Best Scanner for Multiple Pages – Buying Guide

Scanning many documents can be quite a challenging task if you have to flip the pages and do all the ‘heavy lifting’ of various documents yourself.

This is why if you enter into any professional photocopying and scanning shop, you will see the worker there have a grim expression on their face if you present them with a bunch of paperclipped documents.

Their face says: ‘this means flipping through pages manually…‘ and they probably aren’t too happy about it.

That said, no number of paperclipped pages will present a problem for a scanner that’s got an automatic document feeder!

In this article, we’re going to present to you ten different scanner models, so you can find the best scanner for multiple pages that would answer your needs in the best way.

Without further ado, here’s the deal.

Our Favourite Best Scanner for Multiple Pages

Top 10 Best Scanner for Multiple Pages- Buying Guide

1. Fujitsu – SnapSnap iX1500

If you look at this scanner that is the best scanner for multiple pages, the first thing that will catch your attention would certainly be the large touchscreen.

Using this LCD panel, you will be able to quickly browse through different sections of this model’s software – from setting this thing up wirelessly to navigating around various cloud services such as Dropbox, for example.

Important Features

Two Connectivity Options

When it comes to setting up a computer periphery such as a scanner, the deal used to be pretty much straightforward until only a couple of years ago.

You would get a USB cable, connect the scanner to a computer, and go through the setup Wizard.

Nowadays, however, an increasing number of devices have multiple connectivity options, so the USB has not been the only one for some time now.

When this Fujitsu model is in question, you can connect it to a computer the old-fashioned way, via USB.

On the other hand, you can also connect it via Wi-Fi, which takes any pesky cables out of the equation.

No Computer Required

For scanning documents, saving them, or even uploading them to a cloud of your choice!

This model has a display with a touchscreen function you can use and a sophisticated ‘brain‘ with a bunch of features that will make scanning multiple pages quick and easy.

So, you don’t even need a computer to use this thing.

Of course, you can always connect a computer or some other device with documents that might need scanning, but other than that, if you don’t want to have to turn your computer on every time you want to scan something – you don’t need to!

LCD Screen with Touchscreen Capabilities

Whether it’s setting up scanning parameters, saving your files to a cloud or some other place, or sharing your freshly scanned files with some other user, you can all do it using this touchscreen display.

For example, if you want to scan your ID card, all you need to do is do some touchscreen-tapping to set up this scanning task, do the scan, and then save it or do whatever else you want with it.

You can do all of this by just using this display, without having to get your computer or any other device involved at all!


  • Can scan without a PC or any other device
  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Can scan ID cards, documents, business cards, photos, receipts, and other papers
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen
  • ScanSnap manager available
  • It comes with an automatic image cleanup option


  • Fairly expensive

2. Canon – imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner for PC and Mac

Scanning non-orthodox paper and other similar material formats can be a challenge if you don’t have a proper scanner for the task at hand.

With this scanner model, on the other hand, this can be an excellent solution because this thing can easily take care of all sorts of scanning tasks – from ID cards to receipts and photos.

Of course, the regular A4 documents are a piece of cake to scan, too.

Important Features

Simple Setup

That you can complete even if you’ve never used a printer or a scanner before.

All you need to do to start the setup process is connect this scanner to your computer using a USB cable and follow the instructions from the setup Wizard.

After you’ve completed the setup, you can use any of the several useful pieces of software that come with this thing to get the best scans and get them quickly, too!

Windows & Mac

If you’re a Mac user or routinely use both PC and Mac, the fact that this printer can be used on both of these operating systems will be great news for you!

Canon also made sure to provide special software for Mac and Windows users, so regardless of which platform you prefer, you will be able to use this scanner to the fullest extent.

Quick Scanning

Thanks to the innovative feature inside this scanner that allows you to scan a document from both sides simultaneously, the time you spend scanning individual documents manually will be halved.

Add to this the fact that the speed of this scanner amounts to some 40 pages per minute, and you can see that this model can help you go through a lot of documents and do so quickly.

One other thing – this model also has an automatic feeder that can house up to 60 sheets.

