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The best summer sausage is the type that you make yourself. It’s easy and it tastes better than anything you can buy in a store. I’ll show you how to do it! We’re going to start with some ground pork, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. First, we mix them together then we add an egg white for binding and enough bread crumbs to make the mixture firm but not too wet. Roll into a loaf shape about 12 inches long and 4 inches wide on wax paper or parchment paper (or aluminum foil) sprinkled lightly with flour or cornmeal.

Here are the best summer sausage available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Summer Sausage

Best Summer Sausage Reviews In 2023

1. Old Wisconsin Premium Summer Sausage

Old Wisconsin Beef Summer Sausages are made from 100% beef. They are shelf-stable and ready to eat, without the need for refrigeration. This makes them ideal as a traveling snack or appetizer at your next summer get-together.

Just like our Original Summer Sausage, our Beef Summer Sausage is blended with the perfect mix of spices and slowly smoked over a hardwood fire – but this time it’s made with 100% high-quality beef.

Summer Sausage Is Gluten-free

We start with 100%, high-quality beef. Then we carefully season the meat with a special blend of spices. Next, we smoke our Beef Summer Sausage over natural hardwood fires until it reaches perfection. And finally, you get to enjoy it!Our Beef Summer Sausage is gluten-free and has zero added MSG. It also requires no refrigeration until after you open it, so you can enjoy this all-beef beauty wherever you are and whenever you want. It pairs perfectly with other snacks or as an ingredient in some of your favorite meals.

History Of Excellent Sausage

Over 50 years ago, OLD WISCONSIN began more than a sausage company—we created a legacy that led to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, being known as the “Bratwurst Capital of the World.” Sheboygan has always had a proud German heritage—people with a strong work ethic and a history of excellent sausage. OLD WISCONSIN is built on this foundation, and it can still be tasted today in our quality and slow, hand crafted approach to sausage making.

2. Hunters Reserve, Taste of The Wild Summer Sausages

This pack of sausages is a great way to introduce flavors and spices from different meats into your diet. It contains five of our top choice varieties of wild game summer sausages: venison, bison, wild boar, elk and classic beef. With a variety of flavors to choose from this pack makes the perfect gift or party appetizer. You can’t miss with our summer sausage assortment.

Hunters Reserve has perfected the art of making a mouth watering sausage that you will be proud to offer at any occasion. Made with only the best cuts of meats and built on a smokey woodsmoke flavor and most generously seasoned to bring out that perfect wild game flavor.

Hickory Smoked

To perfection, made with only top quality cuts of meats herbs and spices uniquely arranged to deliver that perfect wild game flavor.

USA Made

Hunter’s Reserve, located in America’s Heartland, providing uniquely crafted gourmet specialty wild game meats and cheeses for over 20 years.

Healthy Good

12 to 14 grams of protein packed in each 4 ounces of goodness, gluten, nitrite and MSG free with no artificial flavor, simply superb.

3. Hickory Farms Turkey Summer Sausage 10 Ounces

A big and flavorful summer sausage that makes you feel like you’re out on a picnic, the Hickory Farms Turkey Summer Sausage is enjoyed by both kids and adults. With 11 grams of protein per serving, it is a healthy addition to any meal.

Choice For Sausage And Cracker

Hickory Farm’s Turkey Summer Sausage is a great choice for sausage and cracker lovers looking for delicious, super-lean, high protein meats. Enjoy it solo with crackers, slice it up in sandwiches or pizza toppings or add it to Italian dishes.

Summer Sausage Is An All-natural

This Hickory Farms Turkey Summer Sausage is an all-natural, cured and fully cooked summer sausage made with turkey. It’s ideal for adding to sandwiches and wraps, chilis, black bean tacos and more! This product will ship with frozen ice packs in an insulated box to ensure your food arrives in excellent condition.

4. LEM Backwoods Cured Sausage Seasoning with Cure Packet

This is a delicious, easy to make sausage that goes great on crackers, on sandwiches or in your favorite pasta dish. LEM’s Backwoods-style sausage seasoning comes with the cure needed to make your own delicious sausage at home. Seasoning includes salt, sugar, black pepper and paprika for delicious mouthwatering flavor. To create your homemade links add meat of your choice and cure packet as directed in instructions include with seasoning packet.”

