Best Sewer Inspection Camera In 2023

Are you looking for the best sewer camera in the market? If yes, then you are on the right website. A Sewer camera is one of the essential tools that any enthusiastic home handyman or plumber must have. It helps them inspect the drain pipes’ conditions when they clog. They make one see the conditions that can’t be seen with naked eyes.

The best sewer cameras are designed so that they can push down the drains easily and show the conditions of the drainage. Many of these sewer cameras have an inbuilt illumination LED on the camera for easy image and video taking. Some can control by a remote while others do not.

After conducting extensive research and checking out the various sewer cameras in the market, we picked out the top 10 best sewer camera that is ideal for all budgets. Our research was based on image quality, battery life, waterproof, monitor size, and other features.

Top Picks: 5 Best Sewer Camera

Best Sewer Camera- Buyer’s Guide

1. Teslong Dual Lens Inspection Camera

Teslong Dual Lens Inspection Camera is the best sewer camera, thanks to the Dual camera lenses that provide clear HD images of the drain. The main camera has a focal length of 1-4inch which gives the sharpest image. The second HD inspection rotates between two 70-degree to 140-degrees to provide a more comprehensive view of the sideways of the pipe.


Large screen- The 5″ screen has three times the resolution compared to others making the pictures look clear and of high quality. The glass screen is adjustable and has a 1.5x digital zoom that clarifies the image. The camera endoscope’s body is metal-reinforced, hence waterproof and drop resistant.

Ideal LED ring light- The camera has top-quality 7 LED lights that are adjustable to brightness and enable the forward camera to have a perfect view even in dark areas when inspecting. The side cameras, too, have their LED light for illumination.

Waterproof cable- The 16.4ft and 8mm cables are flexible enough to reach any area. The AP67 waterproof cable allows you to use the camera to a depth of 3.28ft underwater. The camera has an inbuilt 5000mAh rechargeable battery that can use for 6 hours without any problem. It has a 32GB SD card that supports MPEG-4 videos and JPEG images.

teslong dual lens inspection camera


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality pictures and videos
  • Excellent battery quality
  • Waterproof cable


  • The cable length is short

2. Wireless Endoscope Camera, NIDAGE WiFi 5.5mm 1080P HD

There are a limited number of high-quality waterproof cameras that are ideal for small pipes; this is why the NIDAGE wireless Endoscope camera is on our list of top-quality sewer cameras. With the 5.5mm diameter, the wireless endoscope can use for inspection in nuclear radiation, observation of toxic pipelines, aero-engines, and mechanical parts, among other areas.


Superior stability- With the 5.5mm diameter probe, the camera can be used to reach small pipes where others can’t reach. This makes it easy to extend the view of the sewer drainage that is narrow in some points. These high-quality and small diameters enable it to provide reliable information about your pipes.

Wide compatible- This 33ft long cable camera is compatible with both the iPhone IOS system above 9.0 and android above 5.0. The long cable is semi-ridged in that it can bend and hold its shape to confine to the condition of the pipes being inspected.

Quality and adjustable resolution- There are two megapixels CMOS HD cameras with high resolution inspection endoscopes that can reach 1920×1080. This provides HD videos and images of high quality with clear vision.

Superior LED and IP67 waterproof- The IP67 waterproof sewer camera comes with six adjustable 6500k LEDs that help the main camera capture top-quality images. They also help reduce the image over-exposure, and hence the dynamically optimized lights can be applied to all sides.

nidage wireless endoscope camera


  • Perfect 5.5mm diameter that can inspect small pipes
  • Superior video and image quality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Awesome and decent camera


  • The length of the cable is not long enough

3. SKYBASIC Borescope Sewer Camera

If you are looking for a simple sewer camera to operate, look no more than a SKYBASIC sewer camera. SKYBASIC is an excellent inspection sewer camera that is easy to use and takes HD videos and pictures with clear vision. It also has a wide application as the six adjustable LED ensures that you get clear images from even dark areas.


Easy to use- This sewer camera is designed so that it is easy to operate once it is powered. The camera does not require one to connect with your smartphone or download any software for use.

