Best Summer Sausage

This summer sausage is the best because it is made with only the finest ingredients. It is a mix of pork, beef, and spices that are all natural.

There are no preservatives or fillers in this sausage. It is a healthy summer sausage that is perfect for any cookout or party.

If you’re looking for the best summer sausage, look no further! Our summer sausage is made with only the finest ingredients and seasoned to perfection. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether you’re grilling out or just looking for a hearty snack.

Editors Recommendation: Top 5 Best Summer Sausage

Top 10 Best Summer Sausage Reviews

1. Old Wisconsin Premium Summer Sausage

The flavor is intoxicating. The smell is almost nostalgic. This classic summer sausage will quickly become a favorite in your meat assortment.

Whether you grill, fry, bake or simmer this fine sausage, it will deliver the crowd-pleasing taste and quality of OLD WISCONSIN’s traditional German recipes.

Beef Summer Sausage

A summer sausage is a traditional European sausage that is traditionally prepared from raw pork. We’ve taken this classic, and made some improvements.

Old Wisconsin Beef Summer Sausages are made from 100%, high-quality beef. Shelf stable and ready to eat right out of the package. You’ll be able to enjoy these sausages year round with no refrigeration needed!

High Protein

The rich, creamy taste of Old Wisconsin Beef Summer Sausage is the perfect complement to your hot dog and bun.

At 8 ounces in size, it’s big enough to share with your friends and family, but not so big that you won’t want to finish it yourself.

Enjoy this high protein snack as part of an on-the-go lunch or dinner or serve at holidays, birthdays, barbecues and get-togethers.

2. Hunters Reserve Wild Summer Sausages

I had heard a lot about Hunter’s Reserve Wild Summer Sausages, so I was very excited to try their products. The sausages arrived in a convenient box.

The packaging was very attractive and the contents looked delicious. I can honestly say that Hunter’s Reserve products are the best summer sausage treats I have tasted in awhile.

Healthy Good

These sausages tick every box on your wishlist. 12 to 14 grams of protein packed in each 4 ounces of goodness, gluten, nitrite and MSG free with no artificial flavor, simply superb.

Taste Of The Wild

We have it all under one roof. Sample the flavors, 5 of our top choice varieties of wild game summer sausages from venison to classic beef, and everyone’s favorite elk.

This is a great way for the family to try new delights without breaking the bank. The perfect choice for tailgaters and parties, or just for snacking on your own

3. Hickory Farms Beef Summer Sausage

No long-winded description needed here. This product combines cheaper ingredients, and they’ve done so in a way that makes it sound like they’re somehow better than everybody else.

If you like your beef with whole grains and added ingredients, then it might not be the worst thing in the world to pick this up on sale.

4. Hillshire Farm Classic Summer Sausage

So, this specific sausage found in Hillshire Farms Classic Summer Sausage ‘Sandwich Kit’ offers 11 grams of protein, which is the highest among the three products.

It has the highest sodium content at 610 milligrams, but that is with good reason: and that reason is cured meat.

The second-highest sodium product is the Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage at 240 milligrams and the rest of the sausages have less than 120 milligrams.

We can see why this sausage would be especially appealing to those looking to gain muscle or pack on some pounds: it also has one of the higher nutritional values among meats in general.

It also contains 2 percent or less of natural flavors and citric acid. After checking out some other products on their grocery product website, we concluded that this particular sausage seems to be a rather common take on regular bratwursts.

The sandwich kits are just a more convenient way to eat this; if you were to order individual sausages from them, you’d probably get something similar.

5. Hickory Farms Party-Size Beef Summer Sausage

The Hickory Farms Party Size Summer Sausage is the perfect size for feeding a crowd and includes many delicious combinations to make the most of your summer sausage.

A savory hit, this product is a great item to buy if you’re throwing a party or want something to snack on later in the day.

Premium North American Beef

It’s no surprise our Signature Beef Summer Sausage is an award winner. For 100% premium North American beef with a hint of mustard seed, hickory smoke and just the right dash of pepper, it’s a mouthwatering treat for everyone.

Cheese & Crackers

Summer sausage is the perfect party food. With its mix of perfectly seasoned meat, savory spices and hardwood smoke, this summer sausage pairs perfectly with our Signature Cheeses, Mustard, and Crackers.

6. Hickory Farms Beef Summer Sausage

In our experience, Hickory Farms Summer Sausage is delicious. The two packs provide a selection of two different kinds: Beef Brisket and Smoked Chicken.

In both cases, good, flavorful sausages with a good bite on them. We thought they were pretty tasty, and we recommend that you give Hickory Farms summer sausage a try sometime soon.

7. Stonie’s Summer Sausage

While the internet is full of many things, only a few things promote it over good food. The holiday season always brings a large influx of new products, but this time of year is even more special as we have the opportunity to review one of our favorite products: Stonie’s Sausage.

