Best Silhouette Machine – Buying Guide

Are you looking forward to buying the best silhouette machine? In this article, we will discuss each silhouette machine on our list. So you can consider the best for your project.  Also, we will analyze their features, what we like most about them and what we don’t like.

With a silhouette cutting machine, you can sketch, engrave, etch, and even stipple different materials. It doesn’t matter you are a professor or a beginner crafter; you can get a machine that suits your level and needs.

However, all silhouette machines for cutting or crafting have some things in common; boosting productivity and saving time. Additionally, they have high-end programming and features that make using them a breeze.

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Most Essential Factors to Check When Buying The Best Silhouette Machine

Cameo 4 Type: Cutting machine
Materials: Vinyl, leather, paper, fabric, metal & plastic
Weight: 13.8 pounds
Auto Blade: 2
Dimensions: 7.9 x 22.4 x 6.7
Cameo 4 Starter BundleWeight: 4.7kgs
Interface: Bluetooth, high-speed USB 2.0
Maximum Media Thickness: 3mm
Compatible Media: Photo paper, cardstock, vinyl, heat transfer material, corrugated paper, fabric, chipboard, etc.
Digital Cutting Files: 100designs
Compatible Software: Silhouette studio
 Cameo 4 PlusWeight: 5.4kgs
Connectivity: Bluetooth USB 2.0
Maximum Cutting Force: 5000kgf
Maximum Media Thickness: 3mm
Digital Cutting Files: 100 exclusive cutting designs
Silhouette Inc. Cutting MachineWeight: 3.5lbs
Max Cut Size: 8″ x 60″
Clearance: 2mm
Function: Print & Cut
Dual Carriage: No
Cameo 4 Black BundleMaximum Media Thickness: 3mm
Compatible Media: Photo paper, heat transfer material, vinyl, corrugated paper, fabric, chipboard
Interface: Bluetooth, USB 2.0
Weight: 4.7kgs
Digital Cutting Files: 100 exclusive cutting designs
Portrait 3 Electronic CuttingInterface: Bluetooth & USB 2.0
Weight: 1.6kgs
Max Media Thickness: 2mm
Cutting Area: 8″ x 12″
Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher, Windows 8.1 or higher
 Black Cameo 4Weight: 4.9kgs
Dimensions: 25.1 x 11.2 x 9.2 inches
Cutting Mat: 12″ x 12″
Studio Software Compatibility: Windows 7/ higher & Mac OS X 10.8.5/higher
Material: Card stock, vinyl, heat transfer
Cameo 4 Extras BundleConnectivity: USB
Weight: 7.1kgs
Compatible Devices: PC
Print Media: Cardstock
Control Method: Touch
Silhouette Portrait 3 Compatible Devices: Smartphones
Print Media: Glossy photo paper
Output: Color
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Designs: Exclusive 100 designs plus 200 bonus designs
America CurioMaximum Speed: 3.9in/sec
Maximum Media Thickness: 2mm for cutting
Weight: 5.5lbs
Cutting Force: 210grams
Function: Drawing, stippling, scoring, etching &embossing

Top 10 Best Silhouette Machine- Buying Guide

1. Cameo 4

Cameo 4 is the best silhouette machine for vinyl, cardstocks, fabrics, and other materials. The machine delivers an alternate cutting manner with the rotary blade. Also, you can cut a range of special materials like leather, cotton, wool, and felt without requiring a special stabilizer backing.

Moreover, the 3 mm Kraft blade allows you to cut various crafts materials like burlap, leather, craft foam, and acetate. The machine can be hand turned, making stainless material. 


Inbuilt Cross Cutter

It is located at the back of the machine. It ensures a clean and straight edge cut for your vinyl role future projects. In addition, it delivers the exact cut every time and makes the cutter long-lasting.

Studio Powerful Software

It’s powerful with robust design software for any cutting system. The software is intuitive and beginner-friendly, with an exciting number of features. Luckily, it is free for all silhouette users.

Tool Type Detection

The machine’s smart system uses a tool sensor technology to detect what tool you are using and automatically adjust the software cut setting.

Excellent For Any Project Type

The design store is loaded with over 100,000 downloadable designs. Known and talented artists make these designs. After buying the design, you can keep using it as many times as possible.


  • Among the most silhouette powerful units
  • Versatile
  • Tool type detection
  • Easy to use and helpful vinyl roll feeder
  • User-friendly touch interface


  • No USB input
  • Less storage space than previous models

2. Cameo 4 Starter Bundle

Cameo 4 is the best silhouette machine offering greater power, fast cut speed, and increased cutting options than any previous Cameo model. This machine is the most featured; it offers you a 3mm allowance to use thicker materials than before.

