Guide To The Best Steering Wheel Puller [Reviewed]

The days of pulling a steering wheel with your bare hands are long gone. The time has come for the best steering wheel puller to make it happen! This is especially true if you are trying to get that pesky bolt out of there or have trouble removing a broken-off screw in your car. 

You can find these tools at most hardware stores, which usually cost less than $10, so this should be an investment worth making as soon as possible if you’re having issues with getting something removed from your vehicle.

Here are the best steering wheel puller on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Steering Wheel Puller

Best Steering Wheel Puller In 2023

1. Shankly Harmonic Balancer Puller

The Shankly Harmonic Balancer Puller is designed to handle various jobs and give the user multiple uses for a single toolset. This pulley puller holds the harmonic balancer in place, allowing for easy and simple removal of steering wheels and crankshaft pulleys.

Versatile and Reliable Puller Tool

Shankly’s flywheel puller handles many types of pulling jobs, from gear puller work to pulley puller jobs; this toolset does the trick. Shankly’s 46-piece harmonic balance tool even acts as a crankshaft pulley puller and steering wheel puller.

Durable and Organized Storage Case

This harmonic balancer removal tool blow molded case keeps the puller kit neat and tidy. The strong casing keeps this harmonic balance puller protected when inevitably dropped. Shankly’s crankshaft pulley puller features an assortment of bolts making this tool versatile for various jobs. This harmonic balance puller is crafted from drop forged heat-treated carbon steel, making the tool a long-term puller solution for a handyman.

2. ABN 13 Piece Harmonic Balancer Steering Wheel Puller Kit

If you have a worn-out harmonic balancer (crankshaft-vibration dampener) that needs replacement, look no further than the ABN | 13-Piece Harmonic Balancer Steering Wheel Puller Kit. It applies pressure to prevent damage and is designed to quickly and easily remove harmonic balancers, gear pulleys, steering wheels, crankshaft pulleys, and any other gear with tapped holes. Features 4 slots in yoke for 2 or 3-hole applications, precision machined, hardened, tempered tips for damage-free shaft ends, and a center screw with a floating, removable swivel.

Built To Last

Designed to perform day after day in any environment. The rust-resistant metal construction keeps your puller safe from the elements.

Get The Job Done

This harmonic balancer puller has a caster with 4 slots for use in nearly any configuration. The caster can modify configurations based on the task at hand. Variously sized bolts are included to provide the necessary versatility.

Easy Storage

Heavy-duty 9” x 1.8” x 7” (22.9cm x 4.6cm x 17.8cm) plastic blow-molded carrying case with 2 latches for easy transportation, safe storage, and quick organization.

3. Thorstone 46pcs Harmonic Balancer Puller Set

This versatile tool kit, including 30 different bolts, allows the unit to be used with harmonic balancer, Flywheel, Crankshaft, Steering Wheel, Pulley, and other two or three-hole applications. The 4-yoke slot design allows the unit to be installed on a harmonic balancer in vertical and horizontal directions.

Easy Storage-slip Cushioning Pads

Crafted from heat-treated carbon steel, the Thorstone 46pcs Harmonic Balancer Puller Set is ideal for pulling harmonic balancers and clutches. The handles are made of a soft grip and ergonomic design for comfort and control. Each tool features non-slip cushioning pads on the handle and a hex (Allen) wrench to ensure the fit is always secure. These quality tools feature a corrosion-resistant oxide finish that can resist tough industrial environments, making them perfect for regularly working on your car, truck, or motorcycle.

Puller Set Is Designed

Thurstone’s 46pcs Harmonic Balancer Puller Set is designed to help you handle a range of jobs on most cars, trucks, SUVs, and small engine vehicles. There are 30 eccentric lock wrenches (10mm-11.3mm in size) and 16 spline sections included in this kit that provide plenty of the tools you will need in various situations. The set includes an adjustable wrench and extension bar to help make your work easier.

4. ATP 13 Piece Harmonic Balancer Steering Wheel Puller Kit

This kit allows for simple and easy removal of harmonic balancers, gear pulleys, steering wheels, and crankshaft pulleys. It also prevents damage to parts and allows for even pressure on them, which helps with this process. The yoke allows for either 2 or 3-hole application and can be used in nearly any configuration. This tool has a caster with four slots allowing the tool to be used in various settings on various vehicles. Various sized bolt holes provide versatility when removing various parts.


