Top 8 Best Slide Viewer – Buying Guide

In the good old days, slide viewers were common devices. Today, digital devices have changed photography. However, many people have boxes of old slides that are still in analog form. If you still wish to go through your old slides in good lighting, you need the best slide viewer you can ever have to see clear images without any distortion. Here, we have selected a list of the best slide viewers found in the market and equipped you with the tips of buying a slide view that meets your needs.

Top 5 Favorite Slide Viewer

Leading 8 Best Slide Viewer – Buying Guide

Below are details of 8 slide viewers.

Best Illuminated Viewing Slide

Rybozen 35mm Slide Viewer

Media TypeNegatives, Slide
Scanner TypeFilm
Item Weight 1.2 Pounds

The Rybozen 35mm Film and Slide Viewer is one of the best machines to view up to a maximum of 36 slides and picture negatives. Rybozen 35mm can also stack up to 36 slides. This is the best choice for a person dealing with many slides since it is easy and effective.

Many clients like its 3X magnification and 2×2″ square review screen, which show all the slides’ details. Rybozen 35mm has enough magnification features and lighting to perceive all the slides’slides’s.

Features and Benefits

  • Sufficiently bright backlight lightbox- This film and slide viewer also boasts a large viewing surface and an LED illumination that shows crystal clear images.
  • 3X magnifying capacity- Most films and slides come in super small sizes, but the inbuilt magnifier installed in this device magnifies the mages three times their actual size. The enlarged images are clear, and they are not distorted or blurred. The pictures will show all the details.
  • Easily portable- The device is easy to carry around, and it has a foldable stand that enables it ideal for use both in the studio and at home.
  • Works with negatives- most memories are recorded in negatives, a technology that was the only option of storing memories some years back. Those pictures can now come back to life using this device since it can work with negatives.


  • Easily portable
  • Sufficient lighting
  • Unwavering quality
  • Compatible with 35mm slides


  • Insufficient light-switching options

Best Lightweight & Portable Slide

Slide Viewer by Rybozen

Media TypeNegatives, Slide
Batteries2 AA
Item Weight 7.2 ounces

This is another LED-lighted slide and film viewer made by Rybozen. Those perfect devices reproduce the old memories by lighting and magnifying 35mm film negatives and slides. The device is convenient for home use and the studio since it is easy to use and easily portable.

This illuminated 35mm slide viewer offers a 2X magnification. It has sufficient and bright LED lighting that produces sharp images that turn your memories into a reality.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight- This device has very lightweight that you might forget that you are even carrying it. Its lightweight and portability enable one to use it in the studio and at home too.
  • 2X magnification- Negatives and slides come in small sizes of only 35mm. Looking at images in that size does not offer good visuals. However, this device magnifies the images to double their actual size giving you an experience that is clear and fun.
  • LED lighting- Nothing beats good lighting as far as the quality and clarity of images are concerned. The makers of this device knew that so well and incorporated sufficient LED lighting that offers you pictures of the best quality.
  • Easy to use- The device has simple mechanisms. You will find it easy to operate even without reading the manual. You can use the LED Lighted Illuminated 35mm Slide Viewer even without having any prior experience.


  • 2X magnification
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Quality images
  • Uses only 2 AA batteries


  • Hard to open back, but you can use a sharp object to make it easy to open

Best Duplex Document Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

Media TypePost Card, Paper
Scanner TypeReceipt, Document
Item Weight 7.5 pounds

If you plan to go paperless by converting all your paperwork into digital form, you need a document scanner. If you have piles of paper that you need to digitalize, you should have an accurate, fast scanner that can scan more than one page at ago. The ScanSnap iX1500 Fujitsu scanner is one of the best document scanners you should have in your home or office.

This device assures you of fast, excellent quality, and full-featured scanning. Its fast speed and high-quality scans are second to none.

