Best Reusable Notebook to Buy 2023

Imagine a notebook that you can restore every time after you have written something. You will be able to wipe down the whole notebook anytime you want. This is what a reusable notebook is. After the restoring process, it doesn’t leave any disturbing color smudge or uneven surface. Therefore, you can use it over and over without producing any paper waste. 

But a question might come to your mind immediately: what about storing important information? If you wipe down your writing, how can you get them later when you need them? Well, there is a solution available for that too. You can scan the notebook’s page using your phone, convert it to a PDF file, and store it in your pen drive or cloud. You can even print that later if you need to.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the 6 best reusable notebook. We have enlisted these notebooks by filtering out the whole market and judging by their popularity, durability, quality, positive feedback, and value for money. 

We have chosen the Rocketbook core dot-grid notebook among these best reusable notebooks as the number one. It has scored the highest in all criteria we considered for choosing a reusable notebook. We will discuss it more in this article. Let’s begin.

Top Picks: 5 Best Reusable Notebook

Top 6 Best Reusable Notebook to Buy- 2022

1. Rocketbook Core Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook notebooks are the best reusable notebook you will find in the market. It’s core smart notebook is a dotted grid notebook with 32 pages. It also looks very stylish and professional. You can feel the premium quality cover when you touch it.

You will have to write on it using a Pilot Frixion pen which is included with the notebook package. The ink from this pen requires 15 seconds to dry out. Once your writing is finished, you can easily scan it and store it as a digital copy. Rocketbook has a dedicated app to serve you for this purpose. 

Key Features

Page size

This beautiful notebook is of letter size (8.5”x11”). So, the paper size is not so big, not so small. It is perfect for use as a regular journal or official workbook. You can use it for any purpose. 

Page quality

You know it is a premium quality product when it is from Rocketbook. This smart reusable notebook has high-quality dot-grid pages with a smooth finish. You won’t feel that you are writing on a plastic-like thing. It feels like real paper with some specialty. 

Erasing experience

You will have to wipe down the pages with a wet microfiber cloth to erase them. The process is very simple, and the pages erase quickly. You won’t have to rub the pages too much or struggle to erase them. After erasing, the pages leave almost no sign of usage. 


  • Looks elegant. 
  • Comes in a perfect size. 
  • Includes a Pilot Frixion pen and a microfiber cloth. 
  • Easy to wipe down. 
  • Lightweight and can be carried easily.
  • Has a dedicated scanning app for android and iOS.  


  • It might not be perfect for left-handers since the ink takes 15 seconds to dry. 
  • A regular pen doesn’t work on it.

2. HOMESTEC Wirebound Reusable Smart Notebook

This is another wonderful notebook with similar features as the previous one. You will be impressed once you start using it. It is available both in A4 size and Letter size papers. The package includes two NEWYES pens along with the notebook. It takes 15-25 seconds for the ink to dry. 

This notebook has both lined and dotted grid pages. 7 pages of the notebook are like planning books; 20 pages are lined, just like ordinary diaries, and the rest of them are without lines. So, you can use this for journalism and art or any kind of task. Everyone will find this notebook friendly and suitable, teacher, student, architect, designer, artist, and everyone. 

Key Features

Page size

This notebook’s paper size is Letter (8.7”x11.2”). So, you will get enough space to draw art, take notes, write journals, etc. This page size is perfect to fit inside backpacks. 

Page quality

Page quality is decent. This notebook is available at a comparatively lower price. Judging by its price, the page quality is not really bad. You can expect it to last at least one year. 

Erasing experience

This HomeStec notebook works perfectly as an erasable notebook. Just remember to follow the instructions correctly. You can erase this notebook either by the eraser tip attached to the pen or with a hot blow from the hairdryer. But it also works with a wet towel. 


