Best Security Cameras Without Subscription in 2022 That Are Unbreakable

Best security cameras without subscription are a good way to save money without compromising your security. How would you feel if an intruder entered your home? But you didn’t even know about it? Wouldn’t you feel bad if you did not get a notification? Security cameras are meant to make you feel secure and lessen the chances of an intruder entering your property.

Many companies require you to pay an extra fee to store all the video footage via a monthly or yearly subscription. However, not all security cameras need you to pay a fee. So I decided to make a consolidated list of security cameras that are economically feasible and will provide most, if not all, of the features you’d get in a paid subscription. There is a comprehensive article; you can choose the best outdoor security camera without a subscription at a very affordable budget or convert them into a complete system step by step as per your budget.

Top Picks:

Top 8 Best Security Cameras Without Subscription Reviews

1. DCT Wireless WiFi Security Camera

The outdoor security camera wireless will only send a notification when it detects the targeted object and filters useless information. When choosing a monitor for your home or business, we want to ensure that you see exactly what you need when you need it. That’s why each of our monitors offers smart features to customize the viewing experience in your home. Our wireless security camera is easy to install, and they are easy to use.

Wireless Smart Battery Camera

Do you worry about what’s happening at home when you’re not there? Home security cameras can give you peace of mind at the office or in a different country. We’ve rounded up the best wireless outdoor home security cameras to give you flexibility and security. CG1 battery cameras are easy to set up; these wire-free security cameras will always protect your home.

Customized Activity Zones

This home security camera enables you to set up 3 activity zones for specific monitoring. Receive notification only triggered within the activity zone. Newly registered users enjoy 30 days trial of this feature.

AI PIR Motion Detection

With the built-in AI technology, the IP camera can distinguish humans, vehicles, and pets and send classified notifications. Newly registered users enjoy 30 days trial of this feature.

Flashlight and Siren Alarm

Besides receiving the instant alert messages, the white light will flash immediately with the siren going off. Also, it can be used as a floodlight for illumination manually.

Power Supply

This wireless camera can be placed both indoors and outdoor. You can use included USB cable to charge it or adopt a solar panel as an extra power supply so that you don’t need to charge it often.

2. Hiseeu WiFi Camera for Home Security

Hiseeu WiFi Camera is a smart home security system with motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio. It can be used indoors or out. When motion or human form is detected in the monitored area, it will sound alarms and light at night vision to deter burglary attempts. This camera is the perfect addition to your home security system. You can hear and speak more clearly than ever with an enhanced microphone and speaker. Its advanced infrared night vision and motion detection alerts keep your home safe and secure.

PIR Motion Detection

Equipped with 4-night vision lights, advanced PIR motion detection, and Built-in 130-degree wide-angle monitoring, this security camera is a good protector for your family and house property. When the PIR catches the motion, it will push an alarm notification to our phone app, and it begins to record at least 15 S after the motion is out of the detecting area.

Playback and Recording

Hiseeu C10 camera not designed for 7 days 24 hours record. Only record once the camera is detected. First, make sure that the camera has an SD card installed or subscribe to Cloud storage, and then turn on the motion detection function in the CloudEdge app. Then you can select the date you want to playback in the calendar of the history interface, and then you can watch the previous video.

Share the Camera with Your Family

We could invite other registered accounts to share this camera. Download the App on your friend’s phone and register a new account. Then share your cameras. The other phone can view the live video and playback.

Full color night vision

The battery-operated camera captures clear details in full high definition; you can get a colorful view with the spotlight, even at night. With High-power infrared lamp and dual-source white light should be enough to protect your property and family.

Two-way audio

This camera has a built-in waterproof microphone and speaker; You can hear and communicate with the person in front of the camera through CloudEdge App. As long as your camera is connected to your home WiFi, even if you travel abroad, you can view the situation at home through your mobile phone.

SD/Cloud storage

Support Micro SD Card Max to 128 GB. Get 7 days of cloud storage for free after activating the camera.

