Best Security Camera Without Subscription

One of the best things for your protection is to purchase security cameras. research shows that more than 61% of internet users now use security cameras as home protection. It is also said that homeowners can reduce break-ins by up to 80%. Aside from being cheap, security cameras are effective and easy ways that do not require you to cause too much fuss around your house. For instance, while you may be away doing some activities, simply because you have installed these surveillance devices, any intruder will think twice before entering your property. importance of security camera.

What camera features are available free of charge?

Don’t worry if you think the best security cameras without a subscription will be terrible or worst, useless. Numerous possibilities that are worthwhile investments have been discovered. Take a look at our shortlist below to get a better idea of what you can still do with a security camera that doesn’t require a subscription.

Local Video Storage:

A lot of the cameras listed below feature local video storage that you may view even though you might not have access to cloud recording.

Smart AI

A handful of the cameras below contain artificial intelligence (AI) that can detect when humans or small animals are merely passing by so they don’t send you pointless notifications even without a subscription.

Live streaming of video:

Are you concerned about your pet while you are at work? If your camera supports two-way communication, which many do, you can even greet your domesticated animal companion while checking in on a live stream.

Best Security Camera Without Subscription Reviews

1. LaView Security Camera Outdoor

Founded in the City of Industry, California, in 2013, LaView has been focusing on innovations of high-end and consumer security and the smart home industry. LaView is dedicated to top-class R&D, recruiting the most innovative engineers, manufacturers and connecting the world’s top-tier and manufacturers. LaView’s products are marketed in more than 20 countries and regions.

USA Cloud Server

This security camera outdoor supports Cloud Storage and a Built-in MicroSD slot (1 Free SD card). The server is located in the US, and the server can avoid the risk of losing video clips, and ensure all your videos are safe and protected.

100% Wireless outdoor camera

LaView indoor/outdoor surveillance camera is totally wireless. There are no wires involved. So this model allows you to place it indoors and outdoors without worrying about annoying wires.

Full HD 1080P wifi camera

Featuring the latest chipset and image sensor, this wifi camera soaks in the entire scene, dynamically painting all the vivid colors and rich imagery, pixel by pixel, onto your computer screen or a smartphone in HD 1920x1280p resolution.

IP65 Waterproof

Outdoor cameras are IP65 Waterproof, the upgraded sealed design protects the camera from damage and keeps the attention of the surveillance area even in extreme weather.

Two-way audio

The home security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker allowing you to speak with people via the camera. It lets you speak to what you care about at any time.

Add your family member

You can also add 20 members, no one could access recorded videos in the camera without logging in to your APP account.

2. Eufy Security Solo IndoorCam C24, 2K Security Indoor Camera

Recommended Uses For ProductSecurity
BrandEufy security
Model NameT84001W1
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Wired
Special FeatureNight Vision

Your privacy is something that we value as much as you do. To start, we’re taking every step imaginable to ensure your data is private, with you. Whether it’s your newborn crying for mom or your victory dance after a game, your recorded footage will be kept private. Stored locally. With military-grade encryption. And transmitted to you, and only you. That’s just the start of our commitment to protect you, your family, and your privacy.

Know When You Are Needed

The built-in AI notifies you of excessive noise levels so you know when your little one needs some attention.

Instant Detection

As soon as motion is detected the camera will start recording and push a notification in case you want to see what is happening.

Activity Zones

Only receive the alerts that matter. Customize the area in which detection takes place to suit your home.

Sight at Night

Keep an eye on any room, even in low light settings.

Communicate From Your Camera

Speak in real-time to anyone who passes via the camera’s built-in two-way audio.

Instant Mobile Alerts

Notifies you in seconds when suspicious motions are detected.

Dual Storage Options

Store your data and recordings: locally with an extra SD card (not included) or in the cloud.

Recordings on the Go

Get instant access to your video footage right from your smartphone.

3. Wansview Wireless Security Camera

Recommended Uses For ProductSurveillance, Monitor Babies
Model NameHome Security Camera Baby 1080 P Hd Wansview Wireless Wifi For Pet Nanny Motion 2 Way Audio Night
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
Special FeatureHD Resolution, Night Vision, Motion Sensor

Wansview Q5 WiFi IP camera can be easily installed, connect the camera with 2.4G WiFi (5G is not supported), and you could place it on the table or hang on the wall, then enjoy smooth superb live stream footage directly on your smartphone via Wansview Cloud app (iOS and Android) anytime anywhere.

  • Superb live video day&night
  • Communicate with your love
  • Real-time motion detection alert
  • Works with Alexa, and enjoy peace of mind.
  • Note: This camera is not a Traditional Plug and Play Webcam.

