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One of the best parts about football is you can go to the stadium and watch the game in person. But sometimes you can’t get a ticket and need a perfectly good seat at home, instead. In that case, we recommend one of the best stadium seats we’ve tested because they offer all sorts of comfort-enhancing details, such as armrests. If you’re looking for an affordable seat that’s also lightweight, fast and easy to assemble, we found one with our favourite budget seat – The RIO Gear My Pod.

Here are the best stadium chairs on the market.

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Best Stadium Chairs Reviews In 2023

1. Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Stadium Seat Chair

Enjoy the Entire Game in Comfort. This comfortable, portable padded seat is versatile; enjoy reclining at the beach, sitting at the park, sporting events, camping, bleachers and more! It has 6 reclining positions, adjustable backpack-style straps for easy carrying and padded armrests for extra comfort. It can be adjusted to be completely flat so you can easily store it in your closet or just place it under your sofa when you don’t use it.

The Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Stadium Seat Chair is perfect for gazing at the stars, watching the game, and resting in between passing out due to boredom. With a 600D polyester-covered padded cushion attached to a durable steel frame for optimal comfort and water-resistant material that keeps your bottom dry, this stadium chair will be a welcome addition to any tailgate or bonfire on those extra hot days.

2. Brawntide Stadium Seat With Back Support

Fed up with cold, hard bleachers? Wanting an end to the back ache from countless hours on a bleacher? Then invest in the ultimate portable stadium seat from Brawntide. Ideal for outdoor sporting events, concerts in the park, picnics, camping, and beaches. Light and easy to carry, Brawntide’s stadium seats have been designed with 2 shoulder straps and a side handle, making them a breeze to take to any game or event on your back or in your hand.

This seat is perfect for the beach, picnic or park. It offers 3 thick layers of cushioning for ultimate comfort and back support. And the adjustable back straps accommodate individuals from 5ft to 6ft 3in and ensure your comfort during long hours in the bleachers.

3. Stadium Seats for Bleachers with Back Support

There are many lengths we are willing to go for our loved ones, including sitting through their competition matches and watching the kickoffs featuring their favourite team with them. But warming the bleachers also comes with uncomfortable backaches from sitting on the cold, hard surface.

With the Ohuhu Stadium Seat with Bungee Cord Cushioning and Backrest, you can bid the backaches goodbye and enjoy the live game in total comfort.

We’ve designed this stadium seat to make you forget about the bleachers beneath the chair; the portable bleachers seat is elevated, has a springy base thanks to bungee cord cushioning, a backrest and is made of durable 600D nylon oxford.

And if you’re going to the game with wooden bleachers like how they do it in the 80’s, you won’t have to get a new stadium chair. The bleacher chair is constructed with ninja-like versatility to fit any type of bleacher, from wooden to metal.

When the scoreboard’s settled, with the vigour of victory wafting through the air, simply fold the stadium chair with back sport neatly to pack it up, and carry it back with the attached tote handle or with detachable shoulder strap.

4. Sportneer Stadium Seats for Bleachers with Back Support, Reclining Stadium

Sportneer Stadium Seats For Bleachers have high-quality bottom straps that prevent falling and sliding, providing extra security. The Sportneer Stadium Seat is durable, stylish and easy to set up. To make it even better, this seat’s lightweight design makes it very portable so you can take it anywhere at any time.

Cheer your little one at their first ball game, or watch your favourite team at the kickoffs in comfort that transports you straight back to the comfy couch at home. With the Sportneer Stadium Seat with Polyester and Cotton Cushioning, get a super comfortable experience on the hard bleachers and even look forward to overtime.

Designed for maximum comfort, this outdoor folding stadium chair is a roomy 20.5″ that gives you all the space you need. The polyester and inner cushion stuffing give for pillow-like cosiness, with a cushioned backrest and armrests that allow you to sit back and enjoy the game.

Water resistance blocks the water from penetrating the stadium seat and damaging it, and boasts handy side, back and armrest pockets that keep your possessions tidy and within reach. Packs in easily and is perfectly portable for the stadium, camping, outdoor concerts, sporting events, sunny days at the beach and more.