Comprehensive and perfect screen- The HD endoscope camera has a 4.3-inch color LCD screen that is perfect and convenient for image analysis. It also allows one to have instant HD images and video. The screen helps to troubleshoot the problem effectively.

Superior quality- The high-quality sewer camera comes with IP67 waterproof and six adjustable LED lights to ensure the images taken even under darkness are clear. This makes it quickly focus from about 3-10 cm. The 10M semi-rigid cable is both flexible and stiff.

Wide application- With a top-notch rechargeable battery that can last for 6 hours, this inspection camera can be widely used in household appliance inspection, sewer inspection, mechanical inspection, and wall inspection. It also comes with a 32GB SD card to store such data.

skybasic borescope sewer camera


  • Easy to operate
  • Top-quality pictures
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Able to take pictures and videos and share


  • The image gets blurred easily when on water.

4. 33ft Borescope Inspection Camera with Light

Suppose you are a professional sewer worker and looking for a budget-friendly sewer camera of high quality. In that case, Teslong dual inspection camera is the ideal option for you. It features an extra HD camera with seven adjustable LED lights to provide a clear image even when in dark areas. The 33ft long cable has a diameter of 8mm that enables it to pass and reach areas that others can’t reach.


Superior HD screen display- Teslong dual inspection camera comes with an updated 4.5-inch HD screen display that is three times better than others. The screen is designed from tough glass, with the body having a reinforced metal that is waterproof, anti-fall, and durable.

Top-notch 720P dual-lens- Unlike another sewer camera, Teslong has extra HD cameras fixed on the side of the main camera to enable it to view the sides of the pipe. The switch on button is placed on the cable for easy usage of the side camera.

Waterproof camera and 33ft Gooseneck cable- The camera has a flexible and semi-rigid cable that is 8mm and can pass to hard areas, even those with a 1.5cm pipe diameter. The cable is vital that it remains straight all the time. The camera has an IP67 waterproof design making it ideal for underneath water use.  

High resolution- The camera has an inbuilt 32GB microSD memory to support both MPEG-4 videos and JPEG images. It can support image resolution pixels of up to 1920×1080 and video record resolutions of 1920×1080, 1280×720.

33ft borescope inspection camera with light


  • High-quality pictures and videos
  • It can stay for an extended period while using due to top quality battery
  • Sturdy camera
  • Easy to use and operate


  • The cable sometimes bends

5. Oiiwak Borescope Camera for Pipe Sewer Drain Plumbing Inspection

Oiiwak Borescope Camera is another perfect sewer camera option for those who want a budget-friendly sewer camera with a long ft. cable. Thanks to the cool variety of camera feature like flexible meter cable, digital zoom, high resolution, and powerful battery, among other features.


Easy and economical to use- The new sewer camera endoscope is designed in a way that does not require the control box to get live pictures and videos of the pipe conditions. With the 4.3-inch monitor design, users can easily control the keys.

Slim and perfect waterproof sewer- The camera features a 0.33inch waterproof miniature inspection camera that allows nondestructive inspection of areas that are hard to reach like pistons, gears, valves, heating vents, among others.

High and enhanced 1080 resolution- This sewer camera uses a 2nd generation chip IPS screen waterproof IPS68 with enhanced stability and clarity. The 1080 resolution can inspect even minor defects inside the pipe and make a better-informed decision in repairing the pipe.

Zoom technology- This camera has added a 3x zoom in and 360-degrees picture flip to have a better viewing on the inspection than an older camera. Additionally, 6LED lights with 6500k powerful lights enable the camera to capture sharp images. Its high capacity 2800mAh battery allows it to work for an extended period of about 6 hours.

oiiwak borescope camera


  • 50 ft for more extended reach
  • The more comprehensive and perfect screen that is waterproof
  • 6 LEDs for ideal lighting
  • Easy and economical to use
  • Clear and stable images due to zoom technology
  • Super and enhanced resolution


  • The quality of the material is not good

6. DEPSTECH Dual Lens Industrial Endoscope

There are a few top-quality sewer cameras in the market; to know which of them is best isn’t that easy. DEPSTECH Dual Lens Industrial Endoscope is one of the few top-quality cameras with an upgraded dual-lens inspection camera you can trust. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, and it is also equipped with other great quality features that make it perfect for use.


