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The first thing we do when we go shopping for string light poles is to decide on a budget. The purpose of setting a budget is to make sure we can afford to get what we need. It’s very important that you have enough money set aside to cover the cost of your new string light pole as well as shipping costs (if applicable). Our list of best-string-light-poles is based on reviews, which means it doesn’t list every string light pole out there. We’ve created this page to save you time and make it easier for you to take advantage of expert insights and recommendations.

The following should be kept in mind

Best String Light Poles In 2023

1. String Lights Hanging Kit,Globe String Lights Suspension Kit,Outdoor Light Guide Wire

Create an outdoor light display that’s sure to impress and amaze. Our Outdoor String Lights Hanging Kit uses a nylon-coated stainless steel cable to hold your lights in place. This durable cable is great for outdoor use, and can be used to create chandeliers, string lights, or hanging displays. Easy to assemble and disassemble, you can easily connect multiple kits together for larger installations.

Hanging Globe String Lights

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these hanging globe string lights are ideal for any occasion. Place them in your living room or dining room and enjoy a relaxing night, or use them outdoors while entertaining friends and family.

Light Guide Wire And Small Hooks

This string lights hanging kit includes a coil bobbin,light guide wire and small hooks. The coil bobbin can help you to avoid wire rope winding,the light guide wire can be fixed through a small hole in the coil bobbin to prevent the wire from spreading. The special treated black color won’t affect the visual of lights.

2. Holiday Styling String Light Pole – Outdoor Metal Poles with Hooks for Hanging String Lights

Transform your ordinary patio, garden or backyard into a dazzling display with our light poles for outside string lights. Featuring four sturdy hooks that allow you to hang strings of lights from the top, middle and bottom of this metal pole for outdoor string lights, these versatile decorating accessories are perfect for any occasion. For added versatility, the light poles for outside string lights come in neutral silver or black finish–so they’re sure to match any theme or color palette!

Properly Distance Poles

These poles are designed to hold up to 15 feet of string lights or other decorations without drooping or sagging.

Insert Deep into Ground

The extra long and durable 10” prongs allow the poles to stick securely into the ground for greater stability.

Avoid Leaning Against Poles

Keeping the poles standing straight and tall ensures a perfectly maintained presentation for your backyard guests.

3. Holiday Styling String Light Pole for Outdoor String Lights

Holiday Styling String Light Poles are the perfect solution when you don’t want to put holes in your walls or fences. The universal pole design is easy to set up and works with any existing lighting set-up, indoors or out. Perfect for indoor use as well, these poles for outdoor string lights can also be used for displaying all kinds of decor including banners, streamer, lanterns, balloons or garland. Made from durable metal, each one comes in an attractive silver finish.

Brighten Up Your Space

 Make nights gathered around loved ones in your outdoor spaces even more special with elegant lights hanging from our light poles.

Perfect for Special Occasions

From weddings and birthdays to outdoor BBQs, wow guests every time with dazzling lights and decor that set your event apart from the rest.

The Ultimate Photo Prop

 Elevate photos with family and friends using the decorated light poles as a stunning backdrop.

4. Holiday Styling String Light Poles for Outdoor String Lights

These light poles will transform your ordinary patio, garden or backyard into a warm, inviting and magical place. The lighted string lights are easy to use and the poles lift them up just enough off the ground while adding an elegant feel to any space. Add some holiday cheer and style to your home with our full line of outdoor string lights and holiday decorating products!

Several Heights

Holiday Styling String Light Poles are made of a sturdy, weather-resistant metal and available in several heights. Each one was designed specifically to suspend festive lines of outside string lights, but they can also be used to display banners, streamer, lanterns, balloons, garland or hanging plants. Designed to give your house a holiday glow year-round.

Holiday Styling String Light Poles

Surprise your guests with the elegant look of Holiday Styling String Light Poles. Using our string light set, add festive lighting to your deck, patio or porch all season long. Set includes: (3) metal brackets and (6) screws needed for installation.

5. Mutovlin String Light Poles,10Ft Mental Poles for Outdoor String Lights

Mutovlin string light poles are excellent for you to hang up your beautiful strings lights at wedding,party or other events. The color of the 10ft mental pole is black and silver, which looks very classic and elegant. It is perfect for those who want to add some gorgeous and beautiful chandeliers in their party. The most awesome thing is that the product can be widely used in a variety of decorations, including banners, streamers, lanterns, small hanging plants and so on.

