Best Stream Deck – Buying Guide

Due to the new technologies, managing content as a content creator is hassle-free nowadays. This is because of the many stream decks in the market. If you love streaming, grab the best stream deck to have control of your broadcasts while running your software.

Moreover, stream decks work well on content management as they come with streaming software like Twitch and OBS. Using a single button, you can maneuver through many functions. You know how busy a streamer can be!

Moreover, we’ve done intensive research to come up with the best options. But, before picking one, ensure you’ve gone through the buying guide.

Top Picks: 5 Best Stream Deck

Best Stream Deck Comparison Table

Elgato Stream DeckItem Weight: 0.4 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.6 x 0.8 x 3.3 inches
Connectivity Technology: USB
Style: 15 Keys
Elgato Stream Deck XLConnectivity Technology: USB
Brand: ElgatoSupported
Internet Services: Spotify, YouTube
Item Weight: 410 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.34 x 7.17 x 4.41 inches
Style: 32 Keys
Elgato Stream Deck MK.2Connectivity Technology: USB
Brand: Elgato
Supported Internet Services: Spotify, YouTube
Item Weight: 0.15 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.31 x 4.65 x 0.98 inches
Style: 15 Keys (MK.2)
Loupedeck liveItem Weight: 1.01 pounds
Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 4.33 x 1.18 inches
Loupedeck Creative ToolProduct Dimensions: 5.91 x 6.3 x 1.18 inches
Item Weight: 14.1 ounces

What is a Stream Deck?

A stream deck is a physical switcher manufactured by Elgato. It is known for creating programmable macros for live streams. This tool is a matter of “glace and pushes” if you want to mute yourself, change to cameras, switch between scenes, launch media, switch to video, and more. These decks work on Twitch, YouTube, and many other streaming online platforms.

The good thing is, with time, you’ll have every button in mind. There are several alternatives when it comes to using a stream deck. So, you can create profiles by organizing several actions to enable one button for multiple actions. Nevertheless, buy a suitable stream deck according to what you want to do during streaming.

Top 5 Best Stream Deck- Buying Guide

1. Elgato Stream Deck

Gone are the days of maneuvering around windows to trigger an action and using automated plugins to increase production value. Get into this new era of using this device. Elgato is one of the best stream deck with 15 LCD keys. You can easily use these keys to have uninterrupted control when streaming.

Further, we all know Elgato is the best in the market designed for content creators. This is the best way to execute a command to get visual feedback. Again, you can maximize your production because you will be focusing on essential matters when streaming.

Key Features

  • 15 LCD keys: These customizable keys can be used to change platforms, pause when streaming, share videos, switch scenes, adjust audio, launch, and more. You see, you can control everything with the use of a push-button.
  • Easy to set up: You won’t take long when installing or customizing this device. Check out Elgato’s software for you to download and install the stream deck software. You will find the online streaming platforms ready for you. Check out the keys in the app, then drag them and drop the actions.
  • Customizable icons: You can customize the keys with custom icons or consider some from the hundreds. Adding more plugins is easy-click “more action.”
  • Great control: Using this elgato, you can store as many actions as you want. This is because of the nest folders that are within folders.
  • Powerful integration: Elgato can work with various streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, XSplit, control game capture, OBS, mixer, and more.


  • Direct integration
  • It comes with customizable 15 LCD keys
  • Great control
  • Easy to setup


  • Short USB cable
  • The warranty of 30 days is too short

2. Elgato Stream Deck XL

Are you tired of your regular keyboard when streaming? Check out one of the best stream decks in the market. Elgato XL is a stream deck mini tool with 32 LCD keys. Thanks to technology because you can customize these keys to enjoy unlimited actions. Indeed, this is a streaming deck that can add value to your live production. You can post tweets, change scenes, adjust audio, and more without interrupting your performance.

In short, you can have control when live or gaming. Still, you’ll receive confirmation after every command. Again, this device can integrate with many online platforms and streaming tools.

Key Features

  • 32 LCD keys: You can customize these LCD keys to trigger various actions with a tap.
  • Powerful integration: This can integrate with YouTube, vMix, Spotify, Elgato Game Capture, Twitter, Twitch OBS, and more.
  • Visual feedback: With this deck, you get feedback visually so long as you have made a command. This is an assurance of execution of your command.
  • Super control: Advance your live production by using this fantastic device. You can effortlessly control your platform and the available tools.
  • Easy to set up: It’s a one-touch operation device. You can do anything from changing scenes, launching media, adjusting audio, switching cameras, and tweaking lighting without pausing.


  • You will enjoy a one-touch operation
  • 32 customizable LCD keys
  • Easy control
  • Visual feedback after every command


  • It doesn’t work well with a USB hub

3. Elgato Stream Deck MK.2

Do you want to have a taste of a streaming deck? Elgato MK.2 is an ideal device. Well, it’s a deck that can give you complete control of your tools and apps as it comes with 15 customizable LCD keys. Using these keys, you can adjust audio, update social media posts, play videos, trigger actions, adjust light, and more.

