Best Roman Shades (2023 Update)

Roman shades can be both a stylish and functional addition to your home, making them the perfect way to improve your interior design while preparing for cooler weather. Roman shades are window coverings for their distinctive look and convenient setup process. Unlike many other types of shades, roman shades do not bunch up at the top when opened. Instead, they fold or stack up evenly as you lift them, maintaining their sleek, sophisticated appearance even when fully open. There are many factors to consider when choosing a Roman shade, including.

Here are the best Roman Shades on the market.

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Best Roman Shades Reviews In 2023

1. CHICOLOGY Roman Shades for Windows

CORDLESS ROMAN SHADES – What makes our Roman Shades unique? We have many years of experience manufacturing and assembling Roman Shades. We only use the best components and proven production techniques. Chicology privacy/blackout shades are cordless and allow you to open the shades to allow natural light as desired. Our Romans come with pre-drilled holes in the headrail for easy inside mount installation and are easily outside mounted with our durable hardware.

Please review the installation instructions. Intended for inside and outside mount. This product is True to Size. A minimum depth of 1-inch is required for an inside mount and 1 3/4 inches for a flush inside mount. You will also receive an installation guide, hardware, 12 month warranty, and our friendly customer service. Need large or small window blinds? We’ve got you covered. It’s time to bring your unique sense of style to your window. Ideal usage: roman shades for doors, door shades, kitchen blinds, window blinds, and blinds for bathroom windows.

Blackout shades create a private but airy atmosphere as their blackout fabric blocks light while protecting you from harsh UV rays. Great add-on blinds for doors, curtains for windows, and shade for French doors. The fabric roman shades for kitchen windows gently filter light while providing the privacy you desire. Roman blinds are made to be easy to incorporate into any design style.

Light Filtering

Belgian and Runway collection is certified light filtering and thermal insulation fabric liner for window shades. It provides a room-darkening effect and enhanced privacy. Privacy level nine out of 10.


Del Mar collection is ideal for kitchen, bedroom, and home office shades as well as sunroom shades or dining room shades. Offers enhanced light blockage. Privacy level 10 out of 10.

Semi Sheer

Pacific collection creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere at home with semi-sheer light filtering roman shades. Privacy level five out of 10.

Magnetic Shades Offer Ease of Use

Runway collection magnetic roman shades easy to fold up or down. Fabric provides an excellent light filtering effect. Privacy level eight out of 10.

2. CHICOLOGY Bamboo Blinds, Bamboo Shades

Cordless blinds cordless roman shades – bamboo roman shades with a cordless feature, matching valance, and durable woven blinds. We believe that style does not have to come at a heavy price. Our bamboo curtains and roman blinds for windows are classic wood blinds with a durable design for window treatment. Our bamboo blinds for window patterns allow you the freedom to choose a unique and budget-friendly product to create a relaxed vacation home vibe with a bamboo curtain.

Cordless Bamboo Shades

Roman shades for doors: add texture to your interior with our bamboo roll-up blinds! Designed as light-filtering window coverings, these cordless bamboo shades gently filter light to create a warm and welcoming at-home resort environment. Window shades and blinds: sleep like you’re on vacation by adding a natural tropical look to your bedroom.

Durable Wooden Blinds

Changing your room’s environment with bamboo shades is both eye-catching and rejuvenating. As a blind that offers semi-privacy, we recommend adding a roller shade or curtain. Wooden blinds: enjoy a meal with a great company without the glaring sun rays. Chicology’s UV-blocking bamboo shades for windows do not compromise the lighting. Wooden blinds for interior windows: create a clean and relaxing environment for your home office. Increase productivity as our durable wooden blinds for windows complements your office’s lighting without disturbing your workflow.

Perfect Fit At Chronology

Measurement guide for the perfect fit at chronology, we know how important it is to have the correct measurements. With this in mind, we aim to provide simple measurement instructions for all. It can be used for inside mount or outside mount. This product is true to size. A minimum depth of 1-inch is required for inside or 2-inches for a flush inside mount.

3. Madison Park Galen Cordless Roman Shades

The madison park Galen basket weave light filtering roman shade offers a simple and convenient update to your home decor. This ivory roman shade features a basket weave texture base fabric that creates a natural look and feel. A thermal foam backing on the reverse provides energy efficiency and enhanced privacy.