This kit is designed to remove the entire steer wheel. You can pull the entire steering wheel without having to remove the airbag and without scratching or destroying your vehicle. The bits are made from hardened, precision machined steel and coated with rust-resistant coating for long life.

Perfect Combination Of Quality

The 13-piece Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit is the perfect combination of quality and value. With an assortment of sockets, nuts, and adapters, you can reach a wide range of vehicles without worrying about damaging your car. This kit also includes a blow-molded case for storage and portability.

5. Lisle 45000 Steering Wheel Puller

The Lisle 45000 Steering Wheel Puller will help you get the job done easily. This heavy-duty puller designed with a 1-1/8″ diameter forged steel shaft will remove any steering wheel without damaging the hub, even if the wheel is frozen on. It’s also perfect for removing wheels with a snap ring or cotter pin in place. The puller comes in a clamshell package for easy storage and features an easy-to-read ruler for measuring bore size.

Quickly And Easily

The Lisle 45000 Steering Wheel Puller lets you remove your steering wheel quickly and easily. Simply grasp the steering wheel hub, place the puller over the steering shaft, and tighten the bolt until it comes into contact with the steering shaft. This product uses a screw pad rather than a wrench so that your hands do not come in contact with potentially sharp edges of the puller’s shaft.

Designed To Easily

The Lisle Universal Steering Wheel Puller is designed to easily remove most standard wheels on all types of cars, vans, and trucks. This puller includes 4 sizes of universal collets that do not need to be replaced when switching between vehicles. The puller also has adjustable stop blocks that limit pressure applied to the face of the steering wheel during removal.

6. ABN Automotive Car Steering Wheel Puller

Steering Wheel Removal Tool Set to apply equal pressure so you can safely remove steering wheels; This universal steering wheel puller tool kit includes a steering lock plate remover to remove and replace the bearing in the steering column. Auto Body Now is a family-owned company based out of South Dakota. We provide the Midwest with the highest quality auto body supplies and car care products on the market. We have an exceptionally strong presence on Amazon, shipping over 50,000 products monthly. In fact, if you have purchased any of your auto body supplies or car care supplies online, there is a good chance we have had the opportunity to serve you.

Fits Your Gm Vehicle

Allows access to turn signal switch and SIR modules on current GM vehicles. Also allows you to pull old GM steering wheels to service the ignition lock cylinder for locksmith needs.

Convenient Storage

Heavy-duty plastic blow-molded carrying case for easy transportation and organization. Measures at 12.6” x 2.25” x 10” inches and features an ergonomic handle and snap-locking latches

Easily Remove Steering Wheels

Remove steering wheels with or without a telescoping tilt or tilt steering columns. Use to apply equal pressure so you can safely remove the steering wheels.

7. WYNNsky 46 Pieces Steering Wheel Puller Kit

As a professional seller, we can ensure that all requirements have been met for the products we carry. Your product will come in its original packaging with all hardware, accessories, manuals, and instructions included by WYNNsky.

Steering Wheels

This 43-piece set can be used on various jobs: harmonic balancers, steering wheels, crankshaft pulleys, and gears with tapped holes. It covers multiple applications on most cars, pickups, and SUVs on the market today, also for 2 or 3-hole applications.

Toughness And Durability

The whole forging is integrally formed, with strong toughness and durability; it adapts to various steering wheel disassembly, No bending, and deformation,3 interchangeable forcing screw tips to optimize pressure and prevent walking or wobbling while tightening.

8. OEMTOOLS 25200 Steering Wheel Puller

This steering wheel kit is designed to fit many different major makes and models. The bolt sizes include 5/16 x 8 inches, 5/16 x 24 inches, and 3/8 x 16 inches. With all these varying bolt sizes, any steering wheel removal job is a cinch.

Easy to Use

This steering wheel puller is easy to use. Simply loosen the steering wheel retaining nut, lubricate and thread the pressure fastener into the yoke, position the puller and bolts to thread the bolts equally into the steering wheel, and tighten the center bolt until the steering wheel is free.