Further, it is a device that can do you good when gaming or live recording. Streamers find it easy to download plugins, effects, and other royalty tracks.

Key Features

  • 15 LCD keys: The 15 LCD keys are customizable and can easily control streaming platforms, apps, and tools. You can have multiple actions like adjusting audio, tweeting and turning lights on, and more.
  • Access to powerful plugins: With this stream deck, you can access YouTube, Twitter, OBS, Phillips Hue, Elgato 4KCU, streamlabs, and more.
  • Hotkey actions: You want to edit your film accurately; Elgato MK.2 is the right tool. Also, the hotkey actions streamline photography, workflow, music production, and more.
  • Stream deck app: Consider this app for setting up actions. Still, you can use it to personalize keys using the custom icons. Again, you can use this deck to create intelligent profiles to maneuver between apps.
  • Stream deck store: Hit this store to download icon packs royalty-free tracks, plugins, effects, and more.


  • 15 customizable LCD keys
  • Comes with stream deck store for downloads
  • You can access powerful plugins
  • Easy film edits
  • Perfect control when streaming


  • Pricy

4. Loupedeck live- The Custom Console for Live Steaming

If you love streaming, get yourself a streaming deck. Loupedeck live is a stream deck alternative offering excellent control when going live. You can adjust audio, switch scenes, launch media, share posts, and more without interrupting your session within seconds.

Also, by touching a button, you can adjust your photos while rating them. Use a streaming deck as a way of advancing your content creation. Again, it is a tool with ready-made profiles and many plugins for an easy start when streaming. Also, you can control video colors.

Key Features

Unmatched integrations: The interactions are, capture one pro 21(macOS), premiere pro, Spotify, vMix, Twitch, Adobe Lightroom, Classic, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Audition. All this each got a ready-made profile for an easy start when streaming.

  • Customization software: This tool is equipped with powerful software for creating many pages for your buttons and dials. These pages of controls assign actions depending on you what you are doing while organizing them to workplaces.
  • Premium control: Made from aluminum, the Loupedeck live stream deck comes with customizable buttons and analog dials, backlighting, and more. So, you are sure of controlling everything when streaming.
  • Can work with all sorts of software: The Loupedeck Live is a deck that you can use to customize all sorts of software profiles. It uses macros and shortcuts. Ensure all the buttons and dials are assigned some actions to make things easy when starting.
  • Great control: Using the customizable buttons and dials, you can adjust volume, control screen brightness, launch apps, open folders, open web pages, and control Spotify media with ease.


  • Customizable buttons and dials
  • Offers premium control when streaming
  • Can work with any software
  • Native integrations
  • It comes with ready-made profiles


  • Expensive for some people
  • Complexity on the usage

5. Loupedeck Creative Tool

Everyone wishes to do well when going live, but a few can achieve it. A Loupedeck Creative Tool is a product you’ll love if you are a content creator, photographer, musician, or videographer. Also, it is a perfect tool for people who love gaming. The reason is this device for gaming comes with programmable keys and dials for a robust control experience.

Again, its functionality is excellent, and that is why it can add tremendous value to your production. Have one if you love production creativity.

Key Features

  • Super controls: Loupedeck Creative Tool is needed to control everything during streaming. Also, you can use it to make some adjustments like changing media, videos, and scenes. Again, you can adjust contrast and camera clarity.
  • Programmable software: You can use this stream deck to customize your own profiles. This is because it works with any software hence perfect compatibility with your console.
  • Quality product: An outstanding stream deck made of aluminum cover, touchscreen, LED backlighting, and more. Again, it’s a beautiful console that can beautify your desk.
  • Increases creativity potential: Loupedeck is a Creative Tool that can transform your productivity. You can make adjustments to bring vision when streaming.
  • Integrations: The native integrations are; After effects, Final cut pro, OBS studio, Windows Streamlabs, Photoshop with a camera with camera raw, capture one pro 21 for macOS, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, vMix, Ecamm.


  • Enhances creative productivity
  • Can work with any software
  • Tactile controls
  • It’s a quality tool
  • You can make your own custom profiles cons


  • Not a great tool for everyone

Best Stream Deck- Things to Consider

stream deck top table

Stream decks are becoming popular each day, but they are unfamiliar to everyone. If you are a streamer who is ever active or gaming, it is advisable to purchase the best stream deck. The buying process can be challenging, but you can pick your intent with the below considerations.


When shopping for the best streaming deck, it is essential to check your pockets. This tool may not be that expensive but having a financial plan is vital. Always ensure your deck is worth your money. Once you have tabled your budget, it’s time to sample several stream decks.

Buy a stream deck with your preferred features if you need a tool that will serve you for several years.

How Often Do you Stream?

Stream decks are purposely for streaming. Thus, buying one without an assurance of how often you’ll be using it will be pointless. It sounds so wrong to waste your money on a tool you’ll not be using can be a waste of money. Have a plan and buy a tool you’ll love to use often.