So, no manual page feeding + easy, one-button operation for quick and high-quality scanning results!


  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Can scan business cards, receipts, papers, and other documents
  • Simple setup via a USB cable
  • It comes with bundled software for both Windows and Mac systems
  • 60-sheet automatic document feeder
  • 1-year warranty


  • This scanner doesn’t have a wireless connectivity feature

3. Brother – High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner

For those of you who consider the speed of scanning one of the most important parameters of a scanner, this model would probably be the best scanner for multiple pages currently on the market. 

Due to its large capacity and two-sided automatic scanning, you can rest assured that this thing will not only make scanning bundled documents a lot easier, but it will also do so quickly and efficiently.

Important Features

Automatic Two-Sided Scanning

Just as two-sided printing doubles the printing speed, automatic two-sided scanning also does so for scanning.

The great thing about this technological innovation is that you need to put a couple of pages in the automatic feeder. The scanner itself will both feed the pages and then scan both sides of every single page simultaneously – thus cutting effectively halving the time it takes to scan all the pages of all the documents!

A Broad Variety of Scannable Media

One of the biggest strengths of this model would be that you can scan all kinds of paper sizes and formats with this thing.

Whether it’s ID cards, receipts, plastic cards, photos, postcards, all kinds of thick paper, as well as documents and standard paper, you can rest assured that this scanner will be able to take care of it fairly easily.

Also, other than tackling different paper formats, this model can handle a variety of paper thicknesses, so you’re not limited to the standard thin paper that most scanners are designed for.

Special Image-Optimization Features

That was installed by the folks at Brother to make sure that the scanning process always goes smoothly, regardless of the quality and the state of the paper is. (Some papers are older or damaged, for example, which may represent an issue for some scanners.)

Among other things, these safety features are designed to avoid multiple-feed detection for those cases when you accidentally insert more than one page at a time.

Also, this scanner will automatically remove blank pages and any unwanted document backgrounds.


  • Supports two-sided scanning
  • Automatic document feeder (50-sheet capacity)
  • Multi-feed detector
  • Automatic background removal
  • Can work on Windows, Linux, or Mac systems
  • Can handle a variety of paper thicknesses, sizes, and formats
  • It comes with specialized scanning software


  • This model does not come with a USB cable (you have to buy one separately)

4. Epson – WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner for PC and Mac

Featuring an automatic document feeder as well as some advanced software features, this Epson model can be an excellent solution for someone in need of a scanner that’s got most of its scanning features automated.

This excellent Epson software coverage also makes this model fairly beginner-friendly, so if you need a scanner that will pretty much do all the scanning for you and that will be easy to use, this Epson device may be an exciting solution.

Important Features

Smart Image Adjustments

According to the opening paragraph of this review, this Epson scanner is so novice-friendly because it can scan high-quality images with ease.

This is possible because it comes with a bundle of smart software solutions, so to speak, which take care of most of the document and paper imperfections without you even knowing it!

For example, one of these features would be intelligent color adjustments, which will automatically remove unnecessary backgrounds from scans and any blank pages.

Business and ID Card Scanner

One of the handy features this model comes with would certainly be the ID card and business card scanner.

Thanks to this simple feature, you can automatically scan ID cards and business cards you are given with ease in the comfort of your house!

Double-feed Detector

Another interesting feature that the folks at Epson built in this model would be the double-feed detector.

This thing will figure out if the automatic loader accidentally fed two sheets of paper simultaneously.

Since this loading error can lead to paper jams, this double-feed detection is there to prevent that.

The way it works is that the system uses ultrasonic technology to figure out the thickness of the paper. If the values it gets back from this sensor are out of order, this sensor will know that two or more papers have been loaded instead of one – and it will ‘act’ to take care of it accordingly.


  • Specialized Epson ScanSmart software
  • Ultrasonic double-feed detector
  • Automatic document feeder (50-page capacity)
  • Works with different formats and paper sizes
  • Can create PDFs for you
  • Compact design


  • Some users reported that they had trouble with setting this scanner on Mac systems.

