Best Soccer Goal For Backyard(2023 Update)

Soccer is such a popular game around the world, especially in Europe. And that’s not surprising because there are so many reasons why soccer can get you hooked. First of all, there’s the fact that it is a team game, and this makes connectedness one of its key purposes. You will never feel alone on a soccer field as you share your passion with your teammates. Second, learning how to play soccer requires just a few easy moves. Anybody can be a better player in just one or two practices. Third, soccer games take place on an outdoor field (and sometimes on indoor fields), which means you can enjoy them with your whole family outdoors or in the park during the weekends.

Here are the best soccer goal for backyard.

Editor’s Pick-Soccer Goal For Backyard

Best Soccer Goal For Backyard Reviews In 2023

1. Franklin Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal – Portable Kids Soccer Net

Practice your soccer skills with a Franklin Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal! This goal has a durable construction that is perfect for any backyard and will withstand years of play. The netting is designed to stay firm when windy and the 6-inch ground clearance ensures that you can practice shots from all angles.

The Franklin Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal – Portable Kids Soccer Net provides a vibrant color and is easy to set up and take down, making it perfect for all your soccer games. The steel and fiberglass construction add stability while being easy to set up and take down. This portable soccer goal also includes an adjustable height of 8′ – 12′!

This portable soccer goal includes tie-down ground stakes for greater stability. Peg hooks help secure goal to ground, while a durable net pops out and retracts with the push of a button. Perfect for use anywhere in your backyard, this soccer net includes an adjustable height bar and goalpost to accommodate children of all skill levels.

2. Sport Squad Portable Soccer Goal Net Set

Play soccer with the lightweight, portable Sport Squad Soccer Net Set. Whether your training, practising your shot or looking to have some friendly completion with family and friends, the Sport Squad Soccer Net Set can do it all! Made out of lightweight materials and accompanied by a compact carrying bag, you can see how many different places you can play in one day.

Take the portable nets to the park, the beach, the backyard or your next family get-together! These nets are play-ready and assemble themselves by springing open. Secure them into the ground with the included heavy-duty steel stakes, and you’re ready to dominate the soccer field! The nets collapse, fold and store in the included compact carrying bag, so you can easily transport them to your next destination. Sport Squad games are made to bring family and friends together. It’s time to put down the screens and enjoy some interactive fun!

Both nets fold into a circular, flat shape that easily fits in the carrying bag. Secure with the elastic strap to keep net in place. Correct folding instructions are included in the packaging. Sturdy metal stakes keep the lightweight net in place on even the windiest days and for the toughest shots. The nets come in a compact circular case with a convenient carrying strap.

3. Happy Jump Soccer Goal Soccer Net for Kids Backyard

This soccer goal is very easy to set up and fold up, even for kid. It is lightweight, portable, easy set and collapsible, perfect for your kids do the daily backyard soccer skills practice anytime.

[6’6″x 3’3″ x 3’3″ (200cm x 100cm x 100cm) Large Size Goal to Get Kids Moving]

Twice the size of the 1m goal on the market. A piece of great sports equipment to have in your backyard to get your kids to start moving and stay away from the computer and mobile phones.

After carefully researching 5 foldable goals on the market, we upgraded the fiber poles to 8mm in diameter, making our goal as strong as steel metal to take the strongest kicks. Durable Dacron material for the soccer net (a common material in the market is nylon). Dacron is twice thicker and stronger than nylon material.

Imported bungee cord, an extra 2mm thicker, is used in the pole tube to connect frames, made by the top industrial factory. Strong thick bungee straps, High tensile strength will increase the value and ensure the long using life.

The L-shaped connection is made of higher grade metal material, much more expensive, worth the value and excellent corrosion resistance, can withstand long-term exposure in rigorous outdoor environments; Thanks to its stability triangle and 4 ground nails offered, our soccer goal won’t shake as others in the windy days.

4. Dimples Excel Soccer Goals Kids Soccer Net for Backyard

Through questionnaires from more than 10,000 customers, the utilization rate of carrying bags is less than 2.1%. The soccer goals can also be portable and stored without the carrying case. To save energy and reduce emissions to protect our earth home, there will be no carrying bag after August 2022.