3. Nooie Outdoor Security Camera

The NOOIE outdoor security camera makes it easy to keep watch on your home and loved ones. With a quick, worry-free installation and simple controls, it’s a cinch to get started. And with live-streaming video on your phone, you’ll always know what’s happening at home. This WiFi security camera offers many excellent features. Its compatible with our 2.4GHz WiFi network, the video quality is clear and crisp, and it can be viewed on your smartphone or computer.

Motion & Sound Detection

Get real-time alerts wherever you are when motion or sound is detected. 24/7 live streaming.

Superior Night Vision

Twelve infrared LEDs (850nm) provide a clear, crisp picture up to 50ft (15m), even when it’s pitch black.

Unlimited Sharing

Share access to live streaming and video recordings to keep a close eye on your business or home.

Theft-Deterrent Alarm

Warn intruders with theft-deterrent alarm and capture incidents with continuous or motion-detection recording options.

Broader View

107° field of view with a 4mm focal length. The camera base rotates 360° around its axis and 80° vertically.

Easy Plug-and-Play Installation

Download the Nooie App from the Google Play or App Store. Create an account and then add the device. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

4. Nooie Security Camera Indoor Two Pack

Nooie Security Camera automatically senses and tracks the action in your home from any perspective; no need to manually adjust or mount multiple cameras. You can keep it running while you are away or at home. Nooie will alert you if any activity occurs. Nooie’s battery-powered design makes it ideal for indoor use, protecting your pets, keeping an eye on the kids, and more. The noise sensor will detect only human voices and sound, not machine noise. This feature can be used as a baby monitor to keep track of your children and pets when they are alone. Or you can use this camera as a pet cam to talk to and listen to your beloved pets all day.

Motion Tracking & Detection

With horizontal and vertical rotation, plus advanced algorithms that track motion, you can be in the center of the action even when it’s not center stage.

Night Vision

Two 940nm infrared LEDs provide a clear, crisp picture up to 32ft (10m) even when pitch-black.

Two-Way Audio

Listen and talk to family or pets from anywhere with a built-in anti-noise mic and speaker.

Unlimited Sharing

Share access to live streaming and video recordings with those who care.

Works with Alexa/Google Assistant

Voice control turns your home into your assistant.

Easy Plug and Play Installation

Download the Nooie App from Google Play or App Store. Create an Account, then Add a Device. Add Device can also be found by clicking the Control Center icon on the top right of the App home page.

5. Reolink Wireless Security Camera

Reolink Wireless Security Camera makes it possible to hear and speak through the security camera. With the built-in mic and speaker, you can easily communicate with your family or housemates while away from home without needing a bulky intercom system. This product combines the latest WiFi wireless technology with a day/night camera and an HD resolution to provide remote surveillance that you can view remotely using the free Reolink software. With this system, you can monitor your home, office, and more in real-time from any device capable of connecting to the internet.

Broaden Your View

You can easily scan every corner of the room. Never worry about losing track of them.

3MP Super HD Day & Night

See every move of your baby or pet clearly in low light.

Smart Motion Detection

You can monitor your house when you’re away by receiving real-time alerts.

Flexible and Secure Storage

Insert a micro SD card (up to 128GB) or connect E1 to Reolink NVR for local storage. It is also compatible with Reolink Cloud. Does not support browser access or FTP server recording.

Flexible Functions for Customizing

You can customize the recording schedule, motion detection sensitivity, and alarm voice according to your needs. Customize the camera to make it a little helper to guard your home security.

Live Viewing and Playback Wherever

Get live streaming, playback videos, and download live HD video at any time in two ways: Use Reolink App or Reolink client without an extra subscription fee. Up to 12 users can live to view the camera simultaneously.

Control Your Camera, Hands-Free

This security camera can work with a smart home. Just give a simple voice command; you’ll see the camera’s live feed on your smart home device.

Multiple Recording Options

It supports recording continuously when movement is detected or during the scheduled time. Supports up to 12 simultaneous video streams for family access sharing. Supports 24/7 monitoring when connected with Reolink NVR.

