Top 5 Best Stihl String Trimmer Reviews

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One of the best ways to reduce mistakes on your property is to have an effective management plan. Are you leaving any grass uncut? Do you have a group of trees that need to be cut down? Having a plan will help ensure that you perform the right tasks so your property is always in its best condition. When purchasing a string trimmer or any other landscaping tool, make sure you are aware of its size and energy consumption. You will also want to determine how much weight the string trimmer can handle so that you purchase the right one for your needs.

Editor’s Pick-Stihl String Trimmer

Best Stihl String Trimmer In 2022

1. Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (Battery & Charger Included)
  • [TRIMMER & EDGER 2-in-1] Easily converts from a string trimmer to a wheel edger in just seconds
  • [SPECS] 7600 rpm no-load speed, 12” cutting diameter, 5.3 lbs. machine weight, 10’ cutting line length, 0.065” line diameter
  • [INSTANT LINE FEED] Innovative push button Command Feed spool system for instant line feeding. Plus, Free Spools for Life
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [HEAD TILTS 90°] So you can trim and edge on sloped terrain, and get to tough-to-reach places

The 2-in-1 GT quickly converts from a trimmer to an in-line wheeled edger and back again. Save your money and don’t buy a separate trimmer and edger. The Command Feed spool system gives you line when you want it at the press of a button. And press all you want because the GT comes with Free Spools for Life!

The rubberized wheels provide traction and support for even, professional looking lines when you’re edging. The head tilts 90° so you can trim on uneven patches of lawn. The adjustable spacer guard keeps protects the tops of flowers and plants. And at only 5.3 lbs. you can get your trimming and edging done without feeling fatigue from it. Two powerful 20V Power Share batteries are included with this purchase, which you can use on any tool on the WORX Power Share platform.

Spacer Guard

Protect flowers, plants, and lawn furniture from accidental trimming. The adjustable guard is your best friend when it comes to keeping the decorative parts of your landscaping safe.

Trim Hard to Reach Places

The head tilts a full 90° so you can trim in tight, awkward spaces, or so you can edge in uneven terrain. The handle is fully adjustable as well, so you can find a position that’s comfortable to work in.

2. WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher

WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5" Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
  • [ADJUSTABLE SHAFT] Users of any height can find a length and comfortable position that works for them with the adjustable shaft and D-grip handle
  • [POWER LIKE THE PROS] The 12 Amp motor spins the 7.5” blade fast and deep at 4700 revolutions per minute, giving you professional-looking lines and edges
  • [CUTTING LINE INDICATOR] Stay on the straight and narrow with the cutting line guide—you’ll notice a difference when you’re done
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last
  • [3 DEPTH ADJUSTMENTS] Cut down at 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” depending on the task at hand

Lightweight and easy to operate, the Worx WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger – Trencher is ideal for anyone with a small to medium-sized yard needing edging and trenching capabilities. The 12 Amp motor spins the 7.5” blade fast and deep at 4700 revolutions per minute, giving you professional-looking lines and edges. The durable steel edge guides ensure a clean cut in all types of soil.

Easily Converts

The WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher easily converts from an edger to a trencher. In the edger mode it cuts at 1”, 1-1/4” and 1-1/2”. It can also be used as a cordless trimmer to cut stubble down to 3/16″. The 7 5/8″ cutting width is ideal for most residential yards and the powerful 12 Amp motor allows you to tackle tougher jobs with ease.

Latest Edger From Worx

Keep your lawn looking sharp with the latest edger from WORX. The cutting line guide keeps your curves and borders crisp and clear, and the adjustable depth control gives you more options for how far you want to go. The 7-1/4″ cutting width makes it easier to get around those tough corners and make your landscape look neat and tidy.

3. Greenworks 80V 16-inch String Trimmer

Greenworks 80V 16-inch String Trimmer, Tool Only, 2101202AZ
  • Includes 14/16-inch string trimmer bump feed attachment
  • Brushless motor, equivalent performance to 32cc gas engine
  • Powerhead shaft is attachment capable and accepts most gas attachment
  • Battery and Charger Not Included. Compatible batteries include models GBA80200, GBA80400 and charger model GCH8040
  • Powered by 80V Li-Ion Battery compatible with multiple professional tools, Battery Sold Separately

GreenWorks Pro 80V System offers a range of commercial grade tools for the professionals and those who just want more power. This 16-inch cordless string trimmer features an attachment capable power head for versatile use, compatible with most gas attachment.