  • Can be erased by erasable pen tip or hairdryer.
  • It has 3 types of pages- Planning, ruled, dotted
  • Available in different sizes
  • Comparatively lower price. 
  • Has a dedicated app
  • Long-lasting


  • Heat erases its writings, so you can’t keep or use it in sunlight. 
  • You will have to purchase a premium version of the app to get all features.

3. Rocketbook Lined Smart Notebook

This is another brilliant reusable notebook from Rocketbook. By reading the title, all of its pages are lined as you have guessed. So, this is ideal for anyone who needs to take notes, write journals, etc. It has 32 pages just like our first product.  

You can take advantage of the Rocketbook app while you are using this notebook. Just scan the page, and the app will automatically know the page number and title. Also, this notebook is available in 10 different colors, making it a perfect choice for enthusiasts. 

Key Features

Page size 

This is also a Letter-size notebook with 8.5”x11” dimensions. All the pages are lined, so it is perfect for note-taking, journalism, or writing. 

Page quality

The pages are made from high-quality synthetic material. They promise a smooth and wonderful writing experience. They are tear-proof, and the surface does not damage when you erase them. 

Erasing experience

The erasing experience of this notebook is satisfying. You will get the microfiber cloth for free. Just wet the cloth and rub it against the page. The pages get cleaned very easily and quickly. 


  • Can be used for a few years. 
  • Easily erasable by wiping with a damp cloth. 
  • A Pilot Frixion pen is included with the package.
  • Takes only 15 seconds to dry. 
  • Has a dedicated app for both Android and iOS platforms. 


  • Some very subtle marks may remain after erasing, although not easily notable.

4. Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

It’s an all-rounder notebook from the famous Rocketbook brand. It contains different types of pages as per different needs in total 42. The page types are- planning, note-taking, sketching, goal-setting, listing, lined, dot-grid, etc. So, no matter what you are expecting from a notebook, this notebook can serve you for any task. 

The package also includes a Frixion pen and highlighter. Although, it would be more convenient if you highlighted it after converting it to a digital version. Rocketbook has its notebook scanning app for both android and iOS platforms. You can use them to scan your notebook to digitally store the notes on drives. 

Key Features

Page size

This notebook comes with an executive size which is 6 inches x 8.8 inches. So, it is slightly smaller than the Letter size. That’s why it is easy to write on it by placing it in the palm of your hand. Also, the size fits in small side bags. So, it gives enough space to write something, while it is also smaller to fit in a small bag. 

Page quality

Both the page and cover have even and smooth surfaces. The pages are slightly thin to make them more durable. But they are perfect for writing, drawing, or quickly jotting down ideas. 

Erasing experience

It won’t disappoint you when it comes to the erasing part. In fact, you will know that you can rely on it just by opening the pages. Rubbing the pages just for once with a wet microfiber towel does the erasing job. You can use it for a long time. 


  • Various types of pages in one notebook. 
  • Premium looking. 
  • Smooth writing. 
  • Has a dedicated app. 
  • Long-lasting. 


  • The ink may take longer to dry. Around 20 seconds.

5. Rocketbook reusable smart mini notebook

Many people also like to use pocket notebooks. If you are one of them, then you will surely love this reusable mini notebook. The page size of this notebook is only 3.5”x5.5”, so you can carry it in your pocket just like your wallet. Without any lines, you will get 42 blank pages in this notebook. 

You can erase the notebook anytime with a wet microfiber towel that you will get for free with this package. You can use this notebook over and over by erasing it every time it gets full. This notebook is also available in many different colors and features an elegant style. Therefore, it will also serve as an aesthetic tool. 

Key Features

Page size

This mini notebook comes in a 3.5”x5.5” size. It perfectly fits inside the pocket of a shirt, coat, or pants. So, if you want to carry a notebook but not in a bag or hand, this might be the one you are looking for. 

Page quality

The notebook size is mini but not the quality. As expected from a renowned brand, this notebook has perfect pages. The paper quality is slightly better than average. But you won’t regret having it, since it is reusable. 