Perfect All-around Seasoning

The LEM Backwoods Seasoning with Cure packet is a perfect all-around seasoning for sausage making. The cure packet adds just the right amount of salt and nitrate to help protect the sausage from spoilage while it matures.

Summer Sausage

This favorite delivers a tangy explosion of flavor Backwoods fans love. A game sausage you’ll make over and over again. Backwoods Sausage Seasonings have been delighting customers since 1991. We make it simple with our easy to follow instructions and pre-measured cure in every package. Enjoy these Cured Sausage Seasonings, painstakingly flavored to make the greatest wild game or domestic meat cured sausage around! Each seasoning package includes a packet of Cure. Casings sold separately.

5. 12oz Johnsonville Original Summer Sausage, Pack of 2

Johnsonville Original Summer Sausage is a lean cut of pork, seasoned with a blend of garlic, parsley and other spices. Fully cooked and ready to eat, this taste-tempting summer sausage can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Take it camping, grilling on the patio or add it to your breakfast menu. Simply slice and enjoy!

Original Summer Sausage

Energize your next BBQ or picnic with Johnsonville Original Summer Sausage. This delicious recipe is made with lean cuts of pork, added spices and just the right amount of curing salts to deliver a flavor that is bursting with great taste. It’s a carnivore approved grilled sausage made using real Wisconsin cheese.

Recipe That Contains

Enjoy the original, made from premium cuts of pork, with a recipe that contains no added fillers or preservatives. With 12-ounces per package, our summer sausage is ready to eat right out of the package.

6. LEM 9160 Backwoods Low Sodium Summer Sausage Seasoning (5-Lbs)

The 5-Lb LEM 9160 Backwoods Low Sodium Summer Sausage Seasoning is ideal for adding great flavor to your homemade sausage recipes. This blend delivers a tangy explosion of flavors perfect for a game summer sausage.

Summer Sausage Seasoning Blends

Summer sausage seasoning has 25% less sodium than our regular summer sausage seasoning blends, which means that less sodium crosses over into the final product. The result is a more delicious, lower-sodium sausage.

Backwoods Sausage Seasoning

Make authentic low-sodium summer sausage at home with this LEM 9160 backwoods sausage seasoning from LEM Products. This versatile product will season up to 25 lbs of meat, and it doesn’t contain msg. From breakfast links to Italian sausages, you won’t be disappointed.

7. Venison Summer Sausage

Low in fat and cholesterol, this summer sausage can be enjoyed three 12-ounce sticks at a time. Made from 100% premium venison, our summer sausage is perfect for all your favorite ways to cook and serve venison

Summer sausage is a classic way to enjoy venison. We have two flavors: Original or Spicy. The Original has a sweet and savory flavor with a mild kick, while the Spicy has a stronger, smoky taste for those who want more spice. Both are made here in the heart of Wisconsin with our own locally-raised venison, along with other savory ingredients like brown sugar and paprika. There’s no better way to enjoy your deer harvest season than with some summer sausage!

Brown Sugar And Paprika.

Savor some of Wisconsin’s delicious venison summer sausage by Navarino Valley Elk and Bison Ranch. Each venison sausage 3-Pack is a gift pack of three German-style venison summer sausages. Choose either 3 original flavor or 3 spicy flavor sausages, 12 ounces each. The Venison Sausage 3-Pack comes in a gift box and makes a great tailgating snack or a delicious gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion.

Naturally Fed In Open Pastures

The animals are farm raised and naturally fed in open pastures – without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. Deer meat is mild-flavored and tender. It is naturally low in fat, calories, and cholesterol. The ingredients in each summer sausage are deer, beef, pork, salt, corn syrup solids, spices, sodium erthorbate, lactic acid starter culture, and sodium nitrate. The Spicy sausage contains natural red peppers for a spicy flavor.