Light weight and easier to use, it has a variable speed trigger for power on demand, 14/16-inch cut path, .080 line diameter bump feed and die cast gear box for durability. Designed for durability and heavy duty jobs equivalent to 26cc gas engine . With an extra battery on hand , you can now rip through weeds in neighborhood without the hassle of gas.

Compatible batteries currently include a 2ah (model GBA80200) and 4ah (model GBA80400) battery and rapid charger (model GCH8040). The 2ah battery charges within 30 minutes so you can get back to work and finish that job. The 4ah battery charges within 1 hour.

Tools And Chargers

The Greenworks 80V String Trimmer is powered by an 80V Li-Ion battery, compatible with multiple professional tools and chargers. The powerful motor provides up to 100 minutes of runtime on a single charge and runs at speeds up to 12000 RPM. Featuring a textured grip for comfort, this versatile string trimmer easily converts from a handheld device to a bump feed trimmer with no tools needed. This versatile trimmer is perfect for trimming grass, weeds and brush around your home or garden.

Accepts Most Gas Attachments

The Greenworks 80V 16-inch String Trimmer features a brushless motor, equivalent performance to 32cc gas engine. The exclusive Powerhead shaft is attachment capable and accepts most gas attachments, providing an extra option to choose from while keeping with the same battery used on your Greenworks outdoor tools.

4. Worx WG154 20V PowerShare 10″ – 12″ Cordless String Trimmer

Worx WG154 20V PowerShare 10" - 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (Battery & Charger Included)
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family
  • [SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT] At only 4.2 lbs (3.2 lbs without the battery) this lightweight and compact trimmer and edger is made for everyone
  • [INCLUDES] 20V String Trimmer & Edger, 20V MaxLithium Battery, Trimmer Spool, 20V Battery Charger, Safety Guard
  • [ROTATING HEAD] It easily switches between trimming and edging functions: just grasp the head, pull is away from the shaft and turn it 180
  • [AUTO-FEED LINE] Just press the button when you need more line. The completely automatic system makes sure you have fresh string when you need it

The Worx 20V Grass Trimmer/Edger is the easy-to-use, no fuss string trimmer that offers the ultimate in both convenience and functionality. It switches from a trimmer to an edger in just seconds, which saves you from buying a 2nd tool. It’s cordless, so you won’t get snagged on bushes and trees as you work around the yard.

Maxlithium Battery And A Charger

It’s cleaner and more cost-effective than gas-powered trimmers. Yet it provides more than enough power to give your lawn clean lines and straight edges. This tool comes with one 20V 1.5 Ah MaxLithium battery and a charger. That’s the very same battery that powers our chainsaws, even our lawnmowers. A 10” cutting diameter is wide enough to trim larger patches, but narrow enough to dart around garden edges and other landscaping features.

Features A Tensile Strength

The 10’ spool that comes in this kit is wound with 0.065” diameter DoubleHelix DNA Line2. That’s not your average trimmer string. This patented oval-shaped design is aerodynamically engineered to reduce drag and slice through grass, and it features a tensile strength of over 100 lbs., so it resists snapping. This robust, user-friendly 2-in-1 will let you get more done in less time. And its lightweight, ergonomic design means almost anyone can take it out and help with the yard work.

5. Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer, Tool Only, (Battery Not Included)
  • Makita-built motor delivers 7,800 RPM for faster cutting speed and performance
  • Compact size is ideal for trimming and precise edging
  • Telescoping shaft allows the user to adjust the length of the tool from 48-1/2" to 56-1/2" for an optimum cutting position
  • Ergonomic design is well balanced with less weight (only 6.4 pounds with battery, sold separately)
  • Battery and charger sold separately

The XRU02Z delivers 7,800 RPM and up to 45 minutes of run time on a single charge of the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah battery (sold separately). It has several advantages over gas-powered trimmers: the XRU02Z has zero emissions and reduced maintenance, with no need for gas or oil.