Again this machine is the best silhouette cameo machine with a complete make-over, sliding lid, and new aesthetics. You will also love its compact design, making it perfect for a desktop cutting system for home and small businesses.


Cutting Functions

This cameo 4 machine gives you more cutting options than ever before. With a Kraft blade, rotary blade, and punch tool. Plus, this machine is the best desktop cutting tool for severe crafters, model makers, and small businesses. 


Cameo 4 is compatible with windows7 64bits and higher, Mac OSX 10.10 and higher, and Windows 7 upwards.

Improved Backlit Touch Panel

This machine utilizes an easy-to-use, clear, and sleek LED backlight panel for all operation adjustments. However, only relevant buttons will illuminate for easy and intuitive navigation, depending on your intended function.

AutoDetect Blades

This machine will automatically detect the blades you insert using the chipped blades. After recognizing the inserted blades, it automatically updates the software accordingly via the silhouette studio app.


  • Professional level machine
  • Highly versatile
  • Many sizes and color options
  • Improved silhouette studio
  • Affordable


  • Inefficient dual tool cartridge
  • Appears a little chunky

3. Cameo 4 Plus

On the lookout for the best silhouette machine? Worry not. Cameo 4 plus has all the great features for cameo 4. Plus, it’s wider with a bigger cutting footprint. With this machine, you can design and cut bigger designs easily. 

In addition, you can cut thicker materials, paper without a cutting mat, and fabric without a stabilizer backing. This silhouette cameo machine technology increases your efficiency. So, you can work with materials you haven’t been able to work with before.


Specialty Tool Utilization

Cameo 4 plus is compatible with the new tools to unlock the same cutting potential. The new cutting tools allow you to cut more materials. All this is possible with their increased speed and power.

Automatic Tool Detection

These tools allow silhouette studio software to detect the tools inserted into your machine for correct cutting. So, you can never go wrong with your cutting setting every time.

Storage Compartment

You can store your extra blade in the storage compartment on the side of your machine. What you only need to do is slide it to the side, store your tools and return them into place.

Bluetooth Compatible

The machine allows wireless connectivity with a pre-installed Bluetooth adapter. So your cameo 4 plus can receive cutting jobs via Bluetooth without using a USB cord.


  • Smart tool dual carriage
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Mat loading sensor
  • Automatic roll feeder


  • Separately sold machine adapters
  • Incorrect machine setting leads to bad cutting

4. Silhouette Inc. Cutting Machine

This is the smallest silhouette cutting machine. It is made to cut material rolls for small projects; A4 or letter size. Besides this sewing machine silhouette cuts material up to 8″ wide and 60 feet long.

Moreover, suppose you have been looking forward to working with cameo 4, which is too big and quite expensive for occasional users. In that case, this silhouette machine is a great alternative to get, with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.


Compact and Portable

This is one thing you’ll love about this machine. It weighs only 3.5lbs with a small footprint. You can carry it anytime and use it to create wherever you are. Also, its small size is a plus for small working spaces.

Cutting Capabilities

This machine has matte cutting with two different options to choose from. Kiss-cut is ideal for stickers & materials with attached backing and pop-out cut; ideal for material without a backing.


The machine uses almost all similar tools to cameo 4, like Kraft, ratchet deep cut, and sketch pens.

Additional Purchase

On the downside, if you need to use cameo 4 tools, you’ll need to buy adapters separately. But cameo 4 comes fully equipped. However, if you are comfortable using auto blades and the sketch pen, you don’t need to buy anything else.


  • Uses cameo 4 tools
  • Matless cutting capabilities
  • Portable
  • Small
  • Multi-tasking; print and cut 


  • Lacks dual carriage feature
  • Might need additional purchase

5. Cameo 4 Black Bundle 

Cameo 4 is the best silhouette machine for vinyl with two auto blades, 4 vinyl rolls of 12″ by 6 ft in blue, white, black, and red, standard mat hold, 20ft of transfer tape, a silhouette vinyl starter kit, 24 pack of pens and 8 sheets of printable vinyl included in the package.

In addition, the bundle comes with packed helpful information to get you started with the CAMEO machine and Silhouette studio from smart silhouette and silhouette 101.


Silhouette Handbook

This eBook is available for download from silhouette America. It helps you know everything you need to use the silhouette studio software and navigate the design store to get maximum benefits from your new machine. Hence, it’s the best silhouette machine for beginners with the guides.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This feature comes in handy when using your machine in a school or a collective environment that might have multiple machines. So, you can always give your machine a nickname. 

Automatic Blade Sensor

No more cut error. Cameo 4 machine can detect the tool type in the machine and communicate with the software for automatic tool selection.