This soccer goal is very easy to pop up and fold up, even for kids (You can see in the picture in there is a kid able to do the whole thing easily). A great gift that your kids will love and use. It is lightweight, portable, easy pop-up and collapsible, perfect for your kids to do the daily backyard soccer skills practice anytime.

After doing lots of research and rigorous tests, we have created a perfect size that allow your kid can easily transport this goal on his own to anywhere he likes. He can carry it on his shoulder effortlessly to your local park, community playground as well as school and all any other indoor and outdoor activity sites. This is also the perfect size for your small car trunk.

8mm fibreglass goal poles, only a fourth of the weight of steel while still offering the same strength, and after a complex technological process of production, it acquires properties that are as strong as steel metal, withstand extreme stress loads, heavy duty to take the strongest kicks.

5. Franklin Sports Premier Steel Soccer Goal

Turn your backyard into a soccer field with this 6′ wide x 4′ high-performance folding steel soccer goal. This versatile goal folds for easy storage and can unfold and lock with a pull pin to turn your backyard into the perfect soccer field.

The high-strength, Black powder coated steel frame construction is long-lasting, resistant to extreme weather conditions and will withstand frequent blows from soccer players without bending and breaking. Designed with a foldable hinge, this goal easily opens for instant play or folds in seconds to store flat. The durable, vibrant optic yellow 4″ x 4″ square net uses self-stick strips that attach with ease, maintain the goal net in place and will keep soccer balls from Flying across your yard while you develop your scoring skills.

The steel goal is easy to set up; precision locking pins secure the poles together, and galvanized ground stakes that keep the goal attached firmly to the ground. Aspiring players can practice every day, develop precision kicking skills, and play short-sided soccer with friends or siblings as they develop their goal-keeping skills.

6. F2C 12 x 6 Soccer Goal for Backyard

At F2C, we are committed to direct communication between customers and factories, providing the most realistic prices and better quality products to customers. [Factory to Customer] is our invariable principle.

We insist on listening to customers’ voices and feeding customers’ suggestions to the factory so that our products can be constantly updated to meet customers’ needs and provide you with a good shopping experience.

At F2C, Every customer’s feedback on products will be directly fed back to the factory to optimize our products continuously.

7. BAYINBULAK Soccer Goal Pop Up Soccer Net for Kids Backyard

Any football enthusiast will love this goal by Bayinbulak. The perfect portable goal net for training, practising drills or having a fun-filled game of Soccer with friends in the backyard, park, or even the beach.

Reinforced bungee cords go through the pole tubes and connect the frame Inner bungee cord is upgraded and widened by 2mm. The outer covering of the cord is made of polypropylene sheath, Strong and wear-resistant Can withstand countless stretching and folding.

Ideal for pickup games, practice drills, and

mastering passing and shooting techniques. Bayinbulak Youth Soccer net features an authentic goal shape and is equipped with a durable net and fibreglass frame.

8. RUNBOW 6×4 ft Portable Kids Soccer

Practice soccer goals almost anywhere with the simplicity and ease of the RUNBOW Soccer Goals for backyard. Playing soccer is a good parent-child interactive game, which not only strengthens the connection between children and parents, but also improves children’s learning ability and flexibility. Of course, you can order more soccer goals with affordable value and portability to turn any spot into a soccer field. RAINBOW Soccer Goals for backyard, your best sports partner.

Widely used in children play after school sports training, our portable goals are always your children’s best drills partner. Featuring a trapezoid design with extra strength and pliability, this unique design makes the soccer goal offers a wide array of benefits. With its 420D Oxford thickening cloth material and polyester netting, this soccer goal is durable enough to withstand repeated use without showing any signs of wear and tear. The 20mm foldable fibreglass poles make it easy to carry it wherever you go.

As parents, we understand the importance of keeping kids active, however finding safe and quality playground equipment can be difficult. Our portable soccer goals are ideal for any age group and will provide hours of fun and healthy outdoor play.

9. Sport Nets Portable Soccer Goal

Available in 4 sizes 4x6ft 4x8ft 6x12ft 14x7ft. Great soccer goal for drills, pick-up games, practice, scrimmages & more. Prefect for any age or skilled player. Perfect for the backyard, at the beach or park, take it anywhere. Portable, travel size, easy to set up and takedown. No tools are needed.

