Best Scrapbooking Pens: Top 10 Picks

Investing in the right and correct pens is vital for successful and creative scrapbooking enthusiasts. Most people who love scrapbooking understand that they must use the correct instruments to express their innovative thoughts on scrapbook paper.

Scrapbooking is an excellent hobby for those individuals who like capturing details of their daily life in scrapbooks. To make your memories appear beautiful, there is a need for a scrapbook pen investment. With the best scrapbooking pens, you can express your freedom using different styles, ink textures, and colors.

With many scrapbooking pens on the market, it is not easy to know which scrapbooking pen is best. The best pens need high-quality ink with the best pigment that doesn’t bleed your pages. The pen tips should also be versatile to allow you to capture all the details.

With our long experience with scrapbooking pens, we decided to compile a list of the ten best scrapbooking pens available in the market. Our list comprises pens with top-quality tips, inks that don’t bleed the paper easily, and easy to hold comfortably. They include

Top Picks: 5 Best Scrapbooking Pens

Best Scrapbooking Pens- Buying Guide

1. Dyvicl Metallic Marker Pens

Dyvicl Metallic Marker Pens are among the best pens for craft decorating, scrapbook writing, drawing, and writing pens. The pens have environment-friendly pigments that are not only acid-free but also non-toxic. The brilliant metallic sheen stands out both on dark and light surfaces.


Excellent vibrant metallic colors- The pens come in 10 vivid colors to choose from Dark Red, White, bronze, green, blue, gold, light green, black, purple, and silver. The pens are ideal for adding sparkle and embellishments to various craftworks. When the pen is used on white paper, they appear transparent, but when they dry, they become opaque.

Top-class ink quality- The pens are made from world-class xylene-free opaqwith excellent paper coverage paper. The ink is safe, odorless, non-toxic, and acid-free. The watercolor ink is fade-resistant and stable. It also flows smoothly when writing and dries significantly faster.

Perfect medium pen tip- Dyvicl Metallic Marker Pens has a medium marker tip of 2.0mm line with large areas. This pen tip size makes the metallic pen ideal for drawing, paper crafts, DIY crafts, etc. The metallic markers for black paper can be used on various surfaces like cardstock, wood, and rock. The pens don’t require one to shake them when using, and ink flows automatically when writing.

dyvicl metallic marker pens


  • Made of non-toxic and acid-free chemical that is environment friendly
  • Medium-sized pen tip that is perfect for coloring and writing
  • Smooth flow of ink
  • The ink is fade resistant
  • Ink dries quickly
  • Multiple pens with various colors


  • It is only appropriate for paper writing and not ideal for other media.

2. JR.WHITE Metallic Marker Paint Pen

If you are looking for pens to use in a group of projects or directly write on your canvas, then JR.WHITE Metallic Marker Paint Pens are the perfect option for you. With the ten assorted metallic colors and high-quality German watercolor-based ink, you will make your scrapbook look amazing. The best thing with these pens is that you can use them on multiple surfaces and get the best quality you need.


Perfect on various surfaces- J.M White metallic pens are designed to be used in various crafts and art surfaces. The pens can be used in rock painting, card making, scrapbooks, mugs, ceramics, glass, etc. The pens mark easily on dark and light surfaces with permanent inks.

Multiple vibrant glitter pens- This pen comes with ten vivid metallic colors that one can choose from. The pen ink is acid-free, assorted colors, and provides rich inks that can be used on black paper. This water-based ink is acid-free, opaque, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Medium pen tip- These metallic markers have a medium-sized pen tip that measures 2mm. The pen tip is smooth and firm and allows ink to flow easily. This makes the markers perfect for scrapbooks, albums, and black paper writing. It is the best gift for students, scrapbook makers, and artists.

jr white paint markers pens metallic


  • It is non-toxic hence ideal for children to use
  • Ten vibrant glitter colors
  • Firm metallic pen tip
  • Quality ink that is fade resistant
  • Opaque and quick to dry ink
  • Perfect on multiple surfaces


  • The ink runs out faster compared to other pens

3. Metallic Marker Pens Dual Tip 10 Colors Metallic Pens

I like INKLAB Dual Tip Metallic Markers because of the complete set of ten high-quality pens with pretty colors like purple, green, gold, bronze, black, and others that provide a comprehensive option for selection. This color gives you the innovations and thrills required when writing. The pen tips from these pens are designed uniquely to be used on various surfaces.