5. CZUR – Shine Ultra Smart Document Scanner

Representing possibly one of the weirdest-looking scanning devices currently on the market, this CZUR model can be an excellent solution for students, office workers, and anyone who needs a powerful scanner that they can take everywhere with them.

The way this thing works is fairly ingenious – the design resembles two collapsible sticks with high-resolution cameras built in one of them. At the same time, the other serves as a sort of pole for positioning the upper part of the stick.

This second stick is also retractable, so you can adjust the height you will make your scans.

Important Features

Camera & Scanner

While scanners all have special optics inside them, so they can scan the papers you feed into them, rarely can a scanner be used as a camera.

This is mainly because the optics of a scanner are hidden in the scanner’s body rather than openly available to be used as an independent camera.

With this CZUR model, on the other hand, since you can see the camera that does the scanning, you can also use it for taking pictures and recording video!

Adjustable Height

As we hinted at in the paragraph above, one of the exciting features of this model is not only its basic collapsible design but the fact that the stick used for stabilization can be adjusted according to height.

This neck allows you to set this scanner at two different levels, so you can have two options to work with when figuring out the optimal angle for scanning some documents.

Add to this the fact that this scanner is foldable to 90°, and you can see that you will have quite a lot of maneuvering room when it comes to finding the perfect scanning position.

Foot Pedal

That comes as a standard part of this package represents possibly one of the most curious accessories with a scanner.

The way this thing works is that every time you want to make a quick scan (that is, a sort of photo of the thing you want to scan), you can do so by pressing the pedal with your foot.

The logic behind this is that your hands are free to adjust the scanner itself, as well as flip through pages quickly.

Because this scanner is made for students and business people, it’s no wonder that it allows you to scan books and other materials without even having to touch the document’s pages in question!

Also, at a 1-page per second scanning speed, you can see why the foot pedal makes the scanning process of any document a piece of cake.


  • Works as both a camera and a scanner
  • It comes with a foot pedal (for easier operation)
  • Adjustable neck (two height adjustment positions)
  • Perfect for students and businesspeople
  • Compact and portable design
  • Can record video
  • Can covert scans into several different formats
  • Able to differentiate between 180 languages in scanned images
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some users may not like the design of this unit

6. IRIScan – Pro 5

Representing a simple and relatively inexpensive solution for the folks who need a simple device for scanning and digitally storing and distributing a bunch of documents, this model from IRIScan has all the necessary features to be used as an office or school scanner.

Of course, you could also use it for home offices or just your personal needs, since this Pro 5 model is relatively small and doesn’t require too much space.

Important Features

Different Types of Documents

This model can be such a neat, low-budget solution for offices and other establishments because it can easily scan a large variety of different formats.

So, whether it’s official school documents, medical records, or some other sort of official paperwork that comes in some special format, you can rest assured that this thing will be able to make a good scan of it with ease.

To name a few, you can use this scanner to scan business cards, photos, receipts, embossed cards, reports, specialized documents, and so on.

Conversion & Cloud Services

If you need to scan many documents and share the scans with your colleagues quickly, using this model can be an excellent solution.

In case you want to save your files. First, this printer supports several formats, including JPEG, PDF, and some others.

On the other hand, you have an option to scan the documents or some other papers you want and then upload them to the cloud directly.

Some cloud services to which you can send your freshly-scanned documents include Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Evernote, and others.

Paper Jam Sensor

Officially also called ‘the ultrasonic sensor’ because of its technology for scanning, this sensor takes care of any potential scanning problems caused by accidental incorrect document loading.

The thing is, if you load two or more pages in your scanner simultaneously, a jam can occur.

This can damage the papers themselves as well as the scanner, depending on the type of papers and their format.

Therefore, to prevent this, the folks at IRIScan have installed an advanced ultrasonic sensor that will automatically detect an out-of-range paper thickness and determine whether more than one paper is currently in the paper tray.


  • Can convert digital scans to several formats, including PDF, JPEG, and others
  • Option to upload scans to cloud services such as Dropbox and Evernote, among others
  • It comes with specialized IRIScan software
  • Ultrasonic, anti-jam sensor
  • Multi-document scanner
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Multiple paper formats and thicknesses supported
  • 1-year warranty


  • This scanner can only be connected via USB

7. Visioneer – Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner

Featuring a design that will fit well into any office or even home décor, this model can be an excellent option for business owners, as well as all anyone in need of a stylish scanner that can scan fast.

