Top 10 Best T-shirt Printing Machine – Buying Guide

Want to start your own custom t-shirt printing business in style? Beforehand, you should be aware of various printer types available. Select the best t-shirt printer for your intended projects. The preferable machine style depends on the t-shirt material, production scale, designs, and much more.

Moreover, we have several machines based on their printing techniques; direct to garment (DTG) and plain fabric digital inkjet printing. Similarly, screen printing, digital transfer paper, and heat press sublimation transfers are also reliable printing methods. 

Meanwhile, to succeed in the lucrative t-shirt printing business, you need a quality sublimation printer to kick start your career. You are wondering which machine to buy? Worry less! This article describes excellent top 10 t-shirt printer buying guide. Choose wisely the one better addressing your needs. 

Our Top Pick:

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10 Best T-shirt Printing Machine- Buying Guide

1. Fancierstudio Sublimation Power Heat Press T-shirt printer

Are you a Crafty enthusiast who fancy customizing gifts for friends or relatives? Or perhaps you are looking to start a small custom t-shirt making business as your side hustle? Fancierstudio Power Heat Press is a digital printing machine that avails all sorts of complex settings. This custom t-shirt printer machine can help beginners or veterans alike produce quality, high on-demand garments.

The clamshell-category heat transfer machine comes in a design easy to set up and use. The good news, the equipment is versatile enough to print across various products such as t-shirts, bags, transfers, ID budges, garments, ceramic tiles, mats, letters, jigsaw puzzles, and other printable items. Moreover, the 25×15 inches sublimation heat press features precise electronic time, Teflon-coated heat platen, and a heat control mechanism with adjustable pressure to enhance durability and performance.

Key Features

  • Electronic timer and heat control
  • Heats fast and uniformly
  • 15×15 inches platform with heavy-duty steel frame
  • Distributes pressure and heat equally


  • Budget-friendly for beginners and veterans
  • Accommodates multiple transfers
  • Supports a wide range of fabrics
  • Variable pressure to accommodate the diverse thickness 


  • Develop faults and flaws with time
  • May have issues opening and closing

2. Fancierstudio DG Heat Press Digital Sublimation machine 

Fancierstudio DG Heat Press is an ideal option for users looking to purchase a low-budget best t-shirt printer. Despite being a heavy-duty industrial-grade clamshell model, the equipment retails at a very affordable price. Fortunately, this printer is not only intended to transfer designs into fabrics or textiles only, can as well print on other materials such as wood, ceramics, plates with no tampering whatsoever.

 For more information, Fancierstudio DG is a bit large with 15’’x15″ dimensions heating platen, non-stick design, and Teflon coated to prevent possible scorching. Besides, this best printer for t-shirt heat transfers has an extensive temperature ranging up to 500 Fahrenheit and adjustable pressure mechanisms for the varied thickness of materials. Everything runs without a glitch as the timer system. An alarm alerts you when done printing.

Key Features

  • Inbuilt Teflon coated heat platen
  • Digital time and temperature control
  • Compact and upward-opening model
  • 15’’x15″ heat press dimensions


  • Spacious and accommodative  heating surface  
  • Easy pressure control supporting varied thickness 
  • Durable, heavy-duty design
  • Retails at a reasonable price


  • Unreliable alarm 
  • Sometimes pressure may be inconsistent

3. Power Press Industrial-Quality Sublimation Heat Press Machine

A quick search from the internet reveals a lot of t-shirt printer details, all in praise of this 15’’x15″ PowerPress Digital Printer for t-shirts. The sublimation t-shirt printer is the king in the industry regarding transferring vinyl on multiple items and garments. Something encouraging, the heat press has adjustable pressure and a stopwatch to alert you when needed. Hence, that makes the printing process work efficiently and seamlessly to reflect your desired results.