Excellent dual-tip- The pen has a unique dual tip design with brush and medium tips for creating bold marks, fill shapes, and clean lines. The medium pen tip is durable and firm hence perfect for drawing bold marks and lines. The brush tip is ideal for creating bold strokes of 0.38-5 mm. It also produces thinner detailed lines hence suitable for coloring and filling shapes.

Top-quality metallic pen- The pen is made from excellent water-based opaque ink that is safe and conforms to the ASTM D4236 standards. The ink is eco-friendly, non-toxic, fade-resistant, and quick-drying, and it has a strong coverage that adds embellishment to many crafts.

Perfect with many surfaces- The INKLAB dual-tip pen is a great pen that works well on various surfaces like plastic, wood, card stock, mug, glass, wood, metal, and also perfectly on black or dark surfaces. The tip has a consistent ink flow from every pen and no need for shaking it.

Top-quality vibrant colors- With the ten vibrant colors of the pen, you have a comprehensive option for a selection of colors that fits your need for your art or craftworks. It is designed to write on a black surface. Although it appears transparent when applied, it becomes opaque quickly because it dries very fast. The major colors are red, light green, purple, black, bronze, gold, silver, black, white, red, and green.

ink lab metallic marker pens


  • Eco-friendly ink that dries quickly
  • Dual metallic pen tips that are perfect for various surfaces
  • Full metallic and robust colors
  • It doesn’t bleed the papers
  • Water-based ink that is fade resistant and odorless
  • Vibrant colors that are perfect for scrapbook designs


  • It doesn’t do well with wood

4. Guang Metallic Calligraphy Marker Pens

The Guangna Metallic Marker has 12 different colors made for marker collectors, artists, and calligraphists. The pen set is a unique and flexible soft brush ideal for wide application and smooth flow of ink from the pen. The 12 vivid metallic colors have a top-quality ink that is odorless, non-toxic, water-based, and fade resistant.


Premium waterproof water-based ink- The Guangna Metallic pens have high-quality, waterproof ink, bleed paper, and flow smooth writing. The ink is formulated in a long-lasting, quick-to-dry, and eco-friendly way. The ink has SDS certification and is, therefore, safe for use.

Fine artistic metallic brush pens- These fine metallic tips are flexible with rich colors. The markers have a wide use as it allows ink to flow just like the paintbrush. The tip is a uniquely soft brush and can be used in coloring and painting. It can also be used as a calligraphy pen that makes your work colorful.

Perfect for many surfaces- The soft brush tip makes it a perfect option for various surfaces. It can be used in lettering, taking notes, designing calligraphy crafting a scrapbook album crafts. The 12 assorted colors are thin, making them easy to hold and use. The colors are red, blue, purple, silver, white, orange, rose red, gray, green, brown, light green, and gold.

Special metallic luster- With high-quality ink and smooth and strong ink flow, the artwork from the ink is top-notch and eye-catching hence suitable for black paper. Its color-coded caps are well organized, making it easy to select the color to use quickly.

guangna metallic calligraphy marker pens


  • The ink doesn’t bleed or wet the paper.
  • Durable ink pens that can be used on various surfaces
  • Excellent artistic metallic tip with smooth ink flow
  • It comes with 12 special assorted colors
  • Perfect cap that organizes the pens for easy use


  • Not ideal for professional use

5. Nicecho, Metallic Markers Pen

Do you need a top-quality scrapbooking pen with a good number of colors? If yes, the Nicecho Metallic marker pen is the ideal pen for you. The set features 26 different color pens that can extremely do wonders in creating artistic scrapbooks, drawings, journals, and planners. These ink pens’ actual colors are actually of another level, with the white pen looking transparent, but it is opaque when it dries.