Two Way Talk

This baby monitor has a built-in mic and speaker. Use it to talk to your family even when you’re away from home.

6. ZEEPORTE Security Camera Outdoor

Give your home peace of mind with the wireless security camera outdoor. The world’s most advanced security camera, the ZEEPORTE Outdoor Security Camera is designed with the latest in video technology to capture images of intruders that are crystal clear. With a wireless design and room for multiple cameras, you can place it wherever you need 24-hour-a-day protection, indoors or out.

Long Battery Life and 100% Wire-Free

This rechargeable outdoor security camera, with a rechargeable battery that can use 1 to 6 months when fully charged, you can use it continuously without worrying. Relative to wired, this wireless security camera is no wires involved; it’s powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to place it anywhere without worrying about annoying wires.

1080P HD Image and Video

This outdoor security camera with 1080P HD resolution(1920*1080), and wireless outside security camera delivers incredible UHD quality pictures; you can enjoy clearer vision and video recordings than a 720P security camera.

1080P FHD Night Vision

The outside security camera, equipped with a 130° wide view angle, and the infrared lights can still record Full HD Live Video even in the dark, providing high-resolution 1080P images feedback and playback video.

PIR Motion Detection

This professional home security camera, equipped with advanced PIR motion detection, supports customized motion detection zones and real-time motion alerts via APP. After smart detect the unusual motion, it will automatically start recording to the micro SD card (NOT included, up to 128G), store videos, and playback of alarm events.

IP65 Waterproof

This WIFI outdoor camera can withstand temperature ranges from -4°F to 122°F, which means it can normally work, not affected by any bad weather. The wireless outdoor security camera will give your home peace of mind with continuous 24-hour protection.

Two-Way Audio

Built-in microphone and speaker, you can warn of thieves, screen visitors at your door, or communicate directly with your family or friends. Protecting your family and property from harm just by this simple app work without worries.

7. Wansview 1080P Wireless Home Security Camera

Wansview 1080P Security Camera with built-in microphone is a perfect choice for you who need to have a surveillance camera for your business or family. It can stream live video clearly, and the audio is good enough that you can have a clear conversation with your family at any time, anywhere, through your Wansview Cloud APP. If you have any problems, just click the button on the bottom of the camera.

Real-time Alerts for Safety

You will receive an alert message upon motion detected and click the message; you will be directed to the alert video to check what is happening and never miss any emergency case.

1080P High Resolution

Compared with 720P resolution, 1080P resolution gives you a clearer visual experience and helps you capture every detail. You can also zoom in/out to see everything in the room.

Wide Viewing Angle & Flexible Storage

Capture an entire room without panning or tilting, thanks to the 125-degree wide viewing angle and adjustable mount. All alarm video is saved to a micro SD card (up to 128GB, not included in the package) or to the wansview cloud server to prevent camera damage or theft.

Works with Alexa

With Wansview enabled on Alexa skills, you can command Alexa to show a live feed anytime. Check on the baby room, tell your dog to stop barking, or talk to your family through the Wansview cloud app.

See Clearly in the Dark & Two-Way Audio

Built-in IR-Cut ensures you see clearly day/night, 4pc invisible infrared lights never disturb your baby or pet during pitch night, night vision distance up to 5 meters. The built-in microphone and speaker let you stay in touch with your family.

Share Your Camera with Others

Wansview home camera supports 4 users to view simultaneously on iOS/Android Device or PC. Tap the ‘Settings’ button on the Wansview cloud app to invite family members to view the camera.

8. SOLIOM Security Camera Outdoor Wireless Battery Powered

SOLIOM camera outdoor is designed to provide security for homes, apartments, and offices. It can be used as an outdoor camera around your house, by the front door, garage, or backyard. With its advanced features, it can capture high quality pictures during the day and night. SOLIOM is a brand new security camera to protect your home or business. It is completely wireless and easy to install. The camera’s motion sensor sends notifications directly to your device, allowing you to check in on your property anytime. Stay safe and secure with this DIY solution – get the power of system integrators and a custom security installation without the extra cost!