Meanwhile, the printer exhibits a fully digital time and heat controller that guarantees a stable temperature over the heating plate. The non-stick silicone/Teflon coated heat platen makes the digital sublimation press a reliable custom t-shirt printer machine. Again, this machine is versatile to apply all kinds of transfers, images, letters, and numbers onto the t-shirts at high temperatures. 

Guess what? The above printing machine also features several heating coils while heat grows to a maximum of 5000F. Therefore, sublimation temperature consistency ensures uniform printing of the garment surface, leaving a lifetime mark of prints. Above all, industrial t-shirt printers may be used with traditional transfer materials and have non-stick surfaces preventing scorching of transfers.

Key Features

  • Signal indicator with sound beeps
  • Silicone pad to endure high temperatures
  • Integrated electric control system
  • LCD control board


  • Reliable flexibility and controls
  • Effortless to use
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Convenient to clean
  • Teflon coated plate prevents garment harm


  • Transfers only to flat items
  • Lacks detailed use manual

4. F2C Pro Combo Heat Press Machine 

Check out this finest new black 5 in 1 sublimation machine. If you want to start your custom printing designs, get  F2C Pro, the best printer for the t-shirt business in the market. Moreover, 12’’x15″ heat transfer machine avails spacious printing platform with a rotatable 360 degrees angle hence convenient. Besides that, the aluminum layered non-stick surface is suitable for printing designs on mugs, hats, t-shirts,  garments, and other elements.

Are you worried about shaky plates? For security, the F2C Pro has enhanced flexibility with a pressure adjusting knob to secure sufficient pressure and prevent the plate from shaking.  Further, this high-quality t-shirt printer makes an exceptional transfer of characters and colorful pictures of sublimating inks into flax, chemical fibers, nylons, cotton, glasses, ceramic, and other materials. 

Key Features

  • 12’’x15″ heat transfer plate surface
  • Rotational controlling digital LED
  • 5 in 1 multifunctional design
  • Rotatable at 360 degree 


  • LCD monitor and timer ease operation
  • Prints various colors as desired
  • Teflon coats prevent heats hazards
  • Useful for printing a variety of products


  • Sometimes may take time to heat
  • A bit pricy

5. SURPCOS Heat Press Machine

Want to know a secret? Trust me, investing in the above 360˚ swing away multi-purpose heat press printer can prevent everyday accidents and faults during the printing. This best t-shirt printer machine features commercial-grade steel frames that make the system long-lasting. The equipment has an in-built digital signal timer and temperature control function that ensures perfect safety by stabilizing heat.

You should know that besides safety measures, the Teflon coated 12’’x15″ SURPCOS Heat Press machine also comprises a silicone pad plus a pressure control knob. The properties help adjust the system to accommodate materials with varying thickness levels. Thanks to the brand for developing this exquisite system that is compact, lightweight, easy to assemble and dismantle anytime.

Key Features

  • 5 in 1 multifunctional system
  • Full 360-angle rotation
  • Digital sublimation technology
  • Commercial-grade steel frame


  • 360˚  and Teflon coats prevent overheating
  • Durably designed with steel frames
  • Ideal for small and medium commercial needs
  • Portable and  efficient


  • No warranty information provided
  • Vague user instructions

6. SUPER DEAL PRO 12″ X 10″ Heat Press Machine

As they say, make hey while the sun shines, it’s high time to grab this best printer for t-shirt heat transfers. The SUPER DEAL PRO sublimation printer is the number one go-to option for everyone who wants to make a difference in the arts, crafts, and sewing industry.

Besides, being a compact size that can fit a sizeable room can make a lasting impression on your printing projects. You can entirely depend on the machine for applying transfers, images, numbers, or letters on the intended garments t-shirts, hoodies, and other textile materials. 

Moreover, the printer transfers design on photos and words on ceramic, glass, fiber, cotton, or metals. Depending on the pressing expected, the machine features a pressure control knob to increase or reduce pressure on either side.