The essence of buying a deck is to create more space on a working desk. With a stream deck, you can change the keyword. And because of this, the size of the deck should be a top consideration. Most streamers opt for the small-size ones.

Number of Keys

When buying a stream deck, confirm the number of keys. Stream decks are different, and so some come with more buttons and others with fewer buttons. If you use a PC keyboard and never use a deck, it is good to consider a deck with buttons more of a regular keyboard.

But, if you have some experience with decks, you can have one with fewer buttons. Also, ensure the keypad is of high quality.

The USB Cable

The USB cable is of great importance when using a stream deck. So, confirm if it is long enough for convenient operation. Also, ensure it is detachable as the undetectable ones tend to get damaged within a short time.

How to Set Upstream Deck?

Here is a guide on how to set a stream deck.


I hope you have a stream deck and if not, take a look at our list of the best stream decks to have one. First, connect your deck to your computer or the device you are using through the USB port. Downloading and installing the stream deck app is the next thing.


It’s time to stream deck actions. To have better control when streaming, you must have streaming software and platform. Remember, the streaming platforms are YouTube or twitch, and the streaming software is; stream labs or OBS studio. 

You need to link yourself with one of the streaming software. Then drug that software and drop it on your deck to connect with your deck software. You can now place buttons on your deck through the software. Then check things you can do on OBS studio and automate them unto your deck to use a single button.

For example, you need a button to enable you to disable your camera. Get to the source, drag it into a slot, and click your preferred icon. Give the title you wish to appear on your deck. Have your preferred OBS scene, depending on your webcam.

On your stream deck, push this button to toggle your webcam to have your chosen scene. It’s time to link your streaming platform. Ensure the button can control your streaming platforms, like YouTube or Twitch. You can install all this from the store.


Do you want to enjoy streaming? Let’s customize the deck icons. It is possible to create your icons or download them from the store. Again, you can change the icon button by dropping the down arrow on the button. Then, click “select from file” to “create new icon.”

Step 4: sometimes, you may run out of buttons. So, it is good to have folders on your stream deck. The best way you can have a few buttons on your deck. Now, you are free to explore your deck as everything is correct. With this streaming deck, you will have time to focus on your audience.

How to Use a Stream Deck?

You know how overwhelming it can be to manage your stream. Thanks to technology because stream decks enhance productivity when streaming or gaming. Besides, it’s an important tool that comes with 6 to 32 buttons.

Well, it’s a device that can sit on your desk with a customizable LCD button. So, you can see how efficient it is to launch apps, mute videos, change the camera, play sounds, and more while using a single button. You need to set up this device (using the above information) diligently. You know how efficient this tool is with the best stream deck setup.


What Does a Stream Deck Do?

A stream deck is an essential tool for a steamer. It goes beyond game streaming as it can help you increase your productivity. Also, it enhances the speed of your workflow. You can use your steam deck to control video calls, track time, open daily programs, switch videos, control sound effects, chart, minimize and maximize windows, and more. Grab your favorite model to have fun without pausing.

Is a Stream Deck Worth it?

Yes, stream decks are expected within the streaming community. For the years, it has proven its work. However, it is a device that can be used in so many ways apart from general streaming. Moreover, it’s a device you can use to create many macros, create GIFs, control media, and switch scenes without interrupting your streaming.

Do you Need a PC for Stream Deck?

Sure, remember, a stream deck is a portable PC. So, you understand your stream deck well; you can use it as a PC. Stream decks use Linux-based valve StreamOS to stream. But, if you are not conversant with Linux, you can use windows. But, you can never be sure if the windows will operate satisfactorily on your deck or laptop. Most importantly, know your stream deck to use as a PC.

How Powerful will the Stream Deck be?

You can check the stream deck website if you want to confirm the stream deck technical specifications. The fact is a stream deck got 32-bit LPDDR5 memory (quad-channel) with 88 GB/s bandwidth. This reflects how powerful a stream deck is. Though it is not more powerful than most gaming PC, it’s a dedicated device with outstanding performance.

Is the Elgato Stream Deck a Capture Card?

Yes, it is- Elgato is a well-celebrated capture card you can use to transfer video from a device to your laptop or computer. The new $150 stream deck comes with 15 customizable buttons with a LED screen. You can indeed control your streaming using this programmable stream deck. Enjoy yourself on twitch or OBS streaming software.

Can Stream Deck Run New World?

People love playing games. But without a PC, it can be a hassle to stream games. Stream decks are perfect tools that can act as portable PCs. Also, it’s a fully functioning PC with a Linux-based OS (StreamOS) that works perfectly with windows. Again, it’s a powerful tool with 1-15-watt AMD APU; the CPU is a Zen 2 8 thread 2.4-3.5GHZ. The good thing with the stream deck is that you can play any game with excellent control.


Purchasing the best stream deck can be stressful if you are not conversant with such tools. We hope the above information will help you make the right decision. We have listed the top options while giving out the features, pros, and cons. Most important, check out the consideration we’ve given above.

Your final choice will depend on your streaming needs and, of course, your budget. Be keen on each stream deck, and you won’t miss a good one.

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