Multiple metallic colors- The pen set comes with 26 unique and vivid color pens that you can use to create your imagination ideas for the scrapbook. The pens are perfect for drawing, doodling, writing, and decorating. They give you room to make your crafts appear colorful and more attractive.

Unique non-slip design- As opposed to the other metallic pens, these pens have an added small particle on the cap to make them easier to open. This makes the pen have a smooth ink flow to the tip, letting you write smoothly without shaking them whenever using them.

Top-quality ink- The premium quality ink is acid-free and non-toxic. The pen tip is durable and allows you to make great bold marks and colors easily on dark papers. The safety standards of the ink have also been catered in that you can use the pen freely without any fear of harm.

Multiple application- The ink of the being, as we have said, is top-class in that it is waterproof, dries quickly, and is fade resistant. This makes it easy to have a spark and has a good effect on most surfaces when it is used, like customized mugs, ceramics, metal, glass, plastic, cardboard, scrapbooks, and others.

nicecho metallic markers pen


  • Excellent ink that is bright and sparks
  • Dries up faster
  • This is fade-resistant and waterproof
  • It can be used on multiple surfaces
  • It comes in 26 different colors


  • There are some issues with the pen tips

6. Super Squiggles Shimmer Pens

Super Squiggles Shimmer Pens is a top-quality pen that helps you to add flair to scrapbooks. The most exciting thing about this brand is that its quality has been proven now and then. The unique automatic dual lines help provide exceptional coverage that allows you to express your work creatively.


Twelve colors automatic dual lines- This water-based metallic silver pen features 12 vibrant colors borders that are best and suitable for most surfaces. The pens are ideal for letter writing, poster making, craft supplies, Easter egg painting, and greeting cards, among many others. The major colors are green, red, silver, light blue, lemon yellow, red, orange, purple, rose red, sky blue, pink, and yellow.

Unique super squiggle outline pens- if you want to have an outline on your painting, why not try metallic outline pens, which provide a dual-line in your craft. The pen’s interior has different colors that help create a super double-color effect.

Eco-friendly and fast-drying- The metallic pen features a robust ultra-fine nylon nib of 1-2mm medium tip that is perfect for smooth ink flow. The superior water-based ink is xylene-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless, acid-free, and non-toxic. The ink dries faster; this makes it a perfect pen for artists, students, adults, professional designers, and students.

Easy to use- Unlike the other scrapbook pens, Super Squiggles Shimmer Pen is easy. Since they are well arranging in a cap, it is easy to take the color you need and shake it first before you begin writing. The pen’s ink is perfect when used on light color cardboard paper with 80gsm and above.

xfssfwb super squiggles shimmer pens


  • Unique Automatic double lines
  • Durable and Easy to use
  • Multiple colors in one set
  • Water-based and eco-friendly ink


  • It needs one to shake before using

7. Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

If you want to make each of your scrapbooks look magical, the 30 colors Gel Marker pen is the best choice. The pens create a shimmering effect on the scrapbook that will last for a long period. The super-smooth tip size is perfect for coloring, and the ink is acid-free and fades resistant. These pens’ fast-drying ink and smooth ink flow make them ideal for various surfaces.


Ideal multiple pen Gel- This set features 30 vivid and classic color pens grouped into five ink types, i.e., 6 Fluorescent, four classics, six metal, 6 Glitter, and 6 Pastel colors. These Aen Art gel pens have endless possibilities and, therefore, can use to meet many of the coloring needs.

Top-quality artistic tip- The gel pen has a soft grip and 0.8mm-1mm robust tip, making the pen have a smooth glide compared to others. The pen colors scrapbooks precisely with the tiny details that make them attractive. If you want to express your creativity and imagination in a scrapbook, you need to think about this pen.