Hard Surface

Round base with three pre-drilled holes for hard surfaces such as wood floors, decks, etc. Fixing with screws to the perforations, multi-stage design makes installation and removal very easy.

Soft Surfaces

We are equipped with a fork base suitable for soft surfaces such as lawns. If the environment is wet and there is no sun shining on the soil, we suggest using a little cement to reinforce the soil near the base to avoid loosening of the soil due to humidity.

Solid Surface

The round base, with three pre-drilled holes, is suitable for hard surfaces such as concrete. For such solid hard surfaces, we are equipped with exploding screws and expansion tubes, and after the base is fixed, using these two accessories can make the pole more stable.

6. Danshinro String Light Poles for Outdoor,3 Functions Light Poles

These Strings light poles are well-made, sturdy and give off a wonderful glow. The white & ivory color of these lights match our wedding colors perfectly! They cast a beautiful soft glow that illuminates the trees and makes the venue look amazing. We did not have to use much power for them either because they’re so well made. We used these for a wedding reception in a park setting on a summer evening with about 100 guests in attendance, and we only needed one box (of two strings) of bulbs to cover 60 feet!

Designed With A Sleek

These string light poles, called Danshinro, feature three different illumination modes – White, Red and Blue. Designed with a sleek and modern-looking design, these party string lights are ideal for outdoor use.

Night Time Visibility

Light up your camp ground with the light poles brought to you by Danshinro. These poles are made of stainless steel and can hold 3 different lighting functions: ;red, green and white lights. The red lights are ideal for night time visibility, the white lights are great for daytime use and the green lights will provide both visibility at night time and a glow at day time which is perfect during those late evening gatherings around the camp fire.

7. ERYTLLY String Light Poles for Outside 10ft Outdoor Hooks for String Lights

Create a beautiful atmosphere in your garden, yard or patio with these elegant and decorative string light poles! These sturdy string light poles are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is rust free, dust free and durable. The black color of these lights pole will blend in naturally into twilight, creating a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Shepherd’s Horn Design

We have upgraded this string light pole to make the overall appearance look more refined and beautiful, making it the most beautiful outdoor decoration.

Free Adjustment

The length of the light pole can be adjusted freely by turning the button, which brings more convenience to your life.

Easy To Disassemble

You can press the button of each connector. Each string light pole is light and easy to carry. You can freely adjust the distance of the 4 prongs at the end and tighten the screws to make them close to the rod.

8. UHINOOS String Light Poles for Outdoors, 2 Pack 9FT Stainless Steel

Add a beautiful touch to your backyard with this 2 pack of 9FT stainless steel string light poles. Made of thick galvanized steel, treated with black powder coating for durability and weather resistance. The light pole features 5 forks at the top to hold your light bulbs and allows them to shine down on your patio or yard. The light pole’s overall length can’t be adjusted but all you need to do is put it in soft soil or dirt and it will stand upright and more stable in windy conditions.


Patio light pole is suitable for hanging string fairy lights, party decorations, wind chimes, small hanging plants, flags, or colorful bunting.


This heavy duty string light poles are perfect for backyard, wedding party, patio and garden.


The outdoor lights pole is made of thick galvanized steel, with black powder-coated, it will not be easily bent or broken due to weight.

9. TPSHKE String Light Poles for Outside(4 x 10 FT), Heavy-Duty Design

This string lights pole is very suitable for all your home decoration, outdoor garden, and Christmas hanger needs, such as solar energy, light bulb wind, bells, decorations, flags, or colorful flags. And this light pole is also specially designed for commercial outdoor light string or party decoration.

Correct pole distance

These light poles are designed to support light strings or other decorations up to 15 feet long. Please note that when the light pole is too far away, it may cause the light pole to bend or sag.

Easy to install

After putting on the gloves, you only need to screw the upper pole and the lower pole together, and then select the applicable mounting base, and the installation is complete.

Removable design

And when not in use, the light pole can be removed from the base of the light pole, which is more convenient for storage and does not need to withstand wind and rain.

10. YOKWOK Outdoor String Light Pole, 8ft Sturdy Backyard Poles for String Lights

The outdoor string light pole stand is made of premium steel, it is strong wind resistant and rust-resistant. With black powder coated, help to extend the service life. And it looks more stylish than the normal silver pole. The light pole stand is designed for outdoor string lights or party decorations.

Easy To Loosen The Soil

This is a new product designed to solve the inconvenience of sending your string lights on the wooden pole, concrete poles, and metal poles. This sturdy ground plug light string pole (8ft) can be placed on any of your backyard landscaping or front yard gardening as you like. The 5-pronged grip design makes the string pole more stable, not easy to loosen the soil, and the overall grip is more stunning.