Long-lasting battery life

B06 security camera with a rechargeable battery can use up to 1 to 6 months when fully charged; you can buy a compatible solar panel to sustain it.

Weatherproof Reliability

IP67 waterproof level is suitable for any place such as Shop, Home living room, Garage, Yard, anywhere you need it. The portable size is easy to carry.

Multiple Device & User Sharing

B06 wireless security camera system supports multiple users to view it simultaneously. Share happiness, and protect house property with the wifi camera.

Secure & Alternative Storage

Soliom users can use a micro SD card of up to 128GB or Cloud storage (A one-month free trial). All videos can be a replay or downloaded via the app.

What to Consider when Selecting the Best Security Cameras

camera for security


This is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a camera. You need an IP camera if you wish to capture high-intensity images at least in 720p. Don’t skimp on this step to ensure that your camera will capture a distinct, legible image.

Frame rate

This is also another crucial feature of a camera: the smoother the footage, the higher the frame rate. A motion picture is created by stitching together many still photos into a video. The less often a picture is taken, the choppier the video will be at lower frame rates. Real time is commonly measured in terms of 30 frames per second.


Security cameras come in a variety of forms. The most popular types include PTZ cameras, which allow for remote control of the field of view, dome cameras, which are frequently affixed to ceilings, and bullet cameras, which are the rectangular boxes you may see emerging from walls. Take into account which sorts of cameras will provide you the kind of footage you want with your system based on your security requirements and the location where you plan to install the cameras.


Certain security cameras are designed exclusively for indoor use, thus they won’t withstand Mother Nature as well as their outside counterparts. Buy waterproof cameras if you intend to use them outside. Otherwise, moisture or dirt will obstruct the clarity of your video feeds or, worse, could break the camera.


Many security cameras use low-light infrared (IR) photography, which enables them to record quality video even when it is dark outside. A camera’s ability to capture clear, detailed footage at night improves with its number of IR LEDs. Make sure your camera has enough of IR LEDs if recording video in the dark is important.


While some cameras barely pick up any audio, others do. Some even include two-way audio capabilities, allowing a viewer on the other end to speak with someone in the camera’s field of view.

Wired vs. Wireless Cameras: Which to Buy?

Both wired and wireless home security cameras are more effective than ever thanks to advances in technology. The choice is then which system best fits your lifestyle and your house.

Wired Security Cameras

If you don’t mind putting some effort into the front end for the long-term gain of system stability, a wired camera system can be the ideal option. Either you own the house or plan to live there for a long time. You’re skilled with implements and don’t mind making a few holes in walls. You’re alright with paying a company to install the wired system if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer.

Wireless Security Cameras

If you want flexibility and quick system setup, wireless or wire-free security cameras may be the ideal option for you. You might be concerned about its changes if you own or rent your house. Or perhaps you just don’t want to work hard by yourself. A wireless or wire-free system is especially desirable if you rent because it may follow you from home to the next.


Do security cameras require contracts?

Contracts are necessary for certain video surveillance services, but not all. Before making a purchase, consider this, especially if you plan to move your company’s location within the following year or if you don’t want to be bound by a contract.

How often are security cameras monitored?

Additionally, this is based on your subscription package and the provider. Professional 24/7 monitoring is offered by certain companies as part of your subscription, while others offer it either for an additional fee or not at all.

What are the pros and cons of security cameras?

Your level of security can be greatly increased by installing security cameras to guard your company against burglary, theft, infiltration, fire, and other hazards. Depending on your company’s requirements, they may be pricey, but generally, they are a good investment.

How long does footage stay on security cameras?

If you want a long-term backup copy of your data, you can pay for long-term or limitless storage, depending on your provider, or use external storage devices. For 14 or 30 days, many surveillance systems keep their recordings.

Final Words

We hope you found our review of the best security cameras without subscription useful. Everyone how important it is to have a great security system. And security cameras are a great way to keep your family and home safe. We hope this blog post has given you more information on the options available for home security cameras.

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