Built to last with our reinforced 7-ply netting, heavy-duty metal base frame, shot-absorbing composite vertical poles and metal ground stakes. We only use metal connectors (no plastic) on our bow frame soccer goals to make sure our goal stops the hardest shots.

Every bow frame soccer goal comes with a zipper carry bag. Easily store or take anywhere, anytime, quick & easy. Take the fun everywhere you go.

10. ZENY 12’x6′ Portable Soccer Goal for Backyard 

his soccer goals feature a weather-resistant powder-coated durable steel frame made of 1.25-inch tubes, durable construction, making this goal can be kept outside in any kind of weather. The goal stands up well with kids taking shots at it and the stakes keep it in the ground when the ball bounces off. It is large and more than sufficient for good goal practice.

If your kids love shooting on the goal, own this portable goal to improve soccer skills from general kicking/striking the ball to aiming and ball placement, goalie skills, dribbling and receiving skills. Play with your kids and everywhere is their football field.

The frame is made with durable silver powder-coated steel, which is very easy to snap together. It is heavy enough to be sturdy but light enough to put in the bag and carry to practice.

The net will stay in place with the self-sticking strips.A durable soccer net can withstand your harder kick. A great goal for casual play and all ages for shot training

How To Choose The Best Soccer Goal For Backyard Before Purchasing


Soccer goals are made of plastic or metal. The plastic soccer goals are made for kids, and are portable, light, and inexpensive. It is appropriate for low-impact and minimal-use play. To ensure that your purchase of inexpensive soccer goals will be worthwhile, keep an eye out for the other factors.

The metal soccer goal performs and lasts longer than the plastic version. They are relatively pricey and have a premium design for high-impact play. These come in various sizes and are used in leagues, clubs, and tournaments for soccer, among other things.

Size of a Soccer Goal

When purchasing a soccer goal for your club, league, or player, you must be aware that there are goals of a specified size for various age groups. For example, children aged 6-7 years old require a goal size of 4′ H x 6′ W on a field that measures 15 yards W × 20 yards L, whereas children aged 13 years and older require a goal size of 8′ H x 24′ W on a field that measures between 50 x 100 and 80 x 120.

However, some soccer goals, like the GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal, are available in several sizes and may be utilized by players of any age.


Depending on your needs, you must choose if you want a permanent or portable soccer goal that is foldable, light, and simple to store and carry. Portable soccer games can be used for practice, competition, or training on open fields.

These can be deployed in locations without long-term objectives, reasonably priced, and available in various sizes. The portable nature of the Bownet 3′ x 5′ Mini Soccer Goal is best recognized.

Soccer balls that are permanent or semi-permanent are heavier and more expensive, but they have excellent stability, dependability, and durability. These are typically required for stadiums, schools, professional teams, etc.


Make sure the soccer goal you buy has a variety of uses. They ought to be appropriate for both training and play. The ones that are portable, lightweight, and simple to assemble come in a variety of sizes and have many uses. A simple example of this is the GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal, which can be quickly set up in a park or even your garden.


If you discover the soccer net worn-out, twisted, or torn, make sure to replace it. Look for the typical sizes when purchasing one to ensure it will fit the goal frame. The net depth is another factor that needs to be observed.

More space is available inside the goal, the deeper it is. You may select a product with three or more dimensions, such as length, width, top depth, and bottom depth. As with the Franklin Sports Premier Steel Soccer Goal, the backyard soccer goals should include safe net fastener mechanisms in the form of clips and bars.

The Goal You Want To Score In Soccer

You must determine whether you will use the soccer goal for practice, skill development, or recreational play. You can learn how to pass and handle the soccer ball with the use of specific items, such as the SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net.


Soccer has been the world’s game for a long time, and there is no doubt in why it has been ruling the hearts of millions and millions of people around the globe for so many years now. However, you can look at soccer in a slightly different perspective as just a sport. It can also be helpful if you are trying to entertain yourselves or with your children, especially during the long summer days when you get bored and need some activity that can help you stay focused.

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