You need tools that will not bend or break in tough conditions when working on any automotive job. You don’t have to worry about that with this steering wheel extractor. The tools within this kit are made of steel, designed to last through many projects.

9. WYNNsky 46 Pieces Steering Wheel Puller Kit

As a professional seller, we can ensure that all requirements have been met for the products we carry. Your product will come in its original packaging with all hardware, accessories, manuals, and instructions included by WYNNsky.

Crankshaft Pulleys

This 43-piece set can be used on various jobs: harmonic balancers, steering wheels, crankshaft pulleys, and gears with tapped holes. It covers multiple applications on most cars, pickups, and SUVs on the market today, also for 2 or 3-hole applications.

Toughness And Durability

The whole forging is integrally formed, with strong toughness and durability; it adapts to various steering wheel disassembly, No bending, and deformation,3 interchangeable forcing screw tips to optimize pressure and prevent walking or wobbling while tightening.

10. ABN Bolt Grip Set

The Deluxe Master Bolt Extractor Grip Set is designed for your pickup truck, SUVs, and small engine vehicle as a steering wheel puller kit, gear pully puller, harmonic puller, and crank pulley tool; it can also handle 2 and 3-way bolt pulling applications.

Get The Job Done

It can be used as a pully puller kit, harmonic balancer tool, crankshaft pulley removal tool, steering wheel remover, and gear puller on your pickup, SUV, or small engine vehicle.

Various Sizes

This set includes a 3-way puller flange/yoke with 4 slots for 2 and 3-hole applications, 2 different length live-center forcing screws, 4 3-inch and 6-inch live-center adapters, 3 special shoulder bolts (1/4-28UNFx3-1/4”) for GM 3300-3800 V6 crankshaft pulleys, and 11 washer-head bolts (M8x1.25x45mm, M8x1.25x65mm, M8x1.25x90mm, M10x1.5x35mm, 5/16-18UNCx3.5”, 5/16-24UNFx3”, 1/4-28UNFx3” 3/8-24UNFx1.5”, 3/8-16UNCx2”, 3/8-16UNCx3”, 3/8-16UNCx4.5”). A carrying case is included.

Built To Last

The Puller remover tool kit has a forged 3-way puller flange construction and grades 8 hardened steel bolts for maximum strength and longevity.

How To Choose The Best Steering Wheel Puller Before Purchasing

Choosing the right pulley puller for the power steering system can be difficult because of the wide range of options on the market. Pump pulleys can be easily installed and removed with the right pulley puller. As a result of their distinct features, different brands of puller tools may yield different results. Choosing an installer and a pulley kit should take these factors into account.

Hub Measurement

A pulley puller cannot be effective unless it is resized to the hub diameter. Manufacturers usually specify what diameter the pulley puller should fit. You must confirm the hub’s diameter if you choose a puller with the right fit.


It is important to carefully select pulley pullers depending on their intended uses. Others only include pulley pullers, whereas others have tools for removing and installing pulleys. The pulley installer and pulley puller can be purchased together to save money. A multifunctional puller can be useful when removing alternators or power steering.


Puller and crankshaft installation equipment can be installed on more than one type of vehicle with an adapter. The adapters that come with each puller are designed specifically for a particular year or model of vehicle. A wide range of vehicles can be pulled with the pulley puller kit since many adapters are included. Power steering pumps and pulley pullers are only compatible with certain kinds of vehicles. Check if your vehicle is included in the list.


The most common pulley pullers frequently include all the attachments it takes to pull the pulley. The accessories are all included in complete kits, so there is no need to buy them separately. It is best to choose power steering pulley puller kits with parts like screws, adapters, bushings, and casings to facilitate smooth and quick steering adjustment.


The pullers should always be lubricated after use. If you plan on using them only once, they are not worth buying. Materials for a puller can only be determined once we know how it is constructed. For the installation of pulleys, an appropriate puller is needed. Lubricating the pullers frequently will ensure longer use.

Pullers Types

A puller can easily remove and install manufactured parts using powerful machines. Several types of pumps are used in automobiles. A harmonic balancer, a wheel bearing, an alternator, and a power steering pump can be used to install and remove specific automotive parts.