Erasing experience

It is easily erasable with a wipe of a damp microfiber towel. After erasing, it doesn’t leave any ink marks, or the page doesn’t become darker either. But if you push down your pen hard on the page while you are writing, this may leave some little engraving that won’t wear off after erasing. 


  • Carriable in pockets. 
  • High-quality and smooth pages.
  • 42 pages to use a whole month. 
  • You can erase it easily. 
  • A Pilot Frixion pen and microfiber towel are included. 
  • Looks great. 


  • The pages lack the symbols at the bottom, so you have to specify where to save the file every time.

6. Rocketbook executive smart reusable notebook

This is exactly like the first notebook we have talked about, except for the size. This notebook has executive size papers- which is 6”x8.8”. All of its pages are lined like diaries. So, it is appropriate for note-taking, journalism, etc. Like all of the other Rocketbook notebooks, this one has a QR code and symbols at the bottom of each page. So, when you scan the page using the app, the app reads the QR code and the symbols to determine the page number and where to save the scanned file. This makes the process of storing notes on digital platforms very easy and automatic. 

Key Features

Page size

The page size is a bit smaller than the Letter size. It has the dimension of 6”x8.8”, which is known as the Executive size. This is perfect if you are looking for a notebook that is medium size. This notebook is not as large as a regular-sized one nor as small as a mini notebook. 

Page quality

The page quality of this notebook is really awesome. Probably the best quality a reusable note can provide. It has a total of 36 pages, and all of them are made from high-quality synthetic material. 

Erasing experience

The erasing experience of erasing this notebook is very satisfying. You need to wet the microfiber cloth with clean water, then wipe the pages with this. The ink comes off the page quickly without applying too much friction. 


  • Looks elegant. 
  • Comes in a perfect size. 
  • Includes a Pilot Frixion pen and a microfiber cloth. 
  • Easy to erase. 
  • Lightweight and can be carried easily.
  • Has a dedicated scanning app for android and iOS.  


  • You will have to wait for some time to let the ink dry before closing or turning the page.

Best Reusable Notebook Buying Guide

reusable notebook for writing

Unlike normal notebooks, you buy a reusable notebook to use for a long time. It will be your companion for the next one or two years or maybe more. So, of course, you need to choose carefully when you are buying a notebook. Here, we will discuss things you should consider while you are buying reusable notebooks. 


You can get a minor idea about the notebook’s durability by examining its binding. It’s beyond dispute that spiral binding is the best and most comfortable. That’s why all of the items we included in this article have spiral binding. Normal bindings often can not sustain a long time when you regularly fold and unfold the notebook.

Page Materials

You don’t have to be an expert on different materials to judge a notebook. A reusable notebook will have to tolerate a lot of erasing. So, check the thickness and the surface of the pages. It will give you a faint idea that the page will really last. In this article, we have chosen some notebooks from Rocketbooks because they are erasable by a damp microfiber cloth. So, the page is not going to face a lot of friction, and the pages are pretty good. 


When you are buying a notebook, you should check the design and the strength and thickness. Three types of materials are generally used for covers- Plastic, cardboard, and leather. The cover of your notebook should be hard so that it doesn’t bend when you push it inside the bag. If the cover bends, so will the pages inside it. 


A lot of people forget to check the size of the notebook when they are buying online. This often creates disappointment when the notebook size doesn’t meet your needs. The most popular notebook size is the Letter size. But some people like the A5 or exclusive sizes; others prefer mini notebooks. So, check out the size to see if it is perfect for you. 

Total Pages

How many pages will you need? Well, It is not a regular notebook, so surely you won’t need 500 pages, right? Generally, 35-45 pages are enough for a reusable notebook. If the pages are less than that, it means you will have to scan and erase the pages more frequently. But obviously, you won’t love to erase the whole notebook after every two days. 