Durable and long-lasting- The upgrade pen comes with enough ink that is 40 percent more and therefore can color many pages compared to the first one. The colorful pens are easy and comfortable to hold when doing your artwork. It is perfect for drawing, journaling, note-taking, crafting, and doodling.

High-performance ink- The ink quality in these gel pens is of another level. The ink is fade-resistant, doesn’t bleed, is acid-free, non-toxic, and can use by kids. The smooth pen allows you to enjoy the smooth application on various surfaces like coloring books, DIY letters, arts crafts, school projects, etc.

gel pens for adult coloring books


  • Multiple 30 Gel pens with different colors
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Vibrant colors that are easy to glide
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Acid-free and fade-resistant ink


  • It smears some surfaces

8. 32-Color Neon Glitter Pens Fine Tip, Taotree

Do you need multiple pens with fine tips? As the name implies, the Taotree Glitter gel pen creates fine lines on your artistic work more than you may have expected. This brand has been tested and proved to be a top-quality pen with 32 vibrant colors and high-quality water-resistant ink perfect for many surfaces. There are 18 Glitter pens and 14 Neon-Glitter pens that are long-lasting and great for coloring.


Perfect 32 multiple colors- This set pen features 32 vivid colors glitter gel pens with 14 neon glitter and 18 glitter pens with a strong and long-lasting ink. The great glitter pens are ideal for adults’ book coloring and girls’ and kids’ color.

Perfect pen tips- These smooth gel pens have a fine point tip of 0.7mm-1.0mm. This makes it easy to produce smooth, fine lines perfect for artwork. It also makes the pen ideal in bullet journals and adult coloring.

Comfortable and easy to hold- These glitter pens are designed to have a comfortable grip that makes them easy and comfortable to hold when writing, drawing, art design, scrapbooking, journaling, crafting, doodling, etc.

Superior ink- Just like other top-quality scrapbook pens, the ink of Taotree glitter gel pens is non-toxic, acid-free, skip and fade resistant. It doesn’t smear the papers, making it a perfect pen for party invites, DIY decorations, kids coloring, greeting cards, and letter making. The satisfaction with the pen is 100% guaranteed.

taotree glitter gel pens


  • High-quality ink compared to others
  • Do not smear easily
  • It has a perfect design that is comfortable and easy to hold
  • Multiple colors included
  • Water-based ink that is fade resistant


  • It is very light; hence not easy to control

9. Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Set

Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pens is one of the best known for their writing effect on the scrapbook and the high number of pens in each set. This set of 100 Gel pens for adult coloring is perfect for drawing, journals, scrapbooks, artwork, and more. It also has a cool, unique design in every pen with amazing color effects that can stand out among many.


Superior pen tips- Castle art supplies have fine point tips that allow smoothly free-flowing ink from the pen. The superior ink has a quick-drying effect, is acid-free, doesn’t smear surfaces, and is fade resistant. It allows you to enjoy your creativity and imagination ideas confidently when writing.

Great design- The Castle pens are curated with top-notch artists to deliver a range of dazzling spectrums of colors and great impacts on scrapbooks. The major color effects impacted are metallic, neon, swirl, pastel, and glitter. This makes the pen useful for crafters, note makers, doodlers, card creators, and colorists.

Multiple quality pens- The Castle art supplies come with 100 pens that are well arranged in a gift-worthy box for easy use. The variety-packed gel pen set is uniquely organized in 4 fold-out stand-up sections that enable one to pick his pen from there easily.