Features and benefits

  • Coloured 4.3” touch screen- the device has a 4.3” coloured touch screen that enables you to preview the documents before scanning. The screen offers a one-touch scan command.
  • PC-less scanning- With this device, you do not need to have a PC to scan your documents. The machine enables you to scan your documents to a preferred location like to your mobile device, email and on cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Sharing options– With this machine, you can create multiple user profiles and save your information to different folders of your choice.
  • ScanSnapfeature– the machine has a way that optimizes productivity. It has a ScanSnap Home that captures, arranges, and manages a classroom, home or business needs.


  • Has USB connections, WI-FI and LCD panel that is easy to set up and use
  • PC less scanner
  • One touch screen
  • Fast speed
  • Wireless


  • Expensive
  • Lacks Ethernet support

Best 3X Magnification Slide

DIGITNOW 35mm Slide

Media TypeNegatives, Slide
Scanner TypeFilm
Item Weight  1.2 Pounds

Your old days’ memories do notdays’ to be forgotten because technology has changed from developing images from negatives to taking digital pictures. The DIITNOW 35mm slide gives your memories life, ensuring that you have an experience that you will enjoy.

The device ensures that you fall in love with your memories by producing clear, bright, magnified images. The machine is easy to use both at home and in the studio.

Features and benefits

  • Slide and film viewing- Technology has rendered some things useless, but this machine ensures that you can bring to life images taken using the old technology of film negatives.
  • Convenient- The device is a desktop viewer that is easy to move from one place to another. It also has a slide tray and an eject button, making it an easy-to-use device both in the studio and home.
  • Led illumination- DIGITNOW has sufficient LED light that produces crystal clear images while being friendly to the eye.
  • 3X magnification- You don’t need to worry about the size of the images displayed because the device has a 3X magnification while ensuring there is no blurriness or distortion.


  • Clear images
  • Easy to use
  • Sufficient LED lighting
  • Portable


  • Expensive

Best Load Film Inserts scanner


Media TypeNegatives, Slide
Scanner TypeFilm
Item Weight ‎1.01 pounds

Kodak has been linked with quality for a very long time now. It would be best to have an idea of the benefits to expect when you use this product. This little device guarantees you instantaneous time travel.

All you need is to feed 35mm slides or film negatives in the slide slot, and you will be able to see the nostalgic pics in a magnified size without losing any details.

Features and Benefits

  • Converts Film to JPEG- This machine boasts a powerful 14/22MP film scanner that converts 35mm, 110, 126, and 8x8mm slides and negatives to JPEG digital films.
  • Large TFT LCD Screen- KodacScanza has a 3.5″ TFT LCT screen that produces high-definition colour images. With this device, you can adjust brightness and tilt the screen’s angle to make it easy to operate and for efficient image viewing.
  • Adapters- The unit has many film inserts and film adapters to ensure that you get fast and flexible services. The unit also has big buttons that allow you to scan and save your images.
  • Easy user interface- This product comes with a helpful directory that enables you to learn fast how to use it to edit images, browse the gallery, save images and more actions.
  • Included cables and extras- The device is compatible with PC and Mac. The converter has a USB cable, AC adapter, HDMI, Video cable and a film cleaning brush. The brush can be used to cleaning the lightbox to avoid distortion of the scanned images.


  • Multiple adapters
  • Includes HDMI, USB, and Video cable
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Small font screen menu

Best 2X Magnifying Lens Slide

Kaiser 202011

Battery1.5 v
Scanner TypeFilm
Item Weight ‎5 ounces

Kaiser 202011 is a viewer that can come in handy when viewing your old slides. It is a well-made device that does not require you to train before using it. Although the machine does not have an ON/OFF button, you only need to move the slide into a slit placed at the top.

This device allows you to view only one slide simultaneously, and you need to manually manually put the slides into the slots. However, it guarantees you a remarkable viewing experience with its 2X magnifying ability on a 2×2″ screen. The machine is powered by 2 AA batteries.