Fast Cutting Speed

Cameo 4 is 3-times faster compared to cameo 3. Cameo 4 cuts up to 30mm/sec while cameo 3 works at 10mm/sec.


  • User guides
  • 2 auto blade
  • Everything you need to get started
  • Great price for the features
  • Great piece for a beginner
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Only laptop and desktop compatible
  • Use only 12” vinyl

6. Portrait 3 Electronic Cutting

Silhouette portrait machine is among the smallest desktop cutting machine. Also, silhouette America is the best silhouette machine for beginners to create DIYs with high precision. Perfect for cutting material up to 60feet long and 8 inches wide.

The machine is most suitable for cutting A4-sized and letter-sized materials like cardstock, paper, and sticker sheets. You can also use it for longer material rolls like vinyl or heat transfer.


Portable and Easy to Use

You can take this machine with you wherever you go; events, craft parties, for whenever creativity strikes. In addition, the silhouette Go mobile app is the best companion for a portable cutting machine. Cut whatever you want, wherever you are.

No Cutting Mat

Portrait 3 allows you to cut various materials without using a cutting mat. All these thanks to the pop-out cutting feature for cardstock and paper.

Wireless Connectivity

Connect your portrait 3 cutting machine to your device wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

Print & Cut

This machine allows you to create custom prints and cut projects using your home printer. In addition, using this temporary tattoo machine silhouette, you can make printed heat transfer decals, custom stickers, and more.


  • Automatic tool detection
  • Easy to use straight from the box
  • Silhouette mobile app
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Sketch/draw your designs
  • Can use cameo 4 tools


  • Lacks dual carriage
  • Separate purchases

7. Black Cameo 4

Black cameo 4 is the best silhouette cutting machine featuring a LED touch panel, up to three times cameo 3 speed. In terms of force, cameo 4 operates with 5000 grams while cameo 3 operates with 250grams.

Moreover, the machine has a built-in-roll feeder, inbuilt vinyl trimmer, automatic tool detection, upgraded one-click auto blade, and more. If you are looking for the best silhouette cameo machine, look no further.


Tool Adapters

Cameo 4 has up to 4 tools adapters. You often don’t need to look for specific tools since they are compatible with cameo 3,2, and 1. 

Guide to vinyl and cameo 4

if you are a beginner, you can get along easily with this machine. Some of the included guides are full color printed, online instructional class, 1-month free club silhouette membership, 20 E-book guides, 100 designs. 

Thicker Material Printing

To print these materials, you need special blades for thicker material printing. Plus, the machine has a built-in LED touch panel, an in-built roll feeder, 5 kgs of downforce in a carriage.


Once you buy a cameo 4 machine, you’ll not need to use more money buying designs or fonts. You can create your designs without spending extra money. 


  • Great cuts with correct settings
  • 4 tools adapter
  • Easy to navigate LED touch panel
  • Accessible user guidelines and manuals
  • Ready to use designs


  • A bit engaging to set up
  • Instructions are a bit hard for a beginner

8. Cameo 4 Extras Bundle

Experience the best silhouette cameo machine designed to bring you the newest, fastest, and most powerful cutting machine on the market. This machine is powered by silhouette studio software, giving you triple speed and 20 times the download force of cameo 3.

Consider getting this best silhouette machine for vinyl if you are a beginner. It’s also a good addition to an experienced silhouette crafter room.


Reconfigured Auto Blade

Get yourself working on your project with just a single tap re-set. This setting is faster than the time taken for cameo 4 automatic adjustment.

Additional Cutting Force

You can now comfortably work with thicker materials without sacrificing quality. Cameo 4 offers you mat-less cutting for paper, cardstock, and other materials. 

Extra Items

Starting with the hard silhouette book, it is designed to ensure you become an expert within no time. The machine also includes 2 regular cutting mats, 10 exclusive designs, PixScan cutting mat, 2 auto blades, 1 scrapper, 1 hook, 1 ruler, and a micro-fiber cloth.

Dual Carriage

This machine has a unique dual carriage for automatic tool-type detection. The tool sensor from Cameo ultra-smart system detects the tool you are using and then triggers the studio software for automatic correct cut setting. 


  • Blade detection
  • A versatile vinyl cutter
  • Built-in roll feeder
  • Beginner and expert friendly
  • Everything you need to get started


  • Only PC compatible
  • Need an upgrade to export designs from the standard license

9. Silhouette Portrait 3 

Silhouette portrait 3 is among the best silhouette machine for stencils, ideal for cutting any letter and A4 size. For cardstock, paper and sticker sheets, and long material rolls like heat transfer and vinyl.

Moreover, the machine is portable, so you can take it with you anywhere and print whatever you want whenever creativity strikes.