Further, as one of the best-rated t-shirt printer machine, SUPER DEAL PRO features a digital LCD temperature controller. With an additional pressure control knob, this machine ensures consistent temperature and pressure distribution across the printing platform. 

Key Features

  • Digital LCD pressure control knob
  • Swingway 360˚ rotation configuration
  • Digital LCD timer
  • Dual Teflon sheet


  • Non-stick surface, no scorching
  • Reliable for everyday use
  • Secure with temperature control signal
  • Multifunction printing for textile, metal, glass, etc


  • No detailed user manual
  • No hardware warranty information 

 7. MYSUB Heat Press Machine

Are you looking for quality and long-lasting equipment? A quick check on t-shirt printer guides will prove beyond any doubts that MYSUB 8 in 1  is a top value investment that guarantees the most prolonged use service. Above everything, the heat press is the newest upgrade, designed all in one with an inbuilt Teflon heat platen that measures 12’’x10″ to accommodate varied printing needs. Since the machine features a 360 rotation function, it is easy to customize various print designs for customers.

Meanwhile, you can ensure that the printing transfers designs will be perfect and evenly using an adjustable digital timer. The MYSUB model is among the best t-shirt printer machine featuring a control mechanism for pressure and temperature, thus producing constantly printed designs. Further, the combo 8 in 1 sublimation machine prints characters or pictures into multiple surfaces such as glass, ceramic, textile-like cotton, fiber, flax nylon, etc. 

Key Features

  • integrated electric control system
  • 360˚ rotatable function
  • Features LCD control board
  • Signal indicator


  • User-friendly control systems and maintenance
  • Safe with high heat enduring silicon pad 
  • 360˚ rotation function ease customizations
  • Top versatility printing on varied material surfaces 


  • Needs larger space to set up
  • Requires skills to operate

8. RoyalPress 5 in 1 Heat Press machine

Folks searching for a printer with sufficient space and flexibility to various customize designs find satisfaction here. Let us face it, RoyalPress 5 in 1 Heat Press is a professional sublimation printer platform measuring 12’’x15″ and makes 360-degree rotation to facilitate custom designing. In essence, this best-rated t-shirt printer machine has a Teflon-coated aluminum casting plate, thus harmless to clothes or garments.

What makes everything suitable is the triple function color LED digital memory controller that checks temperature, pressure, and signal to time. You can print your unlimited designs, whether pictorial, numbers, or other characters, on various surfaces, whether glass, textiles, and ceramics materials. Above all, you can acquire this best printer for a t-shirt heat press at a reasonable price, despite high durability and versatility. 

Key Features

  • 5 in 1 plate press
  • Digital LED temperature control
  • Teflon plated surface
  • 360˚ swing-away rotation arm
  • Wide-scale pressure control knob


  • Flexibility to switch Fahrenheit and Celcius 
  • Durable, industrial solid quality machine
  • Convenient variable temperature and pressure
  • Control board with safety signals 
  • Affordable considering attachments and add ons


  • Complex to understand user guide
  • Not specialized thus low output grade

9. Smartxchoices Pro Heat Press Machine

If you are a creative artist, entrepreneur, or hobbyist, Smartxchoices Pro is a convenient and versatile option to help achieve your various heat press projects. Firstly, this 5 in 1 machine features a specialized platen for printing t-shirts and other flat textiles. Additionally, it includes one hat press plate, one mug press, and two other plates for dinnerware. Besides, as the best printer for the t-shirt business, the machine has a 12’’x15″ large printing surface for easy printing.

Interestingly, Smartxchoices Pro is safest even for first-time users as it incorporates a 360-degree rotation swing-away design plus thermal coating. All these security features minimize possible accidents while operating and protect user hands from burns. Moreover, to print tripping over, there are built-in structural stability and secure footpads. 

Thanks to the manufacturer’s bid to ensure satisfaction by offering a 12-month heat plate and controllers for this best t-shirt printer. Finally, upon purchase, you are guaranteed lifetime responsive web technical support. 