1080P HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

You can see crystal clear videos with the 1080P HD camera. With a large wide-angle lens, pan, tilt and 4x digital zoom functions, you can remotely control the camera and monitor every corner of your home in real-time. You can preset favorite positions (up to 4) for rapid positioning.

Works with Amazon Alexa

Whether you are cooking, reading, or watching TV, just say “Alexa, show me the baby room” on Echo Show after enabling the wansview on Alexa Skills, you can always see what your child is doing. Wansview baby camera allows you to enjoy peace of mind.

Two-way Audio& Night Vision

Built-in enhanced microphone and speaker and invisible infrared LEDs, you can see, talk and listen to your love or scare off the unexpected person on the Wansview cloud app in real time even if you are not at home, which gives you peace of mind and 24-hour protection.

Real-time Alerts for Safety

Wansview security camera would snapshot and record 10-sec videos automatically when detecting motion. Alert notifications will be quickly pushed to your mobile phone, helping you keep your home safe in time. Alert videos can be saved to your local SD card and Cloud where you could review, download and delete them freely.

Multi-users & Multiple View

Wansview home camera supports 4 users to view simultaneously on iPhone/android phone, PC software, and tablet. You could share your camera with friends and family for good moments. Wansview cloud app can manage multiple cameras and display 4 live videos on one screen, helping you keep up with everything in your house.

SD Card & Cloud Storage

Wansview wireless security camera supports Micro SD card storage up to 128GB (videos can be replayed on a LAN network). Cloud storage to avoid the risk of losing footage from an SD card. You can log in the app to instantly pinpoint your footage through an intelligent timeline and play it back in seamless and brilliant quality (an SD card is not included! ).

4. Wireless Home Security Camera System

Recommended Uses For ProductSurveillance
BrandEufy security
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Wired
Special FeatureNight Vision, Motion Sensor
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor, Indoor

EufySecurity App

Use your smartphone for high-resolution live streaming of what eufyCam sees in real-time, and warn trespassers they’re on camera. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Works with Amazon Alexa

eufyCam works with Amazon Alexa for easy viewing and control of your surveillance. Cloud Storage Now Available: Now you can upload your video files to the cloud from the EufySecurity app.

IP-65 Weatherproof

Constructed from cutting-edge ASA composite material, eufyCam works perfectly in rain, freezing -4°F (-20°C) winters, or scorching 122°F (50°C) summers.

Night-Vision Enabled

Top-of-the-line Sony Exmor sensor, combined with a large f2.2 aperture, provides crisp and clear low-light footage in the evening.

Anti-Theft Alarm

A 100-decibel siren sounds with the volume of a jackhammer if the always-active accelerometer detects eufyCam is being forcibly removed.

Excellent optics

The 140° wide-angle lens provides a panoramic view, spanning from your driveway to the front door—with no spots missed.

Two-way Mounting

Every eufyCam E comes with a magnetic indoor mount for 1-second installation and an outdoor mount for a more permanent mounting location.

Military-Grade Security

Your data is for your eyes only. To access your recorded footage, you need to be logged on to HomeBase with the microSD card inserted.

5. SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera

Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
Item Dimensions LxWxH12.13 x 12.38 x 4.4 inches
Number of Channels9

Of the 126 million homes in America, only 20% have home security. At SimpliSafe, we’re changing that. Our goal is simple: to make homes safe for everyone, and not with false security, but with real protection. Our frustration-free DIY home surveillance system bundles have precise sensors to know the difference between a family pet and an unwanted intruder and are designed with long range sensors for entire home protection.

Simplisafe is for homes of all sizes and is built with unprecedented safeguards to keep your home protected against power outages, downed Wi-Fi, cut landlines, and physical attacks from hammers, bats, and more. This easy-to-use wireless system is full of surveillance products small enough to disappear into your home and provide blanket protection.

Breathe easily with proper protection at a safe and reasonable price. The 9-piece wireless Security bundle provides 24/7 security with a smash-safe keypad that is soft to touch, easy to use during the day and night, requires no plug (meaning you can place it anywhere), and will alert the police in case of attack. The base station is like your personal security guard: It sends alarm signals to the monitoring center with a built-in cellular connection, 24-hour battery backup, and a 95dB siren.

Each entry sensor (4 total) protects your doors and windows and is designed to disappear and blend into the background. The 2 motion sensors are designed for human detection, not pet detection. The simplicity gives you flawless HD video and audio streaming as well as a 120° field of vision day and night. Enjoy effective, contract-free 24/7 professional monitoring, and make sure your home is the safest place on earth.