Vinyl Application Guide

This guide helps you become an expert within no time. The guides are clear with full-color photos and 20 E-book links in the vinyl idea book, online cameo 3 instructional classes. In addition, you get a 1-month free membership to silhouette, access over 150 video guides, Q&A, and much more.

Software Compatibility

The studio software is compatible with Windows 7/ windows vista upwards and Mac OS X 10.5.9.


The machine already has designs to get you going right from the box, with 100 exclusive designs and an additional 200 plus bonus designs.


Right from the box, you have automatic adjusting blades, an 8″ cutting mat, blue sketch pen adapter, and advanced auto blade. In addition, there are 24 sheets of assorted oracle 651 permanent vinyl measuring 12″ x 12″, 24 pens pack, scraper vinyl application tool, hook tool, and 12 sheets of premium transfer tape.


  • Free designs to get started
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free silhouette software
  • Vinyl application guide
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Smaller 8” cutting mat
  • Not very suitable for fabric

10. America Curio

Silhouette American curio is among the popular hobby units in the market. The silhouette machine is not unique looking. But also has exciting, unique abilities only available for this machine. It is among the best silhouette machine for stencils, paper, cardstock, craft foam, fabrics, and more.


Dual Carriage

You can finally make impressive multi-color sketch art. This is possible with the conventional dual carriage of this cutting machine. Moreover, you can express yourself with a sketch, without in-between changes of tools.

Emboss and Deboss

Besides being a cutting machine, American silhouette curio specializes in embossing (yield raised surface for your design & debossing (indebted surfaces). It has everything you need right from the box.

Cutting Abilities

Although the curio can fit 5mm materials for some tools, it can only cut 2mm thick materials. However, this machine is better or as good as other personal cutting machines in the market. In addition, you have to purchase a deep-cut blade to cut 2mm separately.

Cutting Force

Curio shares a relatively weak cutting ability compared to other silhouette machines, at only 210g, good enough for thin materials like paper and vinyl. However, trying to cut dense material may damage the blade.


  • Cameo 4 cutting capabilities
  • Variety of design range
  • Cuts all material types
  • Flexible and durable
  • Dual carriage


  • Smaller cutting capacity
  • Stipping and etching tools not included

Buying Guide: Best Silhouette Machine

best silhouette machine

If you are looking forward to buying the best silhouette machine, there is a lot you need to consider. We have listed a few considerations to guide you.

Type of Job

You need to choose the machine that will satisfy your needs. However, there are three main types of silhouette machines. To start with, the most common allows you to cut various materials designs. Secondly is a 3D printing device, and the smallest is a stamp-making machine.

Weight and Dimensions

Your machine’s weight and dimensions greatly determine the material size you can cut with and where to place it.

Computer Requirements

You don’t need high-end computers to use with the silhouette machine. If you want a computer-compatible machine, you need a 1GB ram which is not common.


Knowing what is included in your preferred silhouette machine package is good. Some machines come with ready-to-use designs, user lessons, free Software, and more. At the same time, others need separate extra tool purchases.


Be sure to keenly look out for the materials the machine will be using. It’s also important to get a machine compatible with your project’s material.

Other Features

It is also important to look out for a machine warranty. In addition, going for a machine with extra features is a plus in case you need them sometime. Moreover, some machines can support Bluetooth and use thick and thin materials.

Considering the overall machine price and value is also necessary.

Silhouette Vs Cricut Cutting Machines

best silhouette machine

Cricut and silhouette are the leading brands dominating the die-cutting market. So we are sharing our experiences between these two machines to help you decide between them. 

Software Design

Silhouette Studio is a good option if you need to design your files; it has more design options. Whereas if you only need to open and cut files, Cricut is easier to use. Also, if you buy images from the silhouette program, you will keep them after cancellation from its design store.

Tool Storage & Exterior Design

Many silhouette machines lack storage spaces, although some machines have. Cricut machines have onboard storage on the top left side and underneath to store your markers, tools, and extra blades.

Blade Adjustment

Both machines cut using blades. However, you twist the blade knob to a specific number based on the material to adjust silhouette blades. A knob on the machine’s topside to adjust appropriately according to your material to adjust the Cricut machine.

Ease of Use

Silhouette machines are challenging to get along with, unlike Cricut, which has slightly easier software and setup. However, both their websites are responsive with excellent customer care.


The best silhouette machine depends on your crafting needs and expertise level. Fortunately, the market has everything for everyone. From our silhouette machine buying guide, you notice that if you are a beginner or an expert in crafting, you can make a choice.

We have also highlighted features to consider before buying a silhouette machine and discussed the main difference between a Cricut and a silhouette.

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