For users, the tool is always ready to use simply load a fully-charged 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery (not included) and get to work. Versatility features include a telescoping shaft to adjust the length of the tool, a 180-degree rotating head with five adjustable positions, an adjustable loop handle, and more. It weighs only 6.4 lbs. with a battery (sold separately).

Easy-loading Bump

Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer (Tool Only) 180 degree rotating head allows user to easily convert from trimmer to edger with a 10-1/4″ cutting width Instant start-up: simply load an 18V LXT battery (sold separately)and the tool is ready to use Zero emissions and reduced maintenance, with no need for gas or oil Easy-loading bump and feed trimmer head for increased user convenience.

Posture Spool

The adjustable loop handle is designed to suit the user’s height and working posture spool assembly is easy to attach and rewind, with an improved reinforced metal bump-feed button. The battery capacity warning system turns on indicator light, it is engineered to automatically stop the motor to notify a user when is time to recharge the battery Built-in lock-off lever for user convenience.

How To Choose The Best Stihl String Trimmer

Stihl Cordless Weed Eater

Stihl Engine

Stihl engines are noted for delivering a lot of power while remaining light and easy to handle.


The throttle on Stihl trimmers can be pushed down to enhance the trimmer’s speed. There’s also a throttle set button, so that you don’t have to hold down the trigger to keep a preset speed. At maximum engine speed, the trimmer will have the most cutting power.

Using the flywheel, the user can set the desired speed range. If you want to use the throttle preset button, hold down the operator presence lever while simultaneously depressing the throttle preset button.

Build Quality

Trimmers made by Stihl are noted for their long-lasting quality. The plastic’s structure ensures a safe and enjoyable trimming experience. The engine is concealed by the plastic, preventing accidental combustion.

As a result, the air filter may be replaced quickly and easily. The rear of the bike has a full crank mechanism with spring-assisted pull. Unlike other starters, this one doesn’t take up much space or weigh much. Stihl weed trimmers have a higher power-to-weight ratio than their competitors. Long durations of uninterrupted high-performance can be achieved as a result.


Stihl weed eaters are known for their dependability because of the ease with which they start. There is no slowing down even in heavy grass because of its powerful engine. Reliability is further ensured by a two-year warranty.

Professionals and homeowners alike can benefit greatly from the versatility of Stihl weed eaters. Even novices can enjoy a great weed-trimming experience thanks to the simple and straightforward operation instructions.


Stihl’s lawn care and power tools come with a two-year limited guarantee. They will fix the tool if there are any problems during this time. Gas trimmers from Stihl will last at least two years.

Frequently Asking Question

What Does The R Mean On Stihl Trimmers?

Look for the following symbols to help you identify model features: C = Comfort feature, E = Easy2StartTM, R = loop handle, and X = lightweight version. STIHL professional lawn trimmers have an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, putting every ounce of their well-balanced structure to good use.

What Does The C Mean On Stihl Trimmers?

A comfort feature is indicated by a C. The Easy2StartTM feature on trimmers is one such convenience feature. Look for a bar code label on the trimmer housing to double-check.

Is Echo Owned By Stihl?

Echo, a Japanese firm owned and controlled by the Yamabiko Corporation, is fighting from the blue corner. The echo is a well-known brand that has been around for more than four decades.

Why Is My Stihl Trimmer Hard?

If your Stihl trimmer won’t start after you followed the proper starting procedures, the issue is most likely with the spark, fuel, or air circulation in the combustion chamber. It’s usually a simple remedy that involves changing a spark plug or air filter.

Why Does My Stihl Trimmer Keep Cutting Out?

The most typical cause of a clogged carburetor is leaving fuel in the string trimmer for an extended period of time. Some of the fuel’s constituents may evaporate over time, leaving behind a thicker, stickier material. The carburetor might become clogged with this sticky fuel, causing the engine to stall.


The bottom line is that STIHL makes a wide range of products for consumers, but their string trimmers are some of the best you’ll find on the market today. Whether you go with gas, electric, or battery, you’re getting a quality machine that will last you years and work as expected every time. That kind of peace of mind doesn’t come cheap and so it may cost a little more than other brands, but each STIHL trimmer offers an excellent value.

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