Sensational ink- These comfortable feel pens have intensely pigmented colors that are pure, non-toxic, non-smear, and quick to dry. The fine tip of the pen allows smooth ink flow from the smart tips. The pen ink is eco-friendly and can use by any person.

castle art supplies gel pens


  • 100 different colors that are of high quality
  • Writes smoothly on various surfaces
  • Fantastic ink quality that dries fast


  • Inconsistent in colors

10. MIT 33 Color Gel Pen Fine Point Colored Pen Set

Transmit Gel pen sets provide 33 multiple pens with different colors. These colors in the set are perfect for making scrapbooks, coloring, drawing, and lettering. With various pens like metallic, pastel, neon, and glitter, you are assured of a top-quality outcome.


Smooth ink flow- Each of the Tinmit pens is designing in a comfortable way that one holds them easily. The soft grip allows ink to flow smoothly when coloring. The upgrade is 40% more inks that last long without refilling. The smooth flow nature of the ink makes the pen ideal for scrapbooking, drawing, etc.

High-performing fine tip- The tinmit gel pen set has 33 pens classified into metallic, glitter, neon, classic, and pastel gel pens. The set has pen tips of 0.8mm for drawing pens and 1.0mm for metallic and glitter pens. These gel pen tips have perfect lines that write letters, make greeting cards, DIY d├ęcor, etc.

Bright ink- This coloring gel pen has multiple distinct colors that are acid-free, safe, and non-toxic for skins. The color brings joy to everyone who loves printing and scrapbooking. The ink dries faster and can be used by both kids and adults.

tanmit 33 color gel pen


  • Non-toxic and acid-free ink
  • It comes with various colors that provide multiple effects
  • It doesn’t bleed papers; hence neat for use
  • Water-based ink that is fade resistant


  • Some pens get broken easily

Buying Guide

make scrapbooking with pen

There are plenty of scrapbooking pens available in the market today. Despite that large number, it is tricky for one to choose the best pen that meets their needs. However, if you are well-informed about the features to look at, it will be easy to pick the best pen that meets your needs. Here are the things to check on your scrapbooking pens

Ink Quality

The nature and quality of the ink in a scrapbooking pen are vital factors to consider. Some pens have inks that are odor, bleed the paper, and take time to dry. There are also other pens whose inks are prone to fade when exposed to given conditions. Such links are dangerous to our health and, therefore, not ideal. The best scrapbooking pen should have inks that are non-toxic, odorless, fade-resistant, and acid-free.

Scrapbook Pen Tips

The scrapbook pen brush tip size is also an essential factor when you want to create outstanding artwork. In most cases, pens with thick tips are difficult to control, and they are prone to smearing and paper bleeding. Pens with a well-designed thin tip are essential in coloring and writing small marks. Therefore choose the best pen with thin tips over the one with thick brush tips.

Easy to Use

The best scrapbooking pen needs to provide maximum comfort when writing. The grip should be able to glide easily on the paper. Choosing a pen with a body and design that matches your needs and preferences is good. It should also allow you to grip it easily for easy writing control.

Pen Type

The calligraphy felt tip and gel pens are the most common scrapbooking pens. Each of these different pens have distinct use. For instance, felt pens are good for even marking the surface but are not suitable for shading. It is good to choose the pen that will match the outcome you need depending on the tip size and vividness of the pen ink.

Paper Used

Scrapbooking pens are not ideal for all papers. Those pens work well in a given paper type and not on all surfaces. For example, gel pens are not perfect for thin paper because they bleed it. Check on the papers that your scrapbooking paper is compatible with and check if it matches your paper. Pens compatible with many paper types are ideal, so you need to buy them.

How to Make a Scrapbook?

cutting paper for make scrapbooking

You need to follow various steps if you want to make a scrapbook in your place. They include

Step 1. Brainstorm on a Theme

The first step is to think about the Scrapbook you need to have. You have a specific idea or theme you need to place on your scrapbook supplies.

Step 2. List the Stories

There might be a need to list the small stories you want to tell and save them on the Scrapbook in some themes. But if you are working on a specific them no need for this step.

Step 3. Image Selection

Choose the photos you would like to be in your theme. If you do not have a story to write, choose images that will tell a story in your Scrapbook.