5. Stadium Seats for Bleachers with Padded Cushion Foldable and Compact Stadium Seats Chairs

Bring the theatre and comfort of your home to a sporting event. Our Stadium seating is lightweight and easy to carry so you can adjust where you need to in a football field or other sports venue. The 600D oxford fabric provides extra durability, making it easy to clean and care for. This stadium chair set is perfect for bringing along to a concert, festival, wedding, or big event.

This Stadium Seat is perfect for keeping fans comfortable and enjoying their favourite sporting event! With its padded cushioning and foam-featured back support, this stadium seat will reduce fatigue and help you enjoy the entire game. Each seat folds flat for easy storage when not in use, making it ideal for bringing along on your next outing at the park, stadium or beach.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Stadium Chairs

We needed to simulate a real game-going setting to represent how people would use these bleacher seats accurately. To test the chairs, we tailgated for hours before each use, cooking wonderful game-day eats on the dependable gas BBQ, drinking ice-cold beer from our favourite cooler, and soaking up some sun.

Although we could not justify doing so, we wish we could, and we hope you will act similarly when using these seats. Instead, we just duplicated the seating arrangement by purchasing a plastic bench that we could use inside our workplace for three hours, which is the typical length of most sporting events.

Stadium-seat-in office

To gauge how the benches fared over time, we put them up and took a comfort “score” from 1 to 10 at the beginning and every hour after that.

We used the chairs exactly as we would at a game, taking quick pauses to use the restroom or stretch our legs, but we always set out three hours for sitting to best simulate a real game situation. If a bench received an initial score of less than four, we promptly vetoed further testing to spare our backs.

(And headed for our massagers instead.) An uncomfortable seat will still be uncomfortable; it won’t suddenly get better; it will only worsen. To lessen the bias back tiredness or simply feeling lousy one day can produce, we also always tested first thing in the morning, separated testing over several days, and tested three times per. The Picnic Time – Portable Ventura fared best, maintaining a high initial comfort score and outperforming the competition thanks to excellent back support and all-around comfortable armrests.

Although the Stadium Chair also functioned admirably, it came in second because it lacked armrests and had a little more give in the back, leading to tiredness over time.

The Guidesman and Portable Recliner Picnic Seat were below average and not worth testing for the entire time at the bottom end of the spectrum. Even if the Guidesman barely made a difference, the Portable Recliner felt marginally more comfortable than the bench alone.

The fact that it’s the least expensive model makes it somewhat understandable, but when purchasing a seat, you want to see a difference in comfort; otherwise, why bother getting one?


We then considered the seats’ portability. Weight is important, but if the seat allows you to carry the chairs so that the weight is distributed, it’s not as much of a strain. While you would appear slightly odd doing it, the Picnic Time and Naomi Home chairs came with a handy backpack strap that made moving them about a breeze. The backpack feature was a nice-to-have because it makes transporting them around practical for people of any age or strength level. These chairs were two of the heavier ones we used.


Small straps attached at two spots on the seats of the Guidesman, RIO Gear – My Pod, and Portable Recliner Picnic Seat provided something you could either grab with your hand or swing across your shoulder for transporting. All on the lighter side, these loops are functional but will require one or two hands if you plan to bring anything else to the game or tote items from a distant parking space into a tailgate location.


Despite being comfy, the Stadium Chair seat was the heaviest and needed you to hang onto it by a bar. It’s not impossible to move, but it may be a pain if you’re attempting to juggle a child or lug it from a distance. It was the least portable device we evaluated in terms of overall portability.


With a plethora of inexpensive, mass-produced stadium seats flooding the market, it’s hard sorting out which you should sink your cash into. It’s even harder when there isn’t much information on these products or any reviews that are trustworthy because they cover the long term. That’s the situation we set out to correct with this guide – providing a snapshot value assessment covering comfort and durability. Each of these models will keep you comfortable for at least several seasons and until you decide to upgrade to another stadium seat.

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