Dual lens- This quality sewer camera has a dual lens with a split-screen that can be switched to view different angles of the pipe. The FOV 70 degrees button enables the endoscope to have a more comprehensive angle view even in a narrow pipe. It also makes it easy and convenient to use.

True color screen- DEPSTECH Dual Lens Industrial Endoscope has a wide upgraded 4.3-inch TFT LCD screen. The horizontal screen has a view angle of up to 170 degrees. The endoscope has a superior camera that captures 2.0MP images and 1080 HD fluent videos. Additionally, 7 LED lights with 2.0 techs allow you to have a clear view in every inspection.

Superior 2nd faster CMOS chip- The camera adopts a 2nd CMOS chip that helps to support the highest record frame rate and solve the picture delay. The rechargeable and high-quality battery enable the camera to work for about 5 hours.

High-quality industrial snake camera- The camera rotates at 180 degrees to have a better observation. There is also an IP67 waterproof and three adjustable brightness that helps to have a clear image even in dark areas. The front camera has a focal range of 3-8cm/ 1.2-3 inches with a side camera of 2-6 cm/0.8-2.4 inches.

Essential accessory- The camera has a 16.5ft long semi-rigid cable that can’t be bent and remains straight even in narrow places. There is also an inbuilt 32GB TF Card that helps to store more images and videos.

depstech dual lens industrial endoscope


  • Waterproof screen
  • High-quality snake camera
  • Excellent support and helpful accessories
  • Easy to set and operate
  • Bright LED lights that provide clear vision


  • The cable length is short

7. Teslong Dual Lens Sewer Inspection Camera

Teslong dual-lens sewer inspection is one of the best cameras that I highly recommend if you don’t have to look at the price. It helps you inspect the condition of the sewer system and shows you the area you need to repair. The features that have been installed in this sewer camera are incomparable to those of the same level.


Excellent dual camera- Unlike the other sewer camera, the Teslong dual endoscope features an additional HD camera and the main camera. You can easily switch views between the main camera and the side lenses with a button click. This enables one to conveniently view the pipe and capture details easily.

Long and convenient cable- Thanks to the 50FT long semi-rigid cable with a diameter of 8mm, it can be used in drain sewers that are long and even thin. The IP67 waterproof camera can extend up to 15 meters long. This makes it perfect for inspection of up to the hard-to-reach areas. 

Superior screen display- The 4.5inch IPS screen is perfect in a display of bright and natural colors that are clear to view from all angles. It also features an inbuilt solid 2500mAh battery that can work for an extended period of up to 5 hours. The 32G TF card supports AVI video and JPG image, and there are speakers and a microphone for recording purposes.

Ideal rotate and zoom- The camera features a 1.3X/1.5X zoom out and lets you get the perfect details on pictures from all angles. The 180-degree rotation is meant for flexible and stable viewing. There are LED lights that enable one to take clear and convenient images.

teslong 50ft endoscope borescope


  • Great dual camera with natural and bright colors
  • Takes Clear photos and inbuilt screen with the perfect size
  • Easy to use and control
  • Waterproofing is good
  • Long and semi-rigid cables


  • Instructions on how to use are not well spelled out.

8. Oiiwak Inspection Camera Dual-Lens Automotive Plumbing Industrial Endoscope

With the Dual-lens camera and a diameter of 8mm, this camera allows you to view all the directions in your pipe and move the cable to even hard-to-reach areas. The practical design of the camera will enable you to have a 360-degrees view and rotate it to ensure you are getting the correct picture.


Wide view camera- The endoscope has a side-facing camera that helps to make the camera more practical, especially when working on tighter and complicated areas. It can have a 90-degrees view of the pipe without removing the probe. With a one-shot button, you can easily switch the camera’s view.

Superior IPS screen- The 4.3 inch IPS screen of the camera helps to display brighter and more natural colors and presents clear images from all angles. The IPS is sturdy, efficient, and has an inbuilt 2800mAh lithium battery that is perfect and able to support it for four working hours.