Featuring an automatic document feeder, this model offers fast scanning speeds, ideal for people working in cubicles, offices, schools, government offices, and any other establishment that goes through a lot of scanning daily.

Important Features

Special Image-Enhancing Software

If you’ve ever used a scanner, you’ve certainly experienced those situations when your scanner makes images that are, let’s say, less than perfect.

Whether it’s because the document itself you’re scanning is old or damaged, or the inside of your scanner is not clean, or something else, now and then you will get blurry scans, look too bland, or too dark.

To combat these annoying occurrences, the folks at Visioneer made sure to add software that will automatically apply corrections to the images you scanned so that they turn out perfect every time.  

Large-Capacity ADF 

Large-capacity ADF or the automatic document feeder to explain the abbreviation.

The thing with this ADF feature is that it enables quick document loading, as you don’t need to worry about having to load the documents in the feeder yourself.

At the same time, you will be saving time by using this ADF feature on this scanner, but the size of the loading tray plays a rather important role here, too, thus making this thing one of the best multi-sheet scanner models currently on the market.  

This model, in particular, has a rather large loading tray that can house up to 120 sheets of paper.

This scanner can scan around 11,000 pages per day when used to its total capacity!

Easy-to-Use Controls

Operating this scanner is a piece of cake at its most basic level, as you can do it by simply pressing one button.

All you need to do is place the papers or documents you intend to scan, designate a destination for the newly-created digital scans, and then press a single button to set the scanning process underway.

This way, scanning documents will be a quick process and before you know it, you will be scanning up to 70 pages per minute with ease.


  • A 120-page automatic document feeder
  • Quick digital scan-to-PDF conversion
  • Simple, one-touch scanning
  • Automatic visual-enhancement technology
  • Can scan a variety of different formats, including business cards, photos, documents, and many others
  • 9 presets for easy, one-touch scanning


  • This model can only be connected to your computer via USB

8. Avision – AW210 Color Scanner

If you only need a scanner that can handle standard-sized A4 paper, then this Avision model can be the thing for you.

This scanner offers a robust design, relatively quick scanning speed, and some interesting software solutions that will make your experience when it comes to scanning and handling documents a piece of cake on this model.

Important Features

Bundled Software Applications

One of the strongest suits of this model would certainly be the different choices you have in terms of the software you can use with this thing.

The two major software applications this model features would include Avision AVScan and PaperPort.

Thanks to these two programs, you can rest assured that you will be able to make scans with this scanner that are both high-quality and easy to export and use in further editing. 

Brightness & Contrast Controls

One of the features you can use with this model is the brightness and contrast controls.

It often happens with scanning that some scans look too dark or too light.

Typically, with older scanner models, your only option was to fix the image in the post, so to speak, by using special photo editing programs.

With this model, however, you will be able to fiddle with the contrast and the brightness (two of the arguably most important settings when it comes to the quality of the scan) and then take care of the smaller details in some photo-editing program later on if necessary.  

Compact Design

If you work in a busy office environment or from home where you don’t have much space for many high-tech contraptions, this model could be a great solution because of its small dimensions.

While there are other scanners out there that are even smaller than this model, at its price range, you will probably not find many other scanners that would take up less space than this model.

So, if the room on your desktop is a factor for you, that could be one reason more to get this printer instead of some other model.


  • It comes with two professional software applications – AVScan and PaperPort
  • 50-papers paper tray capacity
  • 34 papers per minute scanning speed
  • Relatively compact design
  • Allows you to set brightness and contrast easily


  • This model does not have much of a scanning variety when types and formats of paper are in question

9. iCODIS – Document Camera & Overhead Scanner

Sporting an interesting design, this scanner from a company called iCODIS differs substantially from some of the best scanners that we’ve shown so far on this list.

The thing that makes this scanner so special would certainly be that it doesn’t look like a printer and doesn’t have a loading tray or an LCD screen, or a touchscreen control panel.