Window Shade

The cordless retraction mechanism makes it easy to open and close the window shade throughout the day. At the same time, the detachable fabric face allows for easier assembly and cleaning by lightly shaking or dusting. The top face fabric is not fully removable, though detachable from the hook and loop fastener. Ready to install right out of the packaging, this roman shade can be hung inside or above the window pane, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home decor.

Contain Harmful Substances

Each shade is also oeko-tex certified, meaning it does not contain harmful substances or chemicals to ensure quality comfort and wellness. Shade measures 64-inches in length and comes in 8 width options to suit multiple standard window sizes; each roman shade is sold as a single and comes with a printed instructional guide and an instructional video available on site. Assembly is required.

4. Radiance 2208860E Cordless Roman Shade

Relax the look of any room with the calm and comforting Cordless Espresso and Driftwood Flatweave Roman Shades. , private, textured natural shades (also called bamboo blinds, bamboo shades, or woven woods) stylishly reduce bright light and protect your furniture from fading. The rich wood tones of natural shades complement trending rugs, and many hardwood floors and furniture are finished.

Different Colors And Styles

Natural shades are textured window blinds available in many different colors and styles. They are popular window treatments for coastal and beach properties, lakeside or country cottages, and traditional or metropolitan homes. These new Roman Shades have no cords, so they are safe and pose no risk to small children, a safe and stylish way to decorate your home!

Spring Keeps The Shade Locked

Reduces glare and blocks bright light, preventing carpet, draperies, furniture, and artwork from fading. Mounting Hardwared includes left and right brackets, wall anchors, and installation screws. Easy to clean with a dry cloth or vacuum attachment. Tension Spring keeps the shade locked in place when no pressure is applied. Certified as Best for Kids, a window covering program created by an independent lab that includes only cordless shades that are safe for kids.

5. Radiance 2208858E Cordless Roman Shade

With the serene and soothing tones, any room will look more relaxed. Private, textured natural shades (also known as bamboo blinds, bamboo shades, or woven woods) subtly dim the light while preventing fading on your furniture with Cordless Espresso and Driftwood Flatweave Roman Shades. Trendy carpets, numerous hardwood floors, and completed furniture all look great with the deep wood tones of natural hues.

Hues And Designs

Natural shades are textured window coverings with a wide range of hues and designs. They are common window coverings for coastal and beachfront homes, lakeside or rural cottages, and traditional or modern residences. These brand-new Roman shades are cordless, entirely safe, and a risk-free method to decorate your home without endangering young children.

Enjoy The Energy-efficient Qualities

A cordless shade for your home, cottage, lake, or beach house. Enjoy the energy-efficient qualities and light filtering of bamboo blind with this 1/4″ and 3/8″ alternating driftwood flat stick bamboo slat window shade. You’ll love light filtering through the tightly woven bamboo blind. It provides a semi-private window treatment to your home by letting in just the right amount of sunlight – perfect for privacy, light filtering & insulation qualities.

6. RADIANCE 2208836E Cordless Roman Shade Espresso

Relax the look of any room with the calm and comforting Cordless Espresso and Driftwood Flatweave Roman Shades. , private, textured natural shades (also called bamboo blinds, bamboo shades, or woven woods) stylishly reduce bright light and protect your furniture from fading. The rich wood tones of natural shades complement trending rugs, and many hardwood floors and furniture are finished.

Different Colors And Styles

Natural shades are textured window blinds available in many different colors and styles. They are popular window treatments for coastal and beach properties, lakeside or country cottages, and traditional or metropolitan homes. These new Roman Shades have no cords, so they are safe and pose no risk to small children, a safe and stylish way to decorate your home! Certified as Best for Kids, a window covering program created by an independent lab that includes only cordless shades that are safe for kids.

Shade Tension Spring

Natural color brings warm tones to your space Inside/Outside Window Mount 5″ Valance Available in 64″ Drops Privacy Includes Mounting Hardwared: left and right brackets, wall anchors, and installation screws Easy to Use Cordless Operation Pull down on the bottom rail (in the center) to lower the shade Push up on the bottom rail (in the center) to raise the shade Tension Spring to keep the shade locked in place when no pressure is applied Tension Spring is adjusted to each side of the shade, heavier shades require more tension.

