Best Smelling Salts For Lifting

Athletes rely on smelling salts to remind them that they are in the big leagues. Lifting heavy weights is no simple task and needs years of preparation and training as a professional lifter. But as soon as they lift their eyelids, after their first squats, it all comes back to them. They’re so pumped up that they don’t even remember stretching and warming up before the lifting starts! Their adrenaline is already at its peak, though, and sniffing smelling salts helps to calm down their excitement.

Best Smelling Salts For Lifting Reviews

1. MOXE Breathe | Himalayan Salt Inhaler

ScentChilled Himalayan Salt
Unit Count3.00 Count
Item FormInhaler

MOXE Breathe is made by our passionate team of scientists in our facility right here in the United States! We only source our essential oils from local companies within the United States that have a commitment to unparalleled quality.

Breathe Free with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt!

Long used by the ancient peoples of the world, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt can help dry out mucus and reduce inflammation in the nose, which can help you breathe free! Simply uncork the inhaler and insert it into your nostril. Take a deep breath, and you’ll be one step closer to breathing free.

Proudly made with all organic essential oils!

Experience the chilling thrill of essential oils and the intense rush of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tee Tree, Lavender, and Cajeput! Best of all, we only use organic essential oils in MOXE Breathe so you can breathe free with confidence.

Take it with you wherever you go!

Whether you need a pick me up at work (we do!), or out and about, MOXE Breathe is made to go! Slide it into your pocket or purse, and breathe free on the go!

2. Ward Smelling Salts – Asylum Refill Pack

Keep a bottle of Ward smelling salts on your desk, in the car, and anywhere you need a burst of fragrance. Designed by prisoners themselves, our Asylum refill pack contains everything you need to refill your Asylum scent booster and keep it fresh for years to come – saving you money in the long run!

Enjoy the benefits

Enjoy the benefits of Ward Salts’ Asylum odor eliminator and get multiple uses out of one bottle. Our refill packs let you save money because you only need to buy refills when the original scent has run out. They’re easy to use and hassle-free, perfect for home or office use!

Ready to refill

Ready to refill your Ward Asylum smelling salts bottle? This convenient refill pack is simple to use, just follow the easy directions on the front of the package to refill your Asylum smelling salts bottle. Save money by using cost-effective smelling salt refill packs instead of buying a new bottle every time!

3. Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalant

Skull Smash Get ready for the biggest lifts of your life! More abundant formula Dryer than most others Better bottle seal than most others Last longer in your gym bag Available in 2 sizes: Regular bottle 2 ounces Large Bottle 2.5 ounces. Stronger than Nose Tork.

Brand Name‎LiftingLarge
Number of Items‎1
Part Number‎Smashreg
Size‎2 Ounce (Pack of 1)

4. AmmoniaSport Athletic Smelling Salts

Unit Count1.07 Ounce
Item Dimensions LxWxH3 x 2 x 1 inches

As a professional athlete, you want to maintain your maximum strength and razor sharp focus through tough workouts, practices, and competitions. You need a product that delivers instant energy support and helps prevent fainting by providing rapid relief from light-headedness. Now our Athletic Smelling Salts are available in a convenient packet, so you can stay on top of your game with just one rip and sniff after any workout or match.

providing enhanced circulation of fresh oxygen

AmmoniaSports Athletic Smelling Salts are a time-tested method for providing enhanced circulation of fresh oxygen to the brain and body through inhaling the scent of ammonia. This can help prevent fainting and dizziness during exercise, or even treat it once it occurs. Our formula is made from pure ammonium carbonate and essential oils such as peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, and lavender – with no dyes or artificial flavors.

5. Athletic Smelling Salts – RAW – Splash & Sniff

Feel extra strong with Raw Smelling Salts. This smelling salt bottle is much stronger than any other version on the market and is not for new users. It is recommended that you add a bit of water to the bottle and reseal it before every use. After use, simply rinse out your nose with water so you are ready to go again the next time you need it!

Powerful Ammonia Scent

Raw is the most intense smelling salt designed to get you through the toughest workouts. The powerful ammonia scent can be used outdoors or at home and works in any sport, from MMA to football, from bodybuilding to weightlifting. Add a bit of water and sniff away!