Instead, this gadget has an overhead scanning stick, so to speak, that will scan, digitize, and save whatever you placed underneath.

Important Features

Sleek & Compact Design

Representing one of the sleekest scanners out there, you can fit this model into any rucksack or carrying bag without it adding on much weight.

The reason behind this is its excellent collapsible design that saves space while it’s fully collapsed and yet gives you a full range of its scanning power when you open it up.

Thanks to this small and slender build, this model can be an excellent solution for people constantly on the go, such as students, professors, or business people.

Quick Scanning

One of the features that recommend this model the most to students, in particular, would certainly be the quickness of the scanning process.

The thing is, thanks to its design, this model can quickly scan documents at a speed of 1.5 seconds per page, which is excellent for those situations where you have to quickly scan some book that you borrowed from a library, for example.

With this scanner, you can quickly scan an entire book in minutes without having to dedicate a whole afternoon to this scanning task alone.

Smart Digital File Generation

Once they’re scanned, documents can get saved to a computer in one of several ways.

One of these ways would be converting the new digital scan to a PDF file for easy viewing and sharing, for example.

Other than the PDF format, this scanner can also convert digital scans to Word, txt, and Excel files. (By the way, all these files will be editable within the program that they are made to be opened in.)


  • 4 LED lights
  • 8-megapixel camera
  • One-click digital file conversion
  • Smart continuous shooting
  • 1.5-second per page scanning speed
  • Can scan bar codes or QR codes
  • Sleek and compact design


  • This model will not work with Mac computers

10. Plustek – AD480 Desktop Scanner

If you’re on the lookout for a scanner that’s not too large and that comes with a convenient paper feeder, this model from Plustek can be just the thing for you.

What you get with this model is scanning on both sides, compact design, and the ability to make editable files in multiple pieces of software.

Important Features

Multi-Page Scanner

One of the most attractive features of this scanner would certainly be that it can scan both sides of a paper simultaneously.

Add to this the fact that this model also has an automatic paper tray where you can load about 20 sheets of paper, and you can rest assured that, using this scanner, you will be able to scan a lot of documents in a relatively short period.

What’s more, once the documents are scanned, you can easily transform them into PDFs, searchable PDFs, or JPEGs.

BizCard 6 Feature

If you need a scanner for your business, opting for this model can be an excellent option because you can easily scan business cards.

As a businessperson, you probably get handed many business cards all the time, so keeping them in your pocket and in your desk drawer later on, often means you’re going to lose or wash some of them in your washing machine together with your clothes.

For these reasons, it may be a good idea always to have a digital copy of the business cards you’ve accumulated so that even if you lose the physical card, you still have all the pieces of information on it.

When this scanner, in particular, is in question, the folks at Plustek installed a special piece of software called BizCard 6, which will help you make high-quality scans of your business cards fairly easily.

Compact Design

The more features a scanner has, the larger it will generally be.

That said, this Plustek model manages to have a relatively compact build that nevertheless has many exciting features you can count on, including the special business card reader.

This compact design also means you can carry this thing everywhere with you, which is an additional boon if you’re a business person who often has to go on business trips. 


  • Two-side scanning
  • Can scan directly to PDF or JPEG
  • It comes with a special business card attachment
  • Automatic blank page removing feature
  • Compact design


  • This model can only be connected via USB

Best Scanner for Multiple Pages Buyer’s Guide

Best Scanner for Multiple Pages

Two-Sided Scanning

Representing possibly one of the essential features of a scanner when it comes to scanning speed, two-sided scanning means that a single document you insert in the scanner is simultaneously scanned on both sides of the paper.

As a result, with this best scanner for multiple pages, the scanning speed is doubled so that you can go through many documents quickly and efficiently.

Add to this the fact that many scanner models also come with special software that will automatically remove blank pages from the digital scans. You can see why more and more people opt to buy multi-page document scanner models instead of conventional scanners.

Automatic Document Feeder

One technology that goes hand in hand with two-sided printing would certainly be the automatic document feeder.

As the name of this special feature suggests itself, the most important thing about this feeder would be that it will feed documents into the scanner on its own – without you having to flip through the pages manually.