6. Panasonic HomeHawk Window Home Monitoring Camera for Outdoor Monitoring

Recommended Uses For ProductSurveillance
Model NamePanasonic Homehawk Window Home Monitoring Camera with Color Night Vision, Wide Angle, Motion Detection, 1080P HD Video, Attaches to Any Window, Easy Setup, No Monthly Fee – KX-HNC500WPanasonic Homehawk Window Home Monitoring Camera with Color Night Vision, Wide Angle, Motion Detection, 1080P HD Video, Attaches to Any Window, Easy Setup.
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Special FeatureNight Vision, Motion Sensor

The Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW camera is a unique home monitoring video camera that allows you to monitor the outside of your home from the comfort of the inside. HomeHawk WINDOW adheres to your interior window via a powerful suction cup or double-sided tape, avoiding the need for drilling or elaborate set-up and providing natural protection from theft and the elements.

HomeHawk WINDOW provides clear, glare-free 1080p full HD recording around the clock with a 150° wide angle view and bright color night vision, ensuring you can always see everything clearly. A local microSDXC card (sold separately) backs up recordings without the need for monthly cloud fees or contracts. The HomeHawk WINDOW plugs into a standard interior wall outlet, so the camera has continuous power; never again will you have performance issues due to decreased battery life, or need to disconnect your camera in order to recharge.

HomeHawk’s Person Detection Technology, as well as its ability to customize detection areas, helps ensure you only get the alerts you need—no more unnecessary recordings due to a tree or car motion. With a sleek, discreet design, and its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, the powerful KX-HNC500 HomeHawk WINDOW camera blends seamlessly into your life, providing peace of mind with superior technology and an easy-to-use interface.

Person Detection Sees People

Person Detection and custom detection areas eliminate unnecessary alerts and only trigger recordings that matter.

Monitor Anywhere, Anytime

With the HomeHawk app, you have 24/7 access to live camera feed or recordings, any time, from anywhere. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Never Lose Charge

Plugs into an AC outlet so you’ll never have to worry about the battery running out or recharging

Monitor Pets Too

Get an up-close view of fish, snakes, iguanas, turtles, and other pets in a tank enclosure when you’re away from home

How to pick the finest security camera for your home

Law Enforcement And Personal Privacy

Unless required to do so by a court order, security camera companies often won’t share video with law enforcement. However, certain businesses, most notably Ring and Nest, have policies that allow them to release videos without the owner’s knowledge or approval if they believe the incident to be urgent.

You have a few alternatives if you don’t want your video to be shared without your permission. Without a search warrant or court order, Arlo and Wyze do not divulge user information. Eufy cameras and cameras that use Apple’s iCloud for storage store user footage using end-to-end encryption, making it impossible for them to give user film to law police even if they wanted to. On some Ring devices, you may also enable end-to-end encryption, but doing so will deactivate a number of additional Ring camera features.

Outdoors or Indoors?

The first thing you should decide when looking for a home security camera is whether you want to put it inside or outdoors. On the exterior of your home, only cameras made to resist the elements should be installed.

Battery- or Wired-Powered?

You must also choose whether you want a battery-operated device or one that requires a plug for both inside and outdoor cameras. The former needs less installation time but requires periodic battery replacement or recharge. (Some businesses also produce solar panels, which can further increase the lifespan.) The latter may necessitate drilling holes into your wall or installing an outlet, but you won’t have to worry about it later.

Video Quality

Purchase only security cameras with 1080p or higher resolution. Some cameras are even capable of recording in 4K, which not only results in significantly better resolution but also allows you to zoom in while maintaining clarity of details.

Cloud versus local video storage

Consider the amount of video storage that each home security camera provides as well. Most will allow you to keep videos in the cloud, although many charges a monthly fee to do so. Some cameras offer memory card ports so you can save videos locally, but if the camera is stolen, your recordings are also lost. Check out our comparison of the top storage plans for home security cameras.

Detection of People, Animals, And Vehicles

You can receive better notifications about what’s occurring with a camera that can differentiate between humans, animals, and automobiles; you won’t need to open the camera’s app every time it detects something.

Options For Floodlights Or Spots

Some outdoor security cameras come equipped with spotlights or floodlights, which not only improve the camera’s ability to view objects, but also provide you the ability to see outside your home when it is dark.

Home Automation Compatibility

Most security cameras will partially or fully function with Alexa or Google Assistant. (Less HomeKit support) This implies that you can connect them to other smart home gadgets so that the camera will automatically switch off when you arrive home or start recording if a motion detector detects something.

Some cameras even allow you to view a live stream from the camera by connecting to a smart display, such as an Echo Show 8. Although not essential, having this capability will save you from having to use your phone to view what’s on the camera.

Final Word

Bottom line, the Nest Cam is one of the best in-home cameras and is definitely a smart buy. It has all the features that you could want in a security camera and will allow you to determine when and where to spend money because it alerts you when there is activity. It records 24/7, doesn’t require a subscription, and can be accessed directly from your phone. Check out this Nest Cam review to learn more before making a purchase.

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