High Quality Ingredients

This powerful smelling salt is designed for athletes and trainers who want to get the most out of their workout. It’s made with high quality ingredients that react with one another when mixed with water, creating a disgusting odor that can clear your nose and start your workout off strong!

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Smelling Salts For Powerlifting

Best Smelling Salts For Lifting

When it comes to bodybuilding, powerlifting is the most popular. And when you’re in the gym training for powerlifting, you need lots of energy and focus. Here are some factors to consider when buying Best Smelling Salts For Powerlifting:

Types Of Smelling Salts

Best Smelling Salts For Powerlifting are effective. They are designed to boost energy levels, which are exactly what powerlifters need them for. In addition, you should consider the duration of the effects and how it works.

Duration Of Smelling Salts Effects

Best Smelling Salts For Powerlifting come in various forms, which are absorbed through the skin, nose, or mouth. Some only last for a couple of minutes while others may be more potent and leave you feeling alert for several hours. It’s important to choose an agent that will work best with your body chemistry.

The best smelling salts for powerlifting should work quickly and effectively. If salts take too long to work, you’ll be spending a lot of time waiting before trying it out in your workout. So, you should consider how long their effects last.

Ingredients Of Smelling Salts

The powerlifting smelling salts are made from various ingredients. These include caffeine, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, menthol oil, glycerin, and many others. There are differences in quality depending on the ingredients used. You should choose something that has all-natural essential oils to ensure safety when using them.

Fitness Goals

The different kinds of salts are designed to achieve different fitness goals. Knowing your goal will help you choose the best smelling salts for you. You can choose between boosting your energy or focus, or something else entirely, depending on what it is you’re looking for.

Smelling Salts VS Energy Drinks

The two best smelling salts for metal powerlifting are ZEM and Amped Up. You can choose between boosting your energy or focus, or something else entirely, depending on what it is you’re looking for.

Side Effects

The best smelling salts for powerlifting should not result in negative effects. Some feel headaches and dizziness after usage, but this does depend on how well you use them and the ingredients that they contain.

There are many positive reviews about this kind of product, which is why it’s worth trying out. If used in controlled doses and at the right time and place, they will not result in any side effects.


The price of the smelling salts should vary depending on their quality. You should be willing to pay more for a high-quality product that will give you maximum results because it is worth your time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are smelling salts?

Smelling salts are typically used as a psyching aid that boosts focus and alertness. It’s commonly used for fainting and even athletic performance as it can cause a rush of adrenaline.

What are smelling salts made of?

Most smelling salts are a mixture of ammonia, water, and alcohol. Although, some products may vary in the ammonia concentration.

How do smelling salts work?

it stimulates the senses through the release of chemicals into the nasal passage and lungs which causes irritation of the membranes.

Well, this stimulation affects respiration via inhalation reflex and it results in increased oxygen delivery into the brain. Then your breathing rate increases and you’re more alert.

Do smelling salts have side effects?

Smelling salt products are typically safe when used properly. Inhaling too much ammonia for too long is unhealthy and it can also cause headaches.

Always read label instructions for safe use and never hold the product too close to your nostrils as it can cause nasal burning.

Can I use smelling salts on someone to help them regain consciousness?

This is not recommended as the use of smelling salts can result in the masking of a more serious problem. It can also worsen certain injuries, especially related to the neck and spine due to the inhalation reflex.


Ultimately, my personal favorite of the three was the Avena Sport Smelling Salts. They really helped to ward off any feelings of fatigue I would experience during workouts, as well as to manage any nagging muscle pain. My only complaint about these smelling salts is that they were rather messy, though it was easy to forgive them for this when their effectiveness was taken into consideration. My second favorite smelling salts were the Lucidze Revitalize Smelling Salts.

These didn’t seem to be quite as effective during the workout itself, but I did find that they really helped to clear my mind and take the edge off before bedtime. It’s always nice to waft a few under your nose before turning in at night if you’re feeling stressed out or restless. The Abundant Health Naturally Sweet Smelling Salts came in third place for me.

Despite being almost identical in every other way to the Lucidze, they just seemed a bit more abrasive on my sinuses. With all three varieties of smelling salts, it is important to remember that their purpose isn’t simply to make bad smells disappear—it’s also about how they make you feel!

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