Of course, this feature also helps shave off the time it takes a scanner that has it too, scan documents and turn them into digital scans.

Specialized Software

Many of the best multi-page scanner models come with special software bundles prepared by the manufacturers themselves.

As a part of these bundles, you can typically find file converters, uploading services that can upload directly to clouds, as well as software dedicated to improving the visual quality of the newly-made scans.

When it comes to these pieces of software, the useful thing is that you can scan even some documents that are not of the best quality, so to speak, or that are too old or damaged to be easily viewable with just a basic scan with no additional fixes.

Compact Design

While scanners aren’t known as or expected to be that compact, sometimes it can be useful to have a scanner that you can take anywhere with you and do your scanning right there on the spot you’re on.

This is why many scanner manufacturers go out of their way to make scanners easy to use and small enough to fit in your bag or suitcase.

These extra-compact scanners are often slim and foldable, so they are perfect for students, professors, businesspeople, and other folks who might benefit from a portable scanning device.

Connectivity Options

When it comes to the way scanners are connected to a computer or some other similar device, the most common way this is possible would be via USB.

The other way this works is typically through Wi-Fi, and there’s also special software involved in it, so you can make scans quickly and easily wherever you are.

What is a Multi-Page Scanner?

As the name of this contraption suggests itself, multi-page scanners represent contraptions that can scan multiple pages in rapid succession.

As a rule, multi-page scans also mean that the scanner in question has an automatic document feeder. This means you can insert several documents at once, and the feeder will scan them one at a time, eliminating the need to load them manually into the scanner.

Typically, multi-page scanners are best used by folks who work in administration, schools, or some other industry where many documents need to be scanned on a day-to-day basis.

How Do I Scan Multiple Pages?

One of the best ways to scan multiple pages would be to get a scanner that has an automatic document feeder.

These additions can help you get a lot of work done fairly easily, as the feeder feature will do all the loading of the documents in the scanner, while you can kick back and relax until the work is done.

Also, if you’re scanner supports this feature, you can also use Acrobat Reader to quickly scan multiple pages and automatically convert them to a PDF file.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Scan Multiple Pages at Once?

Yes, you can.

There are two ways to do this, so you can opt for either, depending on what type of scanner you have.

The first way is to use an automatic document feeder. If you have this feature on your scanner, you can load the documents to your scanner, hit a couple of buttons, and then the scan will be complete.

Alternatively, if you have a flatbed scanner, you can use it to achieve the same effect by appropriately positioning the documents’ pages on the glass.

What is a Page Scanner?

Page scanners are a type of scanner that can quickly scan multiple pages.

The reason these scanners are different from flatbed scanners is in the sense that they can scan multiple pages if you load them into the scanning tray.

On the other hand, if you have a multi-page document scanner with an automatic document feeder, you can complete the scan simply by placing the documents in the scanning tray.

What are the Four Types of Scanners?

The four different types of scanners include flatbed scanners, sheet-fed models, handheld, and drum scanners.

While all of them have the same purpose of scanning documents and other paper formats, they work based on different technologies.

What is the Difference Between a Copier and a Scanner?

Copiers and scanners represent computer peripheries that share most of their features.

Both scan documents to always e duplicated or used in some other way.

However, the main difference would be that scanners primarily scan documents and convert them to a digital format. On the other hand, copiers scan and automatically make real-life paper copies of those documents.

How Do I Connect My Scanner to My Computer Wirelessly?

Connecting your scanner to your computer wirelessly is typically a piece of cake.

All you need to do is start on your Windows computer, then choose Settings, then Devices, and then Printers & Scanners. Next, choose the Add a printer or scanner option, and you can complete the process fairly easily this way.

As far as setting the Wi-Fi connection on the scanner itself is concerned, if your scanner has an LCD screen or some touchscreen, you should be able to complete the setup process there.


Overall, having a multi-page scanner to assist you can be instrumental if you’re scanning important documents for digitization, sharing data with your colleagues, or saving school materials digitally.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you managed to find the best scanner for multiple pages that could answer your needs in the best possible way.

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