Manual jaw pullers

With these pullers, car enthusiasts can manually remove wheel hubs, pulleys, gears, and other parts from their vehicles. Each of these jaw pullers is affordable and comes in different sizes.

In manual jaw pullers, the center stud has a threaded design, so difficult tasks can be accomplished without much difficulty. In contrast to hydraulic and pneumatic pullers, manual jaw pullers may require more effort. They would, however, be an ideal choice for a garage on a budget.

Hard Drives

The harmonic balancer uses a puller to reduce vibrations. It is usually designed to remove engines that do not have pulleys or dampers that can be removed conventionally. Engine crankshafts contain harmonic balancers.

As this part has vibration reduction, it extends the engine life while making it quieter. The balancer is made of metal, lined with rubber on the inside. The rubber mount cannot be removed without a special tool.

Pull hydraulically

Hydraulic pullers are useful for removing bearings and couplings. The hydraulically controlled force of these pullers makes them faster and more effective at pulling parts.

A pulley puller is more efficient and faster than a manual jaw puller. It has been disassembled, and the hydraulic pulleys are not damaged. The cost of manual pullers, on the other hand, is higher.

Pullers for Bearings

Bearing pullers, pulley pullers, gear pullers, and gearbox pullers are other popular type. A reversible claw and the center-force screw of this tool enable it to accomplish its tasks efficiently. Pullers have three and two legs.

Question and Answer (FAQs)

What Is The Best Way To Remove The Power Steering Pump Pulley Without A Puller?

A steering pulley cannot be removed without a tool. Hare hands cannot remove pulleys that are forced into their position by too much torque. Taking away a pulley requires using a power steering pump pulley remover. You will find these special tools useful and will be able to work faster, as well as protect your components from damage.

Power Steering Pulley Puller: How Does It Work?

With a power steering pulley puller, pulling power steering pulleys is extremely simple. Power steering pulley pullers are available for different parts and accessories. Using the bolt, thread the pulley into the collar, and then thread the collar into the pulley.

The Power Steering Pump Pulley Needs To Be Removed And Installed Using What Tool?

The best tools for removing and installing power steering pulleys are an installer and a puller. The puller can be used to remove the pump pulleys on power steering systems. You can save time and effort with this pulley component protector tool while minimizing the possibility of damage. A pulley installer kit makes it easier to replace the power steering pump’s pulley.

A New Power Steering Pulley Costs About How Much?

Depending on the vehicle engine type and where you live, you should budget more or less to replace a power steering pulley. However, you will need to pay $100-250 for the replacement process. Depending on how many components need to be replaced, this may exceed that amount.

When Tightening The Power Steering Belt, How Should It Be Done?

It will break after just a few miles because the power steering pulley is loose, causing the engine belt to wear excessively. When the power steering pump makes some noise, your pulley is likely to lose. It is recommended to tighten the screws quickly to prevent this.

In What Ways Are Damaged Power Steering Pump Pulleys Identifiable?

The failure of the power steering pump pulley can cause a lot of damage. An engine that burns, choppy steering, or complete loss of steering are some symptoms that will indicate it’s failing. Power steering pumps can make irritating noises when they have a loose pulley.

Do Power Steering Pulleys Sometimes Break Due To What Causes Them?

It is not uncommon for the engine to start burning, the steering to become choppy, or the steering to cease working altogether when the power steering pulley is faulty. It may break if it is overtightened or excessively forceful.

The power steering pump offers the possibility to handle rough roads, but it is not invincible. It will eventually break if the pulley is overstrained. It is important to drive the vehicle safely and reasonably to avoid encountering too many potholes and unexpected bumps.


Best steering wheel puller: If you’ve ever had to remove a stubborn, stuck car tire with your bare hands or tried to pry off the hubcap of an old Chevy sedan without using any tools, then you know that this is never easy.

The first thing we recommend in this situation is looking into the purchase of a quality set of tire irons. Tire irons can be used on just about any type of vehicle and come in many different sizes, so there should be one perfect for whatever size rim you have available. Another option would be getting yourself a really sturdy pair of pliers.

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