Stonie’s summer sausage is unlike anything you’ve tasted. It’s delicious, addictive, and made fresh in-house. The best part? It’s available for purchase at our store .

We think if you are going to eat sausage, you should do so with gusto, and that means ordering enough for 4 or even 50 people!

Packed With Real Cheddar Cheese

This summer sausage is packed with real cheddar cheese and jalapeno flakes, and made with nothing but the best grass and grain fed beef and pork raised on farms in the Midwest. This is what summer’s all about!

Stonie’s Original Family Recipe

Stonie’s Summer Sausage is made in small batches, and slowly smoked to a meaty, smoky, spicy perfection. This sausage is a classic – you’ll want to grill out with it all summer long.

8. 4505 Original Recipe Sausage

Just as we buy 4505 Burgers’ high-quality meats to make our burgers, we should also be supporting them with their new butchery and meaty snacks.

If you live in San Francisco or are planning a visit, definitely stop by one of their three locations for a sandwich, burger, or sausage. And don’t forget to pick up a bag of the Original Recipe Sausage for snacking on the go!

Humanely Raised Meat

A hickory smoked sausage with a big bite, 4505® Original Recipe Sausage is made with vegetarian-fed, no antibiotic pork raised on sustainable family farms.

We know you like a good mess, and we make sure this genius product contains no parts of any other animal so you can eat your way to overindulgence without consequences.

Diet And Allergen Friendly

This is a classic sausage by 4505 Meats that’s packed with flavor. The best part? It’s Keto-certified, Paleo, gluten-free and with only 1g of sugar or less, it’s just right for those looking to eat healthy.

9. New! Johnsonville Garlic Summer Sausage

We won’t lie: when you hear summer sausage, the first thing you think of may not be summer. But Johnsonville is trying to change that with their new Garlic Summer Sausage Sticks.

Made for convenience and portability, these sticks are a tasty snack, just like their original summer sausage and the company is 100% behind them. So ready, aim, fire!

Premium Cuts Of Pork

Made with only premium cuts of pork and beef and no fillers, this sausage is sure to please. Garlic summer sausage takes our classic sweet & smoky sausage and kicks it up a notch. This is the perfect seasoning for your summer favorites!

Naturally Smoked

Hickory smoked garlic summer sausage is a flavorful, low-fat pork and beef sausage. No preservatives or artificial ingredients are added to this naturally smoked over real hardwood.

10. New! Johnsonville Beef Summer Sausage

For a premium snack you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, Johnsonville Beef Summer Sausage Sticks are the perfect addition to your grocery shopping list.

With their natural smoke flavor and savory beef-pork blend, they’re sure to please the most discriminating summer sausage connoisseur.

Fan-Favorite Summer Sausage

With the same great taste as Johnsonville’s iconic, fan-favorite summer sausage, this new Summer Sausage from Johnsonville is made in the USA and delivers a unique look, texture and flavor that their consumers love.

Protein-Forward Snack

Snack in style with Johnsonville Summer Sausage. Made with 100% Beef, this summer sausage is a protein-forward snack for you and your family to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Summer Sausage

When buying a summer sausage, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Below are six points to consider when making your purchase.


When it comes to summer sausage, you get what you pay for. The cheaper brands will be made with lower quality meat and will not taste as good. You should expect to pay around $10-$15 per pound for a good quality summer sausage.


There are many different flavors of summer sausage available. Some of the more popular flavors include garlic, hickory, and beef. Try a few different flavors to find the one that you like the best.


Summer sausage can be either dry or moist. Dry summer sausage has a firmer texture and is less likely to crumble when you slice it. Moist summer sausage has a softer texture and is more likely to crumble.

Fat Content

Summer sausage is a high fat food. The fat content can range from 20% to 60%. The higher the fat content, the more flavorful the summer sausage will be.


Summer sausage can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two months. For longer storage, you can freeze summer sausage for up to six months.

Serving Suggestions

Summer sausage is typically served cold. It can be sliced and eaten as is, or you can add it to a sandwich or crackers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Sausage

1. What is summer sausage?

Summer sausage is a type of sausage that is typically made from a combination of beef and pork. It is then seasoned with various spices and smoked for a period of time. The final product is a sausage that is slightly sweet and very flavorful.

2. How do you eat summer sausage?

Summer sausage can be eaten a number of different ways. It can be sliced and eaten as-is, or it can be used as an ingredient in recipes. It is also commonly eaten as part of a charcuterie plate alongside other meats and cheeses.

3. Where can I buy summer sausage?

Summer sausage is widely available in grocery stores and online. It can be found in the meat section or in the specialty food section.

4. How do I store summer sausage?

Summer sausage can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or in the freezer for up to 6 months.


Best Summer Sausage is perfect for any summer BBQ or picnic. It is juicy, flavorful, and easy to make. With just a few simple ingredients, you can have delicious summer sausage that will be the hit of the party.

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