7. Artdix Roman Shades Blinds Window Shades

Artdix, founded by a group of ladies who have a strong passion for building a career in window covering that delivers a custom service with easy process, held a high standard of quality for both products and service, ensuring customers find the perfect shades.

Beige Lining

The roman shades come with beige blackout lining which can block 85-95% light. Keep privacy, noise-reduction, good for sleep.

Washable and Replaceable

Velcro pastes the fabric roman shades. Easy to take off and washable. When re-building the interior décor, just change the fabric pattern without buying the hardware, saving you money.

Easy to Install

Hardware and installation instruction are included. Easy to install.

8. Exclusive Home Curtains Prague Trellis Blackout Roman Shade

Exclusive Home is North America’s leading supplier of home textiles, ready-made drapery, and window curtain hardware. We provide superbly crafted products that are affordable yet luxurious and unsurpassed in quality and construction. From classic solids to today’s top fashion trends, you will surely find window panels to fit any look, mood, or style to complete your home décor project.

We offer an array of fabric constructions, including jacquards, linen, burlap, sheer, thermal / blackout, silk and faux silks, polyester, and poly blends, and cotton and cotton blends. These constructions are offered in varying designs and colors, including solids, prints, geometric, gates, medallions, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, embroidery, textures, thickness, lengths, widths, and burnouts. You will also find an array of hanging options, from grommet top, rod pockets, tab tops, clip rings, and more.

Cordless Roman Shade

Designed with a classic, linen look, the Exclusive Home Acadia Roman Shade is a cordless roman shade that provides an upscale look to any space in your home. This roman shade is easy to adjust with an attached handle. It pulls up and down easily to your desired height. Available in a variety of sizes and colors for your home decor needs.

Energy Saving, Thermal Insulation

The Acadia Roman Shade has a foam backing coated with Thermax technology to create a single blackout fabric that provides energy-saving thermal insulation. This total blackout roman shade allows you to create darkness at any time of day. You can use this shade in your living room, dining room, kitchen, office, or bedroom.

Easy Install

Hanging your new roman shade is simple and easy! Mount the brackets to the wall, window frame, or ceiling to hang this window shade. The window roman shade can be mounted inside or outside your window recess. Next, secure the rail to the brackets. Instructions are included for further assistance. Additional tools are required to hang your shade and are sold separately.

Easy Removal for Easy Care

This timeless roman shade is fashionable and functional. The window shade attaches to the rail with a hook-and-loop strip, so it’s easy to hang and remove when you are ready to clean your cordless roman shade. For daily care, dust the shade with a soft clean cloth or a feather duster. With a hook and loop top, you can remove the fabric part of the shade and spot clean as needed with a soft, clean cloth.

9. MOOD Custom Bamboo Shades

Bring bamboo’s natural beauty and warmth into your home with MOOD Bamboo Roman Shades. Each woven wood shade looks gorgeous against your window and feels premium to the touch. Bamboo is durable and easy to care for, emitting a natural fragrance that helps trap dust and other allergens.

Premium Cordless Design

This custom cordless bamboo shade features a premium cordless design that keeps your room cool and energy efficient. The shading fabric is made from natural materials and provides plenty of light while providing privacy. The tight weaving also creates a block-out effect. It’s good for bathrooms, bedrooms, and anywhere you want light control.

Elegance Of A Sophisticated

Make a statement. Indulge in the elegance of a sophisticated yet understated style with beautifully crafted Bamboo Shades from MOOD. Our Roman Folds have flat folds, allowing an optional 1/2″ bottom lining to be added for privacy or aesthetics. These Cascade shades are truly custom – choose the width and height of each shade.

10. Lewis Hyman 1404406 Woven Wood Bamboo Roman Shade

Up your blind game with the Lewis Hyman 1404406 Woven Wood Bamboo Roman Shade. This style offers a traditional look that blends seamlessly with any decor, but don’t let its neutral hue fool you: This shade is anything but boring. The features include an innovative cordless design that allows you to raise and lower your shade quickly and easily with the simple touch of a button.

Maintaining Privacy

The top-down/bottom-up feature offers versatile light filtering options while maintaining privacy and temperature control. The sheer elegance of this design will complement any room in your home, thanks to its durable construction that is easy to clean and resists stains and fading.