8. Hickory Farms Farmhouse Summer Sausage 3-Pack, 10 ounces each

Hickory Farms Farmhouse Summer Sausage is made with a signature blend of premium beef and pork, hardwood smoked with natural spices. Our founder started making this sausage in his backyard and now it’s one of the most popular items in our store! Perfect for breakfast or all day snacking! Great for your next tailgate or summer barbecue.

Ideal Snack For Active Lifestyles

Hickory Farms Farmhouse Summer Sausage 3-Pack is an ideal snack for active lifestyles. The shelf stable summer sausage includes a high protein and low carb sausage flavor that is keto friendly and great for those who need to cut back on eating meat. The 10 ounce cups are easily transportable and make a perfect meal while outdoors.

Sausage 3-pack Is A Delicious Snack

The Hickory Farms Farmhouse Summer Sausage 3-Pack is a delicious snack to keep on hand for family, friends and customers. Handcrafted in small batches with premium cuts of pork and the best ingredients, this traditional summer sausage is delicious sliced and served as an appetizer or added to recipes.

How To Choose The Best Summer Sausage Before Purchasing

When choosing a summer sausage smoker, you should consider these features.


Smokers should be selected according to their size. Depending on how well it works, your smoker may work or not. You can determine which choice is best for you based on how much cooking you’re going to do.

Smokers are essential for hunting, for example. You should opt for a smaller smoker if you intend to engage in occasional outdoor activities.


According to the fuel they consume, smokers are of different types. Gas, charcoal, wood, pellets, and propane are all options in addition to gas and charcoal. It is tricky to control the temperature of charcoal and wood, despite their smoky flavors.

To master that, you need some practice. Fuels such as electric and propane are easy to work with. Despite this, they are not versatile. It is not advisable to use them for cooking cheese or salmon.

Easily maintained and used

Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain smokers are ideal. It is not difficult to smoke. There is a bit of a complication in controlling the temperature. Ensure the cooking chamber is easy to clean.


Construction quality is a critical issue, as you can imagine. A high-quality cooking implement will last for many years to come.

Features of safety

The most important thing is to keep your family and yourself safe. Therefore, when you buy a smoker grill, ensure that it is completely safe for you and your family.


In the summer, it is particularly popular to grill outdoors with a portable smoker. Our list of smokers includes most of them that are portable.

Cleans easily

Food poisoning can be prevented by having an easily-cleanable smoker. Hence, a grease tray that can be removed is a good feature to look for.


When you take your smoker outside, you expose it to the effects of weather and the environment, which can cause the smoker to wear down. You should, therefore, purchase a durable smoker.


You can choose from different types of smokers in a variety of price ranges. Therefore, when buying a smoker, consider your budget. The price of a quality smoker need not break the bank.

FAQs: Best Summer Sausage

Where can I find the best summer sausages? 

There are several top brands when it comes to the best summer sausage, including Dan, old Wisconsin, Hickory farms, and Elements.

Is summer sausage good with anything? 

Snacks, meals, and quick salad components can be enhanced by the tangy flavor of summer sausage. Caesar salad, which is topped with herb croutons, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, also goes well with the celery.

What is the reason for the name summer sausage? 

Sausage that can be kept without a refrigerator is known as a pantry sausage in America. It was invented by the Germans during an era when refrigerators weren’t available. In winter they made summer sausages that stayed fresh into winter.

How do summer sausages differ from beef summer sausages? 

Using different types of meat makes both sausages significantly different. Summer sausage made with beef has 100% beef. Summer sausage made with other types of meat has less than 100% beef. There is also pork and beef in it. It is possible to find other kinds of meat as well.

Summer sausages can be eaten raw? 

Both cooked and uncooked summer sausages are available. Whether it is cooked or raw, it is edible.


Best summer sausage is a great way to enjoy the warm weather. We are proud to offer you our delicious, all-natural, and gluten-free sausages that will make your mouth water. Our team of experts at Gourmet Meats USA has been perfecting how we create these tasty treats for over 30 years. If you need any help shopping for an unusual meat product like elk, bison, or venison, don’t hesitate to reach out! We can get it shipped right to you in just 24 hours with no hassle and guarantee the highest quality cuts every time.

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