Fe”tures and Benefits

  • Easy to use- The device lacks a power ON and OFF button, but powering it up is still simple. All you have to do is place the slide in the slot and press it. The pressure will then activate the device to power on.
  • 2X magnification- Images on negatives and slides are usually too small to see. This device has a 2X magnification that ensures that you see clear and good-sized images that will make your experience exceptional.
  • Angled viewing-You don’t need to nurse neck pain after hours of looking through your memories. This device offers you adjustable angles to adjust the screen to get a more comfortable view without straining the neck or the eyes.
  • Durability-the product guarantees you excellent service for ages, so you do not need to worry about budgeting for another image viewer any time soon. Well. Unless you just want to try out a variety.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Angled viewing
  • Powers with 2 AA batteries


  • Only allows loading one slide at a time

Best Digital Photos Scanner

DIGITNOW Film Scanners

Media TypeNegatives, Slide, Photo
Scanner TypeFilm
Photo Quality‎22 megapixels
Item Weight 1.17 pounds

With this DIGITNOW film scanner, your scanning needs have gone to a whole new level. With this scanner, you do not need your PC to scan and convert your slides. All you need to do is load your slides and press the scan button when all is set.

This product brings back your old memories in sharp and vibrant digital pictures in JPEG format. This advanced technology makes scanning much more manageable and fun.

Features and Benefits

  • 22/16 MP Resolution- The device offers pictures in high megapixels of up to 11 MP. The images are displayed on a 2.4” LCD screen.
  • Speed Loading Adapters- Apart from having the main scanner/converter, the kit comes with multiple interchangeable adapters that help you feed different film types like the 110 KPK, 126 KPK 35mm slides and negatives. The adapters also allow for super 8 films.
  • One-touch for scanning- This product scans images and converts them on its own. It also has a speed-load function that makes it easy and straightforward to scan. All you need to do is push the adapters into the device and feed the slides and negatives without reloading the adapters.


  • Colour LCD viewer
  • Has PC and TV-out with cables
  • Stand alone
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Easy to operate


  • Quite costly but worth the price

Best Multi Coloured Light Slide

AP APP315200

Media TypeSlide
Item Weight 3.52 ounces

If you have boxes of old family pictures that you need to prowl over, you do not need to go deep into your pockets to buy a slide viewer when this affordable, good quality and viewer is available. Purchase this item today, and you will enjoy its ease of use as you watch your family’s memories come back to life, one after the other.


Durability- the product has a strong plastic cover that is not easily breakable, assuring durability. The surface can withstand falls, and it is easy to clean.

2X magnification- the product magnifies your small-sized slides to a double size making it easy to view your images without straining the eyes.

Lighting- the product provides enough lighting, so you don’t need to hold your slides against the light to enjoy viewidon’tur pictures.


  • Durable material
  • Ideal for both amateurs and professional photographers
  • Provides clear images
  • Easy to use
  • Cons


  • Lacks screen extension feature to PC or TV

Buying Guide of Best Slide Viewer


These are the essential features you need to consider to buy a slide viewer to satisfy you.


It is ideal to buy a product that has been made by a reputable manufacturer. A reputable manufacturer manufactures good quality slide a]viewers, and you will have access to spare parts if you need a repair or a replacement.


Gone are the days when people attached quality to size. Nowadays, the best products come in small sizes that are easy to carry and use anywhere.

Ease of Use

It is also vital that you purchase a machine that does not need technical knowledge to operate. The device’s design should be easy to understand even without reading the manual.

Magnifying Power and Image Clarity

A good slide viewer should ensure that you view clear and sharp images that show all the details. To achieve this, the slide viewer should have magnification abilities from about 2X and have a clear screen.

Powering Option

The way a machine powers up is also another factor you should consider. Many devices in this list use battery power to power up. Having a machine with several power sources is better since you can use it anywhere, anytime.


If you have the dire need to keep your old slides and travel back in time, you need to get a slide viewer. A slide viewer will enable you to awaken your sleeping memories that have been silenced by the new technologies. However, it would be best to buy any slide viewer that you come across.

Consider your needs and preferences and buy a devididn’tt will satisfy that. Here, we have looked at the best slide viewers in the market and hinted at the best way to determine what to buy. Consider the buying guide, trust your instincts and enjoy your nostalgic slide viewing.

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