Faster camera chip- Oiiwak Inspection Camera Dual uses the 2nd CMOS chip that captures 1080P HD fluent videos and 2.0P crisp images. It can switch very fast between the main camera and side camera to allow you to record and fully view the condition of your drain sewer.

Perfect lens- This camera has a waterproof lens with adjustable lights, which works in any dark or humid environment. The cable is stiff and can be used to progress to any tight space. There is a handheld screen with all buttons that are easy to operate. It also comes with a 32GB card for storage and can extend the length up to 5.

oiiwak inspection camera dual lens


  • Easy to use
  • Good video and image quality
  • Long cable length
  • A high-quality battery that lasts long
  • Waterproof and adjustable light camera


  • The sewer camera is not suitable for snaking every pipe.

9. DEPSTECH Dual Lens Inspection Camera

Do you want a user-friendly industrial/home use and extremely efficient endoscope camera? If yes, DEPSTECH Dual Lens Inspection Camera is your solution. This dual-lens camera is efficient and flexible, and quick to operate. Thanks to the 7 High-visibility LED lights that help illuminate lights even in the darkest areas to have a perfect and high-quality image.


Impressive 5″ IPS display- Having a 5-inch IPS screen enables Depstech DS500 professional camera to deliver high-quality and sharp video and images with their true color and easy to view. It is easy to operate since there is no need to connect it with apps, WiFi, or smartphones.

Top-notch dual-lens- With the 1080P HD lens, you are assured of a high-definition camera that has a broader view. The endoscope camera has a strong flashlight and 7- high-visibility LED lights that are bright, adjustable, and useful even in dark areas.

Easy to operate- This 16.5FT semi-rigid cable is detachable and flexible enough to bend for easy navigation. The high-quality 7.0mm diameter camera has an IP67 waterproof feature that allows it to reach all the areas within the drainage. Its ergonomic grip design makes it lightweight and easy to operate.

Broad use- This dual camera is a pro-level tool for any professional plumber or homeowner. The inbuilt 500mAh rechargeable battery provides a continuous inspection within the home for about 7 hours. There is also a 32GB TF card for video and image storage.

depstech dual lens inspection camera


  • Long and detachable semi-rigid cable
  • 7 Bright LED lights that is perfect in any environment
  • Long endurance battery


  • The cable length is short

10. Anysun Sewer Camera 100ft Snake Cam

If you are new with sewer cameras and stacked on which camera you should purchase, worry not. While other sewer cameras have short cables, Anysun provides you with a 100ft long snake camera that is perfect and easy to use in narrow underground pipes. The video and images of the camera are super clear and natural.


Broad and superior screen- This sewer inspection camera has an inbuilt 7-inch LCD color screen supported with remote control. Its 4500mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides an ideal long working hour of up to 8 hours. The camera can be used as underwater cameras, motor vehicle inspections, home appliances, sewer pipeline inspections, etc.

Top-notch IP68 sewer video camera- The sewer camera has a 0.9-inch diameter made from waterproof stainless steel. This makes it suitable for sewer pipes at 1-8 inches as it is super flexible to spring a length of 120mm for easy inspection. It also features a 12pcs High Light Adjustable LED light for easy live viewing of photos and video.

DVR Recording function- This waterproof video pipe inspection camera has a DVR recording function that can support an external SD card. There is an output port that you can connect with an AV cable with the display for easy monitoring and checks on the pipes.

Remote control support- The unique nature of this sewer camera is that it supports remote control for the screen. There are switch adjustments on it that you can use, like RAV1/AV2, among others.

anysun sewer camera 100ft snake cam


  • The perfect camera for HVAC pipe inspection
  • Excellent image quality
  • The camera is sturdy and durable
  • 100ft long cable length
  • A waterproof camera that can be used in any environment
  • It has a large LCD color screen for perfect image viewing


  • It is costly

Buying Guide

check car engine inside

It is not easy to get the best sewer camera today. There are several sewer cameras, and picking the best from many is not easy. However, if you consider the factors discussed below, you will be able to have the best device. The considerations include,

The Camera

One of the most vital things you need to look at in any sewer camera is the camera. This is because it is the one that will determine the video and image quality you will get. The camera needs to be of high quality and enable you to see everything in the pipe. There are two types of cameras, infrared and video cameras; despite being expensive, an infrared camera is the best option.