Erasing Method

DIfferent notebook brands feature different methods for erasing their smart notebooks. Rocketbook notebook needs damp microfiber cloth, Homestec needs heat to be erased. Some notebooks need erasers. Some notebooks with erasers often last less since they have to face a lot of friction whenever you erase the page. That’s why heat, microwave, or damp cloth are the methods you should go for. 

How to Use a Reusable Notebook? 

A reusable notebook doesn’t work like the regular one. That’s why you need to be aware of using and maintaining it to get the most out of it. Let’s discuss the usages step by step. 


Most of the reusable notebooks require erasable ink. So, It is most likely that you are using a special pen for this purpose. This erasable ink does not dry immediately. You will have to give at least 15 seconds to them to dry. That being the case, you need to keep in mind that you can’t touch the writing or turn the page immediately. Otherwise, your writing will be smudged and messed up. That’s also the reason that these notebooks are hard to use for a left-hander. 

Storing Data

You will have to wipe down the whole notebook to use it again regularly. But if your notebooks contain any important data, you should know how to store them. You don’t have to keep the data written and occupy your notebook. You can simply scan the page using your smartphone and save it as a digital copy. Rocketbook and Homestec both have dedicated apps for this purpose. Learn how to use them and store the pages properly so that you can find them later when you need them. 

Erasing the Notebook

You shouldn’t try your own fancy methods to erase the notebook. You should follow the exact steps and procedures the manufacturer has given. For example- Rocketbook notebooks are made to be erased by damp cloth. You shouldn’t try to microwave it or rub it with rubbers or something. This will damage the paper quality and won’t last. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Reusable Notebook Is the Best?

There are a lot of high-quality reusable notebooks available in the market. So, you can’t declare one specific notebook as the best since all of them have something different to offer. We have checked the most popular and best reusable notebooks, and we came up with the list we gave you above. But for the sake of simplicity, the Rocketbook core reusable notebook is the best, in our opinion. 

Are Reusable Notebooks Really Good?

Reusable notebooks have been on the market for a long while now. So, even if they were bad at first, you can expect them to be greatly upgraded by now. In today’s era, reusable smart notebooks really work. We have personally experienced and are very satisfied with the performance. Although they don’t last forever as advertised, the notebooks we mentioned here should last more than a year. 

Is Moleskine Notebook Reusable?

Moleskine has smart notebooks that can duplicate and create a digital version of your writing. When you are writing on a Moleskine smart notebook with the Moleskine smartpen, the Moleskine app will write exactly the same thing as if an invisible pen is written on the touch screen. But, the Moleskine notebook is not reusable. Because when you write in the notebook, you can not erase it again. So, when the notebook is full, you need to buy a replaceable one. 

Which Digital Notebook Is the Best?

Digital notebooks are electronic devices rather than paper-made. They are almost like a Tab or iPad but have a realistic paper-like feeling. In a sense, you can call them reusable because you don’t have to buy paper or something to use them. But you will get all of your data stored in digital form. From our standpoint, reMarkable is the best digital notebook. 

Is a Remarkable 2 Worth It?

It depends on how often you have to write, type, draw or create digital copies. reMarkable 2 is costly, and you will have to pay a monthly charge too. There is also an additional cost; you will have to change the pen’s nib after a few weeks. So, only you can decide if it is really worth all the prices. Generally, if you can manage all your work with a reMarkable smart kit, maybe reMarkable 2 is going to be a heavy burden of costs. The quality and performance of this device are very awesome; no issue with that. 


It is nice to see that analog technology like a reusable notebook has been upgraded in this modern era. While the entire world is moving toward digital communication, some of us still feel that writing with a pen on real paper is the best way to write. Since reusable notebooks are being popular now, markets are now full of them. Not every one of them is worth the price. But after reading this guide, you are now familiar with some best reusable notebook and how to choose one. We hope that was useful and wish you good luck in getting a reusable notebook. 

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