Best Stoneware Dishes On The Market Today

Stoneware dinnerware is having a moment. The popular material debuted in the late 1800s as a handmade material and quickly rose in popularity, with only high-end and expensive pieces hitting store shelves — but that’s all changed, with some of the most popular retailers, including Target offering their stoneware dinnerware lines. Spanning from teacups, and espresso cups to mugs, bowls, plates, and more, there are so many pieces you can grab for your next dish — no matter if they’re serving up breakfast cereal or salad. Here, we rounded up our top stoneware dinnerware picks at various price points, so you’re sure to find something you love.

Here are the best stoneware dishes.

Editor’s Pick-Stoneware Dishes

Best Stoneware Dishes Reviews In 2023

1. Melamine Dinnerware Sets

Perfect for any occasion and packed with durability, this melamine dinnerware set is the perfect addition to your dining table. Whether you’re planning a party or just want to add some flair to your kitchen, these dishes would make a great housewarming gift or birthday present.

Save Space

This melamine dinnerware set takes up less space in cabinets than ceramic plates and bowls. Make your kitchen look tidier and cleaner.

Lightweight & Durable

This dish set is made of melamine; you can easily carry them indoors to outdoor. Durable and lightweight make your life easier.

Perfect For Any Occasion

This dish’s dinnerware set is lightweight and easy to carry, suit for indoor and outdoor use, such as parties, RVING, Camping, BBQ, housewarming, etc.

2. Gibson Home Zuma 16 Piece Round Kitchen Dinnerware Set

Create a memorable experience with the Zuma 16 Piece Round Kitchen Dinnerware Set. Featuring soft edges that prevent food from falling off the plate, this set is perfect for everyday use or special occasions. The matte glaze adds an artistic touch, bringing elegance to your kitchen.

Add A Pop Of Beauty

The Gibson Home Zuma 16 Piece Dinnerware Set was designed with basic intentions: create high-quality dishes that you will simply love looking at. At Gibson, we believe the kitchen is the most important part of every home. With that in mind, we wanted to create a set that will add a pop of beauty to your cabinets and dining tables. The lipped rim on each plate is aesthetically pleasing and allows the dishes to stack gently on top of each other to conserve space in your cabinets.

Plenty Of Opportunities

Enjoy an oversized 16 OZ mug for the long days; one cup isn’t enough! With a diverse range of 8 colors featured in this Zuma line, there are plenty of opportunities to mix and match colors on your dining table. By paying close attention to our loyal customer’s requests, we feel we have designed the ideal dinnerware set for today’s consumers. Enjoy the Gibson Home Zuma 16 Piece Dinnerware Set with great value and stylish design!

3. Tabletops Gallery Speckled Farmhouse Collection

The farmhouse collection from Tabletops Gallery is a timeless set of dinnerware that heralds the modern farmhouse style. It features natural glazed stoneware in a speckled pattern with gold-rimmed edges for a sophisticated feel. This durable and microwavable dinnerware set has a sleek and smooth feel, perfect for both elegant dining and everyday use.

Beautifully Designed Set

Enhance your everyday table setting with this beautifully designed set. Designed for style and performance, this collection is made to withstand the wear and tear of daily life. The smooth and clear glaze shows off the stoneware’s natural freckles, and each piece features a bronzed rim that adds a subtle and sophisticated look.

Dishes And Glassware Clean

Whether you have 2 kids or 12, keeping the dishes and glassware clean is always a chore. But this set is dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can throw them in the dishwasher easily or pop them in the microwave when short on time. Plus, their glazed finish creates a non-porous surface that makes these dishes virtually impermeable to liquids, stains, and odors.

4. Famiware Dawn Dinnerware Set

Famiware is dedicated to creating healthy and safe dinnerware that turns every time you cooking and eating into a warm experience. Our plates, bowls and mugs are made of organic and natural clay, fired at 3300℉ for 13.5 hours to make it sturdy, durable and chip-resistant for long-term use.

Modern Design

A stylish raised rim brings simplicity style into every kitchen. This dinnerware set will be a great addition to your table. The plates, bowls and cups will leave your guests in awe.

Stoneware Dinnerware

Fired at high temperatures, stoneware is typically thicker and more durable than porcelain or China. These dishes are sure to make a statement in your kitchen.

Makes a Great Gift

Famiware dinnerware set is perfect for Housewarming, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone you love, they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they open the box.

5. Famiware Moon Dinnerware Set

The Famiware Moon Dinnerware Set is perfect for everyday dining. This stoneware set includes four 10 1/4″ round dinner plates, four 7 5/8″ salad plates, four 5 3/4″ bowls, and four 12 oz handled cups. These dishes are durable enough to be used daily and microwave-safe, which makes them versatile enough for all your needs.

Kitchen And Tabletop

Our Famiware Moon Dinnerware Set is a great addition to your kitchen and tabletop. This set’s modern design perfectly fits the newest interior decor trends. The round shape offers a simple yet sophisticated feel. Each piece is made of ceramic, which makes it sturdy and easy to use.

Instantly Update

This beautiful porcelain dishware set will instantly update your kitchen for years to come. This dishware set is perfect for daily use and special occasions like weddings, christenings, or anytime you want an elegant table.