The screen of the camera is also essential because it is the one that will allow you to see the images or videos taken by the camera. The LCD and LED are the most common screens. You need to check which of the two suits you. The LCD seems expensive compared to LEDs, but all are good.

High-quality Battery

The quality of the battery in a sewer camera is vital because it determines the duration you will use your camera. Good sewer cameras need to have a high-quality battery of more than 2500mAh and be used for more than 4 hours. It should also be able to fit nicely on the camera.

Cable Length

The cable length is the distance between the camera and the screen. Sewer cameras with long cables tend to be better than those with short; they will be able to inspect a larger area on your pipe and enter into the areas that are hard to reach.

Video Quality

To have a high-resolution and clear video displayed on your screen when inspecting the drainage system is good. So, as you choose your sewer camera, choose those with a high resolution of about more than 720P. The higher the resolution, the clear and quality image, and video.


The sole purpose of a sewer camera is to inspect the underground drain pipes. Because of this, you need to choose a waterproof sewer camera to quickly see any problem without any hassle. It should be able to work in the snow or rain areas without any problem.

How to Repair Your Sewer Camera

Sewer cameras are affected when they either fall or are used for an extended period. When this happens, there is a need to repair it to have a perfect inspection of your drainage. The repair can be done by either a professional or carry it if you understand the steps needed to be followed. The major parts that need to be repaired are

Broken Push Rod

If your sewer camera push rod has broken, you need to re-term by cutting off the area with the problem and fixing it back. This will help to solve the stuck that was experienced when it broke.

Sewer Camera Head Repair

If there are issues with the sewer head or the light is not working, you need to carefully unscrew the head or the light and replace it with a new one. First, you need to clean the head with a clean cloth to make it perfect for use.

Camera Spring

The camera spring can also wear out with time, and therefore there is a need to replace it. If the camera is getting stuck, making the spring kink or stuck, you need to replace it with a new one.

These are the major areas that might have a problem with your sewer camera that requires some repair. However, the procedure of repairing each other is not easy. To avoid further damage to your sewer camera, take it to a professional repair to help you.


How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Sewer Camera?

The cost of a sewer camera ranges from one brand to another. The features that the sewer camera comes with and other high-quality features determine the cost of the sewer camera. However, the cost ranges from $100 to $1000.

How Much Does a Camera Snake Cost?

Generally, snake cameras are cheap because they are not accurate like others. The cost of a snake camera depends on the brand that one buys. The average cost of most of the devices ranges from $40 to $160.

Do Plumbing Snakes Have Cameras?

Yes, they are very small and flexible cameras attached to the cable, and the plumber will use them to get to the point where the clog is within the pipe.

What Are the Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe?

You can experience several sighs when your sewer drainage pipe is broken. The major commons are sewer gas odor, slow drain, blockages, mold problems, and many more signs. If you realize any of them, know that your pipe is damaged.

Can You Put a Camera Down a Shower?

Yes, all you need to know is that the sewer camera is a very small and flexible device that plumbers use to inspect drain lines in every area, even in the shower, sinks, toilets, and many other areas. They can be used anywhere.

How Do You Clean a Sewer Camera?

Cleaning the sewer camera is very easy; all you need is to avoid using oil cleansers because they will make the lens of the camera blur. All you need is to use a dry piece of cloth or cotton to gently wipe the camera’s head.


If you are a plumber and are looking for the best sewer camera, I am sure by now you can pick the best from the top 10 reviewed products. Every household has a different pipeline and requires a sewer camera that will fit in the pies.

If you are stuck, DEPSTECH Dual Lens Industrial Endoscope is the sewer camera. The dual-lens camera and large 4.3-inch screen make it the perfect option for me. Its camera has a superior tendency to capture top quality and fluent images and videos that clearly show the pipe’s conditions.

However, if you need to dig into the right camera, use the highlighted factors to scale out which of the sewer cameras available can meet your expectations. The sewer camera with many features qualifies to be the best sewer camera to buy.

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