Multiple Locations

Hyman Roman Shade is a beautiful woven shade that provides privacy while allowing light to filter through. Designed with a linen-like texture, this bamboo shade is perfect for adding a hint of sophistication to your home décor. You can use these shades in multiple locations throughout your home with a neutral street appearance design. These shades also feature a top-down bottom-up pulley system to ensure that they are easy to raise and lower by simply pulling the pull cords.

How To Choose The Best Roman Shades Before Marketing

Roman shades come in a wide range of hues, materials, and designs. They also offer several mounting choices and different lift mechanics. Regardless of your budget, knowing all of these aspects will help you narrow down your search for the best Roman shades.


Consider the fabric for each option while looking for Roman blinds. Consider the texture in addition to the pattern on the cloth because it can significantly affect the Roman shade’s overall appearance and how it will seem in a room. Roman shades can generally be made of lighter or heavier-weight fabrics. However, hard fabrics are not recommended because they won’t fold smoothly.

Patterns and Colors

Roman shades come in various colors and patterns, thanks to the customization options that many manufacturers provide. Look for solutions that complement the living environment while making your choice from the many colors and patterns available. Also, consider whether you want curtains or valances in addition to other window treatments. If so, consider whether you’d like the Roman shades to blend in with or stand out from the other window coverings in the space.

Type of Lift

Roman blinds come in a variety of operation—or lift—types. A cord lock is one kind of lift. Users can simply lift a Roman shade with a cord lock by pulling on the cord. Pulling the cable to the right side locks the cord after the shade is at the appropriate height. The lock can be released by pulling the cord to the left, allowing the shade to be lowered. Because there is a risk of strangulation from the loose hanging cords, this lift mechanism is not advised for households with young children or animals.

Users of a continuous loop lift can raise or lower a Roman shade by pulling a circular beaded chain in one way or the other. Since there are no loose hanging cables, continuous loops eliminate the risk of strangulation for young children or pets and are simpler to use than cord locks. Cordless Roman shades function without cables or wires, as its name suggests. Users can manually raise or lower the shades by gently pushing or tugging them up or down. They are quite easy to use.

The simplest to lift and lower are motorized Roman blinds. These blinds can be controlled with a remote or smartphone app and powered by a motor.


Decide whether you desire an interior or an outdoor mount for your Roman shades. The blinds are installed inside the window frame using an inside mount. They are positioned on the wall outside the window frame for an outside mount. If the window frame is too thin, outside mounts may be necessary; otherwise, the user’s preference is probably best served by the more aesthetically pleasing option.

Window Measurements

Before purchasing, measure the window to determine the proper size for the Roman shade once you’ve chosen between an inside mount and an outside mount. Measure the interior of the window’s length and width to the nearest 1/8 inch if you want to use an inside mount. Measure the item’s length and width three times each, using the smallest of the three results to achieve an exact measurement.

Measure the area the shade will cover surrounding the window if it is mounted outside. In general, adding 3 inches, or about 112 inches, is advised on either side of the window. This will lessen the light that enters the room through the Roman shade’s sides. Next, determine how long the window is and how much additional space needs to be covered by the shade. Lastly, determine the window’s depth. When choosing Roman shades for a window, remember that some fold designs are thicker than others, as previously indicated.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Roman Shades Worth It?

Because with Roman shades, you get what you pay for, and often, the cheaper ones break with a lot of use. But at the same time, sometimes buying that $70 shade makes you happy for the two years it lasts, so it might be worth the purchase even if it’s not going to last forever.

What Material Is Best For Roman Blinds?

Some of the best and most popular fabrics for roman blinds are cotton, polyester, linen, silk, brocade, acrylic, and rayon. Cotton is a versatile choice, especially when looking for a traditional look for your home. You can opt for silk and brocade fabric for a more sophisticated and luxurious appearance.

Are Roman Shades Still In Style?

Roman shades have been around forever, but their long history doesn’t mean they aren’t a stylish choice for contemporary homeowners. They’re immensely popular, and for a good reason! These window treatments can be dressed up or down to suit various styles.


Whether you are looking for modern or classic, large or small, there is a shade to fit your needs. Roman shades are extremely versatile and allow creativity when used for window treatments. They come in many sizes and colors, and with the various styles available, it just depends on what kind of look you want to achieve in your space.

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