Key Features

  • 12 by 15 inches heat plate dimension
  • Built-in flatness maintenance structure
  • 5 in 1 heat press designs
  • Digital LCD time / temperature control


  • 360˚ swing-away platen ease customizations 
  • Reliable multi-spring balancer pressure adjuster 
  • Various heat presses for versatile uses
  • Ideal option for home or commercial needs


  • Heavy multiple parts 
  • Requires spacious room to fit

10. F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine

In the dye-based sublimation t-shirt printing industry, F2C 5 in 1 Pro is a reliable option for beginners and new businesses. A complete spectrum pressure control knob is the most noticeable among the various other features as it allows pressure adjustment depending on the thickness. Gladly, with a spacious 12’’x15″ heat press platen surface, you can easily customize your t-shirt designs.

Meanwhile, the 360-degree rotation profession swing-away design makes F2C 5 in 1 Pro the best printer for t-shirt heat press and other customs needs. This printer is versatile because it has five heat press attachments for customizing t-shirts, mugs, hats, and other designer options. finally, the package includes two Teflon sheets that enable uniform heat distribution and for safe quality output 

Key Features

  • Pre-assembled 12’’x15″ flat platen press
  • Includes 4 more varied sizes platen press 
  • Protective silicon and cotton pads
  • Digital LED time and temperature controller
  • Pressure adjusting knob


  • Easy to switch specialized 5 in 1 heat presses 
  • Effortless designs customizing with 360˚ rotation arm
  • Automated use via LCD control board 
  • Durable designed from industrial grade materials 


  • The limited temperature range scale
  • Uses low power heating elements thus long waiting time 

Buying Guide of Best T-shirt Printer

If you have finally stopped procrastinating when buying a quality t-shirt printer, check out the elements below. This simple guide will help you pick an ideal quality machine without later regrets or anguish.  

Printer Design

Well, while the market offers three common printing machine styles; clamshell, swing-away, and draw, each case has merits and potential pitfalls. You should know the options each style offers to pick what favors your individual needs and market demands. A clamshell is an ideal t-shirt printer design that hinges between two plates opening like a clam when transferring prints. Such heat press machines offer a single-step option and suitable application time.

Secondly, we have swing-away machines in which the upper plate swings on one side, allowing full access while working, and you safely avoid touching the hot plate. They are effective than a clamshell, though they require more space. Finally, there are draw machine options where you pull the lower side to access the working platform directly. With the design having a movable heating surface, better be careful.


What is the maximum printing size you want? Size is everything when it comes to buying a t-shirt printer. In most cases, the printer size depends on the product you will be printing, available space, and portability. The spacious printer will help you print sizeable items such as hoodies, bedsheets, bedcovers, towels, and other garments.

Temperature Range

Will you be printing on various materials? Temperature is the essential factor, mainly if your design is not limited to t-shirts.  Different textile materials or other items like glass, woods, ceramic, etc., require diverse temperature ranges.

Versatility and Durability

There are so many machine choices options available. Moreover, choosing a printer adaptive to other heat transfers and media apart from sublimation options is a plus advantage. On the other hand, if you want a machine for commercial needs, ensure you buy a quality constructed machine.

Heavy-duty options can deliver high volumes without siphoning expenses in repairs and maintenance. Budget-priced heat press should not lure you into buying a cheap, poor-quality option; always check t-shirt printer buying guide from the user section.


Finally, since getting the best t-shirt printer to suit your needs may be a daunting task, it’s wise doing proper research before buying one. Although investing in a machine retailing at a decent budget is recommended, spending extra bucks for a top-tier heat press printer is better. Besides that, all equipment listed here can sufficiently fulfill your personal or business demands.

Further, decide whether your machine will be for family and friends printing or for starting a business. Again, read the user manual carefully and consider other properties such as budget, durability, platen size, type, and warranty system. We wish you the best of luck as you pick a quality venture for your business projects.

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