoid losing anything. It also comes in either letter-size or note size for your convenience. Writing on the smart notebook is a natural and smooth experience.

It’s perfect for letting your kids draw pictures and taking notes and outstanding in taking notes in meetings and even sharing quick sketches with friends. You can also use it on any paper surface and sync to all iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth.


  • Natural Writing Experience: You’ll find it 100% natural when you are taking notes because of its modern technology interface. Moreover, it comes in two different sizes, letter and note to make you feel like you’re writing on real paper. 
  • Sync With iOS and Android: You can sync your Smart Notebook with iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth in seconds without any complicated steps. With the smart notebook, you’ll never miss a beat of your notes because it’ll save everything immediately after you type.
  • Easy Edit and Share: When you’re done writing, just tap on your devices’ screen and quickly check out a copy of everything you have written. You’ll be able to see previous notes, edit them if needed to make corrections, or even share them. It’s an easy process to do. 


  • Real-time sync with iOS and android devices.
  • Write on any paper surface, and you can also use it as a regular notebook.
  • Easy edit and share notes.
  • Comes in two different sizes, letter size and note size.
  • Save instantly after you type something on it.


  • It’s a little bit heavy compared with the regular notebook.

8. ISTOURI 10” LCD Writing Tablet

ISTOURI 10″ LCD Writing Tablet is one of the cheap tablets for note taking with lots of special features.  One of its most prominent features is the 10-inch screen giving the user a big screen to view at one time. 

The tablet comes with a blue stylus pen which allows for smooth handwriting on a paper-like surface, which is less prone to smudges. The tablet also has a unique feature for erasing or deleting mistakes with just one tap.  With ISTOURI 10″ LCD Writing Tablet, anybody can enjoy their favorite activities without worrying about accuracy.


  • Easy Operation: If you want to buy the tablet for your child, then it will be a great choice as it has no complications to operate. Your child can easily operate it without any prior knowledge. 
  • Ink Effect: It gives you the same feeling as when you are writing on paper with an ink pen. It provides a smooth writing experience with minimal friction between pen and screen.
  • One-tap Delete Feature: The one-tap delete feature on the tablet is a big help when you’ve made a mistake. Just a simple tap will erase your input and allow you to continue working on the tablet.
  • Warranty: This tablet also gives a long warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase.


  • Writing experience is similar to real pen and paper.
  • The slim design looks good aesthetically.
  • A durable body will last long.
  • Easy to operate.


  • There is no built-in memory for saving documents or pictures, so you need to use the USB port to save your content.

9. GKIDOER 13.5” LCD Writing Tablet

Are you looking for an eye fatigue-free tablet for note taking? Then GKIDOER LCD Writing Tablet should be on your cart. An easy-to-operate writing tablet with natural handwriting, GKIDOER LCD Writing Tablet features a 13.5 inch LCD for high definition image and easy viewing. 

It also comes with a 1-year warranty for added security. Besides, the 7mm ultra-thin body and splash-proof screen make it portable and safe for travel.


  • Natural Handwriting Experience: The tablet provides a realistic handwriting experience with modern technology. You will be amazed by the real pen and paper-like writing quality. 
  • 13.5 Inch LCD Display: The GKIDOER LCD Writing Tablet comes with a clear 13.5-inch display for all your notes, writings, and drawings. Therefore, it works well in indoor and outdoor use with its ultra-brightness and low reflection rate.
  • Lightweight and Portable: This is one of the most lightweight tablets available in the market today. It weighs only 0.76 lbs that makes it the perfect companion for all your daily note taking even on the go. 
  • Splash-proof Screen: The GKIDOER LCD Writing Tablet comes with an ultra scratch resistant screen, and therefore your screen will not be damaged from everyday use.


  • Natural handwriting experience
  • Easy operation
  • Splash proof screen 
  • Ultra thin body
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Slightly overpriced compared to other similar tablets.

10. GKIDOER 10” LCD Writing Tablet

GKIDOER’s 10″ LCD Writing Tablet has many exciting features. The 10 inch LCD is large enough not to squint or move your hand very much to see what you are writing.  Furthermore, it is easy to operate. 

All the user has to do is turn on the tablet and begin writing with the pen. No drivers or complicated setups are required. The natural handwriting feature can be beneficial to children who are just learning how to write and useful for adults who want more control overwriting.


  • One-tap Delete: Just one tap on the screen will delete what was written or drawn.
  • 1-Year Warranty: You can purchase GKIDOER’s 10″ LCD Writing Tablet with confidence, knowing that if anything goes wrong within a year of use, the company will replace it
  • Spill-proof Screen: Even if the liquid is spilled on your tablet, you do not have to worry about it malfunctioning. The splash-proof screen will automatically protect itself and your writing from liquid damage


  • Natural handwriting ability allows more control over what you write or draw.
  • The splash-proof screen prevents damage due to liquid spills.
  • Large LCD display.
  • Easy to use.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Metal isn’t very durable.