Step 4. Element Placement

Set a good and consistent layout design if you want to have a unified look on your Scrapbook.

Step 5. Crop, Mat, and Adhere Your Images

If there is a need for photo cropping, ensure that the cropping has desired sizes.

Step 6. Page Title

A page title helps to support your topic and theme; you can do it through handwriting or add swirls that make the title look decorative.

Step 7. Journaling

Journaling helps you to tell your story perfectly. With journals, choose words, captions, heartfelt letters, quotes, and lyrics that help to support your story.

Step 8. Dress Up With Embellishments

An embellishment helps in enhancing decorative dimensions. Try adding or gluing embellishment on the layout to improve your creativity and imagination.

Step 9. Protect and House the Layouts

If you have done with your scrapbook page, protect it under the scrapbook album you have selected to avoid being damaged.

How to Store Scrapbooking Supplies

Storing scrapbook supplies is vital because it allows you to be using them for an extended period while maintaining their top-quality performance. The storage is not about taking the scrapbook supplies to a given area. No, care and organization of the supplies are required. Here is how to store

Set up the ideal space-The first step toward storing scrapbook supplies is to set up an area or space they will be stored. This can be in a corner within your room, be on the closet, or in any ample space within your room.

Designate the space- the size doesn’t matter but how you have set your table from your working area is vital. Sort your scrapbooking supplies and designate them to the specific area you have set aside to store them.

Label the closet- If you have set aside the closet as the area of storage, the label is to make it appear more decent. This will show how your work is organized and how you care for your supplies. It is good to keep kids off the area to not interfere with the stored scrapbook supplies.


Can You Use Alcohol Markers for Scrapbooking?

Yes, alcohol markers can also do well in hand-lettering, scrapbooking, and other creative artworks. They work well with various surfaces like canvas, paper, glass, wood, etc. They are versatile in that they make the best alternative, although they aren’t that durable like inks.

Can Sharpies Be Used for Scrapbooking??

There is limited information on whether sharpies are good in scrapbooking because some argue that they deteriorate materials because of their solvent nature. They are some of those who use sharpies on their artwork, but they aren’t sure how long it will last. Honestly, sharpies aren’t ideal with scrapbooking.

Can You Write on Scrapbook Paper??

Yes, scrapbook paper allows you to print text on it and print clip art images and pictures directly to the paper. Some standard scrapbook papers have a size of 8 x 8 inches which allows you to print small size text and pictures on them.

Can You Write on Scrapbook Paper?

Gel pens are a perfect solution with Scrapbook because they have bright, vibrant, and unique colors of various styles. They are also acid-free and non-toxic markers that are safe for use and most preferred by many artists in scrapbooking.

Which Pen Ink Lasts Longest?

The pen’s durability depends on several factors that come with the pen ink. Ballpoint pens are said to have ink that lasts for long because the ink is thick, and the pen tip is thin in that it uses less ink when writing. However, thick inks are prone to clumping and require one to apply more pressure when writing.

Which Is Better, a Pencil or a Ballpoint Pen?

Pencils are made of wood with a good grip and graphite point that provides good friction when writing compared to ballpoint, which is smooth but slides on the paper. Pencils also have a dense writing point compared to ballpoint, making them steadier when writing than the pen.


The descriptions and list of the best scrapbooking pens reviewed above is a good guide that helps you choose the best scrapbook pens that meet your skills and needs. Yes, several scrapbook pens are available on the market, but not all of them can address your needs. However, if you consider a pen that meets the factors that are based on your preferences, you will pick the best pen.

As an enthusiastic artist, you need to choose an excellent scrapbook pen that will help you express your creative ideas. A top-quality pen that balances color and other top-quality features make a big difference in the artwork.

The above lists of scrapbook pens reviewed offer you excellent writing, coloring, drawing, scrapbook writing, and artistic experience that you can’t regret. Picking any of the pens is the first clear step towards success. Do not hesitate if you need a pen with the best ink and design.

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