Perfect Outdoor Decoration

The light string pole an ideal solution for perfect outdoor decoration. It features a three-section detachable design, which meets different needs of lighting arrangements at different time and places. The central structure has been positioned and upgraded that it can prevent tilt more effectively and support the light string more firmly.

Buyers Guide to The Best String Light Poles

string lights with poles

Knowing everything there is to know about the best outdoor string lights poles available may seem like enough information to place an order. When it comes to outdoor implements, though, it’s best to take your time.

That’s why I’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide to highlight some key points. Let’s get started on it straight now.

Build Quality

When purchasing a light pole, the first thing to look for is the quality and strength of the construction. You should look for something that can resist all types of outdoor settings without displaying signs of wear.

While most of these types are made of steel, not all of them can withstand the elements. Before deciding on any of these possibilities, make sure to examine the steel’s grade and variety. As a result, aluminized steel and galvanized steel poles can be used outside all year. So, above all, invest in long-lasting and robust structure.

Light Resistance

This may sound obvious, but you need to figure out what kind of lighting a pole can handle. As you may know, not all models can support heavier string lights, and it’s best not to try unless it’s specifically stated.

As a result, if you wish to hang Edison bulb strings or other heavy-duty light garlands, make sure the pole can handle it. To be safe, though, it’s advisable to choose a high-capacity model that works with a variety of light sources and decorations. This allows you to personalize and explore depending on the situation.

However, greater compatibility usually comes at a larger cost, so bear that in mind while making your decision.

Use Both Outside And Inside

A really adaptable light pole is one that can be used both inside and outside. Even if you plan to put it in the backyard, on the lawn, or somewhere else outside, it won’t hurt to acquire something that works inside as well.

Any model with a pronged base, for that matter, is restricted to hard ground only. This is due to the fact that they rely on soil integration for support and stability. As a result, they are unable to work on surfaces such as concrete, tiles, or marble.

As a result, I recommend investing in a tank base pole that can be used almost everywhere. These types do not require any in-ground support and may operate independently regardless of where they are placed.

Pole Dimensions

The pole height is the next thing to consider. You don’t want to get this wrong, because anything too high or too low may fail to get the desired result. Stick to the 6-8 ft height range if you want to avoid getting on a ladder.

If you want to hang lights from a higher location, anything above 9 feet should suffice. For household uses, though, I’d recommend sticking to the lower height range to ensure easy setup and takedown.

Similarly, business organizations with complex outside lighting setups will benefit from higher light poles.

Do You Want a Single or Multi-pack?

Now is the time to think about your answer because it will impact the entire lighting setup and the final look. One unit, for example, should be enough to connect lights from a nearby structure to the pole.

Meanwhile, if you want to cover more areas or a longer stretch with string lights, it’s preferable to buy a multi-pack. In the end, anything you buy should primarily meet your budget and requirements. And it’s safe to argue that multi-packs are more expensive than single units in this scenario.

Frequently Asking Question

What Kind Of Pole Do You Use For String Lights?

Long vertical poles with concrete footings are a simple solution to support sparkling string lights and are durable enough to stay up all summer. This DIY project can be completed in one day with just a little construction effort and a few basic components.

Do You Need A Guide Wire To Hang String Lights?

It’s not necessary to use support cables. It’s also OK if you want to drape them through the trees. However, it lessens stress on the electrical cable and allows you to keep the lights pointed in the appropriate direction above your head.

How Far Apart Are Poles For String Lights?

The distance between two sockets in millimeters. On a patio light string, the average spacing between sockets is at least 12 inches. The width of the gap can vary from 12 inches to 3 feet.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Outdoor Lamp Post?

Professional contractors charge an average of $970 for a lamp post installation, which takes roughly 13 hours. Because labor accounts for the majority of this cost, the fundamental cost element is location. The cost rises as the lamppost gets further away from the house, especially if the electricity wires are underground.

How Do You Hide Extension Cords For Outdoor String Lights?

It’s simple: simply roll out the extension cord along the ground and tape it to a vertical surface with a decent sort of tape. Duct, plumbing, painter, or electrician’s tape can all be used. The advantage of this method is directly proportional to the color of the tape employed.


Finding the best string light poles is a matter of knowing what you want. Thankfully, this buying guide has given you plenty of information about those products. That said, I can safely say that your search is over!

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