Best Tablet for Note Taking Buying guide

Best Tablet for Note Taking

Display Type

Different tablets come with different screen types, such as LCD, LED, and OLED. Liquid crystal displays (LCD) are the most common displays on tablets. They’re suitable for viewing photos and videos with a high contrast ratio and rich colors.

LED screens have a wide viewing angle, meaning that you can see a clear image from various angles. Furthermore, LED displays also have low power consumption, ideal for a tablet running on battery power for hours at a time.

OLED screens are the newest type of display technology used in tablets. It has the best color reproduction capabilities of any display type.


Most of the Tablets come with a stylus, which is excellent for note taking.  Make sure your tablet also offers the same.

Battery Capacity

Battery life is a big factor to consider when buying a tablet. The average battery life on tablets is around six hours, but it varies from model to model. Try to choose one with the most extended battery life possible if you plan to use it outside the home.


RAM, or random access memory, affects how fast you can run apps and browse the web. You should get a tablet with at least 2 GB of RAM; 1 GB is the minimum amount.


The weight and size are other factors to consider when buying one. If you plan on traveling with your tablet, get one that fits comfortably in your bag without taking up too much space.


Warranties vary from model to model, so make sure you choose one with the longest warranty possible.


Price is an important factor in any purchase decision, but don’t let price rule everything else out. There are plenty of good-quality tablets out there that are reasonably priced.

Internal Storage

Tablets usually come with a fixed amount of internal storage. If you’re storing a lot on your tablet, make sure you get one with at least 16 GB of internal storage.


All tablets can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular connections, but some have more options for connecting with other devices.

Sharing Option

Some tablets even allow you to share files via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with other devices. Besides, they have options to share online with your friends and family. 


The size of a tablet is measured by its diagonal screen, which ranges from 7-inch mini tablets up to 13-inch large tablets. It would be best if you got a tablet that’s big enough to fit your needs comfortably but not too big to take up space in your bag.

How to Use a Wacom Tablet for Note Taking?

There are many reasons students, artists, and other professionals use tablets instead of traditional tools to take notes. Generally speaking, using a tablet is much more efficient than using a mouse or even a laptop trackpad because you can write with the same speed that you would if writing on paper. Additionally, there are many different types of software available for tablets, which make it easier to take notes or create art. 


To begin, unbox your Wacom tablet and charge it in full. After the 100% charge, switch on the device and install any software that came with the tablet.


Please turn off your screen to not reflect anything or emit light to avoid interfering with your pen. Then, place the tablet near you but not too close, where you will be tempted to rest your elbows on the device. Place a piece of blank paper or a notebook in front to write all of your notes or ideas on.

It is now time to start taking notes!

What is a Good Tablet for Note Taking?

A good tablet for note taking should be lightweight, portable, and long-lasting battery. It should also be fast enough to take notes. Besides, it shouldn’t be so expensive that it is unattainable.

The screen must be clear with high resolution for reading saved documents easily. If it needs to connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi, the connection must be strong. It should also have quick delete features so that students or artists can easily delete something unnecessary or mistakenly noted.

The best tablet for note taking should have a large enough screen to take notes while sitting in class. Most people use tablets for school, so the school’s policies about having them on campus must be considered. Furthermore, it should also have expandable storage via an SD or microSD card slot so that users don’t need to worry about saving documents for a long, long time. 

Finally, it has to be sturdy enough to sit on during class without worrying about breaking the bezel or snapping it.

FAQs: Best Tablet for Note Taking

Which is the Best Notes App for Android?

There are tons of note apps for android operating systems. But the best apps are-

  • Google notes
  • Microsoft OneNote.
  • Material Notes.
  • Evernote.
  • Keep My Notes.
  • Simplenote. 

Is There an Android App for Notes?

There are lots of android apps for note-taking. You can use different note-taking apps and see what is best working for you. I would suggest choosing one that syncs with cloud storage so that you won’t be worried about losing the notes.

What Is the Best Free Note Taking App for Android?

I like note-taking apps that sync with cloud storage and can’t be restored anytime, even after accidentally deleting it from the device. Keeping that in mind, I would suggest google notes and Microsoft OneNote. If you sync, Google notes store the data in the device and google drive storage. Likewise, OneNote also saves the notes in OneDrive efficiently. 

Are Good Notes Free on iPad?

GoodNOtes is a free iOS app for taking notes. You can use it for free on the iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. 

What Is the Android Equivalent to Goodnotes?

GoodNotes is an iOS note-taking app. There are tons of similar apps for android users. The most popular alternatives of Good Notes are Google notes, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, etc.


All of the mentioned above tablets are top-notch note-taking tablets. They have different features and different price ranges.  Some of them can sync with iOS and Android devices, while others cannot. Some digital note-taking tablets can share notes directly, and some don’t. Choose the features you need and don’t pay more if you need fewer features in your electronic note-taking tablet. 

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