6. Premium Ceramic Colorful Stoneware – Dinner

Home Accents’ colorful plates are perfect to give your dinner routine an improvement, a low-cost way to give your home the charming touch it deserves, or even a great gift idea. The set was specially designed to serve a full family meal, but its everyday use is also one incredible way to celebrate the simple things of life in a very colorful way.

Convenient for Serving Safe to Use.

Its pop-art-like design adds a special atmosphere to meal reunions, besides bringing an awesome visual to your table set. Constructed of glazed stoneware – a dense, strong, and durable ceramic specifically appropriate for functional ware.

USA-based customer support 

Proudly based in the USA, Amethya works closely with our overseas manufacturing partners to bring you the highest quality products.100% USA-based customer support center.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Stoneware Dishes


The material, the number of place settings you require, the design elements you like, and the qualities that are important to you, like durability, color, or microwave ability, all play a role in determining the ideal dinnerware set. You can select the set that best meets your needs by being aware of the features of dinnerware that are most important to you in your life.


It’s crucial to consider both your needs and the characteristics and features of the material while looking for dinnerware sets. Some materials are designed for regular use or use on unique occasions. Bone china, porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, and melamine are the most often used materials for dinnerware.

Bone china is attractive, sturdy, long-lasting, and chip-resistant. It is perfect for use as fine china for regular and special occasions and is often microwave and dishwasher safe.

Porcelain is impermeable, robust, and adaptable. Porcelain is a useful material choice because it can be used in the oven, dishwasher, and microwave.

Earthenware is substantial, informal, and weighty. It isn’t the most useful, though. Earthenware’s appearance can be harmed by sudden temperature changes from the microwave or oven.

Stoneware is excellent for household and daily use. It is produced with a smooth-finishing finishing glaze. Stoneware cannot be exposed to extreme heat or cold while being more durable than earthenware.

Melamine is perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining little children because it is shatterproof and difficult to chip or break. The dishwasher is capable of cleaning it. Melamine can’t be used in an oven or a microwave, though. Children’s or toddlers’ favorite material for daily use in tableware sets is plastic. While some are not microwave-safe, most are made without lead or BPAs and include kid-safe utensils.


Dinnerware is typically available in both formal five-piece sets and informal four-piece sets. Dinner plates, dessert or salad plates, bread plates, soup bowls, teacups, and saucers are the typical components of a set. The number of place settings you require depends on how many people live in your home,

how frequently you entertain visitors, and how much dish storage you have. For most entertainment occasions, eight to twelve five-piece place settings are perfect; but if your home or living space is smaller, you may just need four settings.


Consider your needs and how you want to utilize your dinnerware when choosing a design. You might prefer simpler, more informal, more elegant, more formal fare. Dinnerware sets are frequently available in hand-painted, banded, patterned, or solid styles.

Colors and patterns reflect your flair and go well with your home’s interior design. Regarding formal tableware, neutral colors like white or ivory are the most adaptable, and solid or banded white plates are traditional and timeless.

Consider a set of simple, beautiful white tableware that can be used for formal and informal occasions if you’re seeking versatility. Your meals will not only stand out, but you can also utilize tablecloths, napkins, and placemats to change the look of the set by adding bright or patterned accents.

Maintenance and Care

Although most tableware is safe in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven, some materials may be more difficult to maintain since they are more fragile.

Melamine, for instance, cannot be used in the oven or microwave because chemicals could leak into the food or harm the dish.

To prevent any scratching, use a soft sponge when hand-washing your dinnerware. Before cleaning or using your set, be sure you are taking proper care of it by reading the care instructions.

Frequently Asked Question

Who makes the best quality stoneware?

The West Elm Textured Stoneware Dinnerware is our pick for best overall because our tester found it works well for everyday and holiday dining. For a lightweight and durable set that’s a great choice and a budget-friendly option, take a look at the Amazon Basics 16-Piece Dinnerware Set.

What is the most durable stoneware?

Bone china is lightweight and thin but is considered the most durable ceramic dinnerware. It is also the most expensive material. Not all bone china is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so check the care instructions before you buy.

Is stoneware good for dinnerware?

Stoneware Is the Most Durable Dinnerware Material

Although porcelain is stronger than stoneware and can be crafted into thinner pieces, stoneware tends to make a more durable choice for dinnerware. Everyday pieces from almost any era are likely stoneware, while fine dining items may be porcelain.

What is the most durable dinnerware?

Despite its fragile presentation, bone china is actually the strongest and most durable ceramic dinnerware. Most bone china is dishwasher-safe and, unless it has metallic banding, can go in the microwave and oven. Bone china, as with porcelain, can be used daily or reserved for a more formal dining occasion.

What is a good brand of everyday dishes?

Corelle plates are popular for a reason. They’re chip-resistant and sleek, and the frost-white color is the perfect backdrop for any meal. This 18-piece dinnerware set has earned more than 8,500 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon and comes with six dinner plates, six bread plates, and six bowls.


Between these two dinnerware sets, I find it hard to say which one I like better. My grandparents have what appears to be the Amazon Basics set in black and white, and it seems to hold up well for them, but I have heard nothing but good things about Elam Gallery Dinnerware Set.

After looking at the Amazon set’s reviews, it seems that the mug design could use a little work, depending on your opinion on the aesthetics. That aside, this set could very well work out nicely for you, especially if you’re a fan of melamine dishes. At any rate, you can’t go wrong with either option as they are both affordable and look great in place.

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